Term 2 Week 8 | 07 June 2023
College News

Billy G’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser—THANK YOU!

Thank you to all the families who supported our cookie dough fundraiser. We appreciate all of your efforts.

Junior Campus delivery date: Friday 9 June – pickup at the Green Room kitchen

Middle & Campus delivery date: Monday 12 June

Orders are required to be collected between 3-4pm at respective campuses as we do not have cold storage available. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Andrea on 0412 597 644 or Rebecca on 0418 193 030.

Shrek Musical Photo Gallery

There is a fabulous Shrek Photo Gallery on the College website with hundreds of spectacular photos from the dress rehearsal and both evening shows.

If you are unsure of the password, please Direct Message Matthew Noon on SEQTA.


Calling for expressions of interest for the Arana Touch Football Season. Any caregivers wishing to register their PoP U8-13 child/children for the upcoming season, please contact Jess Schneider VIA SEQTA as soon as possible.

Approximate cost is $144. Prince of Peace students have participated in past years with multiple teams and thoroughly enjoyed this excellent extracurricular opportunity.

Junior Campus News

Nurturing the Seeds of Success: The Crucial Role of Student Wellbeing

When I have a bit of time on my hands, I find getting out into my garden is good for the soul. It has been busy of late, and my veggie patch is looking grim. It is not surprising that my seedlings have died or been eaten by my possum and the weeds have grown and seeded. The lime tree that has survived has produced a few, very “rock hard and juiceless limes.”  I really haven’t tended to the important aspects that would make my garden and plants happy and thriving.

The Prep students who have answered the question “What makes my garden grow?” tell me that I need correct amounts of fertiliser, soil improver, water, sunlight, mulch, protection from the bush turkey and much more to thrive. In a similar context, key factors influence the success of our students and one of the most fundamental factors that truly underpins a student’s overall success is their wellbeing.

This past week, Prince of Peace hosted an event for educators – Taking Your Schools Wellbeing to the Next level, presented by Energetic Education’s Dale Sidebottom and Ash Manuel from Growing with Gratitude. The Junior Campus has used the Social and Emotional Program – Growing with Gratitude for many years now, but there is still more to learn and dare I say, more to do!

Many of you already know what researchers now tell us: learners learn better when they are in a happy/positive frame of mind. Prominent researchers Seligman, Ernst, Gillham, Reivich and Linkins (2009) revealed positive emotions benefit classroom learning, and positive emotions can be taught and learned.

After chatting with some staff who attended the sessions their quick take-aways were: –

  • I loved the fun and interactive methods that were used to weave wellbeing into everyday life.
  • I truly believe that a happy, healthy student is at the core of a vibrant learning environment, and it is exciting to continue building on this focus.
  • We discovered how to utilise games as powerful tools to boost the physical and mental wellbeing of our students.

After the past few years, more than ever before we know the importance of well-being and the key building blocks of nurturing students’ emotional intelligence, promoting a positive school culture, parental involvement, fostering strong relationships with teachers and peers, education and skills, and offering comprehensive support systems.

I am excited as the College continues to invest in supporting, developing and growing this multifaceted and complex area of student well-being.

Concern for Student Safety

The past couple of weeks has seen an increase in unsupervised student arrivals prior to 8:00 am on the Junior Campus.  The supervision that the College provides prior to 8:00am is Outside School Hours Care (OSHC).  OSHC staff are working in the OSHC area and teaching staff are not on duty before 8:00am.

While I can appreciate that there may be a time when a student arrives 5 minutes early and sits on the Chess Board while they wait for the staff member to start supervision duty, I am very concerned that for some students this has stretched to 30 or even 45 minutes.

If you are needing your child to be at the Junior Campus prior to 8:00 am I ask that you use the OSHC facilities.  Use this link on the PoP website to contact OSHC. Casual bookings are available and provide a safe and supervised place for your child.

Students found to be arriving early to the College will be directed to OSHC and we will be in touch to discuss child safety matters and payment of fees with you.

Farewell to Staff – Mrs Amy Duncanson and Mrs Angela Irving

It is with sadness that I advise the College community that two much loved staff members have resigned.

Mrs. Amy Duncanson who joined our Year 1 teaching team this year is needing to relocate her family to Scottland. In such a short period of time, she has created a safe, warm and nurturing learning environment and will be greatly missed.

