Term 4 Week 8 | 22 November 2023
College News

Congratulations Year 12

By now the images of Year 12’s celebrating the culmination of their secondary education have been a regular feature of our nightly television news. And despite a certain amount of trepidation that accompanies those jubilant images, there is something wonderful to celebrate in all that excitement and joy.

Last week here at PoP, we congratulated and farewelled our Seniors. Savouring each moment of the final week, which included The Great Race at Southbank, Valedictory Dinners, special communion and the final Worship Services, the graduating class of 2023 brought much joy, fun and celebration to the Prince of Peace community.

Congratulations Year 12…. well done!

POP Celebrates Learning and Growth

Simultaneously, I have had the pleasure of signing off a suite of beautiful awards, to be presented to students in other year levels at PoP Celebrates on Thursday afternoon/evening. I have been very impressed by the sheer number of students who have clearly given their best to learning, growing, and serving. The end of year is indeed an opportune time to recognise and celebrate the unique progress and growth of each student. If 2023 has included challenge and difficulty, as is so often a normal part of life, then let us give thanks for that too. We know that more often than not, we learn more from hardship and in resolving problems than simply from the highs of success and mountain top experiences. If helpful, there is a terrific little devotion on this last point called “The Struggle for Freedom – Butterflies” (Christy Johnson) that you may wish to use…

Staff Lead the Way

Finally, I would love to acknowledge two teachers at Prince of Peace who will shortly be recognised by Lutheran Education Queensland for their faithful service. Please join me in congratulating Ms Kim Murray and Mrs Coreta Lennon for reaching their 10 year and 20 year service awards respectively. In the modern-day world of teaching and educating young people, these two staff members are a shining example of the sort of commitment and care that makes Prince of Peace the very special family that it is. Thank you.

Congratulations all round! So much to celebrate

…and then there’s Christmas.

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. Luke 2:11

Finally, this will be my last opportunity to share a thought or two via the POPCORN newsletter, as my time here at Prince of Peace is rapidly approaching the end.  I thank God for the wonderful blessing that the PoP community have been to me.  I have learnt so much and will fondly remember the special time I have enjoyed with you all.

May God continue to bless and protect you.

Warren Irvine
Acting Head of College

Year 11 and Prep Jersey Presentation

We were delighted to welcome Prep students over to the Middle and Senior Campus this week to celebrate the special rite of passage of the Year 12 class for 2024 in receiving their Year 12 jersey. This marks the beginning of a special relationship that is formed between Year 12 and Year 1 buddies at Prince of Peace. The joy of singing together, sharing in worship and community in our new auditorium was a blessing. Thank you to the Prep students, families and staff for an early start in ensuring Prep students were able to travel across to be at the Middle and Senior Campus.

This special ritual reminds us all that our formal learning begins in Prep and ends at Year 12, and the wonderful growth and development that occurs in these years for our children and young people as they step into their future with hope, courage and grace.

Please enjoy more pictures in the Photo Gallery on our Website here »

Bus Services

The College currently operates five bus services. All five services operate both before and after school for student pick up and drop off to and from the College. In addition, students are able to catch a between campus service each morning and afternoon to assist those parents with students on both campuses should you consider this to be helpful.

Please visit the College website to view a map of our current services and stops. Information regarding 2024 bus routes and charges will be added to the website in the coming weeks.

The exact route of each bus is reviewed prior to the start of the school year with the aim to accommodate student bookings as best we can. Minor changes to bus routes may sometimes be possible between each school term. We are unable to provide a door-to-door service, but we do endeavour to pickup/drop off each student at a convenient and safe point.

Should you be interested in utilising the bus service but not sure of a stop location or wish to request consideration of a particular stop location please email buses@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au

Code Camp is Back for Term 1 2024!

The dates and timings for Term 1 2024 sessions are:

Class Type: Coding – Years 2–6
Day: Tuesdays
Dates: 30 January to 19 March (8 sessions)
Times: 3:00pm-4:15pm
Cost: $260

Please book via the Code Camp website HERE »

We are looking forward to continuing our students’ tech journey with Code Camp!

