2018 Term 1 Week 6


Term 1 Week 6 2018
College News

Community Groups

Social trends reveal that life is getting busier and busier for all families as we have the many competing pressures placed upon us in modern life. The Australian Bureau of Statistics identifies that more households are seeing an increase in the second income and the amount of people working more than one job has increased by 9.2% over the past six years. This social trend is not going to change in the short-term, and as a College we have to respond to these trends with how we organise our volunteer groups.

We have an army of volunteers at the College working in many different areas – from supporting learning to selling ice blocks; the common purpose of them all is to make our community a better place for the young people we serve. One of these groups is the PoP Auxiliary, who, over the years have served the College and the students in many ways.  They have raised a significant amount of funds that has all been reinvested back into the College, from furniture for students, to air-conditioning and shade. The list is very long, but the simple fact is, the College would not have the facilities it now has without the hard work and dedication of these members. The Auxiliary has decided to wind-up as a separate entity and now operate its activities under the P&F umbrella, and while they still continue to serve, I would just like to thank and acknowledge everything those volunteers have done for the students over the years.

The next P&F meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 21 March in the Junior Campus Library. All are welcome as we work through how to adjust to social trends and continue to make the College an even better place for the young people in our care.  

God’s blessings to you all

Phil Hulland
Head of College

Junior Campus News

Rites of Passage

‘The Year 12 jerseys seemed so very large as our Year 1 students held them high, preparing to walk them down the aisle to their awaiting Senior students.’

So why are such rites of passage important?

A rite of passage is a ceremony or occasion that marks the transition from one phase of life to another. There are many passages in our lives that we can observe if we choose to mark and celebrate them. Our Year 12 students are coming to the end of one phase of their life-journey, and it is no coincidence that we mark this occasion by bringing them back to their roots, to where it all began in the early primary years.

For the Year 12 parents who were able to join us last Friday, this occasion was as much for them as it was for their child. The Year 12 parents have walked this journey with their child. Their hearts have burst with pride many times and have ached terribly at other times. They have observed as their young person has struggled under the stages of growth that we all experience socially, emotionally and academically.  Parents have had to wrestle with the decision of whether they should be stepping in, stepping aside, stepping back or picking up their child and carrying them.

When we design rite of passage experiences such as the presentation of Senior Jerseys, we work to assure that the initiate (Year 12 student) comes out of the experience with a new and empowering story. The experience must signify that it is time for them to take responsibility for the decisions that set the course of their future in a new and challenging way.

I still get such a thrill watching this rite of passage. There is, after all, nothing more beautiful than an awestruck Year 1 student, looking up into the eyes of a new role model… except perhaps watching the faces of the Year 12 parents as this rite occurs.

And so, Year 12, from all of the students and staff on the Junior Campus, we wish you every blessing for this year. Believe in your heart that you can achieve all things, through Him who created you, and know that there is a cheer squad of hundreds on the Junior Campus, ably led by Year 1 cheering you on!


What Does a ‘Developmental’ Approach to Spelling Mean? What Does it Look Like?

Learning to spell is a developmental process. This means that the students progress through various stages of learning whilst developing and applying skills, and understandings. Each stage is characterised by various features. A developmental process implies a predictable series with milestones related to age and experience.

Think back to when you first learnt to drive a car. We all went through a process of ‘developing’ our skills from learner-driver to a more proficient driver. At first we had to drive around the car park of our local shopping centre at a very slow and careful speed. During the next stage we got to actually drive around the neighbourhood, and were perhaps allowed to drive at the speed limit. As we progressed we drove on the motorway or around the city. Finally, some of us have mastered defensive driving skills. As with all developmental journeys, the rate of progress varies between learner drivers. Our experiences were all different and the feedback we were given was unique to our needs. We learned to drive by practicing and taking on advice as to how to improve our skills.

Generally when children learn to access the English language they progress through these stages.

  • Preliterate Stage: This first stage encompasses the writing attempts of children who are not yet reading.
  • Letter Name Stage: This second stage, which is based on childrens’ knowledge of the alphabet and beginning attempts to read, is characterised by attempts to match alphabetic letter names to salient phonemes, or speech sounds, within the words being spelled.
  • Within-Word Pattern: This third stage is characterised by greater experience with printed text and leads to an increased awareness of how words work, and in turn to more conventional spelling.
  • Syllable Juncture: The focus at this stage is on preserving the pattern principles across syllable boundaries.
  • Derivational Constancy: This stage is seldom reached by young spellers. The words are of relatively low frequency and primarily of Greek and Latin origin.

