2019 Term 3 Week 10


Term 3 Week 10 2019  |  18 September 2019
College News

As Term 3 comes to a close, I can honestly say it has been very busy with all of the camps and academic deadlines that have occurred.  It is fitting to note that the last QCS tests for the Year 12 students were held this term and QCS is now consigned to the history books.  This also means the current Year 12 students will be the last cohort to receive an OP in Queensland.  Next year, the new QCE will be received by graduating students, along with an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Academic Rank).

In response to the many queries I receive about ATAR, some key points are listed below:

What is the difference between the ATAR and OP?

  • The ATAR is a finer-grained rank order of students than the OP.
  • It is a number between 0.00 and 99.95 with increments of 0.05, whereas the OP consists of 25 bands.
  • The ATAR is used in other states and territories.

How are ATAR’s calculated?

  • A student’s best five General subject results, or
  • A student’s best results in a combination of four general subject results, plus one applied subject result or completed VET qualification at Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate III level or above.
  • If a student is eligible for an ATAR in both categories, QTAC will use their highest ATAR.

For more information you can visit the QCAA website.

At the end of the term, we farewell Ms Glenda McPherson from the Junior Campus.  Glenda has served the College with the distinction of being the only Junior Campus Indonesian Teacher we have had, and we thank her for all that she has done for the students. Glenda is starting a new chapter and we wish her the very best in her future endeavours.

Clayton Eiby (4E) will be taking Long Service Leave in Term 4 and we wish him a well-deserved rest and safe travels during his leave. We welcome Monette Jacobsen to the Junior Campus to cover 4E for the remainder of the year.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday.  May God bless your time as a family and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.


Phil Hulland
Head of College

School Fee Payment Option | Edstart

For parents looking for alternative payment arrangements over an extended period of time, the College is now referring parents to Edstart. Edstart offers an easy, flexible and low-cost way for you to pay for your child’s education over a time frame that suits your family budget. With Edstart, you can fund your tuition fees and levies, VET courses and club fees, tours and tournaments, voluntary building fund contributions, as well as other charges such as uniforms, private music tuition and amounts outstanding.

Apply online via https://edstart.com.au. The simple three-step process: Calculate » Select Payment » Application can be completed within minutes.

Once approved, Edstart will pay the school on the four term instalment dates and you will make regular monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments to Edstart over 12 months or longer.

Intention to Leave Notifications

To assist with our 2020 classroom planning, if you intend to leave the College we ask if you can please notify us in writing before Tuesday 8 October 2019. In doing so, it will allow the College to contact families currently on our waiting lists in Term 4, whilst also ensuring that you meet your contractual obligations.

Please contact your Head of Campus or Donna Cook, Marketing and Enrolments Manager, if you have any questions.

Notifications can be sent to dcook@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au or school@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au

Official Group Photos—Online Ordering

The official photos for groups (eg Music Sport, Houses, Leaders etc) are now available for online purchase .

Login link and codes for both the Junior and Senior Campus groups can be found in the Parent Portal, on the College Communications page »


Junior Campus News

Devotional Thought for the Week

Trusting God During the Difficult Times
—Written by Mrs Diana Clapham, Year 4LC teacher

There are many people in our community that are going through hardship at the moment. Mrs Langdon—my teacher colleague and friend—lost her father last Friday. What I’ve admired about her, is her strength. Even with the emotional and tumultuous journey of her father’s health since the start of the year, she has remained strong for her own children, her mother and the students in our class. However, there were moments when I saw her vulnerable, they were rare—but she would pick herself up and keep going.

There are families within our class that are also experiencing hardships and who continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Their lives have also been turned upside down and normal routines have been disrupted in order to accommodate for the needs of their loved ones who are enduring long-term health concerns and treatments. They are all dealing with, and processing what is happening to their loved ones in different ways, but I know one thing for sure… they are all strong and courageous in my eyes!

Even our beautiful prac student, Miss Georgia Murray, has had her own health concerns in the past week. It is clearly evident that she wants to be here as she is passionate and committed to her teaching and working with the students in 4LC. It’s hard trying to keep her away! 🙂

These beautiful people and their situations prompted me to consider this devotion about how we should put our trust in God during difficult times.

