2019 Term 2 Week 10


Term 2 Week 10 2019  |  26 June 2019
College News

As the term and semester come to an end, it is hard to believe that we have completed half of the academic year already.  It has been a very successful six months and there have been far too many achievements to mention, but I would just like to take the opportunity to congratulate all of our students for the successes they are achieving.

During the holiday period, we are continuing with our reinvestment in the College.  On the Junior Campus, we will be installing two electronic signs to replace the manual ones at the front of the campus and on Queens Road.  This will not only improve the aesthetics of the campus, but also allow us to better communicate with our families through the signage displays.

On the Senior Campus, we will be completing a total refurbishment of the library space, producing a more contemporary learning environment for the senior students.  This will better support the curriculum through providing increased study space and IT facilities.

New College Pastor

As many of you may know, Pastor Mark Gierus will be commencing at the College next term as our full-time College Pastor.  Mark brings a wealth of experience to his role and has a particular passion for ministering to young people.  He is also a qualified teacher, previously serving as a primary school teacher before attending Seminary to become an ordained pastor of the Lutheran Church.  Mark joins us with his wife Janine and three daughters, Jade (Year 10), Adelaide (Year 1) and their youngest Annaliese.

Pastor Mark will be formally installed on Thursday 25 July during Senior Campus Chapel, followed by a formal blessing on the Junior Campus on Friday the 26 July during Chapel time.  More information will be communicated formally regarding the installation service at the start of next term.

Staffing Changes

As we enter the new semester, we have a number of teaching staff changes:

  • Samantha Davids has commenced her maternity leave, and will be replaced by Rachel Denning
  • Annie McKinnon will commence her maternity leave, and will be replaced by Anja Pingel
  • Joanne Crawford commences her long service leave for the remainder of the year, and will be replaced by Kate Bird
  • Kim Bonello will commence her maternity leave on Friday 28 June 2019, and her classes will be absorbed by existing teaching staff

Term 3 Commences on Wednesday 17 July

I wish you all the very best during the holiday period.  Have a safe and relaxing time and I look forward to seeing you all next term.  Please remember that Term 3 will commence on Wednesday 17 July for all students, as staff will complete their Professional Development days at the start of the week on the Monday and Tuesday.

Phil Hulland
Head of College


Prince of Peace has been blessed to have many inspiring, dedicated staff work for us over the years who have deeply impacted the lives of our children. Some of our current staff have been with us for more than 20 years!

So for the next few editions of Popcorn we will be putting the spotlight on some of our longest serving members to glean insight into their time the College.

Mrs Janette Meulan, Junior Campus Librarian

How long have you been teaching at PoP?

Our son, Robert, commenced school here in January 1999, and Kristiana came the following year.  I started (casual relief) teaching at the same time, and I’ve been here ever since… I absolutely LOVE this precious community!

What has changed here the most in that time?

Since the transforming of the Year 1 / 2 Undercroft (now known as the ‘Green Room’) and the Year 4-6 Eating Area (now  known as the ‘Recharge’ space), students now enjoy eating their lunches in the most beautiful, clean, comfortable environments … such a blessing! Although there have been physical changes to the buildings over time, I honestly love the fact that at the very core of our school, we have stayed true to our calling—here at Prince of Peace, we ‘nurture children through quality education, in a caring, Christ-centred environment…’.  The most important things have not changed at all!

How are children different now, to when you started teaching?

Students now have their own electronic devices and access to limitless information.  They seem cleverer to me and teach me new things every day!  They also seem to get taller more quickly… or is it that I’m shrinking?

What things have made teaching easier in that time?

Technological advancements have certainly broadened the scope of what’s possible, and have changed the landscape of the classroom.  2019 is a very exciting time to be teaching (and learning)!  I remember transitioning from hand-written report cards to the digital versions… at first, I needed to hand-write each one because my brain didn’t seem to work as well when I was typing.  Now, I cannot imagine having to write reports—and start again each time I make a mistake!  Technology is wonderful!

