2019 Term 1 Week 2


Term 1 Week 2 2019  |  6 February 2019
College News

Welcome to the 2019 school year.  It has been fantastic to have the students back within our community and very pleasing to see how everyone has settled back into school life.  A special welcome to all of our new families as we continue to grow as a College, and the Senior Campus has more students than ever before.

It was very pleasing to see another strong year of academic results build our reputation within the community and I commend the graduating class of 2018 for their efforts.  What is really pleasing to see, is how, as a College, we consistently have a high number of OP eligible students that far exceeds the state average.

OPPOP State Average 21%
OP Eligible Students85%50%

The College has been a hive of activity over the holidays as we worked hard to constantly improve the facilities and resources. We have directly invested over $850,000 into improvements around the College to continue to grow the educational experiences for our students.

On the Junior Campus, the undercover multi-purpose area is well under way and will provide a new area for students to enjoy both lesson and play time out of the elements.  The transformation of the Under Croft into the Green Room is a major improvement and it provides a space for students to relax and enjoy meal breaks in a pleasant environment.  The Senior Campus has seen some security upgrades, as well as sliding bi-fold doors being fitted to R Block to enhance the educational space for students.

Most importantly, we have invested significant capital into the teaching and learning resources of the College, in line with the College’s Strategic Plan.  We have invested into new literacy resourcing (particularly in spelling), as we continuously use data to make informed decisions around raising student achievement.  STEM resourcing has been increased to allow greater opportunities for the students in this area, and many other educational resources have been purchased around the College.

I wish all of our families the best for 2019 and may God bless us all as we journey to make 2019 the best year yet.

Phil Hulland
Head of College

Keeping You in the Loop

The College will communicate with you in a range of ways over the coming year. A majority of your communication will be with your child’s teacher/s via phone, letter, email or in person; these avenues will also be used for important, urgent or time-sensitive information.

Listed below are some of the many additional ways we will be keeping you updated about what is happening around the College: 

PoP Website

Find latest information on book lists, uniforms, student portal links, club information, OHSC details, bus services and more. The ‘Supporting You’ section is a good place to start your browsing.

Parent Portal

This password-protected portal on our website (password: Prince) is the place to visit for parent-related resources such as time tables, term dates, staff contact lists, photo galleries of College events etc.  Log in via the Quick-link on our website Home page.

Mobile App

Receive reminders and notifications of College events, notify us of student absences, read newsletters, contact the College and more.  Download it to your phone for free via the App Store (Apple devices), or from Google Play (Android devices) by searching for ‘Prince of Peace Lutheran College’.   Show me how»

Did you know? You can set your app to give you notifications that are relevant only to your child’s year level/s?  It takes just a few seconds, and now at the beginning of the school year is the time set it!  Show me how»


This fortnightly online newsletter that you are currently reading will keep you up-to-date with the latest news, sporting results, music events, uniform details, community news and more.  View POPCORN via the Quick link on our website, or visit the POPCORN Archives» 

Did you know— You can sign up to receive the ‘POPCORN Highlights’ email that we send out with each newsletter.  It provides a brief overview of the edition, and is a great reminder for when each new edition posted. 


The College calendar is kept up to date listing all important College events and activities. You can even use it to save events directly to your personal calendar with a simple click. Access the Calendar via the Quick link on our Home page, from the app, or find it at the bottom of each edition of POPCORN.


Our Facebook page is constantly updated with photos, videos and posts about general activities happening around the College.  Please ‘Follow’ our page, and be sure to like, comment and share posts with the rest of our fabulous PoP community. 

Did you know— Our lively Second Hand Uniform Buy & Sell Facebook group is a great place to buy/sell second hand uniforms or post your ‘uniform items I need’ list.  We also maintain a Facebook group dedicated to our PoP alumni.

