Term 2 Week 8 |  9 June 2021
College News


Every year (except for 2020!), the Lutheran Church of Australia – Queensland District meets together in Synod for a weekend to do the ‘business of Church’. This past weekend, as the representative of Prince of Peace Lutheran College, I attended with over 150 delegates from every congregation across Queensland, every P-12 school, along with pastor delegates and a host of volunteers to collectively carry out the business of running the Church. This year, amongst many other events, saw Bishop Paul Smith standing down from that role, to be taken up by Bishop (elect) Mark Vainikka. It is not uncommon at all for any number of staff to be out (or online), almost weekly, at educational meetings, with a wide range of focus from curriculum to Pastoral Care, technology ideas to global advances in educational pedagogy. But, the core of our Lutheran Schools as part of the Church is their role in the mission and ministry of Church – expressed nationally as ‘Where Love Comes to Life’. We have a devoted staff who display genuine love for our students every day. I have witnessed parents caring for our students, and staff body. Our students themselves have always been able to brighten the day of staff, fellow students and parents alike with their loving and caring actions. Thank you all for being a part of this community where we are able to show God’s love come to life, daily.

Semester One Reporting

We are fast approaching the end of the first semester, and staff have been incredibly busy working on the cycle of assessing and reporting.  In fact, even more-so than usual, as we are reporting into SEQTA for the first time.  This means, for months now, we have been working in the background to actually create our reports, as well as collating all the data and information that will be passed on to you.  SEQTA gives us quite a great deal of flexibility for the way in which we can report different subjects (I think, to start, we have eight different ways we can report any particular subject!).  Creating our reports, from scratch, has taken many meetings with staff, with SEQTA and while we are very close, the final step will be having to thoroughly test them.  Typically, we would be expecting to get our reports out some time in the holiday break.  This is still our goal and, eventually, we will have them out earlier than that (we could even this year if our reports work first time).  However, though we’ve left a relatively wide window for testing, we will keep you updated about this timeframe in the event things don’t behave themselves behind the scenes.


Simon Hughes
Head of College

‘Spectacular, Spectacular!’

One week to go until ‘Spectacular, Spectacular!’ hits the Pavilion Stage at the Senior Campus where students from Year 2-12 will bedazzle you in a cabaret show where the action evolves around you. There are huge songs, whole cast dances and captivating group and solo performances throughout.

Performance dates are 18 and 19 June, 7pm in The Pavilion on the Senior Campus.

Please follow this link: https://www.flexischools.com.au/ to order tickets.

There will be no purchasing tickets on the night so please order in advance. Tickets will be sold until Thursday 17 June 11.59pm.

Don’t miss out!

Highlighting Students’ Success

We love to highlight the personal achievements our students make in their extra-curricular activities (sport, dance, arts, music etc), with special Facebook posts or POPCORN articles throughout the year.

If your child has shown determination, success or courage in one of their activities we’d love to hear about it!

Please send any details along with a few good photos to mnoon@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au

Junior Campus News

Walk My Way

The Prince of Peace Walk My Way event on Friday 25 June, is a time to learn and understand what it is like for people who are living in poverty. Last Friday Julie Krause from Australian Lutheran World Service spoke to the students on the Junior Campus, sharing what it was like for children living in refugee camps and how important it is for them to be able to attend school. Many of the children who arrive in these camps are hungry, distressed and injured. Schools helps these children in so many ways, even if some classes have as many as 90 students.

Julie Krause will be speaking at the Senior Campus on Thursday 10 June and at Prince of Peace Church 9am and 5pm services Sunday 13 June.

Facts About Education – DID YOU KNOW?

  • Nearly 15 million girls of primary school age will never have the opportunity to learn to read and write in primary school, compared to about 10 million boys.
  • A child whose mother can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5.
  • Some children must walk so far to school each day that their parents decide to not let them go. Maybe it’s too far, or it might even be unsafe for them to walk there.
  • 12% of people could be lifted out of poverty if all students in poor countries had basic reading skills (over 170 million people).
  • 67 million primary-school-age children are still denied the right to education.