Junior Campus News

Thank you – Parents, Staff and Students

As the school year draws to a close, it is often a time to reflect on what has been; the interactions, the successes, the joys as well as the challenges.  In the coming week, I encourage you all to look through the lens of gratitude on the year that was 2023.

A huge thank you to our parent community who have supported, upheld and championed your children.  We value your involvement and partnership; we are all better because of you and your willingness to be involved. Please join us for coffee and snacks at the Thank You event on Wednesday 29 November.

To our students it has again been a privilege to work with you, share joy and excitement and watch you grow and learn through 2023.  You are the reason we are here and I can’t imagine PoP without your energy, kindness and love of learning.

To our staff – I sincerely thank you for your hard work and dedication again this year. Your skill, expertise, energy and care is amazing.  My hope is that you find some time in the holiday period to rest and recharge.

At this time, I want to thank the following staff and acknowledge their contribution to PoP.

  • Mrs Joanne Crawford who has resigned after 15 years at PoP. This is an amazing contribution, and we hope to see her around relief teaching in 2024.
  • Mrs Andrea Muller who is embarking on a family tree change to Chinchilla.
  • Mrs Kristi Williams who has secured a teaching position at Genesis Christian College for 2024
  • Mrs Julieen Hicks, who plans to study and pop in for relief teaching in 2024.

We have loved your contributions to our community and we wish you every blessing for the next steps in the journey.

As the 2023 school year comes to a close, I pray that you find time to reflect on the blessing of community and take a moment to remember and thank those who make the Prince of Peace Community a special place – parents, staff and students.

While I may see many of you at the end of Year celebrations: PoP Celebrates, the PoP Community Carols this coming Saturday 25 November, the Thank You Event for Parents and Volunteers or the Year 6 Celebration Service, I want to wish all of you a blessed holiday period.

May you find time to celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas and feel His peace and joy in our lives.

Be blessed and know that you are a blessing to others.

Thank you PoP community for all you do.

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Head of Campus – Junior

2024 Class Allocation

Last week a SEQTA message notified you of your child’s class for 2024 in preparation for the Step-Up Session that occurred on Monday. Our teachers loved getting to know their 2024 students a little bit and hope that this will be a positive step for students as they settle into 2024.

Semester 2, 2023 Report Cards

During the last week of term, student reports for Semester 2, 2023 will be issued via SEQTA. If you do not have access to your child’s report by the last day of term, please contact the College.

So Much to Be Grateful For!

As I sit and reflect on the year that has been for our Prince of Peace community, one-word springs to mind… Grateful. Grateful for the kind, welcoming families, grateful for the dedicated, hard-working staff and grateful for the beautiful students who are the heart of this special place. Grateful that every day, we are blessed by those around us, and we are able to bless others in our community.

As we reflect on this year, we can be grateful for the return of community. For the times we have shared together from information evenings, beginning of year conversations, student led conversations, celebration of learning and expos, Chapels, camps, award evenings, reading groups, social gatherings, coffee carts and more. We have had so many opportunities to come together and celebrate the wonderful community that is Prince of Peace. Ubuntu – I am what I am because of who we all are.

Hebrews 10:25 tells us ‘And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another’. This verse encourages believers to encourage one another. The idea is that through communal gatherings, individuals can provide support, motivation, and inspiration to each other. Being part of community with one another is a fundamental aspect of human life and society. It is a dynamic and evolving experience that contributes significantly to the social, emotional, and intellectual aspects of human life. It plays a crucial role in building a sense of connection and purpose in individuals’ lives.

I truly believe that coming together as a village has made our PoP community stronger, more effective, and more appreciated.

Thank you for all the work you do in supporting our PoP community! We pray that you have a safe, blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

ALWS Christmas Community Challenge – Blessings Beyond Ourselves

Just a reminder about our Junior Campus Christmas Community Challenge where we are encouraging our students to look beyond themselves this festive season. In classes, students are learning about what it is like for others in different parts of the world.

We are using the Australian Lutheran World Service website and resources to develop  empathy, understanding and compassion for people who are less fortunate.  However, we don’t want to just listen and learn facts, we want to do something to help. Year 6 began some fundraising this week with a carwash raising $137.16 for ALWS—well done Year 6.