Approaches to teaching spelling involve a study of words and it is important to keep these ideas in mind.

  • English spelling is complex but not totally chaotic as it is based on patterns rather than rules.
  • Part of teaching to a developmental model involves building awareness of words that are appropriate to each level, and children are exposed to similarities and differences with words.
  • The purpose is to gain word knowledge, not memorise words.
  • The goal is to see a transfer of spelling knowledge to help with reading and writing.

Some ways to help children at home:

  • Recognise a first step forward in developing spelling awareness may mean a step back to clarify misconceptions and build an awareness of the language of spelling.
  • Look for the patterns in words when they are reading, and make connections between the words they are studying at school.
  • Praise children when their attempts at words are close and use features that are visually or phonetically in the word.
  • Use environmental print such as food boxes, junk mail, magazines etc to reinforce aspects learned at school.

www.spellingcity.com is a useful website to help reinforce spelling, and here are some simple spelling activities you can use with your child at home:

Junior Campus School Photos

Just a reminder that Junior Campus photos will be held on Monday 5 March throughout the day. Family photo envelopes are available at reception if you wish to have sibling photos taken on the day. 

Please Note: Photographs for families that have students at both campuses will be taken at the Senior Campus on Friday 9 March 2018 between 8.00am and 9.00am. Parents are requested to deliver their Junior Campus students to the Senior Campus on that day during this time slot. Parents are also requested to wait for the photograph to be taken and then return their student to the Junior Campus. Should parents be unable to return their student to the Junior Campus they are to contact Jenell Molkentin by phoning 3872 5705. This must be arranged before the photo day.

Sibling photos for families whose students are only on the Junior Campus will have their photographs taken on Monday 5 March 2018.

Students are required to wear the formal uniform for the photos. Extra envelopes for ordering individual and class photos will be available at reception. As staff photos will be taken before classes commence, Reception will be closed until 8.30am Monday 5 March 2018.  We thank you for your understanding.

Katrina Valencia
Head of Junior Campus

Junior Campus Library News

Book Swap Success

Our inaugural Great Book Swap (which was held on 14 Feburary – International Book Giving Day) was a huge success.  We had hoped to raise $300 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, to help purchase books for children living in remote Indigenous communities…and I’m delighted to report that we raised $331.30 – a wonderful effort from our ever-so-generous Prince of Peace Families.   This was so much fun, we’ll definitely be doing it again next February!


Meet Kathy Hoopmann – Author

Kathy is a lovely lady, very well known to Prince of Peace Church and College communities. She is also an international author.   

You may be familiar with her most famous publications: All Cats have Asperger Syndrome and All Dogs have ADHD.  You can meet Kathy on Saturday March 10 at the book fair being held at the Hills Church, Queens Road.   Alongside other local authors, Kathy will be displaying and selling her books (at 20% discount) and giving book readings…plus there will be giveaways and competitions. 

There will also be a workshop led by Gary Clark, author of the Swamp Cartoons.  (Bookings essential for that one.)

Win a Book Pack

Find out more about Kathy and enter a competition to win one of two book packs (six books in each). 

I look forward to catching up with Kathy, and seeing some of you at the Book Fair on March 10!
In the meantime…happy reading!

Janette Meulen
Library Teacher

Senior Campus News

Jersey Presentation

The Class of 2018 have already racked up a couple of last experiences – the last first day of the school year and last swimming carnival. That list will continue to grow as the year progresses. What is special about the Jersey Presentation, is not that it is a last, but that it is a mark that we are moving toward a new stage. It is special, because we share it with our parents, but also that it is the youngest students of the College who present the students with their jersey.  This is significant because it is a very visual reminder to our parents that this young adult who stands before us, has got there in a blink of an eye. It is a ritual that will allow the Year 12 students to develop some meaningful connections with Year 1 students, and is a very important recognition that we are a P-12 College. The Year 12 students received a jersey, and the Year 1 students received a bookmark and a promise that this connection will continue.

Middle School Leadership

Last week, when our new Middle School Captains were installed, Mrs Farmer shared these words of wisdom about leadership:

“Leadership is a doing word – it’s more like a verb than a noun. All of us have the capacity to demonstrate leadership. But leadership is not just about being chosen to wear a badge or being given a title – it is about the everyday moments when you choose to shine, step up and be true to your values, and put others first and serve others”.

