Defence School Mentor Program

The Defence School Mentor (DSM) Program provides funding to schools to minimise the impact of the mobile lifestyle on Defence students’ education. The DSM Program assists Defence students and their families with changing schools, integrating into the school community and providing support during parental absences. This funding provided by the Defence Forces allows for the employment of a DSM to work within the school to raise awareness of the Defence lifestyle and to support students of Defence families.

The program, administered by the Defence Community Organisation (DCO), reflects the commitment by Defence to support its members and their families and recognises the partnership between education authorities, Defence and schools.


The program aims to assist students in Defence families in four key areas throughout their education and as they move from one school to another. The key areas are:

  • welcoming
  • integrating
  • support during deployment and absence; and
  • farewelling

Through the program it is hoped that schools are assisted in achieving the following outcomes:

  • Facilitation of a supportive educational environment for Defence families during times of change
  • Establishment of ongoing programs and resources for use during and beyond the life of the program
  • Linkage of Defence families into their local school community; and
  • Provision of education resources to support the Defence student’s wellbeing.

Introducing our Prince of Peace DSM

Mrs Malize Montgomery

Malize has worked within the education system for over a decade; she has a passion for children and has a desire to see families flourishing in all areas.  Malize is a Kids and Family Ministry leader at a local community church and has worked with teenage students within the ASDAN program.

“I am so honoured to be part of the DSM program and proud of our school for being able to support the families who have served and are serving our country. I want you to know that we value you, your children and your family, and trust that we can be that extra hand to support and encourage you through the good times and the challenging ones too.” 

If you are a Defence family or have served in the past, you are encouraged to make contact with Mrs Montgomery to see how she may be able to support you and your family on your journey at Prince of Peace.

Mrs Montgomery can be contacted via email or via phone on 3872 5700 (Junior Campus) or 3872 5600 (Senior Campus).