Middle & Senior Campus Pastoral Care

Pastoral care teachers, Year level coordinators, Campus Leadership, the College Chaplain and our College Counsellor all form the pastoral care team on the Middle & Senior Campus.


The years of adolescence and demands of middle and senior schooling create a range of challenges for students of this age, and our team is on hand to guide and support students (and their parents). Students are encouraged to develop and grow as individuals and are provided with opportunities to undertake challenges and risks, always with a safety net provided. Programs, including our Christian Studies subjects, our Health curriculum, the Year 9 Ubuntu program and our Pastoral Care program, provide personal growth and learning opportunities.

Pastoral care support provides an important support mechanism for our Middle and Senior Campus students. Our Honouring Relationships principle underpins the high expectation of support and respect for others and their individual differences.

During the last few weeks, I have learnt to collaborate more with larger groups, because I have gotten to know more of my classmates and I can understand their opinions and points of view. — Year 9 student


In the Middle School (Y7–9) students are grouped into pastoral care classes within year groups. A student’s pastoral care teacher can also be the student’s subject teacher for one or more subjects, allowing for positive and in-depth relationship building.

For the Senior School (Y10–12) pastoral care classes are formed vertically in house groups, allowing for the development of group relationships and mentoring between students of different year levels.

Each year group is led by a Year Level Coordinator who, together with the pastoral care teachers, form the pastoral care team for that group of students.

At the start of the school year, Year 7 students are partnered with a Year 12 student as part of a ‘buddy’ program, breaking down barriers between younger and older students and ensuring new students have a friendly face to turn to. We also have a buddy program for Years 5 and 10 students, which also helps to build strong relationships between the older and younger students.

For more information regarding our Pastoral Care programs please contact our Director of Wellbeing and Behaviour Support, Ms Melissa Graham, via email or by phone: 3872 5600.