What are some of the qualities unique to PoP?

The main quality that sets PoP apart (in my opinion) is GRACE.  Oh my goodness, I have learnt so much about God’s grace in all of my years here, as a parent and as a staff member.  Grace is incredibly powerful, and so gentle at the same time.  Here in this precious community, when we fall (as each one of us will at some time or another)…when we have ‘bad’ days…when we do ‘wrong’…when we are let down by those around us—there is GRACE.  There is forgiveness.  At the heart of everything here at PoP is the spirit of reconciliation and a strong desire to restore broken relationships and make things ‘right’ again.  Each new day truly is a new start.  There is GRACE for each other, and for ourselves.  Each and every day, I experience God’s GRACE here at PoP and for that, I am extremely grateful.

What is one thing students could focus on to be more successful?

READING!  Reading for just 20 minutes every day exposes children to almost two million words in a year! Readers are lifelong learners—every book we read increases our capacity for creativity and problem solving. Stories develop our empathy for others, and build our self-awareness as we walk in someone else’s shoes.  We experience other cultures and travel to different lands throughout history and into the future…all without leaving our own rooms! 

What is one thing parents could focus on to help their children be more successful?

READ to your children…and then read WITH your children.  Don’t stop reading to / with / beside your children … not ever!  There is no greater gift (apart from Jesus!) that you can give your children…and it’s FREE! There is no greater investment—every moment spent reading WILL bring dividends.  Make sure to include ‘visiting the local library’ in your school holiday plans.

What have you enjoyed most about teaching at PoP?

For most of my ‘adult years’, Prince of Peace has been a significant part of my life.  It was through this precious school that I came to know Jesus as my personal Saviour, and in subsequent years, many of my extended family have come to know Jesus also.  I love teaching in a Christian school where we are free to share God’s love, and to pray for one another.  I am deeply grateful to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church for their ministry through the school.

I’ve also loved meeting so many beautiful families and colleagues…many of whom I now regard as close personal friends. 

Anything else you would like to say about your time at PoP?

It is impossible to imagine my life apart from Prince of Peace.  This school has been, and continues to be so important to me and to my family.  I know that PoP belongs to God, and He calls each one of us to this community for a season, according to His good and perfect will…and I am excited to see how He will move in and through us in the years to come.

The Woolworths Earn & Learn Program has now Finished.

Please return any stickers you have collected to either Campus reception before the end of this week so we can purchase some great resources with the points earned.

Thanks to all of you who have been involved in the program.

Junior Campus News

Term Two in Review

The July school holidays always provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on our achievements as a College during the first 6 months of the year. However, after scrolling through Facebook, looking through our multimedia drive, perusing this Popcorn Newsletter and chatting with teachers—it is clear that so much has happened in Term 2 that we could not possibly fit in a Term 1 review as well. That being said, we hope you enjoy reflecting with us on just some of these special events from of Term 2.

To begin let’s start with the brand new, and completely sensational SPORTS SHED! I know this technically opened on the last day of Term 1, however, it is just too good not to begin with. 

We quickly and reverently moved onto ANZAC Day, and the emotional commemoration of the service of the brave men and women in our armed forces, past and present. We marched, we sang our National Anthem with pride, and we remembered them.

Throughout the first weeks of Term 2, we enjoyed watching some truly exceptional Stop Motion entries from our students and their families. After all, who can forget the Dinosaur Dance Party Celebration for PoP’s 35/10 birthday! Great job Lucy!

After dancing our way into the first few weeks we were greeted with one of the most spectacular Mother’s Day Stalls ever. We loved shopping for the special ladies in our lives, and are still so grateful for all that they do.

We have coded our robots, constructed our bridges, toppled our towers and discovered some interesting uses for drinking straws as we explored our new Robotics and STEM Labs.

Somewhere in the middle there, I was blessed with quite possibly the most spectacular, and definitely the most meaningful Graduation Ceremony ever! My cheeks are still hurting.

