In addition to the academic program, all students can participate in extracurricular enrichment and extension options at breaks or after school.

Musical groups

Students can participate in a number of musical groups, including choirs, bands and ensembles. The College produces a musical every second year, and all Year 6 to 11 students can audition for roles or act as backstage support.

Running Club (Y3-12)

Running Club is offered on the both campuses, and focuses on distance and cross-country running and athletics track and field events. This provides training and preparation for school-based competitions, inter-Lutheran, district and regional events.

Sporting teams

Club sports play an important role in many of our students’ lives. Our goal is to provide a sporting program that complements this through skills development, while giving students the opportunity to play and bond as a team by representing Prince of Peace in selected competitions. There are various avenues for students to get involved in sports depending on their level of interest and abilities, including competing in the Brisbane Christian Schools Sport Competition in touch football, soccer or netball and the Brisbane Outer School Sporting League in netball, basketball, volleyball and futsal.

Chess Club (Y2-6
Chess is an engaging activity that helps develop students’ critical thinking skills. Evidence shows that chess improves problem solving, decision making and lateral thinking. Chess directly contributes to academic performance by developing skills in focusing, visualising, thinking ahead, weighing options, analysing, thinking abstractly and planning. Students can participate in the lunch-time chess club and house competitions.

Opti-MINDS (Y5 upwards)
Opti-MINDS is a Queensland-wide creative, problem-solving program for teams of participants from preschool to adults. Students are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from categories including Language, Literature, Science, Engineering and Social Sciences. Prince of Peace has a rich tradition of involvement in this competition.

Debating (Y5 upwards)
Debating is a structured method of presenting a point of view, and develops  lifelong skills including effective teamwork, focused research, critical analysis, case structuring, purposeful rebutting and general public speaking ability. It is an area of learning that encourages intellectual exchange and allows students to develop confidence and creativity. Students have the opportunity to be involved in debating teams.