2017 Term 4 Week 6


Term 4 Week 6 2017
College News

The Year 12 students are currently completing final assessment tasks, preparing for exams and contemplating the next stages in their lives beyond secondary school. Predictably, consideration of future career prospects and pathways is also occurring. Things like purpose, enjoyment, work/life balance, financial security and professional development are tied up with the choice for a career.

How society values a profession can also influence the choices people make. Each year, opinion poll specialist Roy Morgan provides a snapshot into the most regarded and trusted professions in Australian society. From the 2017 survey, he provided a summary of the percentage of people over 14 years of age who rated a profession as high or very high on ethics and honesty.

Top five: Nurses (94%), Doctors (89%), Pharmacists (84%), Teachers (81%) and Engineers (80%).

While these may just be interesting facts for some, how people perceive and receive you is critical to developing and sustaining meaningful relationships. That is why Prince of Peace places such a high value on the relationship between people, and our focus is not only on academic success for our graduates, but also developing people with care and integrity.

 “Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track”. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

As we prepare to graduate our next cohort of Year 12 students, I encourage them to place their trust in God and understand that they are not alone as they make the many decisions ahead of them.

Good luck and God bless

Phil Hulland
Head of College

Chillaxing Stress

I’m not a big fan of dentists. I try to delay attending as much as possible. I’m sure it’s not always a wise choice, but the anxiety that I feel as I drive to my appointment, and then wait in the waiting room – raises my blood pressure to an unhealthy level.

Then the dental nurse calls me forward. My heart races even more. I’m told to sit in the chair and relax. Have you realised just how hard that is! It actually requires you to intentionally do something in order to do nothing. You are encouraged to ‘try and relax’. In other words, you are expected to use effort and exertion to create an absence of effort and exertion.  That has to be an oxymoron.

‘Try and relax’ is an oxymoron in the spiritual world as well. It doesn’t work. It is impossible to force yourself to relax. It just can’t be done!

The Message Bible paraphrase of Jesus’ advice about carrying our heavy load, in Matthew 11, says it with such poetry…

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Notice what it says. To overcome stress let ‘the unforced rhythms of grace’ flow over you. The unforced rhythms of grace. What a beautiful expression. Unforced. There is no effort required!

Psalm 46 says it slightly differently. In talking about God being our refuge and strength, the Psalmist concludes, “Be still and know that I am God”. Be still. Don’t try and relax. Chillax. God is present in all circumstances.

That is a timely reminder as we approach these last weeks of school. So, chillax your stress.

Pastor David Schmidt

Junior Campus News

Volunteers Thank You Morning Tea

The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers. -Terri Guillemets-

This Friday, 10 November the Junior Campus will be hosting a Thank You Morning Tea for the volunteers in our School. Every year we are gifted with hours and hours of volunteer time in classrooms, through our learning support programs, the Fete, P&F and Auxiliary to name a few. It is through this generous giving that our students receive boundless gifts – such as the experience of our Fete, to wisdom through shared reading time. If you have volunteered even an hour of your time this year, we invite you to join us in the Chapel after our service for a Thank You Morning Tea. If you wish to attend, we would be most grateful if you could please RSVP to jmolkentin@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au which will assist us with catering for the event. We hope we see you there!

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. -Elizabeth Andrew-

JC Captains’ Speeches

On Friday 3 and Tuesday 7 November, the Year 3 to 6 students and teachers gathered to hear a number of our Year 5 students present their Junior Campus School Captains’ Speeches for 2018. What an outstanding group we were presented with. Ten boys and nineteen girls delivered well prepared, thoughtful and focussed speeches to their teachers and peers. The process of vote-counting and short-listing has begun. What continues to amaze me in moments like these, is the growth and development of each student. While I was not Head of Campus at the time these students began their journey at Prince of Peace, I have known many of them in my role as a parent since this time. I was completely in awe of their humility, thoughtfulness and maturity during this past week. I look forward to working with the successful applicants in 2018, but equally I look forward to working with the entire cohort as they proceed to Year 6 next year. You have big shoes to fill Year 5, but I believe in you!

