2017 Term 4 Week 8


Term 4 Week 8 2017
College News

Year 12 Results

This will be our final newsletter for the year and as I reflect, it is hard to believe that another year is drawing to a close. I would just like to share some good news about the achievements of the graduating class.  Some outstanding academic results, with three students achieving the highest possible subject grade. Some of the excellent results are as follows:

  • Cassia Gully achieved a VHA10 in Legal Studies
  • Mackenzie Muir achieved a VHA10 in Modern History
  • Matthew Powell achieved a VHA10 in Graphics
  • Cassia Gully and Joshua McCrow received a High Achievement Award from the Australian Institute of Physics
  • 60% of the students achieved either an A or B grade in their QCS results

There have been many examples of individual academic excellence within the graduating cohort, and as a College we wish them the very best in their future endeavours.


On Thursday, we will have the opportunity to give thanks for the Year of 2017 and all of the blessings that it has brought to our community. This year’s theme is following the College initiative of Innovate Collaborate Educate Celebrate and this will certainly provide us with the opportunity to celebrate students that have demonstrated excellence in a wide range of areas. I would encourage families to attend this celebration, to be held at C3 Church, Bridgeman Downs.  Doors open at 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start.

Happy Christmas

I will be taking leave at the end of the term and my final day for the year will be Friday 24 November. I will be flying back to the UK and Ireland to attend a family wedding and so I wish all of our families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

God’s blessings to you all,

Phil Hulland
Head of College

God With Us

“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him ‘Immanuel’” (Isaiah 7:14, NIV)

In Hebrew, the word “Immanuel” means ‘God with us’. From a Lutheran perspective, it emphasises the reality that God is always for us – no matter what. Salvation is always a ‘one-way’ affair. God with us. God comes to us. There is nothing that we can do to prompt, encourage or earn this gift.

In Luther’s day, priests were intermediaries. It was an entire industry! They stood between the divine and the people. They represented God himself. In short, they were in positions of authority and had much influence over the society. When Martin Luther rediscovered this truth, it undermined the idea of the ‘priesthood’. Salvation, or a connection with God, was no longer dependent on intermediaries or advocates or sacrifices. Indeed, for Luther every Christian is a priest. This is the reason why Lutherans have ministers, or pastors, instead of priests – essentially no one has a special status with God.

Christmas is a wonderful celebration of this reality. We celebrate the birth of ‘Immanuel’ God with us… To think that God in his glory, becomes one with us, with all the dirt, and the corruption — beggars belief. To think that when God chose to become one with us, he chose to enter our humanity with its grottiness and frustrations and disappointment and pain, is hard to believe. But that is at the heart of Immanuel, God with us.

When we know that God is with us, it changes our perspective on how we relate to each other, and relate to ourselves, because in each one of us is a reflection of the presence of God.

As we live out our last two weeks of term, remember that. See each other, our children, our friends, our colleagues, through those eyes. God is with us. Take a moment today to notice God’s presence in everyone you meet.

Pastor David Schmidt

Junior Campus News

2017 – When all is Said and Done, We Have Much to Be Grateful For!

As I reflect on the past year I am grateful for:

  • Our Students: who bring joy, curiosity, enthusiasm, love, tolerance and wonder into our classrooms each and every day of the year.
  • Our Classroom Teachers: who share their love of learning with the students in new and engaging ways each day. Who worry about their students, who pray for their students, who celebrate with their students and who stand in awe of their students. Who love and care for each other, uphold each other and learn from each other.
  • Our Specialist Teachers: who share their talents and love for their unique area of learning with our students, staff and the community. For their organisation, passion, energy and time… hours and hours of time!
  • Our Teachers Aides: who arrive early and leave late, who explain ideas and then find new ways to explain ideas, who love unconditionally and go the extra mile.
  • Our Admin staff: who organise, check and double check, administer medication and care to the sick, who worry with and calm parents fears, who manage our budgets and celebrate and promote our College.
  • Our Grounds Crew: who mow, build, garden, clean, manage traffic, set up and pack up, then set up and pack up again. Who know our students – and our students know them, who care about how our College looks and what it says about our community. Who go the extra mile and do it with a smile.
  • Our Bus Drivers: who wake up early, and safely collect each of our students so that they can come to school to learn, who know each student by name, know the right songs to sing, and can tell from just a glance how a child is feeling as they climb onto their bus in the afternoon.
  • Our Cleaning Team: who enter later in the evening and early in the morning and make sure that our classrooms and buildings are looking their very best so that all learning can take place, our unsung heroes.
  • Our Crossing Staff: who each morning and afternoon greet us with a smile, a high five and a fist pump. Who get us safely across the road to school and home again.
  • Our Pastoral Care Team: for their love, care, professionalism, awareness, suggestions, support and listening ear.
  • Our IT Support Team: who work in the background to connect and reconnect, troubleshoot and replace, suggest and accept all things technological.
  • Our OSHC Team: who open their arms to our students early in the morning or in the afternoon, who provide support for homework, snacks for nourishment and reassurance for parents.
  • Our Kindy Team: who deliver the most magical early learning for our littlest people, who surround little children with wonder, accept and promote curiosity and sooth and calm the smallest worry.
  • Our Learning Support and Gifted Education Teams: who find just the right way to help make things clear that were once foggy, who help each student find their inner strength. Who pursue excellence and harness talent.
  • Our Leadership Team: who support, nurture, plan, organise, pray for, support and uphold all of the groups above…


Prince of Peace Junior Campus — it has been an honour to serve you in 2017. To see you grow, to stand with you in very tough and sad times, to celebrate with you in times of joy and excitement. I look forward to welcoming you all back in 2018 and importantly, to welcoming many new families into our special community.