Below is a table of activities that our students are encouraged to participate in.


Coreta Lennon
Deputy Head of Campus – Junior

Middle & Senior Campus News

Celebrating the Year 12 Graduates of 2023

It has been a blessing to be able to celebrate the growth and development of our Year 12 Graduates for 2023 with our students, parents, special friends, and staff (present and past) over the last week at the Valedictory Dinner and Year 12 Farewell Service. We are thankful to parents and our Year 12 Graduates in allowing us the privilege of sharing in your learning journey. Thank you to all of our Year 12 Graduates for what they have done and been for us at Prince of Peace. We know that regardless of what happens on the results day, we know that each of our Graduates have been created as a unique child of God, who has given them a purpose and great hope for the future.

Our prayer for our Graduates is that God will give them the courage, grace and faith to move into the next steps of their lives with conviction, a service heart and hope. May the blessings of God be with them always as he walks beside them each step of the way.

Please enjoy more pictures in the Photo Gallery on our Website here »

Year 12 Valedictory Awards

Awards are part of the celebration of living in a Christ-centred community, recognising the gifts and talents our Lord has blessed us with and celebrating the growth in the lives of our young people.  We recognise student achievement in many ways throughout the year in Awards Assemblies and the Year 12 Final Assembly. However, it has been a tradition at Prince of Peace to recognise the service of our young people through a variety of community and College awards at the Valedictory Dinner.

We congratulate the following students on their outstanding service to the College in receiving the following awards:

Excellence of Effort Award Recipients: Keira Andretzke, Sophi Armanno, Patrick Austin, Kiara Blake, Indiana Brown, Jett Cargill, Grace Doyle, Olivia Farrar, Jonas Forbes-Schutz, Natalie Gardso, Georgia Glentworth, Laura Horsington, Molly Nocher, Oscar Peterson, Xavier Sivyer, Elke Sokimi, Mikayla Swift and Phoebe Tobin.

Cultural Awards: Bronze: Christian Labuschagne, Lily Thom, Silver: Asher Waverley-Smith, Gold: Laura Horsington, Mikayla Swift

Sporting Awards: Silver: Mitchell Gardiner, William Hulcombe, Gold: Grace Doyle, Jonas Forbes-Schutz

Servant Heart Award recipients: Sophi Armanno, Patrick Austin, Kiara Blake, Laura Horsington, Xavier Siyver, Mikayla Swift, Lilly Thom, Phoebe Tobin, Asher Waverley-Smith and Jeremy Wong.

Lighthouse Honour recipients: Jonas Forbes-Schutz and Laura Horsington

ADF Long Tan Leadership Award Recipient: Xavier Siyver

ADF Future Innovators Award Recipient: Patrick Austin

Cultural Ambassador of the Year Award for 2023 Recipient: Mikayla Swift

Sportsperson of the Year Award for 2023 Recipient: Jonas Forbes-Schutz

Turia Pitt Medal: Georgia Glentworth

Servant Heart Medallion recipient: Lilly Thom

The Spirit of Prince of Peace recipient: Laura Horsington

We also congratulate the following students who have received early offers into Tertiary Courses:

Kiara Blake: Bachelor of Global Development at ACU

Siena Bramwell : Diploma of Design/Bachelor of Visual Arts at Griffith College

Olivia Farrar: Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)

Natalie Gardso: Bachelor of Paramedicine at UniSC

Georgia Glentworth: Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Economics at QUT

William Hulcombe: Bachelor of Property Economics at QUT

Molly Nocher: Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) at QUT

Oscar Peterson: Bachelor of Business at QUT

Mikayla Swift: Bachelor of Speech Pathology at ACU

Phoebe Tobin: Bachelor of Nutrition Science at QUT

Please enjoy more pictures in the Valedictory Photo Gallery on our Website here »

End of Year Reflections and Thanksgiving

We thank students, staff, parents and extended family members for the support that you have given in developing the passions, service and heart of the young people at Prince of Peace. We thank our dedicated teaching, support and leadership staff for developing the God given potential of our students in 2023. We thank parents for the trust and support you have given the College staff to care and nurture the talents and gifts of your children.

