Community consultation and feedback has helped us shape Nurturing our Future: The Prince of Peace Lutheran College 2023-2025 Strategic Direction, and we invite our community to learn more about our focus as we partner together in its implementation.

In 2022 we conducted consultation with our community to better understand what families want for their children and to also understand the challenges they face. We also undertook a strategic planning process to help us map out our issues, the current educational environment and what future-focused education would look like. Together, these elements helped us shape and develop our plan.

Focusing on three key objectives to ensure our Prince of Peace students receive an exceptional Christ-Centred education

Ours is a sharply focused plan with three key areas of focus. This is pertinent because we firmly believe by narrowing our focus and delving deep on each area we are more likely to achieve what is required in the short term.

Our Strategic Direction focuses on the delivery of three core objectives:

  1. Identity and community connection
  2. Future focused education
  3. Spaces and resources for a sustainable future

We believe if we are diligent in the implementation of supporting actions to achieve these three objectives we will position the College well for sustainable growth and be a desirable choice for Christian education within our region.

This Strategic Direction is a community plan that provides a blueprint for managing change and global challenges

Our plan is also underpinned by the acknowledgement that we are guided daily by our College Vision, Mission and Values.

We invite all of our community to read our Strategic Direction and seek out ways that they can contribute to each element. Together we will fulfil what we have set out to accomplish.

You can download a copy of our Strategic Plan here »