After making our way through an election, we sent our Junior Campus Captains off to visit Queensland Parliament House with Mr Tim Mander.

We grabbed our maracas and ‘Danced with Alpacas’ as we joined in National Simultaneous Storytime, and then celebrated with our brave adventurers in Year 4 as they swung, orienteered, stargazed and ate their way through Year 4 Camp.

Our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students paused momentarily to participate in NAPLAN, demonstrating great courage, grit and determination as they tackled each assessment.

Just when we thought we might take a quick mid-term nap, we revitalised our Library spaces with some amazing new agile furniture just in time to gear up to the highlight of the term, MARY POPPINS, our incredible Senior Campus Musical!

After singing and dancing our way through the week on a spoonful of sugar, we geared up again for our Prep – Year 2 Cross Country, the pinnacle sporting event of the School Calendar.

With deep respect, our College Captains gathered at Teralba Park to join with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters to recognise National Sorry Day.

Next came the Choir Competitions, three in total, bringing with them two gold awards and one silver. Just. So. Good!

After a quick weekend, and a few nanna-naps, we charged right into State Of Origin Free Dress, with quite simply the best side winning game one! QUEENSLANDER!  

With energy to last the ages, our Year 6 Leaders have continued all term to lead our campus with a variety of lunchtime clubs, including Art, Gardening, DJ and Lunchtime Games to name a few.

As we slid into the last two weeks of the term, we have witnessed tremendous feats of excellence at the Junior Campus Athletics Carnival, and some wonderful learning at the Year 1 and Year 5 Excursions. Of course, through all of these events we have been sustained by lovely packed lunches, made with love and care by our most Awesome Tuckshop Team!

As we began to crawl to the finish line, we were incredibly blessed to be able to curl up on the blankets and cushions on the soft green grass of our newly created Recharge Room, as we waved goodbye to our Year 6 students on their way to Canberra. Exhausted after no less than four Gala Days,  two year-level Sunday Together@5 Services and two incredible Baby Showers, we now find ourselves—weary and a little sniffly—yet deliriously proud of what we have achieved together.

Now it is vital to point out, that throughout all of the above, the planning and the preparation, our fantastic teachers have been teaching and assessing work in preparation for Student Reports.


With all of this in mind, I say thank you! Thank you all for your dedication to your children, for your continued support of our Campus and College, and for the way in which you work in partnership with our staff to achieve the best outcomes possible for your children.

Be blessed and get some rest. Term 3 will be just as busy!

All of our love, Mrs V and Mrs Schmidt xo

Report Cards—10 Steps to Setting your Child up for Future, Goal-Focussed Success!

As parents we know that the way we scaffold our conversations with our children, particularly at report card time, will greatly impact their perceptions of themselves. Helping our children to understand their learning journey, embrace failure and mistake-making as an opportunity to develop and grow, and assisting them to take control of their learning path, is critical not only today, but for their future.