Matthew Noon
Communications Officer

This year Prince of Peace will be celebrating 35 years of primary education and 10 years of secondary education. A lot has happened over these years, so we thought it would be a great time to reflect on our past — and celebrate our achievements:

  • Fete (27 July 2019 11am – 7pm)
    This year’s fete will have a birthday theme as we use the day to celebrate our birthday in style.
  • POPCORN Articles
    In future editions of POPCORN we will re-live some magical moments in time as we say Remember when, Can you believe, In 1984… 
  • Car Sticker Competition – Win $100 fuel voucher
    To kick start our celebrations, we are sending home a birthday celebration car sticker with each student.  Put it on your car, send a photo of you with the sticker and email it to birthday@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au for your chance to win a $100 fuel voucher. 5 to be won. Entries close Friday 22 February 2019 at 3:00pm.


Junior Campus News


It is hard to find the right words to describe what a start we have had here at the College. The grounds look fantastic, the classrooms are sparkling with colour and joy, the community is bubbling with energy and conversation, and the STUDENTS… well they just look smashing!

To say I have been waiting for the beginning of 2019 to roll around would be a huge understatement. At first it was my excitement over the new uniform. Then it was the progress of our Pick-up Zone Shelter and Sports Shelter, and finally it was the Green Room. Boy was it hard to keep this under wraps and not post photos to Social Media of the developing space. In fact it was almost painful — but I am so glad I held off.

I am yet to find the words to explain the response we have had to this space. Shock, wonder, awe, amazement, delirious joy, gratefulness, jealousy (yes – Year 4, 5, 6 – I hear you!) I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the work of a few people in bringing this together. While we all prepared for Christmas, our grounds team were working in the late evenings prepping every surface of the undercover and toilets areas for painting. I believe they only finished this job on the 23rd of December — without their dedicated efforts we would have been off to a false start.

Next came Rachel Saurini, mural artist extraordinaire! I had the privilege of teaching Rachel’s son many moons ago and knew then that she was one talented lady. Since that time, Rachel has developed her skills into her business RS Visual Arts. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RS-Visual-Art-1571989866448397/

Rachel spent day after day painting each brick, leaf and butterfly by hand. Her gifts are now our lasting blessing, and her talents are inspiring. What many will not know, is that when Rachel was told that we would be able to install artificial grass (thank you Mr Hulland and Mr Grandy), and that the ‘Meet and Greet’ was scheduled for the following Thursday, she spent her entire weekend on-site to finish her work in time for you all to arrive. I will forever be grateful to Rachel for bringing our Green Room to life.

Following Rachel’s tremendous efforts we were further blessed by the services of Gavin Rowe, PoP dad and painter, who generously gave of his time to seal the Kitchen and Uniform Shop walls so that we could use the Kitchen on our Meet and Greet day. Gavin too gave up some of his weekend to come and complete this task.

I look forward to many more opportunities for our community to come together to celebrate life, PoP, and your children in this special space. I encourage all families, if you have time, to contact Rachel via Facebook to thank her for her work and the transformation of our undercover area. I know she would be tickled pink to hear from you.

Rachel Saurini, mural artist extraordinaire!
Rachel Saurini, mural artist extraordinaire!
Welcome to our new Uniform Shop Frontage

Here are some before and after shots of our Green Room:




Uniform Expectations

The new formal uniform is looking absolutely fantastic. Our students are looking very sharp and are standing tall and proud. School pride is a huge part of the ‘feel’ of our community and can shape the relationships and conversations within any organisation, especially a school. As such it is very important that we maintain high standards of presentation and pride in all that we do, and in how we wear our school uniforms.

Key reminders:


  • The Formal Uniform is always to be worn on Monday plus two other days to be decided by the classroom teacher.
  • Students are to wear all-black leather shoes in either lace-up, velcro or the Mary Jane style.
  • Black sports shoes, canvas shoes such as Dunlop Volleys and skate shoes are NOT to be worn with the Formal Uniform.
  • The navy broad brim hat is to worn with the Formal Uniform, not the bucket hat.


  • The Sports Uniform is always to be worn on Friday plus one other day to be decided by the classroom teacher.
  • The navy Sports Uniform is now in full roll-out which means that the old royal blue sports uniform is no longer able to be worn.
  • Students are to wear predominantly white sports shoes in either lace up or velcro styles.
  • The formal broad brim navy hat, or the new navy reversible bucket hat may be worn with the Sports Uniform.


