The close community relationships of the College enhance the daily lives of our students and their families. We are proud of our welcoming parent, staff and student community and grateful for the wonderful work done by our parents and friends in supporting daily school activities and through fundraising and ‘friendraising’ activities.


Ways for Parents to Get Involved

Christian Studies is a central curriculum component from Prep to Year 12, and Christian values and ethos are embedded and lived out in our daily activity.

As a Lutheran College we warmly welcome families of all denominations and also those with no set faith, but who share the appreciation of the College’s purpose and mission and the ten values of Lutheran Education Australia:

  • love
  • justice
  • compassion
  • forgiveness
  • service
  • humility
  • courage
  • hope
  • quality
  • appreciation

The Junior Campus enjoys the use of the Prince of Peace Church for its worship services and both campuses enjoy connections with the church congregation. Simple acts, such as the church providing lunch for our Year 12 students during QCS exams, allow opportunities for the congregation and students to connect.

The College is blessed to have a School Pastor who works across both campuses. Our Pastor regularly leads worship services and also plays a pastoral care role in supporting and counselling students.

I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of such a wonderful school community. Thanks for going above and beyond for our children. — Ms F


Our staff at Prince of Peace comes from a range of faith backgrounds and all teaching staff participate in a Bible study program as part of their ongoing professional development.

As students journey through their school years, they are provided with a wide range of faith-based activities as part of the school routine, including:

Daily devotion, which provides an enjoyable start to the day throughout the College. In the younger years, this takes the form of a prayer, a story, or a song in the classroom. At the Senior Campus, students start to take responsibility for leading the devotion in their Pastoral Care classes alongside their teacher or a fellow student. Staff also start the day with a short devotion run by a fellow staff member. Daily devotions provides time to connect with God and each other on a spiritual level prior to the busy school day.

Worship takes place twice a week at each campus and all students attend. Students participate in a half hour sub-school (Y1-3, Y4-6, Y7-9, and Y10-12) and a whole campus worship each week (P-6, Y7-12). At the Junior Campus, these are either led by a class (which is extremely popular and provides great opportunities for confidence building from a very early age), by a class teacher or by one of the campus leaders.

Similarly at the Senior Campus, worship is led either by the students or a staff member. This variety in presentation provides a wide range of ideas, presentation styles and subject matters. Joint student and staff worship bands support campus worship services, providing lively and age-appropriate music. Parents are very welcome to attend all worship services. At the Senior Campus a separate communion service is held once a term in the outdoor worship area for those students who choose to attend.

Christian Studies is a central component to the curriculum, studied by all students from Prep to Year 12 in line with Lutheran Education Australia direction.

More information on the Lutheran Church and what it means to be Lutheran can be found here.



Parents and Friends Association

Getting involved in the Parents and Friends Association (P&FA) or one of its subgroups is a great way to make connections with fellow parents, find out more about daily life at the College and to make a genuine difference to your child and other children at the College.

The P&FA supports the College with resources and facilities and provides a place for parents to get together as a community and share interests.

We encourage families to get involved with the P&FA and/or the subgroups coordinated by the P&FA at any level. Whether you can give an hour a week or an hour a year, our P&FA would love to hear from you. The P&FA meets one evening a term, and all parents and friends are very welcome. P&FA and subgroup meetings, along with activities and events, are advertised in the College newsletter.

Many of the facilities enjoyed by our students have been provided by funds raised by the P&FA over the years.

For more information about getting involved with or supporting the P&FA, please contact the President.

The current P&FA subgroups include:

Class social representative (CSR)

Each class at the Junior Campus has one or more CSR. This is a fun and social job and is an excellent way to get to know the families in your child’s class.

Fete Committee

The annual fete is the highlight of the College community calendar and a fabulous family day out. Its success relies on all our families lending a hand in some way; helping on or coordinating a stall, baking, packing, sorting, planting and so on.

We also provide sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. For more information about sponsorship, please contact the Fete Convenor.

Friends of the Library

If you enjoy books, this is the group for you. The group’s role is to support the work of the Library team and coordinate events such as book readings and themed decorations in line with the work done in library classes.