I pray that the holidays will be a time for you to rest, recuperate and celebrate with your families. As we approach the season of Christmas, I pray God’s peace and love may be with you all as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Thank you Mrs Williams!

It is with great sadness but with sincere gratitude that I write to let you know that Mrs Marg Williams will be retiring at the end of 2017. Mrs Williams has worked at Prince of Peace for over 12 years. Mrs Williams has nurtured and supported the learning of hundreds of students through her work in Learning Support over the years. She is a trusted colleague, who always has a kind heart, listening ear and faith-filled wisdom. Mrs Williams will be deeply missed on the Junior Campus for her compassionate and loving manner. We wish you every blessing as you begin this new chapter in your life. God bless!

Thank you Mr Swift!

In 2018, Mr Ben Swift will be taking up a position as teacher on the Senior Campus. While this is a huge loss for the Junior Campus, we know that this is an exciting new adventure for Mr Swift. We will greatly miss your devotions, musical jam-sessions in the classroom, incredible talent in our Chapel band and general quiet and calm manner. Mr Swift, we wish you every blessing on this new adventure.

Thank you Mrs Viney, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Garrad!

We wish to also thank Mrs Kerry Viney (3TV), Mrs Stacey Thompson (3TV) and Mrs Angelene Garrad (5LG) for teaching on the Junior Campus in 2017. We are so thankful that you have been able to share your gifts and talents with us during this year.

Well done Sienna on 2nd in the RSL writing competition.

All the best Mrs Fry!

The Junior Campus would like to wish Mrs Heidi Fry every blessing as she takes a year of leave to pursue further study. We will miss you Mrs Fry and hope that you enjoy developing and growing your expertise through further study. Every blessing… don’t forget about us!

Coming soon to a classroom near you in 2018

We welcome with great anticipation the following new classroom teaching staff who will be joining the Prince of Peace team in 2018: Mrs Kate Harvey, Miss Taylor Davis and Miss Kelly Napier. We look forward to welcoming these teachers to our community.

May God richly bless you all in the weeks ahead,
In His service,

Katrina Valencia
Head of Junior Campus

5B Chapel

Last Tuesday 5B presented their final Chapel for 2017. They rocked the chapel with an original blues song performed by Mr Swift and the band ‘The Amplifiers’, and a truck load of backup singers from 5B. Special guests also included Scarlett Webster and Jasmine Everitt who performed an angelic version of the song El’Shaddai accompanied by renowned pianist Sherree Cudney. 5B shared a message that focussed on the meanings behind names, in particular the names of God. For those who were not able to attend, we hope that you are able to reflect on the name of Jesus this Christmas.

“She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21)

Ben Swift
Year 5 Teacher


Junior Campus Library News

 Summer Reading Club

Moreton Bay Libraries are once again running their Summer Reading Club and have lots of wonderful incentives to encourage students to continue reading throughout the school holidays.  There are weekly prizes ($25 & $50 book vouchers) for individual readers, as well as an overall trophy for the school with the most students taking part in this Club…so I’d encourage you to check out their website for more information.

Birthday Books – Thank you!

PoP students absolutely love choosing their birthday books – Our Birthday Book program continues to delight students from Prep all the way up to Year 6.  Recently I heard a lovely story about a former PoP student who still treasures his special book about trains which he’d chosen as his birthday book from Prince of Peace a couple of years ago.  What a wonderful opportunity we have to bless our students in this way.  

I want to take this final opportunity to thank everyone who has donated books throughout the year, and in particular to those who generously donated brand new books to this program.  Your support has made all the difference!  We couldn’t run this program without the ongoing support from our Prince of Peace community…so thank you!

For those who intend having a big clean-out over the holidays, I will gratefully receive more donations as soon as school commences in 2018, in preparation for a busy first week when we bless all of our students with January birthdays.

Lynley Dodd’s in Town!

If you know and love Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy (and who doesn’t!), you might be keen to attend In Conversation with Dame Lynley Dodd at Redcliffe Cultural Centre on Thursday 7 December from 3:30-5:30pm.  This is a FREE event for fans (over 8 years of age) to hear Lynley Dodd, (one of the best-known and best-selling picture book creators in the English-speaking world), speak about her journey as an author and illustrator. 

Bookings are essential through www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/redcliffe-cultural-centre/ticketing/ and details are below.

There is also an exhibition (The Lynley Dodd Story) at Redcliffe Art Gallery from 8 December until 17 March 2018.  