  • The checked royal blue Formal Uniform is still able to be worn until the end of the school year in 2020.
  • Both the navy broad brim formal hat and the royal blue broad brim formal hat may be worn with the older style uniform.

General rule: The royal blue formal uniform items cannot be worn with the new navy formal uniform.

 Preparing for the Cooler Months (Yes, I know – we can but dream)

While we are not at all considering the cooler months yet, it is important to note that from 2019 and moving forward, only the Formal Jumper (knitted navy ‘v’ neck) is able to be worn with the Formal Uniform.

The Sports Jacket will no longer be able to be worn with the new Formal Uniform. Please note this as you prepare for the winter months and consider the purchase of new or second hand items.

General rule: Formal Uniform with Formal Jumper only; Sports Uniform with Sports Jacket only.

As the weeks unfold I will add further uniform reminders in the newsletter for you. The classroom teachers will contact you if there are any concerns regarding the correct wearing of the uniform. Should you have any concerns please let your classroom teacher, or a member of administration know.

Katrina Valencia
Head of Junior Campus

Chess Club News

Chess Club will start again in Week 3 on Thursday 14 February. We look forward to welcoming back previous Chess Clubbers and any new players keen to learn, improve or enjoy chess. We meet weekly in the library from 3.00pm – 3.45pm and permission letters are available from the front office or from Mr Russell. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Russell if you have any questions or are keen to come along. 

Andrew Russell

The musings of an empathetic mum, teacher, leader and global digital citizen (aka Mrs V).

PART 9: TechSpectations

Let’s Set the Scene…

It is 5pm the night before, and it is go time!

H-Man, have you got your camp gear packed? A, you need your black school shoes, E, time to hop up and lay out your uniform for tomorrow!

Radio Silence. Nothing. Actually, if there is a level lower than nothing then I think we found it.

And so I tried again.

“H-man — Is your camp gear ready? A — How are those shoes going? E — C’mon Hun, let’s get that uniform ready!”

Crickets’ — that’s right, not the bat and ball kind, but the little green insect kind.

OK, time to change tact. Let’s get Daddy onto it.

“Hey, Hun — can you help me get the kids going… it’s school tomorrow?”


… End Scene 🙂   (Don’t you love how I ended it there!)



For many parents, this scene was replicated each night over the past week and a half. The excitement of holiday-tech has finally collided with the reality of back to school. The hopeful plans we held for a low-tech, outside-play-based holiday was quickly — or perhaps slowly and stealthily — replaced with endless hours of screen time. And so we find ourselves in the throes of Technology Withdrawal.

The reestablishment of any routine takes time, effort and patience. Above all it requires a consistent approach to be successful. In previous Tech T@lks we have highlighted the importance of communication between parents and their children, and this skill is more critical than ever as we battle to regain our ‘family-to-technology ratio’.

In society we are consistently provided with guidelines for just about anything we use. There are road rules for safety, there are rules to govern good order, and economic boundaries as well. In today’s world parents have to create guidelines when it comes to technology so their children can learn to use and not abuse the devices they own. Now, while a lot of people would agree that kids need technology rules, what about their parents? Do we need rules too — and if so, I wonder what rules our kids would make for us?

In 2016, researchers at Michigan University undertook a project to unpack what technology rules parents feel are important for children and vice versa. While both parents and children have difficulty at times following household rules, the research found that children found rules easier to follow when they were developed as a family and when their parents followed them too. It makes for some very interesting reading.

Researchers asked parent-child pairs about their household’s most important technology rules and whether or not they were effective. They also asked kids, ages 10 to 17 years, what technology rules they would put in place for parents… some of the findings may surprise you.

So let’s take a look at the Top 10 Rules the parents identified for their children:

  1. Be Present – Put the device away when we are talking or doing something together.
  2. Supervise – Household technology rules that are enforced.
  3. Privacy – Play it smart when you are online and don’t share personal identification information.
  4. Moderate Use – Learn how to use your devices in moderation, and balance usage with your other activities.
  5. No Oversharing – Be respectful of privacy and don’t share too much information online.
  6. Model appropriate electronic use for children – Be a LEADER and model the way for appropriate device usage. 
  7. Time-bound – Set limits for your phone use.
  8. Not while Driving – Don’t use the phone when you are driving and don’t text (not even at a traffic light).
  9. Be Kind – Treat others with respect and kindness online.
  10. No Sexual Content – Don’t share or view sexually explicit photos or videos.

