Middle School (Y7-9)

Our purpose-designed Middle School program was established in 2007, and provides a stimulating and supportive environment for students as they move through the challenging times of the adolescent years. The curriculum supports and engages students in learning, promotes acceptance and belonging, and encourages personal development.

Growth through Challenge
Middle School students are challenged to work independently and collaboratively. The curriculum is responsive to the needs of adolescent learners, providing a range of learning experiences.

An important element of our learning culture is the acknowledgement that everyone learns in different ways and at different rates. We provide a differentiated curriculum and a wide variety of learning experiences. We are committed to putting students at the centre of learning, developing lifelong learners and providing opportunities to pursue personal excellence. We also encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning by teaching them learning and thinking strategies.

We have children at both the Senior and Junior Campus. Our kids love going to school and we have always found Prince of Peace to be a genuine, positive and safe environment for children to grow within. Wonderful caring teachers, surrounded by a vibrant & enthusiastic community. — Mr N


Learning with Purpose
Middle schooling encourages engagement through relevance and meaning and students are empowered to make choices about their own learning. Prince of Peace is committed to providing a challenging and rigorous program that offers exciting and authentic learning experiences connecting students to the real world. These experiences include:

  • engaging our Year 7 and 8 in the Arts and Technology so they can explore a range of creative, critical and innovative ways to learn
  • participation in a creative arts production as part of the Year 8 Arts program
  • the GR8 Race—where students (under supervision) develop their planning and problem-solving skills to navigate their way around Brisbane landmarks using public transport
  • setting up and running a small business as part of the Year 9 Enterprise Education program

The highlight of our Middle School program is the yearlong Ubuntu journey in Year 9. Through a range of activities combining the learning areas of Christian Studies and Health and Physical Education, and a challenging four-week outdoor experience, students prepare mentally and emotionally to tackle their senior schooling years.

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