“For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” Psalm 100:5 (NIV)

[Devotional extract]

Horrified, I placed the phone back in its charger. My mind reeled. What could I say to one of my dearest friends after this new tragedy had struck? First, she experienced the loss of a fourteen-year-old son to brain cancer. Now her eldest son, only eighteen, had been taken from her in the most awful circumstances. It was incomprehensible.

She asked, “Why?”

I had no answer other than, “I don’t know, but I cling to the factual knowledge that God is good, regardless. Tragedies in this life are beyond our understanding this side of heaven.”

I believe Jesus is good, and that knowledge sings from the depths of my soul. This nugget of truth is more precious than life itself to me. We have been taught and recognise that faith is not something we can necessarily see, hear, feel, taste, or touch. It is stepping out of our comfort zones and trusting God—regardless of how we feel emotionally. The Bible explains, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1, NIV).

The true story of Horatio G. Spafford demonstrates this type of faith in God’s goodness. Spafford wrote the famous and beautiful hymn, “It is Well with My Soul” in 1872 after his four daughters drowned, soon after his own financial bankruptcy. He, somehow, held onto the fact that despite the outward circumstances, God was good. He wrote, “And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight.” He knew that his faith was not in vain, and that someday he would see the meaning and purpose of all the tragedy surrounding his life at that moment.

For myself, I think my greatest lesson of faith has been in the acknowledgement that God is good—all the time. Oswald Chambers wrote, “Faith by its very nature must be tested and tried. And the real trial of faith is not that we find it difficult to trust God, but that in our own human minds, God’s character must be proven trustworthy.”

There will always be moments of uncertainty. I find comfort in the words written by David Jeremiah in ‘My Heart’s Desire’,

You may sometimes feel awkward and uncomfortable, and find yourself saying, “Is this really true? I don’t see anything in it. I don’t hear God’s voice. I don’t feel His presence.” There are days like that for all of us. The pursuit of God has no shortcuts. You simply must keep walking, keep seeking, and keep yearning. Keep at it, and you won’t be disappointed.

God is good, even as I mourn with my friend. I have witnessed her grief, anger, and doubt. But throughout the passing months, I have watched her cling to Jesus with hands wet with tears. You see she believes God is good all the time even when she can’t feel it with her emotions. Her faith rests in the fact, “The Lord is good and his love endures forever.”

A prayer for this thought:
Dear Lord, grant me the faith to know that You are good all the time, even during the most difficult circumstances of this life. When I am weak, lift me up. Enable me to accept the love and comfort from others who love me, but let me rely on Your everlasting love for me.

We continue to lift up and pray for those in our community who are experiencing grief, pain, suffering, struggle, sickness or any other hardship. Please comfort them and cover them with your peace and presence, as only your Spirit can do. We know that in whatever we face, you are our peace and refuge, a very present help in times of trouble. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Some verses for the week ahead:

“I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalms 91:2 (NIV)

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Deuteronomy 31:8 (NIV)

They’re Back… and we are so excited!

What a term we have had! We have brought our favourite books to life and spent time in the sun just listening to stories being read, we’ve swung from trees on our camps and drawn beautiful chalk drawings, we’ve spun, sung and danced at the FETE and of course learnt a thing or two in the classrooms. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, our GRANDPARENTS are coming!

This Friday, 20 September is not only the last day of term but it is Grandparents Day! On this very special day we welcome well over 400 grandparents to our Junior Campus to celebrate learning life and the last day of Term 3 with their grandchildren. It is truly a wonderful day to behold.

Due to the incredible influx of people and cars on this day please remember to allow yourself plenty of time to arrive, make your way through the traffic and park in time for the day to start at 8:30am. For grandparents with grandchildren in the choirs, we invite you to join us for a concert in the Chapel beginning at 8:40am. Given that most of our parking is available on the oval, it will be important to allow yourself time to make your way up to the Chapel.

For all other grandparents, you are most welcome to attend the concert as well or you can make your way straight to the classroom with your grandchildren too. Following the concert all grandparents are invited to join their grandchildren in their classrooms to engage in different activities.

Due to the unique nature of this morning, your grandchild is certainly welcome to take you for a tour of the campus as well. Morning Tea will be served from 10:15am at the Year 1 and 2 Undercover Area. While we know the grandchildren will want to sit with you, we do ask that the available seating and food is offered to our special guests. The children are welcome to bring their lunchboxes over to sit with you.