We affirm all the students who demonstrated growth through challenge by their application to lead the Middle School. It is always a pleasure to listen to the students speak to their peers about their hopes and dreams for the College. We are proud of the Year 9 students and know that they will support their peers in their endeavours. We know that each of them will “choose to shine” and in doing so demonstrate leadership.

We thank our newly appointed captains for their willingness to serve our community, and we congratulate them on their appointment.

Middle School Captains
Georgia Pfeffer and Matthew Bunn

Jackson House Captains
Sophia Vitale and Jacob Fraser

Bradman House Captains
Molly Rollinson and Mattias Forbes-Schutz

Fraser House Captains
Holly Tanner and Lachlan Juric

Laver House Captains
Erin Jewell and Lucy Corlis

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

Agile Learning

We always say that learning does not always happen at a desk. In the Maths Department we are working hard to develop agile learning environments based on choice, challenge, collaboration and creativity.

The lower R block is taking advantage of the natural environment to create options so that students can take control of their learning. Students can choose to stand or sit, work inside or outside, to engage in solitary work or work in small groups. We are trying to create agile learners who are flexible and resourceful, and building confidence in the maths space.  An agile learning environment is an educational playground that is intentionally designed to be adjustable, exchangeable and movable. The furniture which includes desks, cushions, pews, bookcases and boards help to create variety in the learning environment. Students might choose a “cave”, if they want some isolation to engage in their learning, or a “campfire” if they prefer a collaborative learning experience. 

Students can alternate between learning in large or small groups, project and team work, practice and repetition. Flexibility means having a choice of learning area possibilities, depending on the learning scenario, or creating ad hoc and impromptu learning spaces to suit different approaches to learning and teaching.

As the physical spaces change, so to do the opportunities for students to engage.  Authentic engagement requires teachers to provide regular opportunities for empowerment and growth, not just practice and assessment. Historically, not many people have enjoyed mathematics as a beautiful, open, creative, and multi-dimensional subject. All of our research and experience tells us maths is boring to students when it is all about memorizing methods and procedures.  The traditional narrowness of higher level mathematics is one of the reasons so many students disengage. One-dimensional mathematics is not the mathematics of the world and it is not the mathematics of our 21st century workplace.

Prince of Peace have drawn from the work of Professors Jo Boaler and Carol Dweck, both of Stanford University, to frame courses of study that empower students to make choices, challenge themselves, collaborate with their peers and to produce work they our proud of.  Jo Boaler is a former maths teacher who is now recognised as one of the world’s most influential thinkers on how students learn maths. Carol Dweck has led extensive research on growth mindset and teenage motivation.  Professors Boaler and Dweck have since collaborated to encourage educators to look at the “mathematical mindsets” of students, parents and teachers. If you want to read more about their work, and how it is helping teachers across the world to revitalise the way students learn maths, visit www.youcubed.org

A number of our practices at Prince of Peace are informed by the advice of these two distinguished professionals. In following the complete Australia Curriculum, we repeatedly draw on their research and professional practice to change the way students engage with maths.  Jo Boaler is a guru at helping students see the various dimensions of maths. All real mathematics has different points of view, and different layers of thinking.  

In developing a positive learning culture, we believe that strong academic outcomes need to be coupled with access to, and engagement with opportunities. The purpose is to encourage students to believe in themselves as maths-learners. We are very excited about the potential this agile environment has, to transform our students’ learning experiences and confidence.  Watch this space.

Michelle Nisbet and Jonathan Klupp

Lions Youth of the Year Quest

Congratulations to Jo McNish on her entry into the Lions Youth of the Year Quest.

Jo participated in a 40 minute interview with a panel of three who asked her many questions, varying from general knowledge, to her personal opinion on issues. She also had to present two two-minute impromptu speeches, and a prepared five minute speech. Jo’s prepared topic was about the value of sporting programs in schools. She spoke very well and was an excellent ambassador for Prince of Peace.

Year 10 Community Representatives

Congratulations to Katie Steele and Samantha Keal for their successful applications to represent Prince of Peace in the Lord Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (LMYAC) and Green Heart School’s Student Environment Leadership Network (SELN) respectively. The girls will attend meetings in the city every term and involve themselves in projects, and will inform the student body of activities taking place in the community. We thank them for their willingness to serve in this capacity and look forward to working together with these organisations again throughout 2018.

