Careers education

An important part of the Prince of Peace curriculum in Year 10 is Careers Development, where students can actively plan and map their options, as part of their Lifelong Learning program.

Career Development takes a holistic approach to helping your child, by recognising that to be successful and happy they need to be proactive, enterprising career managers who take an interest in lifelong learning.

Career development and work education is about life, work and learning. The world of work is complex and constantly changing, and is shaped by many aspects of our culture, society and personal circumstances including:

  • personal interests, values and beliefs.
  • workplace systems and reforms
  • technological advances that link economies and workplaces around the world.
  • global market demands for productivity and sustainability
  • legal, financial and ethical considerations underpinning the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees

The SET Plan

The Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan is a key strategy to encourage students to complete Year 12. The plan encourages students to think about their futures, consider their abilities and investigate options for careers and further education. It leads students through decision-making processes to consider a range of possibilities, the suitability of these choices to their abilities, beliefs and aspirations, and the likelihood they are opting for a pathway which, in the long term, is going to be rewarding and sustainable.

The SET Plan is developed at the end of Year 10 between the student, parents/carers and the College, culminating in a meeting to confirm the pathway and choice of subjects for the final two years of study.