2019 Term 3 Week 4


Term 3 Week 4 2019  |  7 August 2019
College News

Thank You

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to all of our parent volunteers that made the College Fete such a wonderful celebration of our community. These events just simply would not happen without the dedication and hard work of these people, and as a College we are very grateful. A special mention must go to our Fete Convenor Emma Schmalkuche and our P&F President Sue Ritchie, for their dedication, making the day a huge success.

I was very proud to mark the occasion with our birthday celebration and it has been an honour for the College to serve our community for 35 years in Primary Education and 10 years in Secondary.  The student performances were fantastic and I thank God for the talented students we currently serve here at Prince of Peace.

To all of our volunteers, I encourage you with 1 Peter 4:10

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

Staffing Update

As we farewell Dana Messer at the end of this week, I am pleased to announce that Linda Perrett will step up into the role for the remainder of the year. Linda is an experienced Educational Leader and has significant experience in Pastoral Care from the Catholic Education system.  Linda will continue teaching her Year 12 class, and to help out in English/HASS, we have recruited Aimee Coulston.  We welcome Aimee to the College at the start of Week 5.

To all of our families, I hope your term is progressing well and just a reminder that the College is closed for the EKKA holiday on Wednesday of Week 5, 14 August.

God Bless

Phil Hulland
Head of College



Prince of Peace has been blessed to have many inspiring, dedicated staff work for us over the years who have deeply impacted the lives of our children. Some of our current staff have been with us for more than 20 years!

So for the next few editions of Popcorn we will be putting the spotlight on some of our longest serving members to glean insight into their time the College.

Amanda Langdon—Teacher, Year 4

How long have you been teaching at PoP?

I started at PoP in 2000. I taught Year 5 and I was known as Miss Weier back then.  I have had three years off to raise my three children when they were babies over this time, but I have been a staff member for nearly 20 years! My how that time has flown! I have predominately taught in Years 4, 5 and 6, and taught a year as a Numeracy Specialist teacher teaching Maths to the Prep to Year 3 students.


What has changed here the most in that time?

So much has changed! Our current admin block was a huge garden with a winding concrete path joining up the buildings. My current Year 4 classroom was our Office Reception and the Principal’s Office. We had a very tiny staffroom with the photocopier in it that was attached to the office block. There was only one teacher’s aide who helped out all of the teachers. When I arrived we had just started double streaming and there was no air conditioning.

How are children different now, to when you started teaching?

Technology has made a huge impact on children today. The children used to get excited when we used the OHT machine to display work for our lessons, and were even more excited when we wheeled in the TV strapped to a stand to possibly watch a VHS movie of something we had taped off TV (for them to watch as part of our units).  Children also read a lot more books to find out information 20 years ago. Today children are digital natives and I am constantly amazed with the ways they use technology both for entertainment and to problem solve and learn.

What things have made teaching easier in that time?

Access to technology has certainly made teaching easier. For many years I had to handwrite report cards and every subject had a handwritten comment. We weren’t allowed to use whiteout on the report cards so you prayed you didn’t make a mistake on the final section of a report otherwise you had to rewrite the whole thing. It was also nice when we grew larger and double/triple streamed as we could form year level teams to work with to share ideas and draw from each other’s experiences.

What are some of the qualities unique to PoP?

Over my 20 years at PoP, some things haven’t changed, and they are the things that keep me here! I love that we are a supportive, caring, Christian community who really does place a huge emphasis on belonging. We are welcoming, encouraging, helpful and respectful. I love that teachers can work alongside families in partnership, and that we are here to help nurture the God given talents for each and every child we teach. It is these qualities, as well as exceptional teaching, that made me bring my own children here.

What is one thing students could focus on to be more successful?

I would love to see all students focus on putting others before themselves, and actively looking for the best in others. Kindness is such an overlooked soft skill these days, and yet it has the power to change lives. I love that our Growing with Gratitude Program addresses these kinds of skills. Everyone can be the ‘kind kid’.

What is one thing parents could focus on to help their children be more successful?

I would really love all parents to help their children to develop a more positive Growth Mindset. So often we see children say things like, “I can’t do Maths, but neither can my mum!” Everyone has the capacity to learn, and having a growth mindset approach reminds us that everyone can be ‘good’ at whatever they put their minds to! Even mums who can’t do Maths (yet!) 🙂 I have fond memories of giving some mini one-on-one Maths lessons to some parents so they could help their child with how we teach Maths ‘these days’!

