Play-based curriculum

We engage in purposeful play experiences, allowing children to develop essential skills in the five developmental domains: fine motor, gross motor, language, social, and cognitive, as active learners build curiosity, inquiry, research, self-management and communication skills. Our Kindergarten focuses on creating solid learning foundations with literacy, numeracy and STEM embedded throughout the program.

Working in partnership, our curriculum celebrates and reflects our children and their family histories, cultures, and traditions. When our Kindy children are ready to start school, our transition program ensures they feel secure, confident and prepared to move into a school setting. Equipped with school readiness skills and positive dispositions for learning, our Kindergarten children are competent learners well-prepared for new experiences.

Children also enjoy borrowing books weekly from the Junior Campus Library and participate in other College events such as Book Week, Sports Days, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The Kindergarten has introduced the PreLit Program. It is designed by Macquarie University for the children attending formal schooling the following year.