And now for the children. These are the Top 7 Rules the children identified for their parents:

  1. Be Present – Pay ATTENTION to me. Basically, don’t use your devices when you’re spending quality time with me, like when I am trying to talk with you or we are doing something with one another.
  2. Don’t Overshare (aka SHARENT) – Don’t post stuff about me online without my permission.  
  3. Digital Autonomy – Give me some space when I use my devices.
  4. Digital Moderation – Learn to balance technology and your everyday life. 
  5. Provide Supervision – It’s okay to have rules that are for my own good and protection.
  6. Don’t Text and Drive – Don’t text and drive, even when you’re at a red light.
  7. Don’t be a Hypocrite – Practice what you preach. If I can’t use my phone at dinner, neither can you – so put it away.

Something to ponder: In this study parents reported that it was okay to have a different set of standards for themselves than for their kids, however, according to the kids — that is hypocritical. Children also reported that it was easier to follow the rules when families had developed them together and when everyone had to follow them.

So when it all boils down, there is a basic understanding that parents and children are virtually in the same boat when it comes to household TechSpectations. The primary area of agreement was the need for each other to “be present”. This concept speaks volumes about how we want our kids to pay attention to us, and in return they so desperately want us to pay attention to them.

Weekly Challenge: Here is a quick change you can make in your household right now to ensure you have some technology-free time with your family — create a place to set aside the electronic devices when you get home. Put them off limits for a specified amount of time (negotiated together), perhaps until after dinner. Make it a household priority to be present and spend quality time with one another.

All my love 

 Mrs V xox

(Novice Minecraft player, Level 11 Clash Royale Clan Leader, firm but loving digital parent, mistake-maker and Head of Junior School)

If you missed any of the previous Tech Talks in my series,  you can find them on our College website here »  


Old Royal Blue Sports Uniforms Donations

Over Christmas we sent four full car loads of the old royal blue Sports Uniforms to Vanuatu via The School Locker.

If you still have the royal blue sports shirt or shorts at home and would like to donate them, please deliver them to the Junior Campus Reception by Friday 22 February 2019.

Thank-you to The School Locker for arranging this on our behalf.

Senior Campus News

Welcome to 2019. We start the year with 357 students on campus.  We have 79 Year 7 students and 16 new students across Year 8-10. That is a growth of  12%.

This year we also welcome a number of new teachers:

Mr Timothy Arnold
Mrs Kim Bonello
Miss Megan Danslow
Mr Tobias Fitzroy
Mr Steve Getto
Mrs Julie Grosas
Mrs Bev Miekle
Mrs Dana Messer
Miss Anne Rynne
Miss Chanel Siddall
Mrs Peta Spry

We are grateful for the wealth of experience that these new teachers bring to our community, these are exciting new times for the Senior Campus.

Our Information Evening on 13 February will be a wonderful opportunity to meet the teachers, the format of the evening is as follows:


  • Year 7 Information Session
  • Year 8 Information Session
  • Year 9 Information Session


  • Refreshments


  • Meet the Teacher and Presentation


  • Year 10 Information Session
  • Year 11 Information Session 
  • Year 12 Information Session


This week in Chapel and at the Academic Awards Assembly we focussed on the value of quality. The message for all students was to give careful attention to every task, every relationship, every interaction.  As a College we wish to encourage each student to pursue “Excellence through Honour” — put simply, that is about putting in your best effort.  Students were encouraged to make their bed as per the advice by Admiral William McRaven — because according to him, making your bed, starts the day off right.

Og Mandino, author of the bestselling book ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ suggests that: “Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams.”

Making your bed on a daily basis is habit forming. 2019 is a new opportunity, a chance to develop some new habits to make them the best students possible. So developing the habits of regular homework, revision and spending time ‘chunking’ assignments will serve each student well.