Some tips as you prepare to talk with your child about their report

  1. Read through your child’s report by yourself first. Pay particular attention to your feelings at this time. What you feel will be evident to your child when you sit with them. How we manage our emotions will be an example for them on how to manage their emotions.
  2. Identify points to celebrate with your child in the areas that you know they love AND importantly in the areas that you know they feel less confident in. To assist you with this, our teachers have worked hard to identify areas of growth as well as ‘next steps in learning’ for English, Mathematics and in their general comment.
  3. Consider what areas have been identified as the next steps for your child’s learning journey and tuck this away for the moment.
  4. Consider how you might be able to support your child with these next steps in their learning BEFORE you show them their report. This way, if your child experiences some disappointment at their report, you have some ready-made suggestions on ways forward.
  5. Find a quiet and private time to talk with your child. This may happen at home on the couch, or possibly at a café, over a hot chocolate. You know your child best, and what will work for them.
  6. Sit with your child and share with them some of the amazing ‘wins’ you have seen in their report. For example:
    Do you remember when we were working on your addition and subtraction at home and you were really worried about it, well I have just read your report and Mrs Cochrane has said how much improvement you have made in such a short time. All of your hard work has paid off. She also said that you are an amazing speaker in class, and that you always listen carefully to her instructions. This means that you always know just what to do. I am so proud of your hard work… or… all of the extra practice you have done has really paid off. Well done!
  7. Next, you might ask your child to recall something they have been really proud of this term, and celebrate this with them as they are reflecting on their learning to identify this.
  8. There is always a time to chat about ‘next steps’. The key here is to pick just one or two for now. Perhaps it is one that has been identified by the teacher, or perhaps something to do with their effort in a particular subject. This is when you need to have your plan ready on how you will help them. After all, when we hear what we think is not so great news, it is hard to come up with a plan to fix it straight away. As their parent, having some options for them will help them see that those areas they are developing in are manageable—because you are on their team and have a plan to support them.
  9. Finally, finish with a celebration! But not just any celebration – a celebration about their hard work, determination to overcome challenges from the past, their great routines, consistent focus or their grit. After all, we want our students to celebrate success as achieved through hard work, mistake-making, second and third attempts and consistent effort.
  10. Relax and enjoy some down time with them. They have worked so hard this semester. They have stumbled, tripped, picked themselves up and kept going. They have shown grit and determination and they have made their teachers and parents proud.

Enjoy this time with your child. Prepare, celebrate and support them, they certainly deserve it.


Katrina Valencia
Head of Junior Campus

Year 6 Canberra Trip

Last week our Year 6 students visited our National Capital and participated in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the National Capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government has contributed funding of $60 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards these costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion and has been taken into account when calculating the camp charge to families.


Senior Campus News


Over the last couple of weeks, we have been in the process of finalising our new Senior Student Leadership team.  It has been a great privilege to spend time with each of the candidates and hear their hopes and dreams for the College.   The candidates will be officially installed early Semester 2.  We thank them and all of the students who applied for leadership for their willingness to lead and use their gifts and talents.

School Katie Steele Lucas Eaglestone
Bradman Samantha Keal Benjamin Beard
Fraser Chelsey Van De Leur Cade Whigham
Jackson Lucinda Peterson Riley Hoyt
Laver Ella Hardy Connor Speirs

All the students are breathing a sigh of relief as their assessment comes to a close. I have been impressed with how they have approached their assessment and the resilience and grit demonstrated.  Congratulations on all your efforts in Semester 1.

When we reflect on the term we should be proud of what has been achieved.  Students have been involved in the college musical, Ethics Olympiad, Maths Team Challenge, chess, futsal, basketball, cross country and netball.  We are blessed in this community that so many of our students are prepared to seize opportunities and to pursue personal excellence in all they do. Our students receive valuable role modelling and encouragement from a very dedicated team of hardworking teachers who are passionate about education. I sincerely thank our staff for creating an environment that is so conducive to the development of the whole individual.

Students will have more opportunities this week to pursue opportunities for personal growth.  We will finish the semester off with Capture the Colour on Friday—a great chance for us to celebrate our community.

End of Semester Reports will be emailed in Week 1 of the holidays. The reports provide a wealth of information. At the end of each subject’s grades, you will also find the distribution of grades for that subject. The distribution grid lists the number of students achieving each grade (A-E) for the subject cohort, so that students have an indication of their achievement in relation to other students taking the subject. Additionally, and of equal merit, are effort grades.

The report is a vital form of communication between teachers, students and parents. They are not only valuable as records of achievement, but as guides for future progress. Please take the time to review the report with your child. The value of a report rests in what you do with it. Take the time to be satisfied or to reflect on areas of academic concern and to use the report as stimuli for continued growth. To this end, Parent Teacher Student Conferences on the 23 and 25 July provide a chance to touch base with your child’s teachers.  We encourage students to accompany their parents to these meetings, so that we can develop powerful partnerships and keep the student at the centre of conversations about learning.