Mrs. Angela Irving, Prep Teacher and Early Years Learning Coach has blessed our community with a wealth of experience in teaching some of our youngest people throughout the last 18 months. Her dedication and expertise have not gone unnoticed by others, and she will be expanding her sphere of influence as she works as a member of the Teacher Education Expert Panel with the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

During our final chapel for the term, we plan to formally thank and pray for these staff members.  I hope to be sufficiently awake after arriving back from the Year 6 Canberra trip to be present for this afternoon chapel.

Please join me in thanking Mrs Duncanson and Mrs Irving for their contribution to work and life at the College and pray God’s blessings as they embark on their next steps.

Thank you P&F for the Disco

Words can hardly describe the excitement and dance moves that graced the floor at the recent Junior Campus Disco. A huge thank you to Emma and her wonderful crew of roadie parents who made this all possible. It was a fabulous night and wonderful event – not just for the exquisite dance moves but for bringing people together and building community. Thank you.

We have a Photo Gallery on the College website covering all the colour, fun and smiles from the Fluoro Disco. If you are unsure of the password, please Direct Message Matthew Noon on SEQTA.

Thank you, POP community, for all you do.

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Head of Campus – Junior

Emotional Regulation for Children

Working with children is one of the great joys of life but can often be unpredictable, especially when they display aggressive behaviour. As caregivers, it is crucial to understand that aggressive actions in children are often a manifestation of unregulated emotions.

Fortunately, current brain research provides valuable insights into the underlying mechanisms of such behaviour. By leveraging this knowledge, we can adopt effective strategies to help our children manage their emotions constructively.

In bringing this to the forefront of our thoughts, we hope to shed light on the connection between aggressive behaviour and brain development while offering practical techniques to assist our children in navigating their emotions.

The Link between Aggression and Brain Development:

Research has shown that aggression in children is closely tied to brain development. The prefrontal cortex, responsible for executive functions such as impulse control, decision-making, and emotional regulation, undergoes significant development throughout childhood. In children who act out aggressively, this region may be less developed or less effectively connected to other brain areas involved in emotional regulation. Consequently, children may struggle to manage their emotions, leading to impulsive and aggressive behaviour.

Strategies to Assist Children with Managing Emotions:

  1. Emotional Awareness and Communication: Encourage your child to identify and express their emotions in a healthy manner. Teach them vocabulary to describe different emotions and provide a safe space for open discussions. By acknowledging and discussing their feelings, children can develop a better understanding of themselves and learn to communicate their needs effectively.
  2. Emotional Regulation Techniques: Help your child develop practical strategies to regulate their emotions. Deep breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, and engaging in hobbies or physical activities can help redirect their focus and calm their minds. Encourage them to take breaks when they feel overwhelmed and provide a calm environment where they can relax and recharge.
  3. Modelling and Empathy: Children learn by observing their parents and caregivers. Model appropriate emotional responses and demonstrate empathy towards their struggles. By practicing patience, understanding, and empathy, you create a supportive environment that encourages emotional growth and healthy behaviour.
  4. Problem-Solving Skills: Teach your child problem-solving skills to address situations that trigger aggressive behaviour. Encourage them to identify alternative solutions, consider consequences, and make informed decisions. By empowering children to find constructive solutions, they gain a sense of control and develop confidence in managing challenging emotions.
  5. Consistency and Boundaries: Establish clear and consistent boundaries that promote positive behaviour. Consistency provides a sense of security and helps children understand the consequences of their actions. Reinforce positive behaviour with praise and rewards, while also implementing appropriate consequences for aggressive behaviour, such as time-outs or loss of privileges. At PoP we use Restorative Practice which involves asking the child the following questions:
    • What happened?
    • What were you thinking at the time?
    • What have you thought about since?
    • Who has been affected by what you have done? In what way?
    • What do you think you need to do to make things right?
  6. Seek Professional Support: If aggressive behaviour persists despite your efforts, consider seeking guidance from professionals such as paediatricians, psychologists, or therapists. These experts can provide a comprehensive assessment of your child’s emotional well-being and suggest targeted interventions tailored to their needs.

