Senior School (Y10-12)

To achieve this, we offer senior students the opportunity to undertake:

  • subjects that contribute to an Overall Position (OP) and a Field Position (FP) for entry into a tertiary facility or
  • a range of vocational courses, school-based traineeships or apprenticeships that result in a QTAC Selection Rank, which can also be used to obtain entry into tertiary education and training institutions.

At the end of Year 9, students choose six elective subjects to study in conjunction with the Year 10 core/compulsory subjects, all of which have been designed to lay foundations and build students’ capabilities for studies in Years 11 and 12. More detail regarding this process can be found in the 2017 Year 10 Subject Selection Handbook.

To enable Year 10 students to explore possible areas of interest and make an informed choice for their senior phase of learning (Years 11 and 12), they undertake a career development course as part of their Lifelong Learning program. This helps students to develop their understanding of potential career options and the steps they need to take to set them on the pathway to a carefully constructed career.