Student Leadership

Leadership development is based on nurturing creativity, inspiration and service. At Prince of Peace, leadership is based on a model of ‘servant leadership’, where students are encouraged to identify their strengths, exercise their talents, serve the community and realise their dreams.


Leadership Learning

Our approach to student leadership aims to help our students recognise and develop their leadership skills through a range of service-based opportunities which support the College and the broader community.

Our students play a major role in growing and nurturing Prince of Peace Lutheran College’s commitment to honouring relationships.

Students are encouraged to develop leadership qualities, develop connections across year levels and model caring relationships throughout the College. These relationships will, in turn, nurture a ‘service-learning’ environment that allows for positive and supportive connections.

Anyone who looks at what Prince of Peace offers could not help but be impressed. At a recent event, it was evident that our students have high levels of resilience and character that will no doubt help them progress in life. It was lovely to see so many happy students. — College parent


Key leadership opportunities at the Senior Campus occur at the following points of a student’s school career:

  • Year 8 Leadership Camp
  • Middle School and House Captains (Y9)
  • Senior School and House Captains (mid Y11–mid Y12)
  • Student Representative Council (Y7–12)
  • the Year 11 Emu Gully leadership camp
  • various ‘buddy’ programs where older students support and mentor younger students

The College is deliberate in providing opportunities for leadership-learning to occur as part of the formal curriculum. It is our hope that all students develop their leadership skills, demonstrate service and feel that they have a voice. We believe all students are called to use their gifts to serve God and their communities and that all students are leaders, regardless of whether they hold a formal leadership position.


Student Representative Council (Y7-12)

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) is a key student-led group at the Senior Campus, responsible for increasing the involvement of students in College life and decision-making processes.

The SRC meets regularly and is made up of the Middle and Senior School captains and elected representatives from the Pastoral Care classes.

The SRC aims to:

  • enhance communication between students, staff, each other and the wider community
  • increase the involvement of students in College decision-making processes
  • maintain a strong commitment to a safe and supportive College environment
  • undertake functions and initiatives including awareness-raising and fundraising for charities and mission work
  • encourage equal participation of students in College life
  • foster responsible students who care for others and the College

Involvement in the SRC fosters leadership and teamwork, and also develops a sense of service to the College and the broader community.



Buddy Program

Nurturing is an aptitude valued by the Prince of Peace community, something we aim to have consistently modelled by our teacher—however nurturing is also about students learning to be there for each other.

Our formal Buddy Program, which matches older and younger children across a range of year levels, encourages students in their development of important life-skills such as compassion, patience, communication and leadership.

Connections are established between the following year levels:

  • Year 12 and Year 1
  • Year 12 and Year 7
  • Year 11 and Year 9
  • Year 10 and Year 8
  • Year 10 and Year 5
  • Year 4 and Year 1
  • Year 3 and Prep