As the semester comes to a close we wish Ms Samantha Davids and Mrs Kim Bonello all the best as they start their maternity leave.  Wishing them God’s richest blessings as they expand their families.

We also have a number of staff role changes for Semester 2:

  • Miss Rachel Denning will join our team as Curriculum Leader of Health and Physical Education. 
  • Mrs Linda Perrett will be taking over from Mrs Bonello as Curriculum Leader of Business. 
  • Mrs Julie Grosas will be taking on the Year 12 Coordination as well as her Year 10 Coordination. 
  • Mrs Kerry Bryant has decided to work in a part-time capacity in Semester 2 and will no longer be Year 7 Coordinator.  Miss Megan Danslow has agreed to look after both Year 7 and 8.
  • Mr Tobias Fitzroy will be full time in Semester 2.

We wish all our students, families and staff a relaxing and refreshing break.  We look forward to your safe return. We will start Semester 2 with the Year 12 Formal on 15 July at Eatons Hill Hotel.

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus


As we come to the end of Semester 1 we look to ways we can begin good habits to positively start next term. 

Over this past term we have been monitoring our students’ attendance rates and have noticed that some students are consistently late for school. It is so important that students arrive before the first bell, at 8:20am to begin the school day. This is good practice for our students in preparation for their future workplace, and allows them to be fully prepared for their day and engage fully in their learning.  The table below highlights the impact that being consistently late has over the long term—small amounts of time may not seem significant in the moment, but as they add up it can be quite confronting.

Making Everyday Count is a research paper conducted by UQ to establish priorities around improving student attendance rates and the impact on education and future options for students. Research shows that poor school attendance is associated with:

  • lower academic achievement including literacy and numeracy
  • early school leaving
  • leaving school with fewer qualifications
  • reduced opportunities for students to learn and access educational resources, further limiting achievement
  • further absenteeism in higher year levels
  • increased alcohol, tobacco, and substance use in adolescents.

Making Every Day Count: Effective strategies to improve student attendance in Queensland state schools.

We look forward to beginning next term with all students attending each day, and being on time for each day.

Pride and Positive Interactions at Prince of Peace

We wear our College uniform with pride.

Term 3 will see a trial revision of the College Uniform policy.  We will no longer be employing the red slips for uniform infringements.  We believe that students have a clear understanding of the uniform expectations and we will be issuing an immediate consequence of losing a break time.  If there are persistent uniform issues we will be issuing an afternoon detention and meeting with parents to discuss how we can work together.  We believe one of the aims of the holistic education at Prince of Peace is to develop skills that students will transfer into their adulthood.  Workplaces all have a standard of dress, or dress code, and many of our students who already have part time jobs know they are expected to meet such standards.  The pride we have in our College is evident in how we interact with each other and also our outward and very visible wearing of the College uniform.  We thank our parents for your support.

We have spoken with a number of year levels regarding how peers speak with each other.  We previously raised this earlier in the year and it seems to be returning to many of the interactions students have within the school grounds.  We know that today’s language conventions have loosened somewhat—there is a new acceptance of swearing on both the radio and television at times when young people would be the target audience.  However, we believe that we can do better when speaking with each other.  We often relay to our students that our words ought to build each other up.  In Proverbs, the Bible teaches us that: “Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” Proverbs 16:24.  Our words have the power to not only build-up our loved ones, but also lead them back to the loving arms of our Saviour.

We understand that this time of growing through the secondary school years is fraught with change and redefining boundaries.  We look to being positive in our interactions with both staff and students.  This begins with students focussing on the little things such as greeting each other as we pass, being aware of movement in busy times, not crowding the stairwells or stopping at the very top or bottom of a stairwell to have a conversation.  It should also extend to assisting others when they are overloaded. 

It is a lovely way to see each other in our finest light.  After all, we are all works in progress, our words can confer strength; they can drain it off; words are very powerful.  Let us all work in our best light.

I wish all families a restful break and look forward to returning for Semester 2 with renewed energy and commitment to learning at Prince of Peace.

