FAQ – PoP Second Hand Buy & Sell Uniform Facebook Group

The PoP Second Hand Buy & Sell Facebook Group offers PoP families the opportunity to sell their second hand uniforms to other families.

Anyone can view the Facebook page and contact a seller. To sell an item you must be a member of the group, which is easy (See ‘How do I Join’ below).

When listing an item, please ensure you identify whether the item is for the Junior Campus (JC) or the Senior Campus (SC), provide a description of the item (including condition and sizing), include prices and preferably photo/s. This helps buyers browse and Search for relevant details.

Buyers will be able to message Sellers directly via Facebook with questions or contact details.

When an item is sold please update your post, when ALL your items are sold please remove your post.

Please note: The Facebook group is to only be used to buy and sell second hand uniforms. Non-uniform related and offensive posts will be removed.


Note:  the pictures used in this FAQ were taken using the desktop version of Facebook.  If you are viewing Facebook on a phone, tablet or app, the options may look or function differently. 

How do I Search for an item?

As an alternative to scrolling and browsing down the page, Facebook Includes a ‘Search this group’ search box. 

Use this to filter the page to only display posts with your search word/s in it.  For example you could search for an item (eg hat); a Campus (eg SC); or a Seller (eg Jenny Blogs).


How do I buy?

Simply click the ‘Message Seller’ button to send the seller a Facebook Message letting them know you are interested. 

If the seller replies to your message, you will find it within the Notification section on your Facebook account.

How do I JOIN the Group (so I can sell items)?

To sell uniform item/s, you must first be a member of the group.  This is easy and can be done one of two ways:

Option 1

If one of your Facebook Friends are already a member (eg they have listed items in the past), you can ask them to add you to the group. 

From their Facebook account they simply visit the PoP Secondhand Buy & Sell Facebook Group Page, type your name into the ‘Add Members’ box, select you from the list and click ‘Invite’.

You could send them a link to this FAQ page if they are not sure.


Option 2

You can request to join the group by clicking one of the the ‘Join Group’ buttons, however it may take a number of hours / days for you to be added to the group using this method.

How do I sell?

Step 1 – Join the Group (see previous FAQ) 

Step 2 – Create your ad

Once you are a member, will see a button titled ‘Sell Something’, click it and fill in the details for your ad.

What are you selling?: list your item AND the campus as people may search for JC or SC eg. JC Girl’s Uniforms

Add Price: eg $15 (if you have multiple items, list the price of the first item)

Add Location: You can generally remove this option (click the cross)

Describe your item: If you have multiple items, List number of each item, size, condition and price.  Note: As this is a public page, it is best NOT to add any personal information, buyers will notify you, so you can provide contact details directly.  Make sure you list each item with the campus (JC or SC) as buyers may search specifically for this.


3 x Dress (JC) – Size 4C, Condition: Good. $30ea
2x Track Jacket (JC) – Size: 4 Royal, Condition: Very Good. $15ea 
1x Bag (2 zip) (JC) – Condition: as new. $20
Happy to meet at school.

Add Photos:  Upload photo/s of your items if possible.

POST your Ad: Select the dropbox next to the Post button, and unselect ‘Marketplace’. Click ‘Post’ Button, if Facebook asks if you want to post to ‘Marketplace’, select No.

Please keep your ad updated with changes or if items are sold (see next FAQ).

Step 3 – Check your ‘Notifications’ section for messages from Buyers

Once you ad is posted, make sure you check your Facebook ‘Notifications’ section regularly for messages from people wishing to buy your items.  Note: If a buyer is not in your friend list, you may need to accept their message request first. 


How to I edit / remove my ad Post?

Please keep your ad up to date, remove or flag items that have been sold and delete your post once all your items are sold.

  1. Find your ad (you can use the ‘Search this group’ box to find your name)
  2. Click the … button at the top right of your ad, and select ‘Edit post’ (or Delete post)

How can I make my post higher up in the timeline?

Each time you edit your post, or add a comment to your post, it will be moved to the top of the page timeline.

You may ‘Bump’ your list (ie simply make a comment on your post, typing the word ‘bump’.  Please only do this in once each 24 hour period.

How do I add a Facebook Friend to this group so they can sell?

Please refer to previous FAQ ‘How do I Join the Group (so I can sell items)’, Option 1.

How can I post a 'Want to Buy' ad?

If you are a member (see FAQ ‘how do I join the Group’), you may post a ‘Want to Buy’ ad (for uniform items only).

Click the ‘Start Discussion’ button and add the details of the Items you Want to Buy.

Please ensure you list the number of each item, size, condition and offer prices. note: Best NOT to add personal information, sellers will notify you, so you can provide contact details directly. Make sure you list each item with the campus as people may search for JC or SC