What have you enjoyed most about teaching at PoP?

I have loved teaching the 500 or so students I have worked closely with in my classroom over my years at PoP. Teaching for me, is all about the relationships we develop with the kids and their families over the year we are together. Kids are funny and I love chatting with them and hearing their perspective on life.  I have also made some excellent friendships with many of the teachers on staff, past and present, and consider myself so very lucky to be able to work with such passionate, dedicated, kind, creative and funny people. Our teachers at PoP are truly second to none.

Anything else you would like to say about your time at PoP?

I can’t wait to see where I will be in another 20 years’ time! I hope I am still working in Lutheran Education in some capacity, as I truly feel that God has called me to work in this field, and I certainly do enjoy it.

Junior Campus News

Be Strong and Courageous!

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. (Paulo Coelho)

I am astounded by the strength and courage of people. Life has a tendency to throw challenges our way, often when we feel we can least stand the test. Our students demonstrate incredible courage each and every day. They fight their battles in maths and science, English and in the playground. They front up to school each and every day and overcome, what I am sure they sometimes feel, are insurmountable challenges.

Let’s consider a few of their challenges: It takes courage to face a reading lesson when you know it does not come easily to you, when the letters on the page seem to dance around with a mind of their own. It takes courage to walk over to your friend who you had a disagreement with yesterday, and seek forgiveness and a fresh start, without holding a grudge. It takes courage to start over at a new school, nervous, anxious yet hopeful that this time things will be different—I will fit in.

At Prince of Peace I am in a position of privilege. The privilege I speak of is the opportunity placed in front of me to witness the best humanity has to give. Each day brings something truly wonderful to my attention. The anxious child, who today made it out of the car and to their classroom, or the teary-eyed student who has just recognised that they have finally understood something elusive in their learning and is beaming with pride: or the student who dared to strive for something so inspiring and difficult, only to fail, turn it into learning, and try again.

Our students are amazing! They are daily examples of Christ’s love in action, their parent’s sacrifices and dedication coming to fruition, and their own character and true self come to life. Our students WILL make a difference in this world!

As a Christian I have been blessed with the understanding of God’s love for me. I know He walks with me, beside me, in front of me and behind me. I know that His love is unfathomably unending for me. There is no greater blessing than to know the love of Christ for you. To sit in his presence and feel his arms wrap around you, reassuring you that ‘You’ve got this!’ because you are not alone. It is this bold courage that I see daily in our students and I am truly blessed.

A Wonderful Celebration

On Sunday 4 August, 12 young people from Prince of Peace Lutheran College and Prince of Peace Lutheran Church took the significant step of participating in their First Communion Celebration. This was a wonderful opportunity to stand beside them and their families as they took the next step of acknowledging their faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It was a highlight to hear them read their faith statements to those present and to observe them taking their First Communion with their families. We extend our warmest congratulations to all students involved. If there are any families interested in First Communion for their children I would encourage you to email Pastor Mark Gierus on mgierus@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au

Book Week Reminder

Our annual Book Week Parade will take place on Wednesday 21 August at 8:45am. This year our parade will be held on our new stage area outside the sports shed on the oval. Parents are reminded that Book Week costumes do not need to be extravagant. Rather, it is often the costumes that have been put together at home that bring with them lots of wonderful memories. Just a reminder that the Book Week theme for 2019 is: Reading is my Secret Power! We look forward to seeing you all there!


Katrina Valencia
Head of Junior Campus

Recognition Mission

The idea of ‘Recognition Mission’ is to encourage children to keep a look out for others—adults or children—who are doing things for other people. And of course, if children know that others around them are looking out for it, they’re going to do kind things because they themselves like to be recognised by their peers/family members.

It’s a really good activity to develop an appreciation for each other. It might be a bit fabricated at the start, but if children keep practicing it, over time it becomes part of their nature. Sometimes, it is obvious when people are doing things for others, but there are times when recognising helpfulness in others is more subtle.  Some good way to start the conversation:

  • Today I saw ….
  • Fred was helping by…
  • The act of kindness I liked best was …

There are many ways to promote a positive attitude and reflect on an attitude of gratitude.  Why not try it today?

