Lifelong Learning

These include:

The program is taken by all students alongside their core studies and is tailored to suit the student’s journey and key activities during their senior years.

Service Learning is a method that combines learning in the classroom with meaningful community service. It provides valuable experiences in the development of the whole individual. Opportunities are created to make connections and develop partnerships, extend the boundaries of the classroom, foster civic responsibility and provide opportunities for student to develop their God-given talents so they may shape and enrich their world.

Prince of Peace’s leadership and service program is based on the belief that every student has leadership potential and that leadership skills can be developed.  The program provides opportunities for students to discover, understand and enhance their own leadership and team building skills, while reflecting on leadership traits such as integrity, wisdom, courage and wisdom. Learning is based on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model.

QCS preparation

Currently every Year 12 student sits the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) test early in September. The QCS test contributes data for the calculation of the student’s Overall Position (commonly known as OP), which is used to rank students for tertiary entrance. The development of the Common Curriculum Elements and test readiness form the basis of QCS preparation. As part of the preparation, students sit past test so that progress and weaknesses can be identified and tracked. Preparation starts in Term 4 of Year 11 and continues into Term 1 of Year 12.