Junior Campus Awards Assembly

Next Monday 13 November we will be holding the Junior Campus Awards Assemblies for 2017. This is a special opportunity for staff to recognise those students who have demonstrated excellent effort throughout the year, or whom have demonstrated a servant heart through their actions at school. If your child will be receiving an award, you will be notified via email. We do not include the detail of the award, but rather make you aware that they will be receiving one. The first Awards Assembly will be the Year 4 – 6 Awards, commencing at 9am. The second Assembly will be for Prep – Year 3 Awards, commencing at 11am. Both assemblies will be held in the Chapel.

Katrina Valencia
Head of Junior Campus

Junior Campus Library News

POP Book Fair is Here!

Our Annual Book Fair commences today!  Please plan to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to purchase good quality, reasonably priced Christmas gifts for children of all ages. 

Students have the opportunity to look through the books on display at our Fair during their library visits this week. Some may bring home their ‘wish-list’ to share whatever has caught their attention with you…but please don’t feel pressured to buy everything on this list!  I will be chatting to the students to ensure they understand the purpose of a wish-list is to give suggestions, not orders! All commission earned from book sales is used to purchase new books for our library collection.  We thank you all for your support of this venture.

Book Fair Selling Times:

Wednesday 8 / Thursday 9 / Friday 10 November: 8:00 – 9:00am and 3:00 – 4:00pm
Monday 13 November: 8:00 – 9:00am

Birthday Books – Final Call

Between now and the end of the month, we will be giving away 68 books to children with November / December birthdays.  Our shelves could do with replenishing to ensure these students will have plenty to choose from.  Our December students worry that ‘all the good books will be gone’ by the time it’s their turn to choose…but I’ve assured them that new books are being added to the shelves regularly so they have no need to worry about missing out!

So if you feel the urge to clean out your bookshelves to make room for new Christmas books, please consider sending pre-loved books our way…provided they are still in very good condition please.  We are especially keen for books suitable for our older readers (in Years 4-6).  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Summer Reading Club

Moreton Bay Libraries are once again running their Summer Reading Club and have lots of wonderful incentives to encourage students to continue reading throughout the school holidays.  There are weekly prizes for individual readers as well as an overall trophy for the school with the most students taking part in this club…so I’d encourage you to check out their website for more information.

Happy reading!

Mrs Janette Meulen
Library Teacher

Senior Campus News

I have had the occasion over the last few weeks to reflect on our commitment to develop the whole person.  As the year closes, there are opportunities to celebrate character, service and the commitment to growth.  As a College, we develop powerful partnership with our students and families, so we can walk alongside and guide our young people as they strive to be caring, compassionate, resilient, courageous, disciplined and respectful.

For our graduating class of 2017, they are busy preparing for exams and their pending graduation, as well as reflecting on both their journey and the future yet to unfold. Last Friday, the Year 12 students presented worship on the Junior Campus.  The service focussed on Greatness from Small Beginnings. During the service the students had this question posed to them — ‘Which of these examples show greatness: Alex who is a star hockey player representing Queensland, or Brayden who volunteers at his church and at Boys Brigade?’ 

While we had anticipated that the students may have been influenced by Alex’s sporting prowess, the students actually chose Brayden – because of his servant heart. What a wonderful reflection of our College students, that “greatness” is achieved when we live out our lives in accordance with our strengths and qualities; a life that God has planned for us.

As the oldest members of the College, our Year 12 students experience increased freedoms, however along with this comes increased responsibility to be appropriate role models for younger students. The Year 12 students spent some time with the Year 1 students on Friday as part of that responsibility.

Senior Campus staff were honoured on World Teachers Day, each receiving a plant in recognition of the growth they encourage in their students

Year 12 students at Prince of Peace have the full support of a close-knit and caring team of staff who are committed to helping them both set and achieve their goals, and to bring this stage of their learning journey to a rewarding conclusion. We encourage our Year 12 students to accept a role of service to their communities by contributing ideas and actions, and modelling principles such as expectations and guidance. 