Enjoy a blessed Christmas, a happy holiday and at least one good book during this long break!

Mrs Janette Meulen
Library Teacher

Senior Campus News


Year 12

We lived out our College theme last week, Innovate, Collaborate, Educate, Celebrate. We are very deliberate in how we celebrate our Year 12 students’ final week.  Monday, the Year 12 students presented a worship service, providing a powerful message for our community on the importance of everyone contributing. Tuesday, the students had some fun and got dressed up as we acknowledged their achievements, they received their final subject results, and spent some time with their buddies. Wednesday, as a group our Year 12 students went to volunteer at Operation Christmas Child – an opportunity to give back to the community, as well as be acknowledged by their Houses. Thursday was Valedictory Dinner, a chance to share memories, laughs, offer advice and give thanks with parents and staff. During the evening our students, staff and parents shared some thoughts about the Class of 2017; some reflections are highlighted below:

Cassia and Mackenzie shared:

To our fellow students, who for many of us we have grown up with; who tomorrow we will spend our last few moments as students with; who I know at least for us have been responsible for so much joy and laughter over the years; and who, quite frankly, it will be really sad not to see everyday — we thank you.

To our teachers, we honestly could not have done it without you – I mean we literally could not have successfully completed Year 12 without the endless support of our teachers. But on a deeper level,  you have all been so influential to us and on our experience at Prince of Peace and this commitment does not go unnoticed. For the countless hours and unyielding effort you have dedicated to the students sitting before you — we thank you.

Mrs Rhonda McKenzie shared in her toast to the students:

Another way you are guided is through Jesus Christ.  You have been a student of Prince of Peace for up to 13 years – we are a Christian school who has accepted you whatever your spiritual beliefs.  We have invited you to be a part of a Christian faith.  An opportunity you have at any stage of your life. Just like you include your friends in your car and life, you can open yourself up to God – he is always waiting, desiring what is best for you.  For some, you see the direction of your life as God’s plan for you, while others see that you are the one in complete control.  Where you go and how you get there are important choices you make, but don’t forget to cherish the experiences along the way.  It is an easy cliché to say, but not something we always live, and that is – it is not all about the destination – it is about the journey.   

Matthew in his toast to the parents:

My point is that as students, we sometimes forget our parents are real people who have their own challenges, and tonight, we’re going to raise our glasses to you. For all the times you’ve fought for us, and you’ve fought for yourselves; in the little, and the life-changing challenges.

You’ve all spent about 17 years caring for each and every one of us, and I think I can safely say that you are the reason we have made it so far in our schooling. Our parents and our caretakers, are the reason that we, the Class of 2017, are here tonight celebrating the last 12 years of our lives. And in the next 12 years, and the 12 years after that — we promise to be good… or at least we’ll try to!

Ms Sue King in her response:

Firstly, on behalf of the parent group I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the teaching, leadership and administration staff at Prince of Peace. Over the years of their schooling, you have worked tirelessly to develop our sons and daughters – to assist them to navigate the academic demands of secondary schooling.  But just as importantly, to discover their strengths and weaknesses, passions and challenges.

To develop strong relationships and robust resilience, to solve study and personal challenges creatively, to serve others and work within a community. You have responded to them, and to us – late at night, early in the morning, over weekends. You have encouraged, exhorted, challenged, mediated, empathised and prayed – and that was just to try to keep those light blue shirts tucked in! Our small school environment means that many of you have taught us in this cohort more than once, over a number of subjects; and we know that there have been many times that your personal connection has resulted giving much more to us than would probably occur in a larger environment.

Presentation of awards we congratulate the following students:

Friday was the Farewell Chapel. A wonderful opportunity for our College community and extended families to celebrate the Class of 2017. The service is our gift to the students, but in the end it was the students who gave us the greatest gift by linking arms and singing out, and being genuinely moved that it was the end of a chapter. They reminded us of the blessing that they have been to our community. They assured us that we had fulfilled our mission to develop graduates who are equipped for success beyond school as confident, compassionate and caring individuals. God’s richest blessings to the Class of 2017.


When something great happens, it is splashed over social media and the news. When boxer Jeff Horn scored the upset win of 2017 by out-punching Manny Pacquiao to take the WBO Welterweight World Title – the media went into a frenzy.  When our Thomas Tucker secured his fifth-time World Champion for BMX  20″ Wheel, and first time World Champion for 24″ wheel – we proclaimed his achievements, because we were so proud of him. We are aware of the commitment he made to competition and his training and diet to pursue excellence. The real achievement is not the win, but their commitment to the task. He helps us to understand that to achieve our dreams, we have to be prepared to work hard to develop successful habits, our character, and to grow personally in order to make progress.

Habits are really important. If we want to develop our musical talent we need to be prepared to develop the good habit of regular practice. But habits require hard work. We need to commit to practice, or a regular study routine, or a commitment to put in our best effort. That requires dedication. We celebrate those students who have been committed to developing the habits of generosity, patience, loyalty, grit and discipline. That does not mean that they always get it right — but they have the best of intentions, a commitment and the discipline to try their best.