How Can You Help?

$26 will send a child to school for a year. Our total of $1901 so far is enough for 50 children to attend school!

Recycling at PoP!

Thank you to every family that has supported our new recycling program at Prince of Peace.

In only three weeks we have raised a total of $392.50 for ALWS!

Some reminders:

  • Empty white bags can be collected from the small blue bin along the fence at the prep carpark
  • Full white bags are to be dropped off at any time along the fence in front of the sign for your child’s class
  • Please ensure only eligible containers with the 10c refund logo are put into the bags
  • No general waste or recycling (cardboard, tins, milk bottles etc.) are to be put in the bags
  • The class that brings in the most bags will receive a pizza party

So who is currently leading the race?

3rd Place – 1W, 2F & 4R
2nd Place – Prep A, 3C & 2B
1st Place – Prep M

A massive thank you to Megan Lever from The Exchange Shed Jimboomba for her assistance in providing bags, collecting our recycling, providing the pizza party and being a huge support to all involved.

Student Reports – SEQTA

This semester report cards will be sent out to parents via SEQTA. This new platform has given us the opportunity to reformat the design of our student reports and refine the information presented within the report card. The report provides a point in time update on your child’s learning and achievements and is reflective of learning and assessment from the previous semester.

In 2021 and moving forward, we continue to report on a 5 point scale showing student achievement across all learning areas. The letters used for this purpose have changed slightly.

Your child’s overall achievement in each area will be reported on as follows:

For the subjects of English, Mathematics and The Arts, there will be multiple grades provided across the different strands (e.g. English – Speaking and Listening, Reading and Viewing and Writing and Creating). ‘Other Learning Areas’ will show results for those subjects that have been run in a more integrated manner.

Along with the bold letter indicating your child’s performance against the standard, you will now see a graph displaying results data across the cohort. This information gives you an indication as to where your child is sitting in a particular subject, within his/her year level. For example: if your child received an S – At Standard, you will be able to see how many other students also received At Standard for their result, and therefore see where your child sits in the year level cohort.

Your child’s Effort and Personal and Learning Qualities in each of the identified areas is reported as follows:

Most importantly, parents are encouraged to read their child’s report card very carefully, including the second page, which outlines the scale for student grades, effort and social and emotional capabilities. Students will continue to receive a comment which will speak to their strengths and areas to develop in Literacy and Numeracy, as well as a comment on their social and emotional development. As always, parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s classroom teacher should they have any questions.

Katrina Valencia 
Head of Junior Campus

Senior Campus News

Celebrating our Community

It has been a busy fortnight on the Senior Campus—with many opportunities to celebrate our wonderful community.


We are currently in the process of selecting our senior leadership team for 2021/2022. The process is one of my favourite tasks—the opportunity to chat to young people about their hopes and dreams, to read their letters of application and listen to their speeches.  We are blessed with many quality candidates which will make our decisions difficult.

Rhythms Riff and Refrains

In the light of the moon, those who gathered on the forecourt were thoroughly entertained by the talented students who performed at our Rhythms Riff and Refrains concert; we also enjoyed some delicious food prepared by the senior hospitality students.  It was a great opportunity for our students to put their learning and practice into action.

Helping Ollie

Our community came together on Friday to raise funds to help a family in our community to buy a Disability Pod; we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our community, we raised over $1500.  Thanks for your assistance—a special thanks to the Gant family and our bakers.


Our Year 11 students all gathered to celebrate each other with a picnic on the green at the end of the forecourt. It was a sight to behold as the students gathered with picnic blankets around a cake.

100 days

We celebrated the Year 12 students on Monday 31 May.  The Class of 2021 only have 100 days (91 now) to go.  It is important that we mark these milestones and come together to celebrate. The bell that they will ring when they finish their last exam was used as a reminder to keep their eye on the prize.

