Support Services

Introducing our College Counsellor, Ally Butler

My name is Ally Butler and I am the College School Counsellor at Prince of Peace!

I have worked for over 12 years in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Sector and bring to the roles a wealth of knowledge from assisting young people with behavioural issues, to developing healthy self-esteem, communication skills and resilience, and providing support around building a happy family environment.

I have spent most of my professional life overseas in Nauru, working with refugee children detained in the Nauru Immigration Detention Centre. I provided intense trauma-focused counselling services and learnt how to handle myself and others in high pressure situations.

I have also worked as a School Counsellor at an affluent International School in Bali, as well as within the child protection field in Albania.

I work four days a week in my School Counsellor role, based across both the Junior and Middle/Senior Campuses, and if you feel I can support you and/or your child in any way, please do reach out to your child’s pastoral care or class teacher.

All referrals to counselling will be made through your child’s pastoral care or class teacher, who will then complete a formal request for counselling. On receiving the referrals, I will make an informed risk assessment and prioritise those students of highest need.

It’s a great feeling when your children enjoy going to school because school’s a great place to be. — Mr J (parent)

Other Support Services Details

Chaplaincy is offered (on a referral basis) at no charge for College students.

Occupational therapy and speech pathology services are provided on a fee-for-service basis on site at the College or at our providers’ private practices. Fees may differ depending on whether services are accessed on site at the College or at the provider’s private practices.

Rebates may be available in approved situations from Medicare, private health funds or other providers such as Helping Children with Autism and Better Start.

Our Pastoral Care Team can help you access support services, or you can contact the providers directly.

Occupational therapy
Sue King

Occupational therapy may assist student with motor skills, such as fine motor skills, handwriting, cutting, ball skills, etc and with learning, for example where the student has difficulty processing visual information, with sequencing, or remembering visual information. Occupational therapists have particular skills in assisting students with a disability to access school program acquire self-care skills. Toilet training, bed wetting and bowel difficulties are also generally managed by an occupational therapist in conjunction with a medical practitioner.

Speak Life Speech Pathology
Leanne Day BSpThy MSPA CPSP
Laura Collins BSpPath MSPA CPSP
Suite 1 Northwest Specialist Centre, Everton Park
P: 0417 606 461

Speech pathology assists students with a range of oral and written communication skills, as well as swallowing and eating skills. Speech pathologists can assist in areas such as:

  • speech sounds
  • understanding and using language
  • use of facial muscles
  • voice clarity and volume
  • fluency of speech
  • foundational literacy skills
  • development of spelling skills
  • written language
  • auditory processing issues which can impact all areas of learning and classroom functioning
  • development of assisted or alternative means of communication where necessary

Leanne is the Principal of Speak Life Speech Pathology and has worked as a Speech Pathologist in education, health and private practice settings in a career that spans more than 30 years. Laura joined the Speak Life SP Team in 2020 and has vast experience in schools and private practice settings. They are passionate about children’s communication, learning and swallowing needs and strive to provide evidenced-based interventions that are both practical and functional.