Year 12 students are encouraged to apply for the Lighthouse Honour. The recipients will exhibit the following characteristics:

  • demonstrate the core values of Prince of Peace;
  • ‘walk their talk’ – demonstrate integrity and consistency between their actions and their belief system;
  • use their gifts to serve their communities with humility and grace;
  • pursue excellence in all areas of life;
  • demonstrate an appropriate work ethic and application to their studies.

Reading through the applications, I have been bursting with pride for the young men and women of character who are about to graduate. We have young adults who are contributing to their church communities, using their musical and sporting talents, supporting causes like Pink Ribbon, or championing the marginalised. As the Year 12 students move through the final rites of passage, we want to acknowledge them both as a cohort and individually. We are thankful for the gifts, talents and contributions; which are the legacy they leave as they graduate.  

Anyone who was at the recent Gala Concert, would have been impressed with the level of talent, teamwork and commitment on show.  We had the pleasure of hearing and acknowledging our Year 12 Music students.  A highlight was the viola solo performance by Jesse Walsh. The Junior Campus Choir, who joined the other ensembles from the Senior Campus, demonstrated their talent and growth as performers in 2017. The performance of the Concert Band was remarkable, and it was a joy to see, that for the night, it included Junior Campus students Dillon Ahchay and Elliot Schmidtchen, along with past students Jessica Barratt and Madeline McGregor. I reflected with William Ebbott on the development of the Concert Band during his musical journey on the Senior Campus. All the students who performed demonstrated the spirit of character needed for committing to regular personal and ensemble practice, and public performances.

2017 Gaythorne RSL Prize Winners

These examples demonstrate how Prince of Peace strives to provide an educational experience that promotes contemporary capabilities of Excellence Through Honour, and Growth Through Challenge.  As we reflect on 2017, the opportunities for students to grow, to be true, and to develop mastery and integrity have abounded.  Thanks for taking those opportunities. 

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Interschool Sport

The final Friday Sport for the year was a wonderful spectacle. Our boys and girls paraded the College colours with great distinction, displaying all the wonderful traits we seek to instil. Huge congratulations to all participants for playing the various games so well, but more importantly, the outstanding behaviour and manner in which they were played. Finally, great thanks and credit goes to all our staff, and pre-service staff, who have guided the children through their paces over the last month, and very special thanks to the amazing parents and friends of the College who volunteered their time to support and encourage the students. To Mr Gardiner, Mr Molkentin, Mrs Haines, Mr Flemming, Mr Wadham, Mrs Turley, Mrs Moore, Mrs Tweedale and Mrs Horgan (I hope I have not missed anyone out!), my special and eternal thanks for a job not only well done, but done with all the good humour and kindness that really makes for a very special environment in which to play and learn about sport.


The last round of Senior boys Volleyball was a tough one as the boys went up against two teams at the top of the ladder. Going into this last round they were equal third on the ladder with two other teams. From three games on the final day, they had one win and two losses. Once again the boys tried hard and were wonderful ambassadors for the College, but the skills of the other teams won out on this occasion.

The PoP Beach Volleyball & Newcomb teams did us proud with excellent team work and sportsmanship. They participated with enthusiasm and embraced the spirit of “give it a go”. Despite not always winning, they kept a smile on their faces and were encouraging and supportive of each other. Over the course of four weeks of competition, there was a marked improvement in all their skills. Well done, you were great ambassadors.

6-a-side Soccer

This term our teams have really enjoyed the opportunity to play 6-a-side soccer against other schools from the district. It was wonderful to see the students develop their skills and tactics with their teams. Our five PoP teams have faced some tough competition, but they kept their spirits up as they tackled each new challenge. Students should be congratulated for their positive sportsmanship and attitude towards the other schools in the competition.

Boys Touch

Six great games of Touch were played on Friday, with our boys showcasing great commitment and endeavour and no small amount of skill. The Year 5 students had two wins and a narrow loss, while the Year 6 students displayed further wonderful improvement to record a draw, a win and a loss from their final three games.