As we come to end of 2023 and we enter the Christmas and holiday season, may the Christmas Blessing warm your hearts and minds;

May the feet of God walk with you,

May his hand hold you tight,

May the child of God grow in you,

And his love bring you home.

We wish all our Prince of Peace Middle and Senior Campus students, families and staff a blessed Christmas and holiday break. May it be a time of family, peace, belonging and rest as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the reason for the season.

We look forward for 2024 with hope, optimism and courage for the new chapter that will unfold in our lives.

Every blessing for the week ahead,

Sarah Hoff-Zweck
Head of Campus – Middle and Senior

Missed Year 7 / Year 10 Vaccination/s

If your child missed their Year 7 or Year 10 vaccination/s this year, Ozcare will be conducting catch-up clinics over the Christmas holiday period. Please see below for information:

Ozcare, North Lakes Branch, 5 Endeavour Blvd, North Lakes  Q   4509

Wednesday 13 December 2023 – 7.00am – 5.30pm
Thursday 14 December 2023 – 7.00am – 5.30pm

 Please note, these clinics are only open to students who are currently in Year 7 or Year 10 and have missed their vaccination/s earlier this year.

 If you wish your student to be vaccinated at one of these clinics, please complete the applicable consent form (Year 7 Consent Form | Year 10 Consent Form), and return direct to Ozcare at sip.northlakes@ozcare.org.au. Bookings can be made by contacting us on 3482 1858.

If you are uncertain if your child has been vaccinated, please check the Australian Immunisation Register before completing a new consent form. For further information regarding the School Immunisation Program, please click here.

Should you require any further information, please contact Ozcare direct at sip.northlakes@ozcare.org.au  or 3482 1858.

Year 9 Enterprise Day

Enterprise Day on Monday was a tremendous success! This is because all the businesses had students and teachers eyeing and buying their products for the whole break. As the lunchbreak progressed, lines of hungry students snaked around the undercroft area, awaiting their turn to purchase homemade/cooked goodies. The series of stalls consisted of products from popcorn, fairy floss and snow cones, to kebabs, and even a pie face game where students paid one dollar to pie their teachers in the face! But that’s just to name a few. Our group decided to make and sell Taylor Swift themed Cupcakes and Bracelets and although we didn’t sell out entirely, we did well as we sold over half of our overall products, resulting in 52 sales, including our 2 for 1 deal and our one cupcake, one bracelet deal. At the end of the day, everyone in our business class was satisfied with the profit they had made and proud of the effort they put into creating their business and selling their products.

By Freya Garrad and Ava Downie

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Year 3 – Year 6 Inter-house Swimming Carnival

Next Tuesday 28 November the Year 3 – Year 6 Inter-house Swimming Carnival will be held at Albany Creek Leisure and Aquatic Centre. Please refer to the information sent home via SEQTA on Friday 3 November. Thank you to those parent helpers for offering their assistance during the day.

Should your child require use of the bus to travel to and from school to the carnival, please email buses@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au

We hope to see you there!

Snap Shot of Physical Education Lessons

The Yulunga: A Traditional Indigenous Games is a resource that combines curriculum principles and cultural traditions in sport-related activities for people of all ages, while ensuring the integrity of traditional games. For the last three weeks our students have had the privilege of exploring and performing a variation of these games, fostering inclusivity, teamwork, enhancing their intercultural understanding and knowledge of the importance of Indigenous Culture. Here is what our PoP cohorts enjoyed playing:

Prep: ‘Wabbyn’ a guessing game (page 102)

Year 1: ‘Mer Kolap’ an object throwing game (page176)

Year 2: ‘Prun’ a mock warfare tournament (page 180)

Year 3: ‘Jirrakayiku’ a rope skipping game (page 138)

Year 4: ‘Marngrook’ a ball kicking game (page 20)

Year 5: ‘Turdurerrin’ a wrestling game (page 241)

Year 6: ‘Kami Kami’ a hockey style ball rolling game using a mukurru, fighting stick as a bat (page 78)

Jessica Schneider
Junior Campus PE Teacher & Sport Coordinator

Middle & Senior Campus Sport

Inter-House Swimming Carnival

The Middle and Senior School Inter-House Swimming Carnival was again held at the Albany Creek Leisure Centre this year. The students came out in force to earn points for their house, with a number of competitive and novelty events on offer for students to participate in.

