Buchholz Secondary Schooling Scholarships.

A small number of scholarships may be available through Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) to provide the opportunity to attend a Lutheran secondary school for students who would otherwise be precluded from doing so due to financial hardship.

Scholarships are awarded for the length of the child’s secondary education up to a maximum of six years (Years 7-12). The scholarships covers annual tuition fees, including compulsory levies, at a level of between 25-100 per cent, depending on the capacity of the family to contribute to their child’s education and on the funds available.

Scholarships are open to:
1. Year 6 students yet to be enrolled in a Lutheran school that offers secondary education or secondary school-aged children seeking to move to a Lutheran school;
2. Communicant members of the Lutheran Church of Australia; or
3. Active members of other Christian denominations;
4. Families where ongoing school fee commitment would impose undue financial hardship.

They will be awarded on:
1. Ability and willingness of the child to contribute broadly and positively to school life;
2. Capacity of the child to cope with the demands of the academic program of the school;
3. Financial capacity of the school to cater for the specific learning and behavioural needs of the child;
4. Ability to satisfy enrolment requirements of the school on an ongoing basis.

Application process

Please contact LEQ on (07) 3511 4050 for details.