Prince of Peace Lutheran College is undertaking an exciting new endeavour in 2016, entering into a partnership to support the small Cambodian village of Kompoksteav, located in Battambang Province in north-west Cambodia.

Through a long-term Village Partnership, the College will fund building projects that improve the standard of living of the 480 villagers in Kompoksteav and assist them in becoming a self-sustaining community.

The first capital infrastructure project that Prince of Peace will be involved with is the upgrading of the main road in and out of Kompoksteav. The road currently cannot support motorised vehicles, which means that the 120 families living in Kompoksteav have access to healthcare, school and groceries only by undertaking a four-hour walk each way to and from the nearest town.

Head of College Mr Philip Hulland said that the College hopes to raise $6,000 during 2016 to complete construction of the new road.

“As a College community, we are very excited about this partnership with Kompoksteav, because it allows us to support a community in need in a very tangible way. We are humbled by the way God has provided for us, and through this service we hope to share our riches with the less fortunate,” Mr Hulland said.

“At Prince of Peace, we believe that powerful partnerships are key to success, both in education and in life, and it is my hope that our partnership with Kompoksteav will inspire and encourage our students to be confident, committed and compassionate people who contribute in a positive way to the local and global communities of which they are a part.

“As Australians, it is easy to forget the good fortune we have and the abundances we have been blessed with. At Prince of Peace, we feel it is important that we give back for our good fortune and share our blessings with those less fortunate than ourselves,” said Mr Hulland.

The Prince of Peace community aims to fund the building of the road through specific College fundraising activities throughout the year, supported by offerings from regular College chapel services.

The College is participating in the Village Partnership program through the overseas aid and resettlement agency of the Lutheran Church of Australia, the Australian Lutheran World Service.