Remember Growing with Gratitude is planting the seeds early for future happiness.

What did you see that was kind today?

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Deputy Head of Junior Campus

Senior Campus News

Term Highlights

What a busy start to term?  Here are the highlights:

The Fete was a great celebration of community.  Thanks to our wonderful organisers: Emma Schmalkuche and Susan Ritchie. It is a lot of work to plan and organise this event, and we are so grateful for the generosity of time and expertise of both Emma and Susan. Thanks to all of our parent, staff and student volunteers—without your help the day would not have been a success. The highlight of the day for me was running into Stephen Gough, a student from the Class of 2012,  who had brought his wife along to the fete to show her his old stomping grounds. This is why the Fete is so important in building community and maintaining connections. 

Another example of powerful partnerships was the recent parent teacher student conferences. It was great to see so many engaged in conversations about learning.  If you have any feedback about the change of format please let me know. We believe the new format makes it easier for everyone to keep on time and provides easier access to all.

Congratulations to our newly installed 2019/2020 Senior School Leadership Team.

Senior School Captains : Katie Steele and Lucas Eaglestone
Bradman House Captains : Samantha Keal and Benjamin Beard
Fraser House Captains : Chelsey van de Leur and Cade Whigham 
Jackson House Captains : Lucinda Peterson and Riley Hoyt
Laver House Captains : Ella Hardy and Connor Speirs

We are grateful that we have young people who are aware, caring, generous, courageous and who are keen to lead. The Class of 2020 have chosen as a theme—‘Make a Mark’ which I believe means that as a group they aspire to move through the next 18 months and make a difference.  We look forward to seeing how they transform our community. Thank you to Mr Tim Mander MP (Member for Everton) for his support of our new leaders.

Lighthouse Honour Students

Our Year 12 students are encouraged to apply for the Lighthouse Honour during their Senior year.  At the Leadership ceremony we took the opportunity to bestow this honour on the following students:

  • Carl Bundesen
  • Hayley Churchill
  • Jack Dent
  • Georgia Dux
  • Brendan Fraser
  • Taylah Merrell
  • Samuel Morajkar
  • Cooper Schmidt
  • Charlotte Stephens

The Lighthouse Honour recognises those individuals who display integrity and consistency between their actions and their belief system and who have demonstrated the core values of Prince of Peace, and used their gifts to serve our communities. Congratulations to these worthy recipients.

Last week, was Subject Selection for Year 9 2020, Year 10 2020 and Year 11 2020.  You can find the presentations on the College Communications page of the Parent Portal if you were unable to attend. We ask you to please adhere to the deadlines for the return of the forms, so that subject lines for 2020 can be developed. If you still have questions, students are encouraged to chat to any teachers who know them well in weighing up different subjects.

All members of our community are invited to attend our Senior Campus EXPO on the 13 August from 3.30 to 6.30pm.  This is a wonderful opportunity for families to see the campus in action. We look forward to welcoming you.

This week, Year 8 are on camp at Luther Heights. We have students competing at District Athletics—we wish them well. Our Netball competitions kick off this week, with students participating in the Super 7’s Junior Netball Gala Day and the 2019 BOSL Netball season. Finally, our first group of campers head off  to Mt Binga next Monday. We wish our Year 9 students the experience of a lifetime.

Welcome to Pastor Mark Gierus who has been called to serve our community. His installation led by Assistant Bishop Mark Vainikka was a great celebration, supported by his family, his fellow pastors and our College community. We look forward to getting to know Pastor Mark, who led his first worship this week.

This Friday, we will say goodbye to Mrs Messer. We are very grateful for all that she has contributed in 2019. What I think we will miss the most is her heart for the students and the way that she has encouraged and supported them in their endeavours. We wish her well in her new professional opportunity.


Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

As this will be my last newsletter with this community I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to all at Prince of Peace.  My time here has been filled with so many highlights and it is hard to say goodbye.  As I move into the Queensland Catholic Education Commission I will always hold a special place for Prince of Peace Lutheran College.

I wish all the students every blessing for the future and wish the College all God’s blessings as the year finishes.

Dana Messer
Deputy Head of Senior Campus

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Congratulations to some of our Prep to Year 3 students who received a tennis award last week after participating in the International Hotshots School Challenge.