Dana Messer
Deputy Head of Senior Campus

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

An incredible amount of sport has taken place in the past month and half, with numerous PoP students involved at school, inter school, district, regional and state level events.

Year 4-6 Gala Days

A slight tweaking to the format and timing of Gala Days has in no way dampened the enthusiasm of our boys and girls.  They have spent the past four Fridays demonstrating their prowess and development on various north-side sporting fields. Soccer, netball, volleyball, hockey, basketball and Australian rules football (affectionately but incorrectly termed AFL) competitions have been run and won, with all of our students displaying both performances and behaviour that we are rightly proud of.

A huge thanks to all the wonderful staff and volunteer parents and friends who gave of their time in order to enable these fantastic events to take place.

A reminder that all sports shirts must be returned to Mr Wooding as soon as possible.

3-6 Athletics Carnival

We were blessed with a stunning day for the Year 3-6 athletics carnival, held Monday 10 June. We were also blessed with wonderful participation, fantastic performances and super behaviour from our students, along with brilliant support from staff, parents, friends and helpers of the College.

The competition was intense but very good-natured and some sensational results were achieved. Records were bettered; places gained and certainly much effort was expended! 

Our rotational format with both Point and Ribbon finals running concurrently worked well with all participants able to contribute to the overall position and standing of their respective houses—a magnificent effort by one and all. 

After all results were recorded and tallied, the final results stand as follows:
Overall: 1st  Bradman; 2nd  Jackson; 3rd  Fraser; 4th  Laver.         
Percentage: 1st  Laver; 2nd Bradman; 3rd  Fraser; 4th  Jackson.
War Cries: 1st Bradman; Equal 2nd Laver, Fraser and Jackson.

Age Champions:
2011 (8 years): Abbey Watts and Bailey Lampe
2010 (9 years): Sophie Griffin and Kaelan Harvey
2009 (10 years): Chai Harvey and Hannes Forbes-Schutz
2008 (11 years): Georgia Hopwood and Thomas Quine
2007 (12 years): Eesha Verso and Rhys Griffin

Congratulations to all, and a huge thanks to staff, parents and supporters who made the day such a success.

Regional Athletics

The Regional Athletics Carnival was held on the 4-5 June at the UQ athletics stadium. Our school provided six representatives for the North District team and although illness hampered a couple of the athletes, the level of performance was outstanding. Our school now boasts of two individual regional champions with Hannes Forbes-Schutz winning two separate events (800m and 1500m) while Addison Houslip recorded a stunning victory in the 1500m event, backing that up with a narrow 2nd place in the 800m event.  Addison and Hannes now continue preparation for the State Championships to be held at QSAC in August.

In addition to these incredible achievements, our remaining representatives were Georgia Hopwood (100m 9th place, High Jump 6th place), Nicole Montgomery (800m, 1500m 10th place), Chai Harvey (High Jump), Hannes Forbes-Schutz (200m 19th place) and Oliver Hastie (100m 27th place). It was a wonderful reward to make the North District team, and all children and their families can be proud of their achievements and performances.

Cross Country

After the disappointment of the school Cross Country being washed out in Term 1, our budding distance runners picked themselves up and continued to push their fitness levels to wonderful heights. The reward for our committed and talented athletes was a place at the District Cross Country Carnival held on Monday 29 April at Teralba Park.

Our representatives were Amelia Swift, Rhys Griffin, Sara McKinnon, Georgia Bean, Brooklyn Leeson, Stephen Jarrott, Hamish Offenhauser, Hannes Forbes-Schutz, Oliver Hastie, Levi Larder, Cooper Haines, Tim Pingel, Addison Houslip, Indianna Horgan,  Max Horgan, Brylee Chaplin, Matilda Forbes, Harry Frisch, Amelia Watkins and Eesha Verso.

