Our purpose and mission

Prince of Peace Lutheran College is a grace-based Christian co-educational community, based in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, that inspires, supports, develops and honours the God-given potential of all of its members. Our College models Christian values, instills a sense of community and nurtures young people. Prince of Peace graduates are lifelong learners, who have the ability and grace to contribute fully to their communities, while at the same time not being afraid to pursue excellence in all areas of life.

Our students are the central focus of all that we do at the College. Every activity, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, in chapel or off campus is designed to inspire, engage and challenge students to achieve continual academic development and social and emotional growth. We recognise the uniqueness of each child and each individual’s potential to achieve and grow.

At Prince of Peace, education is characterised by:

  • excellence through honour
  • learning with purpose
  • growth through challenge

Supportive and respectful relationships are at the heart of our College. We understand that for our students to fulfil their potential, they need positive connections with their peers, teachers and support staff. The pillars of our community are the ‘four Rs’: Relationships, Respect, Restoration and Responsibility.

Our daily activities are supported by the ten core values of Lutheran Education Australia: love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation.