Bus Services

The College owns five buses, which are used before and after school for student pick ups and drop offs, and during the day for excursions and College events.

We run before and after school bus services as follows:

In addition, students can catch a between-campus bus to assist those parents with students at both campuses. More details for this can be found here.

The exact route of each bus is reviewed at prior to the start of the school year to accommodate the students booked on each route. We are unable to provide a door-to-door service, but we do endeavour to pick up and/or drop off each student at a convenient and safe point. Drivers operate on a very tight schedule and cannot wait for students who are late for their pick up or drop off. For the safety of all, students and parents co-sign a student Code of Conduct for use of our College buses.

Parents are provided with the mobile phone number of their driver, and can contact the driver directly in the event of an emergency or to advise the driver if their child is not attending school.

If you are interested in further information on these services, including costs and pickup/drop off locations, please contact our Junior Campus reception on 07 3872 5775.

For families in areas not serviced by College buses but wishing to access bus services from Eatons Hill and Albany Creek to the College, please check Brisbane Bus Lines.