Getting involved in the Parents and Friends Association (P&FA) or one of its subgroups is a great way to make connections with fellow parents, find out more about daily life at the College and to make a genuine difference to your child and other children at the College.

The P&FA supports the College with resources and facilities and provides a place for parents to get together as a community and share interests.

We encourage families to get involved with the P&FA and/or the subgroups coordinated by the P&FA at any level. Whether you can give an hour a week or an hour a year, our P&FA would love to hear from you. The P&FA meets one evening a term, and all parents and friends are very welcome. P&FA and subgroup meetings, along with activities and events, are advertised in the College newsletter.

Many of the facilities enjoyed by our students have been provided by funds raised by the P&FA over the years.

For more information about getting involved with or supporting the P&FA, please contact the President.

The current P&FA subgroups include:

Class social representative (CSR)

Each class at the Junior Campus has one or more CSR. This is a fun and social job and is an excellent way to get to know the families in your child’s class.

Fete Committee

The annual fete is the highlight of the College community calendar and a fabulous family day out. Its success relies on all our families lending a hand in some way; helping on or coordinating a stall, baking, packing, sorting, planting and so on.

We also provide sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. For more information about sponsorship, please contact the Fete Convenor.

Friends of the Library

If you enjoy books, this is the group for you. The group’s role is to support the work of the Library team and coordinate events such as book readings and themed decorations in line with the work done in library classes.

Music Supporters group

This group supports the College’s instrumental music program by providing support to the teaching team, providing support and fellowship for music parents, fundraising and providing feedback to the teaching staff.

Sports Supporters group

Our Sports Supporters group provides support and fellowship to the College sports teams and their parents by supporting sporting events on and off campus.

Working bees

Working bee mornings are held across the year during Terms 1, 2 and 4 and young and old, big and small alike are welcome to join us for a rewarding few hours at one of the campuses.