Understanding the connection between aggressive behaviour and brain development empowers us as parents and caregivers to approach a child’s struggles with empathy and knowledge. By implementing strategies that promote emotional awareness, regulation, problem-solving, and consistency, we can assist our children in managing their emotions effectively. Remember, each child is unique, and progress may take time. With patience, understanding, and professional support when needed, we can foster emotional growth and guide our children towards healthy behaviours.


Coreta Lennon
Deputy Head of Campus – Junior

Student achievements

It has been a busy term with many opportunities for students to extend their thinking and be challenged in different ways. How wonderful to be able to celebrate student achievement in all areas of learning.

CSIRO Bebras Challenge – Round 1

This term we had many students from Years 3-9 completing the Bebras Challenge in computational thinking. Bebras is an international initiative aiming to promote Computer Science among school students at all ages. The Bebras challenge is open twice a year to Australian students in Years 3-12 and engages students’ computational thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun, interactive environment.

Each challenge has 15 questions with the highest possible score being 135 points. The level of difficulty of a question determines how it will be scored. Easy questions are worth 6 points, medium questions are worth 9 points, and hard questions are worth 12 points. Any incorrect or unanswered questions are awarded zero points.

The Bebras achievement level breakdown is as follows:

  • Participation 0-59 points
  • Merit 60-86 points
  • Credit 87-101 points
  • Distinction 102-113 points
  • High Distinction 114-134 points
  • Honour Roll 135 points

There were some strong results in round 1 with the following students receiving distinctions and high distinctions.

Amelie Cuicas – High Distinction

Isabella Sirman – Distinction

Oliver Burrows – Distinction

Rosezen Johnston – Distinction

Round 2 for the CSIRO Bebras Challenge will run in Term 3, 21st August – 10th September. I am looking forward to seeing even more students taking up this opportunity next term.

Fuse Cup – Mario Kart

Congratulations to our first eSports@PoP team who competed at the Fuse Cup in Mario Kart. It was a fantastic day and so great to see our students encouraging and cheering each other and everyone around them on. There were 64 competitors and our team performed brilliantly. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Xavier Dean – Heats

Hayden Campbell – Qualified

David Camberos Urrego – Quarter Finals

Lachlan Ireland – Finals – Third place overall

Our next Fuse Cup competition will be Rocket League in Term 3. If you are interested in joining eSports please come and chat to Mrs Bruyn. We train on a Wednesday afternoon from 3-3:45pm.

Congratulations to all students who challenged their thinking and took up these opportunities this term.

Rebekah Bruyn
Learning Coach

Code Camp is Back for Term 3!

The dates and timings for Term 3 sessions are:

Class Type: Coding – Years 2-6
Day: Tuesdays
Dates: 18 July to 5 September (8 sessions)
Times: 3pm-4:15pm

Please book via the Code Camp website HERE »

We are looking forward to continuing our students’ tech journey with Code Camp!

Middle & Senior Campus News

Middle and Senior Subject Selections for 2024 – Your Possibilities

We were delighted to be able to start creating future pathways of our young people through the Middle and Senior Campus Subject Expo for 2024 on Tuesday 30 May (Week 7). We had over 400 students and parents visit the Subject Expo and speak with our Curriculum Leaders and Specialist teachers and experience a year level presentation from Sarah Hoff-Zweck, Head of Campus and Wendy Bowen, Director of Teaching and Learning. Our focus was encouraging our young people to see the amazing possibilities that are ahead of them, not just in one year but in the years ahead. We also spoke about how achieving the QCE Education Certificate and ATAR at the end of Year 12 can happen in multiple ways and learning modes that link to the individual passions, strengths, and skills of each student. It is about having the conversation with staff at the College to learn more about subject offerings, online flexible delivery of courses and external VET and Tertiary courses.

The process and materials outlined below are provided to assist both students and parents in making decisions about subject preferences for 2024 in Years 9-11 and have been deliberately communicated earlier than previous years to allow the time for parents, students, and teachers to talk together.