If you are interested in visiting the Senior Campus and do not want to battle the traffic, a shuttle bus will be running from the Junior Campus to the Senior Campus, leaving at 10:30am in front of our main reception. You are welcome to leave your car parked on the oval until you return. Finally, many grandparents have travelled quite a distance to attend and we know the time you spend with your grandchildren is precious. Should you wish to take your grandchild/ren home with you at the conclusion of our Grandparents Day morning, please see their classroom teacher or the main reception to sign them out so that we know where everybody is. 🙂

Term 3, Closing Chapel

Due to Grandparents Day and our Choral Concert, Chapel for the final Friday has been moved to 1:30pm. Pastor Mark will be leading this service.

Prep–Year 2 Athletics Carnival

They came, they participated and they certainly conquered! Our most awesome and courageous students in Prep to Year 2 gave it everything they had at our annual Prep-Year 2 Athletics Carnival. Under the organisation of Mr Wooding and with the support of our classroom teachers and Year 6 students, our littlest people showed us their best throwing, jumping and running efforts. We commend them for their determination and drive. Well done everyone!

2020 Class Placements

Important Information Relating to Class Placements for 2020

Most families across the College are aware of the cautious stance taken when inviting class placement requests from families. I have children of my own and understand how much they would love to be placed with their best friend, or a preferred teacher that a sibling may have had. I also realise how important it is for them to grow as individuals and not be reliant on others for their academic and social successes.

I encourage all families, as we enter the final term of the 2019 school year, to allow their children to grow spiritually, emotionally, academically, socially and independently as they transition to their new 2020 class. I strongly encourage parents to place faith in the judgments and insights that our teaching staff have into individual students and their school persona. I have the highest regard for the insights that our teachers offer into the placement of students for the following year. I also have the highest regard for the quality and competency of each of our teaching staff in their professional capacity as educators. With this in mind, I invite parents to email through any particular and specific learning related requests for 2020.

As in previous years, the request for a specific teacher will not be considered. As you can appreciate, staff movement amongst year levels is inevitable, and therefore specific teacher requests often become redundant. If you believe there is an important consideration (that sits outside of friendship requests and teacher requests) that needs to be taken into account when placing your child for 2020, please submit this request in writing to the attention of Mrs Katrina Valencia. My commitment to you is that such requests will be considered, however please understand that no guarantees can be made.

Ultimately, I will be guided by our teaching staff and their knowledge of your child and any pertinent information you may be able to provide in relation to your child’s specific learning needs. Please ensure that these requests are submitted in writing by Friday 25 October, 2019. Thank you for your assistance in ensuring the complex process of class placements for the 2020 school year is attended to in the most equitable and professional manner possible. Please be aware that once class placements have been allocated, there will be no further movement of class arrangements except in exceptional or uncontrollable circumstances.

All students have unique gifts and needs. There may be occasion whereby the College will seek input from particular families to ensure the most beneficial class placement for individual students. This will be occurring during the first few weeks of Term 4.

Katrina Valencia
Head of Junior Campus

The Junior Campus Gardening Club Would Like Your Spare Seedling Kits

Eligible customers who shop at Woolworths from Wednesday 11 September until Tuesday 22 October can collect Woolworths Discovery Garden Seedling Kits. For every $30 a customer spends at Woolworths supermarkets, participating Woolworths Metro or Woolworths online during the offer period, you will receive one Woolworths Discovery Garden Seedling Kit, while stocks last.

Please consider donating any spare seedlings to the Junior Campus Gardening Club by handing them in at Junior Campus Reception.

Sibling Discount for Second Child

As the College continues to grow, and through sustainable financial management, it has been made possible to introduce a sibling discount for a second child enrolled at the College.

Therefore, from 2020 there will be a 15% discount applied to the tuition costs of the second child within a family.

Discounts for other siblings, will remain the same:

  • 2nd Child: 15%
  • 3rd Child: 35%
  • 4th Child: 100%

It is our deep desire to make the Prince of Peace education as affordable as possible, and this initiative will help the College meet its commitment made in the five year Strategic Plan to develop a long-term sustainable and financially viable College.

