Training for competitive interschool sport commences in Year 4, with an athletics-based program. Students learn key field and track disciplines during the first half of the school year, and then prepare for and participate in interschool sports competitions during Terms 3 and 4.

From Year 4, students participate in a competitive sports program through to the end of Year 9. Students compete in a summer and winter team in interschool competitions. Students can represent the College in the same sports each year, or explore various sports.

During Years 10-12, students participate in a Sports and Recreation Program alongside their studies, providing them with a range of opportunities including futsul, indoor cricket, volleyball, softball, tennis and soccer.

Interhouse competitions take place throughout the year for cross country, swimming and athletics. Students can qualify to represent the College at district level and above, and also at inter-Lutheran competitions.

Running Club is offered on both campuses. The club focuses on distance and cross-country running during the cross-country season (Terms 1 and 2) and athletics track and field events in the athletics season (Terms 2 and 3). This provides training and preparation for school-based competitions, inter-Lutheran, district and regional events.

Sporting teams

Club sports play an important role in the lives of many of our students. The College provides a sporting program that complements club sports through skills development, and also gives students the opportunity to represent the College in selected competitions.

There are various avenues for students to get involved in sporting teams, including competing in the Brisbane Christian Schools Sport Competition in touch football, soccer and netball, and the Brisbane Outer School Sporting League in netball, basketball, volleyball and futsal. The College also has Year 7 to 9 development squads for selected sports.

For more information on our College sports program please contact our Health and Physical Education curriculum leaders:

Junior Campus  Brad Wooding  E:                                               

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