Hannes awarded 2nd place at Regionals

Each presented themselves in the peak of physical condition and motored around the 2 or 3km course in magnificent style. So magnificent that two of our students were crowned District Champions – Addison Houslip  and Hannes Forbes-Schutz, while Nicole Montgomery and Oliver Hastie both finished 3rd in their respective events.

Each of these students progressed to the Regional event, held on 28 May at St Pauls School. Once again they acquitted themselves incredibly. In no particular order, Oliver Hastie (6th), Hannes Forbes-Schutz (2nd), Nicole Montgomery (15th) and Addison Houslip (4th) all put in magnificent performances.

From this event, Oliver, Addison and Hannes were selected to compete at the State Championships to be held on 21 July in Toowoomba. We wish each participant and their family wonderful preparation and a blessed experience in Toowoomba.

Brad Wooding
Junior Campus Sport

Senior Campus Sport

This week, Cooper Schmidt will be taking part in the Oceania Athletics Championships. He will be competing in the Under 20, 400m hurdles. Cooper has been working extremely hard in preparation for the event—best of luck Cooper!

The Senior Campus Athletics Carnival was postponed today due to bad weather.  We are very keen to make this important day happen, and will be rescheduling it early next term.

Tim Arnold
Senior Campus Sport Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Music Supporters Pie Drive

Music Supporters are a parent support group who help to raise funds for resources by assisting with events and fundraising across both campuses. Their major fund raising initiative for 2019 is a Yatala Pie Drive.  Order forms have been emailed to all families, and can be also downloaded from  our website home page (in Quicklinks).  Please print out and return to reception on either campus with cash or card payment. Orders are due by 17 July. Hard copies of the forms will be sent home with members of the co-curricular ensembles next week. The Music Supporters would very much value your support. All funds raised will go towards new resources for co-curricular music.

Music Supporters would greatly value your support in this initiative, and hope you will take advantage of a winter-warmer-Yatala-pie.

Entertainment Book

Once again the Entertainment Book is on sale in support of our Co-curricular Music Program across Senior and Junior Campus. All families have been emailed with a link to use to purchase, or order your Prince of Peace Lutheran College Entertainment Book here »

The Entertainment Book, and the Entertainment Digital Membership are your guide to the most popular restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more, find more details at www.entertainmentbook.com.au

Junior Campus Music News

A few members of our Honours Choir enjoying a special McDonalds lunch in celebration of their hard work and successes at this year’s QYMA.

Music Room Concerts: Week 8 was an extremely busy week with three nights dedicated to the Junior Campus Instrumental and Vocal students.  Over 50 students performed, some for the very first time. It’s always such a joy to see the continued development of students from one concert to another.  Thank you to all of our tutors—Ms Melissa Hansen, Mr Mitchell Dormer, Mr Darryl Bowers, Mr Toby Thompson and Mr Lochie Dormer for their excellent guidance and never-ending support to our students and the Music Program.

Brisbane Sings 2019:  Unfortunately, the Junior Campus Choirs will not be involved in Brisbane Sings this year.

PoP Winter Fete timetable, Saturday 27 July

Performers are to please arrive 15 minutes prior to the performance time and meet near the stage area.

11am – Junior Campus Combined Choirs
11:25 am – The Amplifiers
11:45am – JC Strings
12noon – Birthday Cake Celebration
12:15pm – SC Strings
12:35pm – SC Percussion
1:00pm – JC Percussion
1:20pm – JC Band
1:40 pm – Senior Campus Choir
2:00 pm – SC Big Band
2:25 pm – SC Contemporary Ensemble 1
2:45 pm – SC Contemporary Ensemble 2
3:10 pm – SC Contemporary Ensemble 3 
3:30 pm – SoonArmy
3:45 pm – MS Worship Band
4:10 pm – SS Worship Band

Music Supporters Group Pie Drive:  We are holding a pie drive to help raise funds to purchase various musical equipment across both the Junior and Senior Campuses.  Money raised will go towards a new choir stand and further musical equipment on the Junior Campus.  The form can be downloaded from  our website home page (in Quicklinks), and has also been handed out at rehearsals this week. Alternatively you can email me for a copy.  The form and money are due on 17 July with pie collection on 31 July.