Libby Farmer
Director of Care & Wellbeing 7-12

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Inter School Sport (Gala Days)

Next week Year 4, 5 and 6 will start Friday afternoon training for the Term 2 inter-school sports spectacular, known as Gala Days. We will be participating in netball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball and AFL competitions against other schools from our district. During the Gala Days (all day Fridays – 27 April, 4 May and 1 June), the various sports will be played at venues including Southpine Sports Complex, Brendale;  Craigslea SHS; Bradbury Park, Chermside; Teralba Park, Mitchelton and O’Callaghan Park, Zillmere.  
Please remember that hats and drink bottles are compulsory for all students every week, mouth guards are compulsory for hockey and AFL players, but we strongly recommend them for other sports as well. Each team will be allocated appropriate playing and protective equipment, although all students are welcome to bring their own (e.g. head gear, shin pads, hockey stick, etc).  If any parents or friends of the school are available and interested in helping us out by fulfilling roles such as team managers, assistant coaches, water carriers or cheer leaders, please contact Mr Wooding.

Inter Lutheran Swimming

A wonderful day at Morayfield last Friday saw 35 of our outstanding young swimmers participate in the annual Inter Lutheran Swimming Carnival. Fantastic performances by all saw us finish in fifth place overall, and sixth place according to student population. A wonderful reward for the effort put in. We had numerous podium finishes, a plethora of fourth places and an equal number of personal bests, first evers and “wow, did you see thats”. Luana Scott-Thompson and Hannes Forbes-Schutz were rewarded with School Champion medals as our outstanding swimmers on the day, and all competitors receive a congratulatory ribbon for representing our school so admirably. Our full team consisted of Luana and Hannes, as well as Eloise King, Addison Houslip, Isabelle Hastie, Oliver Hastie, Sienna Turley, Lily Spargo, Levi Larder, Logan Carlson, Georgia Bean, Amelia Watkins, Elijah Beard, Freya Forbes-Schutz, Evelyn Valencia, Harry Valencia, Luke Tully, Fletcher Morse, Emily Petherbridge, Sienna Hicks, Lincoln Hicks, Leni Rimmer, Brody Pink, Claire Russell, Dylan Turley, James Brandon, Thomas Brandon, Angus Sneddon, Max Horgan, Zachariah Rees, Jemima Maud-Singh, Scarlett Webster and Aimee Wilson. 

Special thanks also goes to the ever reliable Mrs Proctor, Mr Russell – the wonderfully dapper gent of many talents, and the fantastic group of supportive parents and grandparents who led the cheering and filled many official roles throughout the day.

Regional Swimming

Two of our outstanding “superfish”, Scarlett Webster and Luana Scott Thompson swam at the Regional Swimming Championships last week. Both acquitted themselves fantastically, setting excellent times in a range of different events. Luana had top 10 finishes in both the 100m and 50m freestyle events as well as top 15 finishes in the 50m butterfly and 100m breaststroke. Scarlett had top 17 finishes in the 50m backstroke and 50m butterfly events as well as the 100m backstroke event.

District Sport – Netball, Basketball, AFL, Hockey and Soccer

Huge congratulations to Claire Russell, Mia Frisch, Ella Gentle (all U11) and Scarlett Webster (U12) who all made the district netball teams. Isaac Jones made the District basketball team and now heads to the courts at Boondall to display his talents in the Regional Basketball Championships in a couple of weeks time. We wish all the girls and Isaac a wonderful experience. The next trials coming up are AFL, hockey and boys’ soccer. Please note that the boys’ soccer trial is a little restricted due to the large numbers of hopefuls who try out. Each school is allowed to send a limited number of participants who must be playing at a representative level. Please see Mr Wooding for full details and restrictions.

Inter-house Cricket

We enter the final week of competition this week (weather permitting), with all teams still in with a chance of making the grand final. Fraser have proven unbeatable thus far, however Bradman and Jackson are close on their heels with Laver a little further back. All teams front up for their final match on Tuesday, with the Plate Final (3rd v 4th) at morning tea and the Grand Final (1st v 2nd) at lunch on Thursday (1 March). Good luck to all involved.

Brad Wooding
HPE Teacher Junior Campus

Senior Campus Sport

Congratulations to all of our PoP swimmers who have not only represented the College recently at the North West Secondary District Championships, but also at the Metropolitan North Regional Championships. Both of these carnivals were held in Week 4 and Week 5 at the Lawton Aquatic Centre.