Final overall standings saw Year 5 students finish equal third and the Year 6 students finish tenth.

Special thanks to all the boys who doubled up and played extra games, as well as to all the great parents and supporters who came along each week.

Girls Touch

Both Year 5 and Year 6 girls Touch Football teams played extremely well. They played hard in the heat and defence was their strength. They played fair and encouraged not only each other, but the other teams as well. They certainly displayed the spirit of Prince of Peace in every game they played.  


Squeals of delight could be heard around the Brendale complex as students participated in the last of our gymnastics lessons.  The PoP students represented the College with distinction. New friends have been made as they tumbled and twisted through the gymnastic equipment with kindness and encouragement on display.  Skills have increased during the last five sessions, with students that were unable to tackle rope climbing in week one, now being able to hold their bodies off the ground for long periods of time or even reaching the roof. Working with ropes, pushing their body up on a bar, or hanging from the bars are elements of strength-training necessary for budding gymnasts. This last session also saw our students jumping from the small uneven bars to the high bar and completing roundoffs, somersaults and aerial cartwheels on the spring floor. All skill levels are catered for and the PoP students are very grateful to the friendly gymnastic staff who organize and support the lessons.

Year 4 Multi Sport

Year 4 enjoyed their final multisport session on Friday with some Baseball and AFL skill development. The students enjoyed their experiences and it has capped a great Term 4 of sport. The highlights have been the conduct of our students, their willingness to participate in a variety of sports, and mixing well with students from other schools. Many had a taste of sports that they might not normally get a chance to try – or even typically choose to participate in. Added to that, the sessions have been run by enthusiastic coaches who have made the sessions fun for all students and abilities.

Interhouse Chess

Laver emerged as the triumphant Chess Masters & Madams, after a thrilling three-way Grand Final. It came down to the last few seconds as Laver and Bradman battled it out for supremacy, with an errant pawn and a misplaced bishop causing all sorts of havoc as the death-match reached it’s climax. Jackson were solid in 3rd place with Fraser missing the Grand Final action in 4th.

Overall, however, we have a somewhat different story. Fraser and Jackson are tied at the top of the tree on 26 points each. Laver are well back in 3rd with Bradman a few points further off the pace. The upshot of all, is that either Fraser or Jackson will be the 2017 Interhouse Sporting Champions – the result will be clear after the final event on the calendar, which is the Handball Championship to be held in the last two weeks of term.

Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 29 November sees us at Newmarket Pool (new venue) for our annual splash-a-thon. We’ll have two pools in operation so students can pick and choose their races (50m or 25m), use the water slide, and participate in a range of ‘wet games’. We encourage everyone to attend, participate and support their house. For those strong and regular swimmers who attend club events and/or do regular training, we will also hold time trials with the view to selection in the relevant district events for the 200m IM, as well as the various 100m events. Please inform Mr Wooding if your child/ren intend to participate in these time trials.

To this end, we require a number of parents and/or friends of the College to act as timekeepers or officials. If you might be willing to help out, please contact Mr Wooding for full details and requirements. Entry to the pool will be free for all children and adults attending our carnival, and a reminder that we will hold a parents, teachers and house captains novelty relay, so please consider bringing swimmers to take part in this.

For more information, please contact Mr Wooding.

Brad Wooding
HPE Teacher Junior Campus

Senior Campus Sport


Throughout Term 2 and Term 3, our netball girls have been very busy competing in a number of competitions.

Our Junior girls have now received their new uniforms, and represented the College throughout the BOSNL competition coming sixth in our pool.  Congratulations to Caitlin Hird for her selection into the AllBOSNL team.  Well done to all those girls who have sacrificed their time for training and travelling to Redcliffe to play weekly. Also a special mention to Geremy Caitens in Year 12 who coached the girls; and to our umpires Caitlin Hird and Emily Walsh.

Our Open girls’ team have also participated in BOSNL coming fifth overall, with a convincing win over  Northside Christian College in our final game of the season.  These ladies also participated in the VWC; the experience and memories of being part of something so elite has been special. As a couch myself, I am very proud of the girls.