Students were encouraged to make some goals and remember that “Excellence through Honour” is achieved by being prepared to put in your best effort, while having a positive attitude and work ethic.

Congratulations to the following students who received Academic Awards in Semester 2 2018.

Academic Honours Award 7-10

Yr 7 – Keira Andretzke, Neave Bruyn, Ella Bunn, Jett Cargill, Mitchell Gardiner, Kevin Li, Elsie Long, Jasmine Roe, Xavier Sivyer
Yr 8 – Oliver King, Daniel Lilly, Talitha Montgomery, Maya Pingel, Kaleb Rail, William Ridgwell, Holly Strachan, Oscar Suna, Jacob Williams, Zachary Williams
Yr 9 – Caitlin Andretzke, Mattias Forbes-Schutz, Alexander Hegner, Laura Hughes, Erin Jewell, Evie Nocher, Georgia Pfeffer, Jarvis Sivyer, Lucas Smith, Jackson Tom, Sophia Vitale, Gabrielle Waverley-Smith
Yr 10 – Caitlin Austin, Olivia Cooper, Liam Farrell, Kaitlyn Flynn, Jennifer Keal, Lucinda Peterson

Academic Honours Award 11-12

Yr 11 – Mikayla Beatton, Elizabeth Harrison, Jasmin Kai, Michael Weir
Yr 12 – Stephanie Bleckwehl, Jodie Corr, Alex Roe

Academic Excellence Award 7-10

Yr 7 – Cody Arthur, Patrick Austin, Indiana Brown, Zane Cargill , Jonas Forbes-Schutz, Natalie Gardso, Jade McDermid, Katrina Paul, Frances Smith, Mikayla Swift, Phoebe Tobin
Yr 8 – Georgia Bond, Declan Cook, Elsie Corlis, Ashleigh Eaglestone, Rosina Floriani, Georgia Glentworth, Austin Haines, Heidi Noon, Alexander Schmidtchen, Josie Swift, Isabelle Till, Mackenna Tom, Clare Weckert
Yr 9 – Molly Barnes, Ryan Hamilton, Abby Newton, Samuel Short
Yr 10 – Lachlan Bunt, Lucas Eaglestone, Georgia Manwaring, Sabina Oppelaar, Katie Steele, Anna Weckert

Academic Excellence Award 11-12

Yr 11 – Carl Bundesen, Jack Dent, Jessica Ebbott, Jessica Kassiou, Rachel King, Samuel Morajkar, Cooper Schmidt
Yr 12 – Ammon Beard, Isaac Cooper, Charlotte Ellem, Riley Farrell, Fynn Hughes, Marcus Jewell, Isabelle Majpruz, Jake McCarthy, Rory McGregor, Bethany Southward

A photo gallery of students with their certificates has been uploaded to our Facebook page.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the Class of 2018 on their pleasing results. With over 88% of the cohort OP eligible compared to the state average of 50 percent and 100% achieving a QCE, we are very proud of the achievements of our students.

Ammon, Marcus, Bethany, Isaac, Jake and Jacob from the Year 12 Class of 2018 joined us at Assembly this week.

Congratulations to College Dux, Ammon Beard who achieved an OP2. Ammon has been has been accepted to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Science at the Queensland University of Technology.  I am also aware of a number from the Class of 2018 who have started apprenticeships or are pursuing work in 2019. 

We wish God’s richest blessing on the students as they take their next steps to pursue their future.

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

Starting the College Year

It has been a wonderful start to our College year, welcoming all of our students back, and a special welcome is extended to those students and their families who are joining our College for the first time in 2019. Students have returned refreshed and re-energised for the year and it has been wonderful to see their positive approaches, ready for the exciting year ahead. 

It has been a pleasure to begin the year at Prince of Peace, and my first few weeks have flown by; I have found the College and students to be very warm, welcoming and generous with their time and I am looking forward to journeying this year within such a great community.

We celebrate many milestones in the first weeks of the year, with our Year 7 students beginning their high school journey, our student leaders and senior students beginning their year with passion and eagerness to make a difference.

It is important at this time to begin the year with the right approaches to learning and our interactions at school.  All students have been reminded of the College assessment, behaviour, and uniform policies.  We thank our parents for your support in this, ensuring our students are wearing their uniform with pride each day.  The details regarding uniforms are found on Page 6 of the College diary.  We look to parents to support our students in becoming the best version of themselves and working to be better citizens of the wider world.

A reminder to all our parents that the first support system for you — in terms of everyday issues at home and school — begins with the pastoral care teachers; over the coming weeks they will be making contact so that each parent knows who they can be in touch with about any issues arising at school. 

Every blessing for the week ahead.

Dana Messer
Deputy Head of Campus

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

Welcome to another great year in the PoP Music Program.  Choirs commenced this week and it is not too late to come along next week and try it out.  Rehearsal times are as follows:

Monday:  JC Primary Choir (Years 4-6) — 7:40am in the Music Room

Thursday: PoP Junior Voices (Years 2-3) — 7:40am in the Music Room   

Instrumental lessons have commenced and tutors are almost booked out.  Ensembles will start at the discretion of the tutors.  If your child wishes to be part of an ensemble, but learns an instrument outside of school, please contact me for details.  Lesson timetables should have been emailed to students and will be placed on the College Website. 

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Class Music Lessons

A reminder that students in Years 4 – 6 will need a recorder.  I have quite a number of spares that are cleaned every day should your child forget, however it’s best to have their own. 

Music Supporters Group (MSG)

The MSG was founded in 2011 to be a parent body that supports our co-curricular music program in three ways:

  • Creating fellowship opportunities – for parents of PoP music students
  • Fundraising – to assist in providing equipment, music and services for our co-curricular program
  • Supporting – music staff during the running and organising of music concerts

There is usually one meeting per term.  If you are unable to attend regular meetings, but would like to be kept in the loop with the goings on of the group, and called upon when needed for assistance, please send though your intention to do so via email.  Details soon of the next meeting.

Sherree Cudney 
Junior Campus Music

Senior Campus Co-Curricular Music Program

2019 looks to be an exciting year for the Co-curricular Music Program on Senior Campus. Both the tuition program and ensemble rehearsals began this week (Week 2). Parents of all participating students who have returned expression of interest forms have been notified by email of all important information regarding both aspects of the program. Tutors have also contacted families with further information including timetables. You can still register interest for your child to join the program by emailing me. An Ensemble Commitment Form has also been sent out by email to those participating in one of the ensembles. It would be wonderful if you could return them signed as soon as possible, either digitally or in hard copy to Senior Campus Reception. Thank you to those who have already done so. 

The Senior Campus Co-curricular Music Handbook will be posted to the PoP website Parent Portal during Week 2. Tutor timetables and the Performance Calendar 2019 (already emailed) will also be posted there by the end of Week 2. 

Soloist on Show Concert, Tuesday 2 April. 6:30 pm. 

The first music concert of the year is designed to showcase our keen performers who have tuition either inside or outside of school. In addition, our Senior Music class students have the opportunity to perform their first assessment in this context. There will be approximately 10-12 spaces available for nominating students. If your child is interested please ask them to pick up a nomination form from myself or Senior Campus Reception and return them as soon as possible via the same route. 

I look forward to coordinating the program this year, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries. 

Robyn Harvey
Senior Campus Co curricular Music Program  Coordinator. 

Church News and Notices


Sunday 10 February
Worship service 9am with Holy Communion

Message: Pastor Kevin “The Divine Encounter” (Luke 5:1-11)

Our Evening Service starts again on 17 February at 5pm

Thought for the Week
God never said that the journey would be easy, but He did say that the arrival would be worthwhile.” (Max Lucado)


Community News and Notices

Uniform Shop News

Orders: Orders can be placed by phone or email through the College website using the link on the Uniform Shop page or on the Home Page, or at anytime from The School Locker website. Note: If you wish to avoid home delivery fees during term times, nominate delivery to your child’s campus and provide your child’s name and class.  Junior Campus orders will be delivered to your child’s class, Senior Campus orders will be delivered to reception for your child to collect the next day.