The PoP Swim Team that competed at the district championships was as follows:

  • Angus Ovey
  • Oscar Ovey
  • Emily Pingel
  • Katie Steele
  • Adam Rowland
  • Tom Rowland
  • Emily Burgess
  • Ben Beard
  • Ammon Beard
  • Mattias Forbes-Schutz
  • Jonas Forbes-Schutz
  • Matty Evans
  • Marcus Farmer-Zanuttini
  • Keira Andretzke
  • Indiana Brown
  • Ella McLean
  • Isabelle Till
  • Sam Short
  • Korban Howard-van Beek
  • Charlie Howard-van Beek

Highlights of the meet included:

  • Ammon Beard – 3rd place 17 boys 100m freestyle; 2nd place 100m backstroke
  • Emily Burgess – 5th place 16 girls 50m breastroke
  • Korban Howard-van Beek – 5th place 17 boys 50m butterfly
  • Ella McLean – 2nd place 18 and over girls 100m freestyle, 50m freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breastroke
  • Angus Ovey – 5th place 15 boys 100m freestyle
  • Emily Pingel – 4th place 15 girls 100m; 5th place 50m breastroke
  • Adam Rowland – 5th place 14 boys 50m breastroke
  • Tom Rowland – 3rd place 17 boys 100m breastroke; 4th place 50m breastroke
  • Sam Short – 1st place 15 boys 50m and 100m backstroke, 100m freestyle, 100m butterfly;  2nd place 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly
  • Isabelle Till – 2nd place 14 girls 100m backstroke; 3rd place 50m backstroke; 3rd place 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly

Ammon, Korban, Angus, Adam, Tom and Isabelle also went on to represent the North West Secondary District at the regional championships last week with Isabelle and Tom both gaining top 10 finishes in their respective events. We are very proud to have students such as this setting high expectations for themselves and having considerable success as a result.

Our senior boys’ and junior boys’ futsal teams are currently competing in the Brisbane Outer Schools Futsal League held every week for the remainder of Term 1 at Genesis Christian College. Both teams are playing with a large amount of tenacity and determination in a highly competitive competition. Our junior boys’ team have experienced some great success and are undefeated at the time of this newsletter. We wish both teams the very best of luck for the remainder of their matches.

During the holidays (Jan 2018) Harry Jones’ representative basketball team from Northside Wizards participated in the State Championships. They made it to the grand final and finished second overall. They only lost by four points, achieving second for the Under 16 Division 2 Queensland Basketball Championships.

Grant Carlson
Senior Campus Sport Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music

Class Music Lessons

A reminder that students in Year 4-6 will need a recorder.  I have quite a number of spares that are cleaned every day should your child forget, however it’s best to have their own. 

Many students are still awaiting the arrival of their Music Book.  I believe Kedron Newsagency have a few and will happily order one for you.  Craigscore is the preferred book, however any book with staff lines on one side and normal writing lines on the other is fine.

Recorder Belts

Year 4 students are practicing hard to earn their next recorder karate belt.  Once they’ve achieved blue belt they may join the Recorder Ensemble.  Five students so far have achieved this level in Year 4 with many just about there.  I’m so thrilled to see so many students eager to challenge themselves to the next level.

Music Supporters Group (MSG)

The first meeting will be on Tuesday 6 March at the Senior Campus commencing at 7pm.  The MSG was founded in 2011 to be a parent body that supports our co-curricular music program in three ways:

  • Creating fellowship opportunities – for parents of PoP music students
  • Fundraising – to assist in providing equipment, music and services for our co-curricular program
  • Supporting – music staff during the running and organising of music concerts

There is usually one meeting per term.  If you are unable to attend regular meetings, but would like to be kept in the loop with the goings-on of the group, and called upon when needed for assistance, please send though your intention to do so via email.

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please email me.

Sherree Cudney
Music Specialist – Junior Campus

Senior Campus Music

Term 1 Concert — Soloists on Show

Week 10, Tuesday 27 March

Selected Soloists and Senior Music Students. 
Note: performing students will be notified by their tutors in Week 6

Music Supporters Group

The first Music Supporters Group meeting for 2018 will be held on the Senior Campus, in our new music space on 6 March, 7pm. Our Music Supporters assist our Co-Curricular department and create opportunities for fellowship and fundraising in our community. We would love to see new faces as well as our regular crew – all are welcome! Please complete your online RSVP or register interest if you’re unable to make the meeting.