Our destination in life is determined each day by the habits we keep. Achievements don’t just happen – time and effort in developing habits will help us reach our goals. If we want to do well in sports, then we need to be committed to training, strength conditioning, and diet. To reach our goals, we’ve got to develop the habits we need for success.

It might seem to be a strange time to be talking about developing habits at the end of the school year. But many of the college awards bestowed today will celebrate those students who have developed good habits during 2017. The habit to be kind, hardworking and generous with sharing of talents. So our encouragement to all students, is that they come to recognise that the development of good habits is a choice. Choose to not let life just pass you by, but rather put in the effort to develop good habits, which will help you become the best version of yourself as possible.

Jesus made some huge accomplishments. He healed the sick, fed 5000 hungry people, he turned water into wine. But it was how Jesus lived in the everyday that deeply impacted lives – not just his achievements.   Jesus lived a life of integrity, and is an example to us all of how we should live our lives. Everyone on the Senior Campus has used their gifts to serve our community. Whether it be a smile, a kind word, giving their best effort in the classroom, in sport, taking a risk to be part of a team or a group.  We are proud of every student. You have all used your God-given gifts to demonstrate excellence through honour, and growth through challenge. These are the things that truly make each of you great. The greatest achievement is that you were truly committed to your task, developing good habits to ensure that you made personal growth in 2017.  We celebrate your achievement.

Congratulations to the following students.

Year 7 Servant Heart Awards

  • Toby Bunt
  • Declan Cook
  • Rosina Floriani
  • Georgia Glentworth
  • Daniel Hutchings
  • Gabriel Kassiou
  • Caitlyn Mlynarik
  • Heidi Noon
  • Christelle Robson
  • Adam Rowland
  • Alexander Schmidtchen
  • Josie Swift
  • Isabelle Till
  • Mackenna Tom
  • Amanda Watson

Year 8 Servant Heart Awards

  • Matthew Bunn
  • Mattias Forbes-Schutz
  • Olivia Gadenne
  • Esther Gulley
  • Brendan Melrose
  • Abby Newton
  • Georgia Pfeffer
  • Lucy Richardson
  • Josie Sams
  • Ashlyn Snipes
  • Holly Tanner
  • Jackson Tom
  • Gabrielle Waverley-Smith

Year 9 Servant Heart Awards

  • Caitlin Austin
  • Caelen Cook
  • Lucas Eaglestone
  • Kaitlyn Flynn
  • Ella Fraser-Descovich
  • Taylen Houselip
  • Jennifer Keal
  • Samantha Keal
  • Bailey Kitcher
  • Tahlia Melrose
  • Lucinda Peterson
  • Katie Steele
  • Riley Turton
  • Chelsey Van De Leur
  • Anna Weckert

Year 10 Servant Heart Awards

  • Carl Bundesen
  • Patrick Bunn
  • Hayley Churchill
  • Alister Duncan
  • Jessica Ebbott
  • Brendan Fraser
  • Carter Platt
  • Cooper Schmidt
  • Alannah Sharley
  • Joshua Sowter
  • Ryan Stevens
  • Michael Weir

Year 11 Servant Heart Awards

  • Stephanie Bleckwehl
  • Torin Cook
  • Isaac Cooper
  • Jodie Corr
  • Elysee Fraser
  • Charlotte Hammond
  • Jake McCarthy
  • Rory McGregor
  • Ella McLean
  • Joanne McNish
  • Thomas Rowland
  • Emily Walsh
  • Scott Whelan

Cultural Honours

  • Josie Swift – Music
  • Jordan Warren – Drama
  • Joshua Sowter – Drama
  • Carter Platt – Drama
  • Carl Bundesen – Music
  • Elysee Fraser – Drama

Cultural Excellence

  • Esther Gulley – Dancing
  • Lucinda Petersen – Dancing
  • Brieanna Anderson – Music

Sporting Honours

  • Toby Bunt (Hockey)
  • Heidi Noon (Cross Country)
  • Daniel Di Giandomenico (Athletics)
  • Charlotte Stephens (Equestrian)

Sporting Excellence

  • Seth Street-Thompson (Hockey)
  • Mattias Forbes-Schutz (Cross Country/Athletics)
  • Eren Kocer (Futsal)
  • Cooper Schmidt (Athletics)
  • Stephanie Bleckwehl (Athletics)

Year 7 Excellence of Effort Awards

  • Elise Avery
  • Declan Cook
  • Elsie Corlis
  • Holly Dixon
  • Ashleigh Eaglestone
  • Rosina Florani
  • Jessica Gentle
  • Austin Haines
  • Jasmine Hancox
  • Gabriel Kassiou
  • Tyler Noakes
  • Heidi Noon
  • Maya Pingel
  • Ethan Spiers
  • Josie Swift
  • Mackenna Tom
  • Clare Weckert
  • Jacob Williams
  • Zachary Williams