Junior: Limited stock available – ankle socks size 13-03 (child), these are expected mid-April; sorry for the inconvenience.  Out of stock – size 10 dress – new style, due date to be advised.  Due to the unexpected popularity of the new junior dress, we ask that families please limit their purchase to one dress per child until further stock arrives.  In the meanwhile the check-style dress has been discounted and will be acceptable to wear until the end of 2020. Out of Stock – size 6 sports polo – sorry for the inconvenience: more stock due end of March.

Prep to Year 12: Limited stock available – skorts are now available in sizes 4 to 2XL.  The popularity of these has also exceeded expectations and we ask that purchases be limited to one per child until further stock arrives.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Reversible bucket hats  are now available in sizes XS to 2XL.  They are available in house colours – red, royal blue, bottle green and yellow.  These are compulsory for Prep, and are the sport uniform hat option in addition to the wide brim navy hat (now with embroidered logo) for Year 1 to 12.  Please remember to name your hats!

Senior: Now available – size 11-14 knee high socks.  Out of stock – sport shorts size 14 – sorry for the inconvenience: more stock due end of March.

Label it – Don’t Lose it: Please check all items are labelled.  Stikin name labels can be handwritten then simply pressed in (no need for ironing or sewing) – they will stay put even on stretch knit items eg socks and pullovers (for at least 40 machine washes) and are great for plastic lunch boxes and drink bottles (dishwasher and microwave safe).  Pack of 60 Stikins with pen is $29.95.  Clear labelling makes it possible to return items to the correct owner.  

Fridge-to-Go Lunch Bags: Get ready for Summer!  We have insulated lunch bags with chiller panels the full width of the bag – ensuring everything in your child’s lunch bag will be kept cool and safe to eat for eight hours!  These bags are tough and last on average three to four years making them good value for money at $37.  We have eight different bags to choose from, and spare chiller panels are available to have on hand in case your child’s lunch bag is not retrieved until the morning.   Come in check them out for our Brisbane Summer! 

Second Hand:  If you wish to buy or sell second hand uniforms there are two options:

  1. For private sales: please visit our very active PoP Second Hand Uniform Buy & Sell Facebook group 
  2. Donated second hand uniforms are now managed by PoP P&F – please check with Reception as to upcoming stall dates.  Donations are welcome at either Campus Reception, bagged and labelled as “donation uniforms”. 

Community Notices

Interested in Becoming a Member of the College Council?

The Prince of Peace Lutheran College is owned and operated by the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District (LCAQD), who delegate authority to the Prince of Peace Lutheran College Council to oversee the operations of the College. 

The College Council is calling for expressions of interest from suitably qualified professionals who are interested in volunteering their time by becoming a member of College Council.  Of particular interest would be professionals with experience in Legal, Finance, Risk and/or Marketing. 

Expressions of interest are to be sent to the College Council Secretary councilsecretary@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au. An information pack will then be provided including the criteria and eligibility.


Welcome to all the parents, students and to the new and returning teachers.  I know that in 2019 you will flourish at Prince of Peace.

There is so much happening at POP this year and we need you all to help make this happen.  Our BIG fundraiser this year is happening in July. It’s already February so let’s start the count down.

The Junior Campus is turning 35 and our Senior Campus is turning 10, so we need your help to make our birthday and fete an enormous success.

You could start by joining us at our first P & F meeting which is being held on 13 February at 7pm at the Junior Campus library.  Please come along and show your support, we need lots and lots of volunteers — after all we are raising funds for our children to have even better resources.  I look forward to seeing you all there.

Susan Ritchie
P and F President 

Kindy Has Started

PoP Kindy has been running for two weeks already and children have settled in well. There are still spaces available for children who will be starting Prep in 2020.  This is a great way for your children to get to know some of the other children they will be starting school with.  Please help us get the word out by:

  • Telling your friends about us
  • Like our Facebook page (Prince of Peace Lutheran Kindergarten) and then share the posts so others learn about us
  • Call 3872 5781 to find out more


Useful Links

College Calendar

Note: On some phones, this calendar may be best viewed  in landscape view (ie turning your phone sideways)