Senior Campus News

This term has flown by, and we have packed so much into the last ten weeks.  As I reflect, I am grateful for the following:

That the Year 12 students  sat the last ever QCS Test. That they have navigated Term 3 and are still smiling.

The way our students have approached their exams and assessment.

The opportunity we had for our Year 6 students to visit us on Friday and participate in Immersion Day.  The students enjoyed the opportunity to make pizza, participate in colourful chemistry and design and construct a zoo. By all accounts the students had a great day.

The growth of our Year 9 students experiencing Mount Binga, and the opportunities that each individual has embraced to challenge themselves both physically, emotionally and socially. I am grateful for the pastoral approach of the staff at Mt Binga Outdoor Centre.

The Year 8 students who embraced the opportunity to be part of “The Circus” Musical.  The Year 8 Musical is a wonderful chance for the students to step outside their comfort zone and work collaboratively on a project. Thank you to Mr Von Hoff, Mrs Harvey and Mr Stevens who facilitated this opportunity.

The opportunity to meet with Year 10 students and their parents during SET Planning and make plans for their future.  We thank Mr Stewart, Mrs Grosas and the other students involved for their support of this process.

The opportunity for our students to be involved in learning experiences that are grounded in the real world.  Enterprise ventures that are part of Year 9 Business have been a wonderful opportunity for reflection and refinement.

For the newly refurbished Library. It is a delight to see the students making use of this revitalised space.  Thank you to Mrs Harrison, Mr Grieger and Mr Clifford for all their hard work.

I am grateful for all of our staff and how they have supported and encouraged our students.

I am grateful for how our students support each other and encourage their peers.

This ‘Gratitude Scavenger Hunt’ image came up on my Facebook feed over the weekend, and I share it as it might make a great holiday activity.

Prayer for Those Affected by Bush Fires

by Rev. Simon Hansford, Moderator Uniting Church in Australia’s Synod of New South Wales and the ACT

God of life and death,
our prayers are where our hearts and minds
have been during these last days
and where they have so often been this season;
with those whose lives have been touched
in differing ways by the bushfires.

We pray for all those who have been affected;
and we give thanks that no one has been killed.
We pray for those who have been injured and survived:
for physical and emotional trauma;
for the fear and helplessness experienced;
for the anger and frustration at the injustice
of unavoidable disaster;

We pray for those who have lost their home and property
or are facing such loss:
for those who have been forced to leave
their memories and belongings;
for the fear & disorientation of all involved;
Heal them from their nightmare memories.

We pray for all involved in fighting the fire:
for our Rural Fire Service and their leadership
and all those we know and those we do not know;
we pray for courage in a place of fear;
for new strength in the face of exhaustion;
for people who have travelled distances
in order to resource those who experience fatigue;

We pray for all who offer support and care at this time:
for the various agencies, churches and community groups;
for disaster response chaplains;
for government services as they are activated;
for friends and neighbours, known and unknown;
for aiding recovery and providing a shoulder to cry on;
we give thanks too,
for the generosity of many, in small and large ways,
to those who are struggling.

We are mindful of the days, weeks and months ahead,
For many dangerous days yet to come,
for seasons of recovery and rebuilding,
of homes, farms, lives and communities;
we pray for strength, courage, patience and hope
as grieving continues,
as frustrations rise
and the inevitable new changes occur.

Keep us faithful and alert in our praying and our action.

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

Managing time is something that all humans struggle with at some stage or another.

Deadlines and due dates can at times interfere in the teenage world of sport, work, books or Instagram. It is important as the school term nears its end that priorities are set and met.

This week in a final Life Long Learning lesson, I asked a quiz question: The word that means time wasting when one should be working?

All teams answer correctly: Procrastinating.

It is easy to lose track of time, but more importantly it is even easier to find something else to do—I tend to procrasta-walk!—instead of what really needs to be done.

“One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time”—Author unknown

Here are some tips when it comes to meeting deadlines, and helping students to feel success in their learning:

  • Know that geniuses make mistakes. No one is perfect.
  • Liven up your life and get enough sleep.
  • Be healthy—eat breakfast, even if it is a lone banana!
  • Do the most important things first, not what you want to do.
  • Use your time well—you only have so much in a day, so use it wisely.
  • Do a little bit of practice every day—the expert started as a beginner!
  • For at least some time every day switch all forms of technology off and focus on whatever you’re studying.
  • Be active—get some sport. Gaming is not yet recognised as a sport!
  • Don’t try to predict the future—there’s no fun in that!
  • Aim to be happy with yourself and with others, it makes the world a nicer place.

