Fees and Charges

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We offer a number of options for payment of fees to suit varying family circumstances. Our families can pay their fees annually, term by term, monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

A direct debit is required for monthly, fortnightly or weekly payment plans; alternatively families can pay full-term fees using our Payment Portal, Credit Card, BPay or EFTPOS.

Families may choose to pay annually, attracting a 2.7% discount (on student tuition fees only), this is only offered to families paying the full year’s fees at the beginning of the calendar year. If you would like to take advantage of this discount, please contact the College Business Office.

Information regarding College fees and charges is as follows:


College Fees and Charges

Edstart Payment Options

For families interested in reducing their monthly repayments by paying their school fees off over a longer period, Edstart can provide easy, flexible and low-cost payment plans.

Edstart is a private company that allows parents to pay their tuition fees and charges off over time – up to 5 years after their child/ren graduated, thereby reducing their regularly monthly payments.

To find out more and apply for funding, download this Edstart Helpsheet, or  go to www.edstart.com.au/princeofpeace

Once approved, Edstart will pay the school the invoice amount due and you will make regular monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments to Edstart.  If you have any queries, please contact Edstart on 1300 139 445 or chat to their team at contact@edstart.com.au.

Please note, in providing information about Edstart, the College does not provide any recommendations, brokering or advice services. We do not receive referral fees, commissions or other remuneration from Edstart.