Enterprise Days

There was a buzz of activity as the Year 9 students launched their small business enterprises. The business ran on Monday and Thursday, so that they could reflect and make improvements.

Walk my Way

Plans are in full swing for our combined Church and whole College ‘Walk my Way’ initiative.  We are very excited about welcoming everyone to the Senior campus and raising awareness of the plight of refugees in Africa. We are trying to raise funds to support the work of ALWS, you may donate at the following link: https://princeofpeace.walkmyway.org.au/

Spectacular Spectacular

I dropped into the Spectacular Spectacular rehearsal on Friday, and they have mastered their lines and are learning the choreography. 10 sleeps until Spectacular Spectacular premieres on the 18 and 19 of June.  Tickets are still available at the following link: www.flexischools.com.au.

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival

On Friday 28 May, we were blessed with perfect weather for our carnival at Leslie Patrick Park. Students aged 8-12 participated in nine different events. For the jumping and throwing events, they had be pre-selected into ‘Ribbon’ and ‘Points’ divisions. It was impressive to see their competitiveness, participation and quality of sportsmanship.

Age Champions
8yrs Girls: Katie Richardson
8yrs Boys: Rehan De Alwis
9yrs Girls: Lucia Johnson
9yrs Boys: William Thomas
10yrs Girls: Hannah McKinnon
10yrs Boys: Bailey Lampe
11ys Girls: Kirra Harvey
11yrs Boys: Lachlan Larder
12yrs Girls: Addison Houslip
12yrs Boys: Theo Chaplain

Overall Pointscore

Bradman: 1758
Jackson: 1689
Fraser: 1610
Laver: 1401

Congratulations Ethan

Last weekend Ethan in Year 5 competed at the Queensland State Championships for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, making the final and placing 3rd in Queensland for his age/weight division while competing in a higher belt category.

There was approximately 1000 people on the final day of competition with 35 nationalities represented.

Ethan displayed courage, humility (in winning) and respect for the umpire’s decision—but more importantly for his fellow competitors after their losses.

Congratulations to Ethan for his outstanding success in a very challenging sport, and for his maturity in the way he conducted himself at this high-level competition.

Darren Lawrance
Junior Campus PE and Sport

Senior Campus Sport

Basketball Report

Wizards Junior Boys Basketball Round 2

The boys were up against a quality side this week from St Eugene College in Round 2 of the Wizards tournament. After a very tough first half, the team rallied well in the 3rd quarter and started to find their range with Dylan Turley knocking down a nice three-pointer again, following on from his good form in Round 1. The PoP team managed a fantastic final quarter, applying pressure and forcing the other team into turning over the ball. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to win the game, with the final score 47-22 in favour of St Eugene. Special mention to Dylan Turley, who again top scored for the team, and to Jack Vidler, Isaac Jones and Toby Kenyon who all chimed in with 4 points apiece.

BOSBL Round 6

Our senior boys basketball team headed into their final round match on top of the table with 4 wins and 1 loss. However, they were up against Grace Lutheran College who they had only narrowly beaten in Round 1 of the competition. Grace Lutheran and Mt Maria were both sitting just behind PoP on the table, with a loss in this round potentially meaning that the team would miss out on the championship game to be played next week. The boys came out firing, scoring the first 5 points of the game. Tyler Noakes was instrumental in the first half, grabbing rebounds at both ends and managing to score points along the way. Keanan Kapp was again dominant in the paint, ensuring that the scoreboard kept ticking over. Ben Fingland played an important role by making some key defensive plays while also collecting a number of rebounds. Kaleb Rail chimed in with a nice three-pointer and some lovely passing to move the ball around the court. Jono Muir defended well and pressured the opposition into making errors and he also grabbed a key lay-up late in the third quarter. Gabe Kassiou was also in the thick of things, with some nice passing skills setting up a number of his team mates for easy shots. The PoP boys were a vastly different team from last week with their attack and defensive structures holding strong. The boys maintained the lead that they had created in the first quarter and eventually ran out 48-32 winners. This was a fantastic win considering we only had 6 players available for the game. Best of luck to the team for the Championship game next week!