As we walk towards the end of Term 3, I look forward to helping students keep on track and feel successful in their learning journey.

God’s blessings

Linda Perrett
Acting Deputy Head of Senior Campus

Sports Score

Sam needs your vote!

Our Year 10 ‘super-fish’ Sam Short  is currently tracking to compete at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and 2024 Olympics. Out of 450 applicants, Sam has been chosen as one of three finalists for a chance to win $20,000 in the Colonial First State Sports Boost competition.
This would mean everything for Sam’s professional sporting career, so lets all  vote for him »

Junior Campus Sport

Amelia Swift, Charlotte Zalhalka, Sara McKinnon, Isabel Jacobs & Sienna Campbell

Pine Hills Netball club held their presentation day on Saturday and the five girls in this photo are just some of the many netballers who play the winter season at Pine Hills.  A special ‘shout out’ to Amelia who was named Most Valuable Player and Isabel for the coaches’ award for their respective teams.

Well done girls.

On Friday 6 September, Eatons Hill State School held their invitational Netball competition. After winning the inaugural Year 6 cup last year, we were invited back to defend our title. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful, but we certainly gave our all.

The girls played well and continued to develop their skills. The Year 5 team played well but were also unsuccessful. Despite the lack of wins the girls had a great day. What could be better than a day playing netball, snacking and catching up with friends from previous schools and other netball competitions?

A very big thank you to Mr Wooding for being chief cheerleader and Mrs Meulen for coming along to support our efforts. The oranges and lollies were a hit as well!

On Tuesday 10 September, PopStars 1 and 2 started their summer competition at Downey Park. The competition was very tough, but it did not stop the girls from trying really hard. For many of the girls, this is the first time they have played a full game with official rules. Many of them have only played with the modified rules of NetSetGo and Gala Day—this is a big step up.

If you are looking for something to do on a Tuesday night at 5:30pm and 6:30pm, may I suggest a visit to Downey Park netball courts at Windsor. Look out for our wonderful uniforms and give us a cheer.

See you there!

Mrs Susan Hird
Netball Coach and Junior Campus Teacher Aide

Senior Campus Sport

As the term comes to a close, there are still a number of our sporting champions hard at work training and competing in their given sports.

Ella Bunn recently trialled for the Met North Girls Cricket team. This is an under 15 years team, meaning that Ella was competing against students up to two years older. She performed extremely well over the two day trial and was successful in making the team. With a lot of recent success in the sport, it will be exciting to see what is to come for Ella over the next few years.

Tim Arnold
Senior Campus Sport Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

Grandparents Day: The Junior Campus choirs will perform a short selection of songs in the Chapel from 8:40am on Grandparents Day.  Performance uniform is required.

Music Room Concerts:  Congratulations to all the students who performed last week in the Music Room Concerts.  Watch this space for concerts early in Term 4.

AMEB Exams: Congratulations to Benjamin Litchfield in Year 5 who recently completed his Preliminary Exam in Clarinet.  Benjamin was awarded a High Distinction. 

Carols by Candlelight: The Junior Campus Choirs will host a Carols on the Oval on Saturday 23 November.  A sausage sizzle will commence at 5:00pm with the program starting at 6:15pm.  Santa might even make an appearance.  Further information to come.

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sherree Cudney 
Junior Campus Music

Senior Campus Music News

Year 8 Musical 2019

The Year 8 students certainly took us to the Big Top as they presented their Greatest Show on Earth over the past weekend. Appreciative audiences were guided through the myriad of acts by the effervescent ringmasters—who themselves were almost devoured by the man-eating lions. Clowns, acrobats, jugglers, and even a human cannon-ball took to the stage, as well as some well trained canines and felines. Everyone felt the effect of Professor Zigflea’s escaped pet fleas. 

Congratulations to our Year 8 students who worked very hard together over the course of this term to bring the show together. They developed their 21st Century skills of teamwork and collaboration, evidencing a growth mindset as they used their gifts and abilities, and challenged themselves to embrace new opportunities. 

