Junior School (P-6)

At Prince of Peace, we are committed to honouring relationships and creating a harmonious school environment. We understand that a child who is happy, has friends and feels supported is one who is willing to learn.

After the Kindergarten year, the Prince of Peace learning journey moves to Prep. Our two Prep classes are set slightly away from the main school, and with their own play areas, provide space for our youngest students to make the transition into school life. The caring and talented Prep teaching team includes a full-time, early-childhood-trained teacher and a teacher’s aide for each class.

During the Prep year, foundations are laid for the development of literacy and numeracy skills, with children supported to develop these skills at a rate appropriate for each child. Learning becomes more structured as the year progresses, ensuring a smooth transition into Year 1.

The learning program in Years 1-6 supports children as they shift from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’. Learning experiences take account of the increased importance of peers and higher levels of cognitive skills, including the ability to become both self reflective and outward looking. Students are challenged to extend themselves, achieve their full potential across all dimensions of life and be increasingly independent in their learning.

How happy we are at the Junior School. Both our children enjoy going to school every day, which to me is a very telling sign of a good school and good teachers. Our boys are flourishing under the care of their teachers, and we love the leadership opportunities that the children receive at Prince of Peace, even as early as Year 2. — Mr J


Our year-group teaching teams take pride in bringing the curriculum to life through creative and engaging methods, such as the Year 6 leadership program, which gives students hands-on experience and understanding of the Australian parliamentary system.

Information and communication technology features throughout the school. Each class and year group makes use of a wide range of devices that support and enhance learning.

The College provides a differentiated curriculum that caters for individual needs and supports children to continue their development in the key areas of English, Mathematics and Christian Studies. We deliver all subjects of the Australian Curriculum as they are released. From Prep to Year 6, students spend the majority of the day with their class teacher, but enjoy specialist teaching in the areas of Health and Physical Education, Music, The Arts (Visual Arts, Media Arts, Drama and Dance) and Spanish.

Spanish language study is introduced in Prep and continues to Year 12 as a continuous language experience, with the option of studying Indonesian from Year 7 through to Year 12.

We also provide a high level of support for those who need a little extra help and those who require a higher level of challenge.

A number of sporting, musical and extracurricular activities support the core curriculum at the Junior School.

Students at the Junior Campus participate in the College’s holistic outdoor education program, which commences in Year 2 and continues until Year 11.

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