Year 8 Excellence of Effort Awards

  • Molly Barnes
  • Amelia Dalton
  • Mattias Forbes-Schutz
  • Esther Gulley
  • Alexander Hegner
  • Erin Jewell
  • Jonathan Muir
  • Abby Newton
  • Josie Sams
  • Lucas Smith
  • Jackson Tom
  • Sophia Vitale
  • Gabrielle Waverley-Smith

Year 9 Excellence of Effort Awards

  • Lachlan Bunt
  • Olivia Cooper
  • Lucas Eaglestone
  • Kaitlyn Flynn
  • Ella Fraser-Descovich
  • Samantha Keal
  • Tahlia Melrose
  • Sabina Oppelaar
  • Angus Ovey
  • Anna Weckert

Bradman Excellence of Effort Awards

  • Mikayla Beatton
  • Georgia Dux
  • Joshua Sowter
  • Ammon Beard
  • Isaac Cooper
  • Jodie Corr
  • Matthew Davidson
  • Jake McCarthy
  • Lydia van der Wiel

Fraser Excellence of Effort Award

  • Lachlan Cordiner
  • Elysee Fraser
  • Bethany Southward
  • Scott Whelan

Jackson Excellence of Effort Awards

  • Jessica Kassiou
  • Rachel King
  • Charlotte Hammond
  • Isabelle Majpruz
  • Joanne McNish

Laver Excellence of Effort Awards

  • Molly Ballinger
  • Elizabeth Harrison
  • Taylah Merrell
  • Samuel Morajkar
  • Marcus Jewell
  • Thomas Rowland
  • Sasha Tobin

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

QUT Future Leaders

Last night Patrick Bunn and Jessica Ebbott attended the Welcome Event at QUT with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Coaldrake AO. This was the first event to mark the beginning of their participation the QUT Future Leaders program. We wish them well for this program and know that they will be terrific ambassadors for Prince of Peace.

Libby Farmer
Director of Care & Wellbeing 7-12

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 29 November sees us at Newmarket Pool (new venue) for our annual splash-a-thon. We’ll have two pools in operation so children can pick and choose their races (50m or 25m), use the water slide and participate in a range of ‘wet games’.  We encourage everyone to attend, participate and support their house. For those strong and regular swimmers who attend club events and/or do regular training, we will also hold time-trials with the view to selection in the relevant district events for the 200m IM as well as the various 100m events. Please inform Mr Wooding if your child/ren intend to participate in these time trials.

To this end, we require a number of parents and/or friends of the school to act as timekeepers or officials. Currently we are 8-10 people short, so if you might be willing to help out, please contact Mr Wooding on bwooding@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au for full details and requirements. Entry to the pool will be free for all children and adults attending our carnival, and a reminder that we will hold a novelty relay for parents, teachers and house captains – so please consider bringing your swimmers to take part in this.



To all the wonderful volunteers who have assisted with sport in any shape or form throughout 2017, from the bottom of my kit bag, I thank you for all your support, assistance, service and good grace. Our school is a much richer place for your efforts and involvements.

Brad Wooding
HPE Teacher Junior Campus

Junior Campus Netball

The summer season of netball has come to an end. This year the Junior Campus submitted four teams into the Queensland Catholic Netball Association (QCNA) Summer Competition. The PopStars 1,2 3 & 4 enjoyed wins and losses but mainly they had a great time all being together and playing a sport they have come to love.

For many of the girls, this was their first foray into competitive netball, for others it was a continuation from their winter-club netball. Regardless of their history, all the girls learnt new skills, developed great team work and were fine representatives of our school. Several of the girls trialed for the QCNA representative teams. Lara Wadham has been selected for the 13yrs team, Sienna Hicks for the 12yrs team & Claire Russell, Mia Frisch & Ella Gentle have been selected for the 11yrs team. Congratulations to all those girls on their selection. All age groups are fiercely contested for entry. I would like to say a very special thanks to my two helpers this season – Lara Wadham & Lara Richards who have both assisted in the coaching & mentoring of the teams.

Without their assistance I wouldn’t have been able to have four teams. Thanks also to Caitlin Hird & Emily Walsh who have provided umpiring for all of our games. Finally, to the parents who continue to support the netball program by getting the girls to Downey Park every week, making sure they have the right shoes, proving great fruit at half time and generally allowing me to do something I love. Thanks. Go PopStars!  

Susan Hird

Senior Campus Sport

As we often do at this time of year, we reflect and offer our congratulations to the following PoP Senior Campus students who have achieved either National, State or Regional representative selection through school sport pathways in 2017:

Mattias Forbes-Schutz – Cross Country/Track & Field

Mattias has earned Queensland sporting representative honours in two different disciplines during 2017 – cross-country plus track & field. He first achieved a district age champion medal (as well as new district record), then repeated this effort at the Regional Championships before going on to finish in second place overall at the QLD Championships. This resulted in Mattias representing his state at the Athletics Australia All Schools Championships in Kembla where he finished first place in the U14 boys division, therefore being crowned National Champion. Mattias also recently won the 13yrs boys 1500m race at the QLD Secondary Schools Championships, also earning QLD selection for the upcoming All Schools Track & Field Championships to be held in Adelaide.