BOSBL Championship game

Our senior basketball team competed against Mt Maria Petrie in the final game of the BOSBL tournament on Tuesday evening. The boys had lost to this team only two weeks beforehand, so they knew they had a challenge on their hands. The game started well, with PoP scoring the first few buckets and taking the lead. The game then got a little messy and slow with plenty of fouls being called on both sides. Mt Maria used this to their advantage and fought back well, trailing by only a few points heading into the half time break. The POP boys seemed to find their rhythm in the second half, they were able to draw a few fouls out of the opposition and extended the lead to 7 at three quarter time. The final quarter was a classic fight with both teams’ supporters going crazy any time points were scored. It wasn’t until the last few minutes that PoP were able to pull away on the scoreboard, courtesy of Harry Jones forcing his way to the basket (top scoring with 17 points) and Kaleb Rail sinking his 3 point attempt. The final score ended in favour of PoP, 40-29. An amazing effort by all members of the team – Harry Jones, Keanan Kapp, Gabe Kassiou Kaleb Rail, Matt Bunn, Tyler Noakes, Harley Birkin, Jono Muir and Ben Fingland.

Special mention to Harry and Keanan who were also awarded best and fairest medals for their efforts throughout the season.

If you see the team around school, please congratulate them on their performance. They did an amazing job throughout the season and represented the school admirably. Well done boys!

Met North Cross Country Carnival

The Met North Cross Country Carnival was held on Tuesday 25 May at St Paul’s College, Bald Hills. PoP had 13 athletes from the Senior College that were representing the North West Independent District at the carnival. A huge congratulations to the following athletes;

12 yrs boys – Hannes Forbes-Schutz (16th), Tyson Hulcombe (58th)

13 yrs girls – Nicole Montgomery (33rd)

14 yrs girls – Freya Forbes-Schutz (10th), Chloe Noon (13th) and Bianca Rhind (14th)

14 yrs boys – Dylan Turley (37th), Lewyn Turnell (37th)

15 yrs boys – Dillon Ahchay (23rd), Zach Fraser (DNF – injured)

16 yrs girls – Heidi Noon (4th)

16 yrs boys – Jonas Forbes-Schutz (3rd)

17 yrs boys – Mattias Forbes-Schutz (3rd)

Special mention to Heidi, Jonas and Mattias who will represent the Net North region in the QLD Championships to be held on the 17th July at Limestone Park.

Gabby Collman
Senior Campus Sports Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Senior Campus Music News

Thank you so much to the hundreds of people who attended our first ensemble concert in over 12 months. It was such a joy to finally share with you all the amazing music of our young performers. The average age on the stage was Year 9 and that proffers so well for the future of our program. It was wonderful to get to meet with you and chat after the concert about your children and their musical aspirations. I want to thank the hospitality students for their great food, the Grounds People and the Sound and Lighting Crew PoP Productions for their huge efforts on the night. We have so much talent at this school—how blessed we are!

I am very excited about the plans which are coming together for a Gala Whole School Music Night at the end of Term 3. The timing of this is nestled nicely between our Year 9 students coming back from Binga Camp, and our Year 12 students going into their final ATAR external exams. It promises to be a magnificent evening including a combined number for all of our musicians working together. Stay tuned for details.

As we move into this new repertoire, remember, a music ensemble is a long-term commitment relying on the input of many different parts combining to create a complex and rewarding musical experience. The individual parts may not be so satisfying, it is only when the students bring their work together that the rewards start to be evident. This takes time. Please be disciplined in supporting the students to be at all rehearsals (even across busy times) and to understand that the commitment is to an event.

Thanks again for your support, and always stay tuned for more fun!

Linda Brady
Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices

Worship 13 June

9am Worship

5PM Together@5 – Year 5 Lead Worship

Worship 20 June

9am Worship

5PM Together@5 – Messy Church

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

Community News and Notices

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