Volunteering at Prince of Peace

Lutheran schools seek to ensure that each member of the school community enjoys a positive, safe, healthy and respectful workplace.

At Prince of Peace we are committed to observing Christ’s command to love one another and to treat each other with dignity and respect. This is why all volunteers within our school need to have completed a 30-minute online training course prior to helping in and around the school.

If you are thinking of helping out by listening to students read, volunteering with Learning Enrichment or wanting to be considered for attending camps or excursions, you will need to complete the online training course before you start to volunteer. Once completed you can either email your certificate to the Deputy Head of the Junior Campus (P-6), or the Director of Daily Operations (Yr7-12), or give a copy of your certificate to the Campus Reception, marked for the attention of the Deputy Head of Campus.

Once your certificate has been lodged, the appropriate teachers will be notified of your availability to volunteer.

At Prince of Peace, we highly value the wonderful parents, caregivers and grandparents who volunteer to enrich the learning experiences for the students and we urge you to complete this short course for the continued benefit of our students. Many of you will be able to complete this course quickly at home.

This guide has been provided to assist you through the process.

Should you be unable to access either the internet or your email via a web browser, please contact the Junior Campus Reception so that we can arrange for you to complete the training at the College.

If you have any queries regarding this training, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Junior Campus Reception.

As part of our obligations to help ensure each member of the school community enjoys a positive, safe, healthy and respectful workplace, all staff and school volunteers are obliged to meet the requirements of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) Safe Place Policy. Valuing Safe Communities (VSC) is a school-specific program to comply with this expectation.

VSC integrates a range of national policies, procedures and guidelines that impact on relationships in Lutheran schools and embeds the LCA’s Safe Place Policy within it. It provides resources to ensure staff and volunteers in their school receive training in developing positive and safe communities.