Eren Kocer – Futsal

As a result of Eren representing the College at the 2016 Australian Schools Championships in Coomera, he was selected to represent QLD at the National Inter-State Titles in Adelaide at the beginning of this year. Eren’s U14 QLD team had a very successful tournament, and at the conclusion of the event were crowned national champions. He was then selected in the Australian U14 boys team that travelled to Sao Paulo in Brazil in July this year to play on an international stage. Eren’s team played against teams from Brazil, Bolivia and Pakistan.

Seth Street-Thompson – Hockey

Seth represented the U12 North District boys Hockey team at the Metropolitan North Regional Championships. At the end of the event, he was selected for the Met North team that competed at the QLD Championships in Brisbane. At the conclusion of the State Championships, Seth was then selected in the Queensland team that travelled recently to Adelaide to compete in the 12yrs National Championships.

Stephanie Bleckwehl – Track & Field

Stephanie bounced back from a serious foot injury suffered at the beginning of the year to be awarded both district and regional track & field selection. She represented the College at the Metropolitan North trials in both the 16yrs girls 400m and 800m track events held at the University of Queensland, winning both events comfortably to gain selection in the regional team to compete at the QLD Schools Championships. At this event, Stephanie finished in fourth place in the 400m and fifth place in the 800m.

Cooper Schmidt – Track & Field

Cooper excelled during 2017 in his chosen events of triple jump & hurdles, recently gaining selection in the Queensland team for the Australian All Schools Championships in Adelaide for the U16 boys triple jump. This came off the back of him first representing the College at the District and Regional Championships held at the University of Queensland in August this year. This included being awarded 16yrs boys age champion at the District Championships. Cooper had very successful Regional Championships competing in the boys 16yrs 110m hurdles (second place – by 0.03 of a second!), long jump (7th place) and triple jump (4th place).

Daniel Di Giandomenico – Track & Field

Daniel continued to excel at track & field during 2017, especially in his pet event of discus. He began by representing the College at the District and Regional Championships held at the University of Queensland in August, winning both the javelin and discus events in the 16yrs boys division. Having gained selection in the Metropolitan North team to compete in the QLD Schools Championships at the State Athletic Centre in the discus, Daniel won a silver medal at the conclusion of his event. This was also after a disjointed preparation due to a niggling back injury.

Alex King – Hockey

Alex successfully gained selection in the Metropolitan North boys 19yrs & under hockey team that represented the region and competed at the QLD Schools Championships held in Townsville in May of this year.

Toby Bunt – Hockey

Toby was selected in the North District 12yrs boys hockey team that represented the district at the Regional Championships held in April of this year. As a result of his performances at the Metropolitan North Championships, Toby was selected as a shadow player for the Met North team.

Heidi Noon – Cross Country/Track & Field

At her very first District Secondary Schools Cross-Country Championships, Heidi was awarded the 12yrs girls age champion medal after winning the event for her age group. She then went on to represent the College at the Metropolitan North Regional Championships held at St Paul’s, Bald Hills. Also, Heidi represented the College at the Regional Track & Field Championships held at the University of Queensland in August, competing in the 12yrs girls 200m and 800m events.

Charlotte Stephens – Equestrian

Charlotte Stephens has been competing in show jumping and combined training (both show jumping and dressage at one event), proudly representing the College. Charlotte attended the South East Queensland Regional Equestrian event in Beaudesert and qualified for the Queensland titles in June.

Grant Carlson
Senior Campus Sport Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music


Congratulations to the Junior Campus Choirs on their presentation of “3 Wisemen and a Baby”.  More than 300 people crammed into the Chapel to watch more than 100 excited students.  After many weeks of hard work, it all came together and was a spectacular success.

Thanksgiving Celebration– Thursday 23 November

The Combined Junior Campus Choirs (Years 2-6) will perform at the Thanksgiving Celebration at C3 Church at Bridgeman Downs. Students will be bused to and from the venue during the day for rehearsal. They will be required back at the church by 6:00pm (at the latest) in choir uniform (black shoes and socks).

Enrolling in Instrumental for 2018

NOW is the time to re-enrol for 2018 or to begin a new instrument.  Enrolment forms are available from Mrs. Cudney or Mrs. Cook in administration.    
Should you require any general information, or have any questions regarding classroom music, choirs or  instruments on the Junior Campus, please email me.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

Senior Campus Music

2018 Instrumental/Co curricular Music Program Enrolments

It is that time of year when enrolment forms for Senior Campus lessons and ensemble participation come home. Please take the opportunity to read the cover page carefully and send back the enrolment forms as soon as possible to Senior Campus Reception. Year 9, 10 and 11 students have already received these, while Year 7 and 8 students will bring them home on Monday 27 November at the conclusion of the recruitment session. Incoming students currently in Year 6 will receive these forms in their enrolment packs. I have encouraged older students who have not been involved before, to consider the benefits of learning an instrument or voice, or adding their gifts to an ensemble.   