We can’t always secure wins, and it isn’t always fun to walk away with a loss – but those memories will stay with the girls for the rest of their lives.  My only wish for them, is that when they reflect on the best moments of their Senior Campus journey, playing in this netball team was something they cherished and look upon with fondness.

This journey had many ups and downs, but the girls have always played with dignity and respect, honouring our College with pride. They were always dignified in their wins and losses, respectful to each other, their opponents, myself and the game itself. They have truly paved an outstanding path and will leave a legacy for our future Open girls team.

We also thank our supporters throughout the journey – Mr Hulund, Ms Nisbet, Mr Carlson, parents, friends, siblings who came to our games and cheered for us, and of course Mr Von Hoff our amazing umpire!

Thank you ladies for your efforts, time, commitment and passion.

We also congratulate and thank our leaders of the open team – Caitlin and Geremy, for their leadership as Captain and Vice Captain.  We also congratulate our Captains for the 2018 open team – Jo McNish and Ella McLean, and our Vice Captain Emily Walsh.

To finish off, we had a lunch time game ‘Old vs New’, where the 2017 (Old) opens team versed the (New) 2018 team.  This grudge-match pinned sisters against each other, and mentors against their mentees for the title of Best Open Team.  Our ‘Old’ girls won, and it was with bittersweet emotion that the ball was passed down.

We look forward to the future of our Open Girls Netball teams, and reflect back on such a wonderful and momentous year that those ladies of 2017 have had.

Samantha Davids
Curriculum Leader Health and Physical Education

ACHPER Women in Sport Breakfast

Last week the female senior physical education students and teacher Ms Davids were given the opportunity to attend the ACHPER Women in Sport Breakfast at the Brisbane Convention Centre. The event saw 1000 school girls across South-East Queensland participate in the annual breakfast. The morning provided us with the opportunity to listen to the Minister of Sport, UQ Ambassadors for women in sport, and a panel of three elite athletes in respective fields. Presentations included the Sports Women of the Year award, and Rising Star Sporting awards to students in their chosen sports. Congratulations to Heidi Noon (Year 7) and Stephanie Bleckwehl (Year 11) for their awards in athletics. The event was an extremely enjoyable and worthwhile experience for all the girls who attended, and gave us an outlook on just how significant women are within the sporting industry. Many of us were inspired to create change, lead healthier lifestyles and incorporate physical activity into our everyday lives. The girls definitely enjoyed the opportunity, and the event has become a great aspect of senior physical education.

Stephanie Bleckwehl
Year 11 Student

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music

Music Dates for your Diaries

Week 7 – Wednesday 15 November – Christmas Musical
Week 8 – Thursday 23 November – Thanksgiving Service
Week 9 – Friday 1 December – Closing Chapel

Choir Christmas Musical

Shepherds are preparing their sheep, angels are polishing their halos and Gruffy Bear is ready to tell the story of “3 Wise Men and a Baby”. Join the Combined Junior Campus Choirs for their performance on Wednesday 15 November at 6:30pm in the Chapel.  Special guest appearance by “The Amplifiers”. An evening sure to kick start your Christmas Spirit.

Should you require any general information, or have any questions regarding classroom music, choirs or  instruments on the Junior Campus, please email me.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

Church News and Notices


Sunday 12 November with Holy Communion

9.00am in the Prince of Peace Church
Pastor Jade Bauer
Baptism of Isla Jones and Tobias Masters

We gather for prayer on the second Wednesday of each month at the Church from 7.00 – 8.00pm. 

Thought for the Week
I choose joy. I will invite my God to be the God of circumstance. I will refuse the temptation to be cynical, the tool of the lazy thinker. I will refuse to see people as anything less than human beings, created by God. I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God. (Max Lucado)

PoP Youth Group

Community News and Notices

Introducing the Second Hand Uniforms Facebook Group

Over the Spring holidays, The School Locker officially took over the management of our Uniform Shop. As you know, the Uniform Shop will still be open 3 mornings a week and 2 afternoons a week, and our uniforms will now be available at their North Lakes store (meaning you can purchase your uniform items 7 days a week).

