Personal development


The Ubuntu program is unique to Prince of Peace and is an opportunity for students to know, understand and value themselves and their peers. The program combines Heath and Physical Education and Christian Studies subjects and guides Year 9 students though a yearlong journey of social, emotional and spiritual growth.


The Torana program is based on our belief that all students deserve learning experiences that challenge and extend. The program provides a platform for learning enrichment for all students. It is based on our belief that all students must grow from where they are.

Torana seeks to maintain the enthusiasm of students and enhance their learning potential with curriculum modifications, ability grouping in English and Mathematics, specific lessons dealing with intelligence, thinking and creativity and extension beyond the classroom.

The Torana program is part of our commitment to nurture in all students a love of learning and a capacity to acquire the values, skills and knowledge needed for life in the 21st Century.

Thinking Skills

The development of critical and creative thinking is fundamental to students becoming successful learners. Productive, purposeful and intentional thinking is at the centre of effective learning.

Throughout Years 7 and 8 students engage in a Thinking Skills program to complement their core studies. The program aims to develop student’s skills in reasoning, logic, reflection and problems solving. The ability to recognise or develop an argument, use evidence to support an argument, draw reasoned conclusions and use information to solve problems are all key skills that support both ongoing studies and life beyond school.

In developing these skills, the program covers three core concepts; thinking strategies, philosophical enquiry and a growth mindset.