The PoP team won the Challenge and now have the opportunity to compete in the next competition against other school teams who won at their local level. We are proud of you all!

Netball at PoP

This year, two teams from PoP will be competing in the Queensland Catholic Summer Netball competition at Downey Park. The girls will be commencing training on Monday 12 August and continuing until mid-November. It would be very much appreciated if the hard court could be cleared of cars by no later than 3:20pm.

Senior Campus Sport

2019 Athletics Carnival Age Champions

Following the conclusion of the Prince of Peace 2019 Athletics Carnival, we would like to present our Male and Female Age Champions for each age group. A huge congratulations to the following athletes:

  • 12 years: Flynn Bohan and Alexis Hulcombe
  • 13 years: Thaw-Nay Htoo and Ellen Hamilton
  • 14 years: Mitchell Gardiner and Heidi Noon
  • 15 years: Adam Rowland and Talitha Montgomery
  • 16 years: Lachlan Juric and Chelsey van de Leur
  • 17+ years: Cooper Schmidt and Lythamie Ware

The North West District Athletics Carnival will be taking place over 7–8 August. Prince of Peace have entered a strong team and we look forward to seeing them represent the school and compete against the district across all events.

The 2019 BOSBL (Brisbane Outer Schools Basketball League) season has come to a close in spectacular fashion. After a bit of a shaky start to the season, the boys showed amazing perseverance and finished very strong. They finish the season in 5th place after winning their final’s playoff against Genesis Christian College scoring 70-28. Congratulations to the boys on a great season.

The closing of the BOSBL season signals the beginning of the BOSNL (Brisbane Outer Schools Netball League) season. Prince of Peace have entered a senior girls team into the competition who are excited to see if they can come out on top. The games will take place at the Redcliffe Leagues Netball Association courts on Monday afternoons. We look forward to an enjoyable season.

Friday will see our Year 7 netball girls compete at the Super Sevens Netball competition at Pine Rivers. This is an annual competition which attracts schools from right across Brisbane. This will provide an excellent opportunity for our very talented girls to compete in a round-robin competition and wear the school colours with pride. Best of luck girls!

Tim Arnold
Senior Campus Sport Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Entertainment Book

Once again the Entertainment Book is on sale in support of our Co-curricular Music Program across Senior and Junior Campus. All families have been emailed with a link to use to purchase, or order your Prince of Peace Lutheran College Entertainment Book here »

The Entertainment Book, and the Entertainment Digital Membership are your guide to the most popular restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more, find more details at www.entertainmentbook.com.au

Junior Campus Music News

Music Ensembles:  Congratulations to the Junior Campus Choirs, String, Band and Percussion Ensembles on their performance at the PoP Winter Fete.  A special thank you to Ms Hansen, Mr Thompson and Mr Bowers for their leadership of these groups.  Also a big thank you to Mrs Robyn Harvey of the Senior Campus for her continued support of all ensembles on both campuses.

Music Supporters Group Pie Drive:  Thank you to Mrs Walsh and her team of helpers who organised the Pie Drive fundraiser. Over $900 was raised in profit, funds will go toward the purchase of new equipment for our College ensembles, including a new choir rise for Junior Campus and a portable sound desk for Senior Campus. 

Music Room Concerts: These evening concerts will begin in Week 6.  Please watch your inbox for information from your child’s tutor regarding further information.

Instrumental lessons:  A reminder that term fees are now due.  If you haven’t paid, please finalise as quickly as possible. 

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sherree Cudney 
Junior Campus Music

Senior Campus Music News

Fete Performances

All of our Senior Campus music ensembles performed at the College Fete on Saturday 27 July and added to the vibrant atmosphere with their energetic performances. The live music was well received and much credit goes to the students and their conductors. 

Yatala Pie Drive

On behalf of Sheree Cudney, the Music Supporters group and myself I would like to extend a heart felt thank you to our Prince of Peace Community for their support of the Yatala pie drive which concluded this week. Approximately 560 pies were purchased and over $900 raised in profit. We are grateful for support from the generous parents of both Junior and Senior Campus, and members of the church community. The funds raised will go toward the purchase of new equipment for our College ensembles. This includes a new choir rise for Junior Campus and a portable sound desk for Senior Campus. 