Key dates and materials for Subject Preference Process for 2024

  1. Subject Preference Expression of Interest to be completed on ‘Web Preferences’ by Wednesday 12 July (Week 1 Term 3). Student’s personalised log in details to Web Preferences will be emailed to the student’s school email account and steps on how to complete subject preferences in Week 9 Term 2. Please find the links below to subject guides:
  1. Year 9 and 10 students and families will be invited to a Course Counselling Interview that will be held with either the Director of Teaching and Learning, Director of QCE and Careers Coordinator. Head of Campus (Middle and Senior) and Learning Enrichment Coordinator maybe involved in this interview process. Year 10 Course Counselling interviews will begin in Week 5 Term 3 and Year 11 Course Counselling Interviews will begin in Week 6 Term 3. Parents will be informed when SOBS online bookings are available through SEQTA direct message.

We keep both parents and students in our prayers as you consider your child’s passions, strengths, and capabilities in the decisions that you make in forming your emerging pathway with us at Prince of Peace.

Every blessing,

Sarah Hoff-Zweck
Head of Campus – Middle and Senior

Upcoming webinar for parents

How to Help Your Child Prepare for Exams

We’re excited to announce that Elevate Education will be hosting a free webinar for our parents on Wednesday 7th June @ 6:30pm (AEST).

Elevate Education works with our students, delivering high impact workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing, and exam preparation. By tuning into their webinar series you will learn how you can help better support your children at home through reinforcing the skills they learn at school:

In this webinar, we will be discussing:

  • High Priority Work: The kinds of work students should be focusing on in the build-up to exams to maximise marks
  • Time Management: How to ensure your child has enough time to prepare for their exams
  • Practice Papers: How to prepare effectively using past questions and practice papers

Register for free here »

Peace to you,

Wendy Bowen
Director of Teaching and Learning

Word for Week 8 — Restoration

God’s Word for Week 8 on MSC relating to our 4R Value of Restoration comes from the Book of Romans 12:14-17:

Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them. Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all! Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honourable.

Chaplain Reilly has given the Middle and Senior school students this thought when reflecting on this passage from Romans: The first decision we can make to pave the way toward reconciliation: I will get back to, not back at.  The key to restoration and reconciliation is getting back to a place where we can start again, move forward and rest comfortably in the peace that the process brings.

National Sorry Day on 26 May and National Reconciliation Week gives us time as a nation to stop, reflect and get to a place where everyone in Australia can be a voice for generations, and the generations of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples – past, present and emerging – as together we look forward into the future.

Speaking of being a voice, restorative conversations are very important to make things right and be able to move forward knowing there has been a resolution to the incident that occurred causing hurt or harm to another.

When we engage in a restorative conversation on the Middle & Senior Campus, these are the questions a Year Level Coordinator (YLC) would ask the student who needs to take responsibility for their actions:

Next, these are the questions we ask the student who has been hurt or harmed:

The YLC facilitates the conversation and then follows up to ensure restoration has taken place. It is so important for students to be honest and own up to their inappropriate, disrespectful and irresponsible behaviour – this first step takes courage; however it takes more courage to face up to the person you have hurt, admit your wrongdoing, and make things right.

This can be one of the most difficult consequences for a student to have to do.  As parents, it is hard for us to see our children face up to their mistakes and be involved in these tough conversations.  It is important to know that this is how we learn and grow in life and relationships.  Restoration + Reconciliation + God’s everlasting love for us = Positive Relationships for life.

Peace to you,

Melissa Graham
Director of Wellbeing – Middle & Senior Campus

Careers @ PoP

A couple of highlights to draw your attention to.

Queensland School of Film and Television

Queensland School of Film and Television are holding school holiday workshops in a variety of areas.

If you are interested please download this information flyer.

TAFE season school workshops

For those that missed out of the trade taster programs, this is another opportunity that TAFE is providing.

TAFE are excited to offer your students a great school holiday experience.

TAFE at School is hosting its annual season school, a series of workshops to give high school students a taste of what TAFE Queensland has to offer.

Spaces are limited. Ticket sales close 11.30pm on Sunday 18 June 2023, unless sold out.

Workshop Entry Requirements

  • Students must be in Years 9, 10, 11 or 12 and provide their school name and school year upon registration.
  • Not all workshops are available to all year levels.

What is the cost?

  • Half-day workshop – $25
  • Full-day workshop – $50

What happens on the day?

  • Students will meet at the marquee in the center of campus 15 minutes before the workshop starts. They will be collected by the teacher.
  • They will get a break for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, with food and drinks provided.
  • They will receive your certificate via email upon completion of the workshop.

