The Torana program provides a platform for learning enrichment, based on our view that students must grow from where they are.

The program seeks to maintain the enthusiasm of students and enhance their learning potential with curriculum modifications, ability grouping in English and Mathematics, and specific lessons dealing with intelligence, thinking and creativity and extension beyond the classroom.

The Torana program is part of our commitment to nurture in all students a love of learning and a capacity to acquire the values, skills and knowledge needed for life in the 21st Century.

Torana builds on the College commitment to put students at the centre of learning, develop lifelong learners and provide opportunities to pursue personal excellence. Students will be provided with opportunities to grow through challenge, develop higher order and creative thinking abilities, provide diverse learning experiences and develop gifts and talents.

Students cover similar curriculum content, but will be extended and challenged through a range of higher-order thinking processes and tasks in keeping with their capabilities as learners. Torana enables students to learn and grow at a pace appropriate for them.

Extending and enriching the literacy and numeracy experience of students is achieved by grouping students for English and Mathematics by ability, to acknowledge that students learn at different paces and respond to challenge in a variety of ways. All other subjects are studied with the student’s Pastoral Care class.

Torana commenced in 2015 with the Year 7 cohort and will extend to Year 8, 9 and 10 in future years.