Continuing students with vocal/instrumental lessons, and/or ensemble participation must also return completed forms. There is an opportunity to record a second set of contact details for information to be emailed home. Once the forms have been reviewed, tutors will be sent the contact details of all continuing and new students, and will contact parents directly with billing and timetable information for the new year. The current co-curricular music handbook, with more detailed information about the program,  is available for viewing on the Parent Portal (password: Prince). This will be updated for 2018.

We look forward to having many new students join our growing program for 2018.

Instruments for Hire, 2018

We have a number of serviced instruments avaible for hire from the College in 2018. These include a cello, double bass, tenor and alto saxophones, trumpets, euphoniums, clarinets and baritones. Please contact Mrs Harvey on Senior Campus if you would like to enquire about this opportunity. The rates are reasonable and allow your child to try an instrument without the purchase cost.

Mrs Harvey, 

Mrs Robyn Harvey
Senior Campus Instrumental Music Coordinator



Individual Prince of Peace students have participated in speech and drama exams with Trinity College of London, well done to Chloe, Elysee and Sienna in your exams!

As we approach the end of the year, it is with sadness that I must tell you that I will be moving on from Prince of Peace, as I am moving to Gladstone at the end of the year to be closer to my partner. Thank you to all of the young people and families who have made my time here at Prince of Peace so special and enjoyable, I will miss you all!

Heading into 2018, I am so pleased to announce that my creative partner and co-director, Lucy Lott, will be taking over the position of extra curricular drama teacher next year! Lucy and I have been teaching together for three years now, and I know she will be a wonderful addition to the school. Lucy worked at Angel Shed Theatre Company in London before moving to Brisbane in 2012. Since then, she has founded Plural Theatre, a not-for-profit inclusive theatre company working with marginalised young people. I met Lucy whilst working with her on a Plural project, and due to our shared arts philosophy I became co-director at Plural and we have been working together ever since. A few years ago we also set up HATCHED Theatre, providing drama programs to schools! HATCHED is what Lucy will be bringing to Prince of Peace next year. She is so excited to meet you all and join this great community. 

Lucy will be taking on the group drama classes at both Junior and Senior campuses. Junior group drama will continue to take place on Thursdays. The day for Senior group drama is not yet confirmed, please contact me or Lucy to express your interest and discuss suitable days. There is also the possibility of Lucy taking on individual students. Again, please get in touch if you are interested in your child taking part. If you would like to know more about the programs next year you can contact Lucy on lucylott@hotmail.co.uk or 0422 232 877.

Check out the HATCHED website for more information on school drama groups: www.hatchedtheatre.com

Check out the Plural Theatre website to see what other work we do: www.pluraltheatre.com 

Thank you to the PoP community for welcoming me over the years, I will treasure the experiences I have had with you and wish you all the best in the future.

Hannah Rodda
Extra curricular Drama

Church News and Notices


Sunday 26 November with Holy Communion

Thanksgiving Sunday
Lay Presenter: Chris Peatey

Thought for the Week

I choose joy. I will invite my God to be the God of circumstance. I will refuse the temptation to be cynical, the tool of the lazy thinker. I will refuse to see people as anything less than human beings, created by God. I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God. (Max Lucado)

Community News and Notices

Introducing the Second Hand Uniforms Facebook Group

Over the Spring holidays, The School Locker officially took over the management of our Uniform Shop. As you know, the Uniform Shop will still be open three mornings a week and two afternoons a week, and our uniforms will now be available at their North Lakes store (meaning you can purchase your uniform items 7 days a week).

As a result of this change, Wendy, who has been generously volunteering her time, will no longer be available to manage the Second Hand Uniform Blog. Similarly, second hand uniforms will no longer be for sale in the Uniform Shop.

To assist those who would still like to sell or purchase second hand uniforms, we are trialling a new Facebook Group — PoP Second Hand Buy and Sell. Families have already started utilising the new Facebook Group to sell, buy and exchange uniforms.  An FAQ page has also been created to answer all the common questions about how to buy and sell.

A few notes:

  • We will be trialling this page from now until the end of Term 1 2018, while we identify whether or not it is a valuable, practical service.
  • This Facebook page is to only be used to buy and sell second hand uniforms. Non-uniform related and offensive posts will be removed. Second hand uniforms that have been donated to the College for resale will be managed by the P&F.
  • Anyone with a Facebook account can browse the new page and contact sellers.  To sell items on the page, you need to become a group member (which is easy – see the FAQ).
  • Sellers can update their ad at any time, and are encouraged to do so.
  • As this is a public page, sellers may not wish to post personal contact information with their ad — buyers and sellers are able to chat or send private notifications to each other via their Facebook profile.


Uniform Shop News

Good News! The majority of our Back-to-School stock has arrived.  The two items still outstanding are navy brim hats (Yr 1 to 12) and drawstring library bags (Yr 1 to 6).  Both of these are expected to be here by Thursday (if not before).  

Fitting appointments: I would like to encourage everyone going to new uniform styles (Prep, Year 1, Year 7, Year 10) to take advantage of the uniform fittings available here on campus until 30 November. Please book through the College website using the link on the Uniform Shop page or on the Home Page. Instructions for using the online booking system also can be found on the Uniform Shop page on the website.