This venture would not have been possible without the tireless work of Mel and Jon Walsh who coordinated all of the administration of the orders and their delivery. Mel also masterminded the sorting and collection of the pies on the delivery day in what was a seamless operation. Much thanks also goes to Jan Brandon, Judy Gardiner, Lisa Scott and Peta Lilly who generously gave of their time to pack the pies for collection. 

I’ve already had many comments about the delicious pies from happy Senior Campus students, so all round a successful fundraiser. 

Brisbane Sings

Three Senior Campus students have elected to join with a massed choir of approximately 200 fellow keen singers in the Queensland Show Choir hosted event Brisbane Sings. Maya Pingel, Jordan Warren and Christiaan  Labuschagne  have already attended nine hours of weekend rehearsals in preparation for the concert at QPAC Concert Hall on Sunday 18 August. They are learning choreography for the Beach Boys Medley and enjoying the emotion of ‘This is the Moment’. Well done to these students who have represented the College so capably. I’m sure the concert will be a highlight of their music experience to date. Tickets are available for purchase here »

Robyn Harvey
Senior Campus Co curricular Music Program Coordinator

The Arts

Congratulations to Lucinda Peterson who recently competed at the Australasian Dance Association (ADA) Brisbane Awards and received first place in Bar to Gold Tap. Lucy also received second place for her jazz solo at the recent Queensland Dance Festival at Redcliffe. She has also just received her Certificate IV in Dance as well as receiving outstanding results for her final syllabus exams, a wonderful achievement.

Church News & Notices


Sunday 11 August
9 Pentecost
Worship Service with Holy Communion 9am
Message: Pastor Kevin
Sermon Series on the Gospel of Matthew
#8 “Blessed are the pure at heart…

Evening Worship 5pm
Together @5
Year 1 service, followed by a sausage sizzle in the Green Room.

Thought for the Week
“When you have reached your own room, be kind to those who have chosen different doors and to those who are still in the hall.” (C.S. Lewis)

Community News and Notices

Uniform Shop News

Orders: Orders can be placed by phone or email through the College website using the link on the Uniform Shop Page or on the Home Page, or at anytime from The School Locker Website. Note: If you wish to avoid home delivery fees during term times, nominate delivery to your child’s campus and provide your child’s name and class.  Junior Campus orders will be delivered to your child’s class. Senior Campus orders will be delivered to reception for your child to collect the next day.

Junior: Out of stock – Navy pullovers size 6, 8 & 10 due end August.  Apologies for the inconvenience.  Track jackets can be worn with formal uniform in the meanwhile until pullovers arrive. Now available – medium hats, skorts all sizes, size 13-3 ankle socks, track pants size 8 & 10

New – Chess Club Uniform: Chess Club polos size 4 to large (adult) $35 and they look great!  The polo shirts are to be worn with the sport shorts or skorts.

Senior: Out of stock – medium track jackets due mid August, large due mid July; track pants size XS, S, M & XL T.B.A; blouse size w12 due end of August. Now available – large hats, size 9-12 ankle socks, track jackets size XS.

New: Maroon fingerless gloves $9.95 and maroon zip fleece jackets to keep warm this Winter and for the next State of Origin game now reduced to $10 until August 10.   Also Kazoos and pencil grips in a range of colours are now available at the uniform shop – they would make great party favours or homework rewards.

Mid Year Special – Children’s Headphones: JBL children’s headphones with safe sound limit (less than 85dB) are 20% off: were $39.95 now $31.95 (red or blue).  Wireless safe sound model $69.95 20% off: now $55.95 (pink or blue).

Second Hand:  If you wish to buy or sell second hand uniforms there are two options:

  1. For private sales: please visit our very active PoP Second Hand Uniform Buy & Sell Facebook group 
  2. Donated second hand uniforms are now managed by PoP P&F – please check with Reception as to upcoming stall dates.  Donations are welcome at either Campus Reception, bagged and labelled as “donation uniforms”. 

P & F 

Thank you to all the parents and friends who volunteered at the fete, from all reports everyone had a great time.

To all the children who have personally come up to me and said thank you, you have no idea how much that means. 
The next P & F meeting is being held in the Junior Campus Library on 21 August at 7pm. We would love for you to come and join us.

Susan Ritchie
P and F President

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