Thank you to PoP Productions’ sound and lighting team for their support on the evenings, and for all those who came to cheer the Year 8 students on. 

Recital Night, Senior Campus

Recital Night is scheduled for Tuesday 15 October for all students learning from tutors on the Senior Campus. The concert begins at 6:30pm, with students to arrive at 6:00pm, or 5:15pm soundcheck for the singers. Parents of students involved have been emailed with further details.

Grandparents Day performances 

As in past years, many of our students will provide some entertainment for our guests on Grandparents Day. Year 8 Musical cast, Senior Campus Choir and the Mary Poppins cast are all involved. We look forward to seeing you at the concert from 10:45am at the Senior Campus. 

Massimo Varini incursion, Wednesday 16 October

We are very fortunate that The School Locker is bringing  world renowned guitarist Massimo Varini to Prince of Peace for an incursion on Wednesday 16 October, 9:00am – 11:00am. All curriculum music students Years 8-12, and all students who learn guitar here at school or outside are invited to attend. Permission letters have been given to these students to return. If your child has been missed please send them to see me for a letter. These should be returned by the end of term to Senior Campus Reception.

Robyn Harvey
Senior Campus Co curricular Music Program Coordinator

Church News & Notices


Sunday 22 September

15 Pentecost
Worship Service 9am with Holy Communion
Message: Pastor Kevin
Sermon Series on the Gospel of Matthew #13 “A pure heart and mind”, Matt 5:27-32

Evening Worship 5pm with Holy Communion

Thought for the Week
“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.” (C S Lewis )

Community News and Notices

Debut Book Authored by Mr Ben Swift (Year 5 Teacher) 

Congratulations to Mr Ben Swift on the release of his debut book—Beyond the Fish Sticker, Seeking a Deeper Knowledge of God and Ourselves; published with Morning Star Publishing. 

There is a growing need that exists in many Christian circles for a deeper, more mature understanding of what it means to be a Christian; one who truly seeks to follow Christ. Beyond the Fish Sticker is a series of musings that aim to encourage readers to think deeply about the big and often difficult questions that arise throughout our lives. It uses these questions to take the reader on a journey throughout which alternative worldviews are uncovered and contrasted with Christian truth. Readers are challenged to consider what it means to see life in light of Christ and how to live accordingly.

Find out more about  find out more about Beyond the Fish Sticker here »


Uniform Shop News

Orders: Orders can be placed by phone or email through the College website using the link on the Uniform Shop Page or on the Home Page, or at anytime from The School Locker Website. Note: If you wish to avoid home delivery fees during term times, nominate delivery to your child’s campus and provide your child’s name and class.  Junior Campus orders will be delivered to your child’s class. Senior Campus orders will be delivered to reception for your child to collect the next day.

Junior:  Pullovers (size 6, 8, 10 & 12) have been delayed, they are now due start of Term 4—our apologies.

New products: we now have basic stationery supplies for your convenience – HB pencils, colour pencils, erasers, glue sticks, and pencil grips.  As well as the grab-and-go stock at the uniform shop on Junior Campus – check www.theschoollocker.com.au to see the full range.  Also new to the uniform shop we now have Logitech wireless mice in four great designs – sneaker head, triple scoop, light bulb and skate burger for $29.95 each.

Fridge-to-Go Lunch Bags: Summer is coming!  Ensure your child’s lunch is cool and safe to eat with Fridge-to-Go insulated lunch bags with chiller panels the full width of the bag—ensuring everything in your child’s lunch bag will be kept cool for up to eight hours!  These bags are tough and last on average three to four years making them good value for money at $37.  We have eight different styles to choose from, and spare chiller panels are available to have one on hand in case their lunch bag is not retrieved until the morning.  Come in check them out in readiness for our Brisbane Summer!   These can also be ordered online and are stocked at our Northlakes super store.

Second Hand:  If you wish to buy or sell second hand uniforms there are two options:

  1. For private sales: please visit our very active PoP Second Hand Uniform Buy & Sell Facebook group 
  2. Donated second hand uniforms are now managed by PoP P&F – please check with Reception as to upcoming stall dates.  Donations are welcome at either Campus Reception, bagged and labelled as “donation uniforms”. 

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