Cassandra Croucher
Senior Campus Music Curriculum Leader

Church News and Notices


Sunday 4 March
Worship Service with Holy Communion 
Lay Presenter Glenine Hamlyn
ReMix 6pm

Thought for the Week
“We are meant to be fishers of men not keepers of the aquarium.” (anon.)




Community News and Notices

Uniform Shop News

The POP Uniform Shop will be closed for stocktake on Thursday 1 March 2018 for one day only. Uniforms can still be purchased that day from The School Locker at North Lakes. 

Shop Location and Hours: The Uniform Shop is located on the Junior Campus under the Year 1 building adjacent the hard courts.  Hours are 8am to 10am Tues, Wed and Thurs, and 2pm to 4pm Tuesday and Thursay during term times. 

Orders: Orders can be placed by phone or email through the College website using the link on the Uniform Shop page or on the Home Page or anytime from the School Locker website. Note: If you wish to avoid home delivery fees during term times, nominate delivery to campus and provide your child’s name and class.  Junior Campus orders will be delivered to your child’s class, Senior Campus orders will be delivered to reception for your child to collect next day.

Hair Accessories: There is a limited quantity of pretty custom fabric headbands and clips for sale at Junior Campus reception.  In shop I now have a small range of navy headbands, white scrunchies, and navy button clips suitable for girls Prep to Year 12  – more styles to be added.

Fridge-to-Go Lunch Bags: We have insulated lunch bags that keep food cold and fresh for 8 hrs – great for our hot humid summers.  Fridge-to-Go lunch bags are durable, lasting on average four-plus years and have a chiller panel that is slim and covers the whole base of the lunch bag keeping ALL items cold.  Chiller panels are kept in place within a zip pocket so they are less likely to be misplaced or damaged.  These chiller panels are also available for separate sale at $8.50 and are useful as a backup in case bags are not emptied at end of day.  We have eight lunch bag styles to choose from – come and have a look!

Junior: Now available size 4 and 6 junior formal shorts.

Senior: Middle school and senior girl’s ties are now available. Size 14 senior boys formal shirts are now available.

Senior Formal Hats: These are a significant investment so to ensure they are protected from the weather and last for many years, please thoroughly spray the top of hats with silicone spray – now available in store.  Note: do not spray the inside hat crown as it can be a skin irritant.

Community Notices

NEW– Now You Can Make Payments Online Via the College Website

The College is very pleased to offer an online payment system to parents via the College website.  This service will give parents the option of making online payments (using Visa or Mastercard) for school fees (e.g. if parents need to make one-off payments) as well as various additional activities or events which occur during the year and which do not appear on the school fee statements (e.g. ICAS, Chess, ski trips, district sports registrations, Year 12 Formal, lost library books, etc).  Parents will normally be advised by the staff member organising these activities if the online payment option is available for that particular activity or event.

There is a ‘Make a Payment’ link on the Home Page of the College website which will take you to a secure payments page and options can then be selected.  There is no additional cost to parents for using their credit cards for these payments.

We hope this additional payment option will be helpful to our College community.  If you have any questions, please contact Jane Cox in the Business Office – 3872 5773 or email.

Ice Blocks

Ice blocks are back for the warmer months. Thursday lunchtimes from the Junior Campus kitchen in the undercroft. Cost is $1 for either chocolate or tropical.  (from Home Ice Cream).


The PoP P&F would like to invite our school parents, staff and community members to attend our evening meetings for 2018. All meetings are held in the Junior Campus library at 7pm. Please join us to plan and discuss upcoming events and fundraising for the College. This year, in the absence of a Fete we will host a large market, which will spread PoP awareness in the wider community as well as provide a fun, vibrant family event for our children.  More details to follow! Please join us on the following dates if you want to become involved in any aspects of the PoP P&F, or just come along and get involved in the discussions.

  • 21 March
  • 23 May
  • 25 July
  • 22 August
  • 24 October
  • 21 November

Magnolia Mander
President, Parents and Friends Association

ACE FC is Currently Seeking Girls Who Would Like to Play Football in 2018 

We are seeking – 12-13 year old girls to play U13, and 15-16 year old girls to play U16

Females in football is becoming increasingly popular and it would be amazing to see this continue to grow and be sustainable for years to come. In order to do that, we would like to have more young women join and integrate football into their lives. 

If there are any girls who fit the above criteria and have a keen interest in fitness, teamwork and the world sport, could you please encourage them or their parents to make contact with Sarah Dixon and/or Greg Bradley – Female Director of Coaching at ACE. 

Useful Links

College Calendar

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