Please note campus shop closure: The Campus shop will be closed from 30 November until mid January.  All fittings (no appointments required) will be undertaken at The School Locker’s Northlakes store which is located at 4-6 Burke Crescent, North Lakes.

Ordering: Just a reminder that you can email me directly using the link on the Uniform Shop page of the College website, and orders can be sent to your child’s class during term times (Junior and Senior campuses) as previously offered.  Alternatively you can order online and have your order delivered to your home address (note: the option to have your order delivered to the campus and passed to your child  is only available during term times).

Exchanges/refunds: These can be facilitated via campus reception during term times, otherwise at Northlakes store.  Please place in a sealed bag with a note re: size required and child’s name and class to return to.

Size guarantee:  School Locker has a 60 day size guarantee.  If you are concerned about growth during the Christmas holidays please set your uniforms and receipt aside – do not wash or label  uniforms until January, try them on again then for fit.  If you need to exchange, please bring them with your receipt to either Northlakes or Junior Campus shop from mid January onwards.

Fridge-To-Go lunchbags:  These are good quality long lasting lunch bags (four years plus), and are excellent for keeping food cold and fresh all day during our hot humid summer.  The chiller panel included is kept safely in place in a zip pocket so it doesn’t go missing at school.  The chiller panel is slim and covers the whole base of the lunch bag so all lunch bag contents will be kept cold.   Spare chiller panels can also be purchased separately to have one on hand in the freezer in case it is left in the school bag overnight.  We have eight different styles to choose from – come and have a look!

Prep satchels: These are to be purchased from the Uniform shop as they are no longer supplied as part of school fees.  If you have not ordered a library satchel please contact Wendy at the Uniform shop.  Thank you.

Back-to-school hours: During January 2018, the Uniform Shop will be open 8am to 12pm Tues 16, Wed 17 and Thurs 18 January 2018.  Customers will be served in order of arrival by numbered ticket with three families in the shop at a time.  Covered seating is available and the Auxiliary will be selling Coffee and Cake while you wait.  Yum!  Uniform orders can still be placed online anytime, and Northlakes store is open 7 days a week for your convenience.   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you!

Have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas everybody!

Request for Testimonials —  a Chance to Express What PoP Means to You

In preparation for some exciting new changes that Prince of Peace will shortly be making to our website, we are giving opportunity for our loyal families to contribute a brief testimonial that expresses the areas in which Prince of Peace College has been important to your child and / or family.

We may list your testimonial on our website.

If feel you would like to contribute please fill in this online form >

Expressions of Interest for Bus Service

Prince of Peace Lutheran College is seeking expressions of interest for an after school transfer from the Senior Campus to the Junior Campus at 3:15pm.
If you are interested in utilising this potential service in 2018 please email bus@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au with your child’s name and 2018 year level.


The final P&FA meeting for 2017 will be held on Wednesday 22 November, at 7pm in the Junior Campus library. This will be our AGM, and as such, all positions will fall vacant for re-election at this meeting. The AGM for Meals 4 You will also be held on Wednesday 22 November in the Junior Campus library, at 6:15pm.

Anyone interested in nominating for positions on the P&F committee or within the Meals 4 You ministry are encouraged to attend to nominate.

The P&F would like to thank the serving committee members for their time and effort during 2017, and all who have attended meetings throughout the year.

We also thank the PoP Auxillary for their efforts, Meals 4 You, the Sports Supporters group, Music Supporters group and Friends of the Library. A warm thanks to the class representatives who have arranged social events, and to all who have volunteered their time and supported the P&F throughout the year.

Magnolia Mander
President, Parents and Friends Association


Meals 4 You

Another year over for M4Y.  You are all invited to our AGM meeting:
Date: Wednesday 22 November
Time: 6:15pm
Place: Junior Campus Library 

All positions are open for nomination:
Meals 4 You Coordinator, Cooking Day Coordinator, Fundraising and Advertising Coordinator, Youth Ministry Coordinator, Treasurer and Secretary Roles.  I will not be continuing with the ministry next year so please spread the word that we need passionate people to continue God’s great work.

Role descriptions are attached.  If you are interested in any of the roles or have questions please contact me.

God Bless
Christine Bunn
Meals 4 You Coordinator

Get Organized for Christmas!

With Parent Direct & Educational Experience Toy Catalogues

PoP Auxiliary would like to remind you of our Toy Catalogue Fundraiser.  There are a wonderful selection of toys and educational products available from Parent Direct and Educational Experience. 

Orders can be delivered to your home for a flat fee of $7.90 (Parent Direct) or $9 (Ed. Experience).  You may continue to order right up to 8 December for those wanting delivery before Christmas.  Orders for delivery to school have closed.

This service/fundraiser provides classrooms with valuable educational resources as up to 25% of every purchase goes towards the purchasing useful equipment for our students.

You may return your Parent Direct & Educational Experience order forms to Junior Campus reception or order on line.  Please remember to nominate Prince of Peace Lutheran College as your school upon checking out.

Email Peta McIver with any questions. Thankyou!

Community Notices

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