As a result of this change, Wendy, who has been generously volunteering her time, will no longer be available to manage the Second Hand Uniform Blog. Similarly, second hand uniforms will no longer be for sale in the Uniform Shop.

To assist those who would still like to sell or purchase second hand uniforms, we are trialling a new Facebook Group — PoP Second Hand Buy and Sell. Families have already started utilising the new Facebook Group to sell, buy and exchange uniforms.  An FAQ page has also been created to answer all the common questions about how to buy and sell.

A few notes:

  • We will be trialling this page from now until the end of Term 1 2018, while we identify whether or not it is a valuable, practical service.
  • This Facebook page is to only be used to buy and sell second hand uniforms. Non-uniform related and offensive posts will be removed. Second hand uniforms that have been donated to the College for resale will be managed by the P&F.
  • Anyone with a Facebook account can browse the new page and contact sellers.  To sell items on the page, you need to become a group member (which is easy – see the FAQ).
  • Sellers can update their ad at any time, and are encouraged to do so.
  • As this is a public page, sellers may not wish to post personal contact information with their ad — buyers and sellers are able to chat or send private notifications to each other via their Facebook profile.


Expressions of Interest for Bus Service

Prince of Peace Lutheran College is seeking expressions of interest for an after school transfer from the Senior Campus to the Junior Campus at 3:15pm.
If you are interested in utilising this potential service in 2018 please email bus@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au with your child’s name and 2018 year level.

Meals 4 You

Another year over for M4Y.  You are all invited to our AGM meeting:
Date: Wednesday 22 November
Time: 6:15pm
Place: Junior Campus Library 

All positions are open for nomination:
Meals 4 You Coordinator, Cooking Day Coordinator, Fundraising and Advertising Coordinator, Youth Ministry Coordinator, Treasurer and Secretary Roles.  I will not be continuing with the ministry next year so please spread the word that we need passionate people to continue God’s great work.

Role descriptions are attached.  If you are interested in any of the roles or have questions please contact me.

God Bless
Christine Bunn
Meals 4 You Coordinator

Get Organised for Christmas! 

Parent Direct & Educational Experience Toy Catalogues

By now, families from Prep to Year 2 should have received their Toy Catalogues.  If not please check with your child’s teacher.  There are also additional catalogues at Junior Campus Reception for those that are interested.  There are a wonderful selection of toys and educational products available from Parent Direct and Educational Experience. 

Orders can be delivered to the College or home.  If collecting from Reception prior to summer school holidays, your order will need to be in by 13 November.  If you choose home delivery, you can continue to order right up to 8 December for those wanting delivery before Christmas.  (For school delivery, our address is: Prince of Peace Lutheran College, 20 Rogers Parade West EVERTON PARK QLD 4053)

This service/fundraiser provides classrooms with valuable educational resources, as up to 25% of every purchase goes towards the College.

You may return your Parent Direct & Educational Experience order forms to Junior Campus Reception, or order on line. When ordering online, please remember to nominate Prince of Peace Lutheran College as your school upon checking out.

Email Peta McIver with any questions.

Uniform Shop News

Uniform Shop Appointments November 2017

Appointments are available at the Uniform Shop on the Junior Campus for all students commencing a new style of uniform (eg. Prep, Junior, Middle School or Senior). Appointments will be available between 8am and 10am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in November. Appointments enable us to personally oversee your fitting to ensure a correct fit for your child, answer questions and ensure you receive the complete uniform. Appointments allow for 20 minutes per family, and children must be present to try on uniforms.  Please book through the College website using the link on the Uniform Shop page or on the Home Page.

Instructions for using the Online Booking System also can be found on the Uniform Shop page on the website.

Uniforms can also be purchased from The School Locker store which is located at 4-6 Burke Crescent, North Lakes. This store is open 7 days a week and appointments are not required.

Community Notices