It was a great day and a lovely way to spend one of the final days of schooling with our Year 12s. Congratulations to the following students who were our Age Champions on the day.

12 yrs – Erin Doig and Thomas Forbes-Schutz
13 yrs – Jade Lewis and Lachlan Larder
14 yrs – Chloe Wheatley and Levi Larder
15 yrs – Georgia Bean and Harvey Turnell
16 yrs – Freya Forbes-Schutz and Lewyn Turnell
17yrs – Charlotte Scott and Harry Valencia
18 yrs – Laura Horsington and Jonas Forbes-Schutz

Fraser house took out the day with 876 points, Bradman was 2nd with Jackson and Laver taking the minor placings.

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed on the day!

Met North 16-19yrs Boys Cricket Team

Congratulations to Elijah Walsh in Year 11 for making the Met North Cricket Team last week! This is a wonderful achievement for Elijah, his second time making this team in recent years. Best of luck for the State Championships in March next year!

If you require any more information, please contact myself via SEQTA or the Senior Campus via email receptionsc@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au

Gabrielle Collman
Middle & Senior Campus Teacher – Sports Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

Classroom Music

Junior Campus Choirs – Week 9 Rehearsal

Rehearsal in the final week will be Wednesday morning for those children who are attending the Hills Community Carols on Saturday 2 December.

JC Choirs Performances: PoP Carols – Saturday 25 November

There is a combined Carols evening between our Church and School communities on Saturday 25 November. The Junior Campus Choirs will be presenting several songs throughout the evening. Please arrive by 4:30pm for sound check. Food can be purchased from the BBQ. Choirs to wear Performance Uniform and add some Christmas item – eg. Tinsel in hair, Christmas earrings.

Carols (take 2) Saturday 2 December

The Junior Campus Choirs have been invited to perform a 20min bracket of songs and carols at the Hills District Christmas Carols in the Park on Saturday 2 December.

Although it’s the day after the College finishes, if you’re available it’s a lovely way to end the year and celebrate the season.

  • George Willmore Park, 52 Ferny Hills Way, Ferny Hills
  • Choir performing early in the program – time to be confirmed
  • Solo performance by Mrs. Cudney herself later in the evening

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

Middle & Senior Campus Music News

Music News

As the school year draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during the year. Primarily thank you for your support of our musicians at home and for getting them to rehearsals and concerts. This makes a bigger difference to their lives than you may realise. Aside from the disciplines of:

  • regular training,
  • getting out of bed in the morning,
  • being a member of a group that depends on you,
  • sometimes doing it even if you don’t feel like it,
  • taking risks doing something challenging,
  • making mistakes but in a safe place,
  • performing in public and being immediately rewarded for the joy that brings.

Aside from all of this there is neurological evidence that regular music training changes your very brain function.

Dr Anita Collins has undertaken extensive research in Australia looking at the impact of music training on young brains:

Dr Collins’s research is backed up by numerous longitudinal studies that show a positive correlation between learning music and improved academic outcomescognitive function and wellbeing.

I honour you for actively making this choice for your child.

Last Week of Rehearsals

This is the last week of rehearsals for the year. There will be NO lessons or rehearsals in Week 9. The PoP Community Carols  on Saturday November 25 will be our last gig for 2023. All of our ensembles are performing. You should have a DM from me with details about sound checks in the afternoon. We are all looking forward to a great night of music and community. Come with all of your family and enjoy the songs and stories we all know so well. Christmas Carols are one of the few melodies we learn through an aural tradition. You sing them and your children’s learning of them is tied to their memories of you, and your care and warmth, the timbre of your voice, the feeling of being in community and knowing you are safe and important.  Please put this date into your diaries as events like this are trademarks of our school and community.

Beyond that I wish a blessed Christmas on all of you. Eat well, sleep soundly, do things you love and be intentional about it, be kind, and remember to tell your loved ones how special they are, every day.

Stay tuned!

Linda Brady
Middle & Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


Saturday 25 November:
PoP Community Christmas Carols

Sunday 26 November:
9am Worship
5pm Together@5

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

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