Learn more at the TAFE Queensland website »

Please contact me via direct message if you have any further questions or concerns.

Julie Grosas
Careers and VET Leader

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

The annual Year 3 – Year 6 Inter-House Athletics Carnival is this Friday 9 June, 9:00am-2:55pm on the Prince of Peace Junior Campus Oval. Please download the program here. If you are available to assist at any point during the day, please indicate this in a reply email to Mrs Jessica Schneider VIA SEQTA. Should you have any concerns, questions or require further information regarding this event, please make contact. There will be a coffee van in attendance.

 AUSKICK AFL Program coming to PoP Term 3. Six weeks of coaching by AFL staff teaching the skills and rules of AFL, while playing fun and engaging games. Each participant will receive a benefits pack and AFL Football. Start Date: Wednesday 2 August, end Date: Wednesday 6 September. Time: 3:10pm – 4:10pm Venue: PoP Primary School Oval Cost: $80. Registration details yet to come, stay tuned.

Calling Expressions of Interest for the Arana Touch Football Season. Any caregivers wishing to register their PoP U8-13 child/children for the upcoming season information, please email Jess Schneider VIA SEQTA as soon as possible. Approximate cost $144, download this flyer for further details.

Special acknowledgment to a dedicated little dancer, Bronte in Year 1 who recently competed at two Dance Eisteddfods (with two performances at each), one on the Sunshine Coast at Caloundra Events Centre (6 May) – placing 1st & 2nd, and then in Brisbane at ERPAC (20 May) – gaining two 3rd places. Well done Bronte on these terrific sporting achievements. Keep dancing!

Jessica Schneider
Junior Campus PE Teacher & Sport Coordinator

Middle & Senior Campus Sport

Met North Cross Country

The Met North Cross Country Carnival was held on Tuesday 23 May at St. Paul’s College, Bald Hills. Prince of Peace sent a number of students to this event, with the following students achieving a Top 20 result.

Thomas Forbes-Schutz (12 yrs) – 14th

Finn Sorpassa (13 yrs) – 7th

Hannes Forbes-Schutz (14 yrs) – 4th

Mateo Viegas (14 yrs) – 12th

Freya Forbes-Schutz (16 yrs) – 10th

Grace Doyle (18 yrs) – 3rd

Jonas Forbes-Schutz (18 yrs) – 4th


Congratulations to all runners on the day. Special mention to Hannes, Grace and Jonas who will now progress onto the State Championships. Good luck!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with me via SEQTA message.

Gabby Collman
Sports Coordinator
HPE, Science and Mathematics Teacher

Music and the Arts

Middle & Senior Campus Music News

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir is about to start again! This ensemble paused during the rehearsals for the musical, and will resume again at the beginning of Term 3. Their rehearsals will be on Wednesday afternoons starting on 12 July 2023 3.15 – 4.15pm. Please put this in your calendar.

Rhythms Riffs and Refrains

Rhythms Riffs and Refrains is on Wednesday 7 June 6 – 8pm (the night of this Newsletter publication). Put this date in your diary as it will be a great night out. Many of the students involved in these ensembles are not in the musical and they have been working diligently since the beginning of the year. I am excited that we will hear the work of two of our new tutors: Sharon Nobs – who will conduct the Concert Band and Royce Jenner – who has been working with 101 Special and the Jazz Ensemble. We will also have our Senior String Ensemble with conductor Johanne Leask and Vocalese who have some little treats to share. The concert will be in M1 on the Senior Campus and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Excursion to QPAC

We are going to hear the Queensland Symphony Orchestra play in a special education performance of The Lost Thing! on Friday 9 June. This is a daytime excursion to QPAC Concert Hall to hear the orchestra play LIVE! Students from the elective music classroom and Extra Curricular Ensembles Program will depart and return to Prince of Peace Senior Campus within the school day. If you have received an invitation to join us on this excursion via direct message THANK YOU for replying. We are super excited. Last year we had a fantastic time!

Please check SEQTA with care.

Let’s make music!

Linda Brady
Middle & Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


Sunday 11 June

9am Worship

5pm Together@5 – Year 2 Cohort Service

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

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