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sherree Cudney 
Junior Campus Music

Senior Campus Music

Senior Campus String Ensemble Performance

Our Junior Campus students were soothed by the melodious sounds of the Senior Campus String Ensemble during their Monday Assembly.

They enjoyed two pieces: ‘Schubert’s Serenade’, and ‘Vivaldi on Broadway’ (video featured in this article) composed by Cassandra Hansen, sister of our strings tutor Melissa Hansen.

New Woodwind Tutor for Senior Campus

Due to Toby Thompson’s changing role at the College we have engaged a new specialist woodwind tutor. Mrs Ferguson has introduced herself below: 

Hi! I’m Darlene Ferguson and I’m your new Woodwind Specialist Teacher for the Senior Campus.

I have 15 years experience teaching in classrooms, private lessons, and ensemble groups, including concert band and small ensembles.

My main qualifications are in Clarinet and Cello with the Royal College of Music in London, I am a multi-instrumental teacher and currently teach everything from drum kit to violin. And I love it!

I enjoy teaching all styles—classical, jazz, pop, etc—and I have lots of experience helping students to prepare for AMEB and Trinity exams where required.

I’ll be commencing in Term 3 and I’m really looking forward to meeting you and helping students discover their musical potential, and bring the joy of music into their lives.

We welcome Mrs Ferguson to the instrumental music teaching staff on the Senior Campus from Term 3. If you would like to have your child learn from Mrs Ferguson please contact me at the College. 

Robyn Harvey
Senior Campus Co curricular Music Program Coordinator

Church News and Notices


Sunday 30 June

Worship Service with Holy Communion 9am
Message: Pastor Kevin
Evening Worship 5pm
Together @5

Thought for the Week
“God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything that you need and plenty left over to share with others .”  2 Cor 9:8

Community News and Notices

Uniform Shop News

Orders: Orders can be placed by phone or email through the College website using the link on the Uniform Shop Page or on the Home Page, or at anytime from The School Locker Website. Note: If you wish to avoid home delivery fees during term times, nominate delivery to your child’s campus and provide your child’s name and class.  Junior Campus orders will be delivered to your child’s class. Senior Campus orders will be delivered to reception for your child to collect the next day.

Junior: Out of stock – Socks size 13-3 (child) due end June; pullovers size 6, 8 & 10 due end August – track jackets can be worn in the meanwhile; track pants size 8 & 10 due end June; skorts: size 6, 10 & 12 due end June. Now available – medium hats.

New – Chess Club Uniform: Chess Club polos size 4 to large (adult) $35 and they look great!  The polo shirts are to be worn with the sport shorts or skorts.

Senior: Out of stock – size 9-12 (adult) socks due end June; xs and medium track jackets due end of August; track pants size xs, s, m and xl to be announced; blouse size w12 due end August. Now available – large hats.

New – State of Origin Gear:  You can now keep warm for State of Origin in maroon (sorry Queenslander colours only available currently): zip pullover $28.95 and fingerless gloves $9.95.  

Mid Year Special – Children’s Headphones: JBL children’s headphones with safe sound limit (less than 85dB) are 20% off: were $39.95 now $31.95 (red or blue).  Wireless safe sound model $69.95 20% off: now $55.95 (pink or blue).

Second Hand:  If you wish to buy or sell second hand uniforms there are two options:

  1. For private sales: please visit our very active PoP Second Hand Uniform Buy & Sell Facebook group 
  2. Donated second hand uniforms are now managed by PoP P&F – please check with Reception as to upcoming stall dates.  Donations are welcome at either Campus Reception, bagged and labelled as “donation uniforms”. 

P & F 

Once again a big thank you for all the donations received for the fete.

There will be no P &  F meeting in July due to the school holidays and then it is fete time!

Thank you to those of you who have returned the entertainment books and to those who have purchased.

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