Year 6 Parliament

The Year 6 Parliament is officially opened at the start of the school year. Parliament sits on a regular basis throughout the year, with bills put forward and debated. The Junior School Captains act as Speakers of the House and the Parliament debates and proposes bills to the Senate (the campus staff) for final approval.

All Year 6 students join one of a number of parliamentary committees for the duration of their final year at the Junior School. Each committee is supported by a staff member in their preparations for Parliamentary sitting days. Parliamentary committees include:

  • Praise and Honour
  • POP Sport
  • Department of Visual Mastery
  • Environment and Nature
  • Computer Science
  • Popping News Crew
  • POP Performing Arts
  • Learning and Growing

By putting their learning into action, the students gain an understanding of how the Australian system of government works and the challenges it can face.

The Year 6 Parliament is supported by the students’ weeklong trip to Canberra, where they visit the houses of parliament and see the Australian Parliament in action. Over the last few years, the actions of our Year 6 Parliamentarians have been felt far and wide throughout the Junior School. Initiatives introduced by the Parliament have included free-dress days in support of nominated charities, fun lunchtime events, gardening groups and a friendship patrol, to name but a few.

At the end of the school year, Parliament is formally closed with a review of the activities undertaken. Year by year it is fascinating to see the differences in interests and activities of successive cohorts.

We have learnt to work together as a team, to communicate well with each other, and to ensure that everyone’s opinion is taken into account by listening to everyone and acting on the decisions that are made.
Year 6 student