Music Supporters group

This group supports the College’s instrumental music program by providing support to the teaching team, providing support and fellowship for music parents, fundraising and providing feedback to the teaching staff.

Sports Supporters group

Our Sports Supporters group provides support and fellowship to the College sports teams and their parents by supporting sporting events on and off campus.

Working bees

Working bee mornings are held across the year during Terms 1, 2 and 4 and young and old, big and small alike are welcome to join us for a rewarding few hours at one of the campuses.


Supporting the College

Prince of Peace has always been blessed with families willing to give generously of their time, talents and resources to assist the College. In addition to volunteering, there are a number of ways that you can support the College financially.

Donations to the College Foundation Building Fund

Prince of Peace launched its Foundation early in 2009 with the aim of generating funds for ongoing expansion of College facilities. The Foundation Building Fund is a source of funds that assists the College with the development of grounds and facilities and with loan repayments for building projects. Voluntary contributions (over $2) made to the Foundation Building Fund are fully tax deductible for that financial year. Donations are welcome at any time and an annual giving program runs in May of each year.

Building Fund donation form

Matched Deposits with the LLL

The Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL) is a Religious Charitable Development Fund. The LLL exists to serve the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) in numerous ways, but especially in aspects of business and finance, and has been doing so since 1921.

The LLL operates savings accounts for members and supporters who wish to assist LCA organisations, including Lutheran schools. Deposited funds enable the LLL to provide low interest loans to approved LCA projects for building and equipping schools, churches and care facilities. For a more detailed explanation of how the LLL operates, please refer to the LLL website.

The concept of Matching Deposits provides an ingenious way to support a particular project within the LCA and is unique to the LLL. Approved projects can borrow funds from the LLL to the total amount of Matching Deposits at low interest rates. For more information please contact the College or visit the LLL website.



The Church

Living and sharing the grace of God so that our communities experience his transforming love and peace.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church was formed in the mid 1960s at West Chermside. It had a vision to serve the community through establishing Prince of Peace Lutheran Primary School in 1984. In 1986, the congregation moved to its present location at Everton Hills when a new church was built on the top of the hill adjacent to the College site.
Prince of Peace Church today strives to care & love through connection & wellbeing within the college and local community. This includes

Pastor Nick has served as the pastor of Prince of Peace Church since 2020. He is happy to chat over a coffee anytime –


Connecting with our Local Community

At Prince of Peace we are keen to make meaningful connections with and contributions to our local community.

Through leadership and service programs, all students look for avenues to support community groups and organisations outside the College. Recent activities have included participating in the Red Shield Appeal, raising funds for Destiny Rescue, a number of cancer charities, RSPCA Cup Cake Day, 40 Hour Famine and the Day for Daniel.

The College enjoys close support from the Gaythorne RSL and a large contingent of College students and staff participate in the Gaythone RSL ANZAC Day service each year, with our Junior Choir providing choral support. Students participate in the Gaythorne RSL’s annual ANZAC Day essay writing competition.

As part of the Year 9 Ubuntu program, students visit local care facilities, and spend time with elderly residents.

As an active member of the Hills and District Chamber of Commerce, the College forges connections with local businesses. The Chamber kindly offers annually an Business Studies Award to a Year 12 student and a scholarship to a Year 11 student, aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the student body.

Our ‘Adopt a Cop’ police officer is a regular visitor to the College, talking to the younger members of the school about safety, and briefing our Year 12 student prior to their graduation. RACQ Docudrama events are held annually at the Senior Campus, with police, ambulance, RACQ and local funeral home staff coming together to create very memorable lessons in road safety for our senior students.

And while our local community is very important to us, the College also aims to inspire and encourage our students to be confident, committed and compassionate people who contribute in a positive way to global communities. In 2016, Prince of Peace Lutheran College embarked on an exciting new endeavour, entering into a partnership to support the small Cambodian village of Kompoksteav, located in Battambang Province in north-west Cambodia.

Through a long-term Village Partnership, the College will fund building projects that improve the standard of living of the 480 villagers in Kompoksteav and assist them in becoming a self-sustaining community.

The College is participating in the Village Partnership program through the overseas aid and resettlement agency of the Lutheran Church of Australia, the Australian Lutheran World Service.