Looking back and to the future

This small beginning was the result of the vision and commitment of the congregation of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, which was at that time based in West Chermside. Over time, the school grew and transitioned from single to double and finally to triple streaming in each year group.

With approximately 550 students at the Junior Campus, development of grounds and facilities is almost complete, with only minor improvements and additions planned for the near future.

In 2009, vision once again become reality with the opening of the Senior Campus, just a kilometre away. Year by year the campus grows, with the goal of no more than five classes per year group in the future. 2012 was a milestone year, with the graduation of our first Year 12 class.

The ongoing development of the Senior Campus is challenging and exciting. Additional facilities are planned and developed to match the needs of increasing student numbers. This staged development will continue to take place over the next ten years and beyond, with the provision of additional classrooms, specialist facilities, an auditorium and sports centre.

2015 marked our fourth Year 12 graduating class. We are proud we are achieving our mission of nurturing confident, caring and compassionate individuals who are fully equipped for life beyond school. Of the OP-eligible students in 2015, 26 per cent received an OP 1-5 and 67 per cent received an OP 10 or better. All of the OP-eligible students in the 2015 graduating class received an OP 18 or better.

These students are a product of being well taught, well understood and well guided. Prince of Peace is committed to providing personal education for all students through a shared journey, a commitment to growth and preparation for a life of learning.