Term 3 Week 4 | 2 August 2023
College News

What is it (called)?

Our new building is very nearly complete.  Carpets are in, lights and sound are working, curtains are hanging (albeit a little low, they’ll fix that this week!), landscaping is being organised.  So, we’re very quickly reaching the point that is probably about a month away now where we take possession and ‘move in’.  This is very exciting indeed, and as a blank canvas there are lots of wonderful dreams from many people about the different ways we will be able to use the building for community, learning, functions, creativity; it will be a great asset for our College and used by Prep – Year 12.

Recently, a number of staff got together to think and talk around the following provocation question:

How can this space become a place that fosters creativity, adaptability, spirituality, contemporary learning, wellbeing practices and community partnerships?

But – it needs a name, a designation.  So far, it is just referred to (due to BGA grant applications) as the ‘Multi-Purpose Hall’, and sometimes ‘auditorium’.  Nobody will argue they’re a bit bland and cookie-cutter.  And they definitely don’t go anywhere to answering the provocation!

So, before a name simply comes into being and ‘sticks’, we’d like to at least consider whether there is something better out there.

If you have any creative, sensible or clever thoughts or ideas about what might be a suitable title for this building, please use this link to make your suggestion.

Every blessing for the week ahead.

Simon Hughes
Head of College

Interviewing now for Year 7, 2026

Sibling interviews are now being held for Year 7, 2026.

Applications are to be completed online.

If you haven’t been contacted for an interview, and believe you have already submitted an application, please contact Donna Cook, Community Development and Enrolments Manager at dcook@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au.


HOPE – We have been invited to embrace and share the HOPE of Jesus!

Whether you burnt something, spilt something, or put a hole in the wall, we have all made a mess of something before. And we all have our own ways of addressing our mess. Some of us address our mess by trying to hide the mess. Some of us address our mess by avoiding our mess. And some of us make a mess, and we say we will fix the mess ourself. But, what about the big messes! Like what about the messes we look at and go: “I don’t even know where to start… I can’t clean this up all by myself- there is no hope!”

Nobody’s perfect. We as humans, don’t exactly hit the mark every time. We say things we wish we didn’t say. We do things we wish we didn’t do. Sometimes, when we look at the world, or even when we look at our own life, we can see a whole lot of mess before we see a whole lot of good. We can’t hide all our messes and trying to fix our mess all by ourself- well, that is just overwhelming!

But there is some good news for those of us whose messy life feels far too messy to fix. John 3:16 reads:  For God so loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. In other words, John is saying, “God so loved the messy world, that God drew near to the messy world.”

John 3:16 is well known, but I think John 3:17 is the verse we need to hear if we have ever made a mess that feels impossible to move past. God sent His Son into the world not to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.

Jesus told people, if you have created a mess that has left you worried, anxious, feeling rejected or in the dark, here is a light you can follow, here is your way, here is a hope: “I am the light of the world.  If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.  

In a world that is more in the unknown than it has been in a long time, we need a light. Following Jesus offers more than a short-term fix. He offers life transformation. Jesus offered himself as the solution to your mess. And even in uncertainty, He won’t leave you behind. He won’t forsake you. He says, “Courage, it’s me don’t be afraid”.

Reilly Brown
College Chaplain

The Power of Reflection!

Last weekend I stepped off the plane in Brisbane – home from what we called, “The Schmidt’s European Adventure!”   As I write this message, I’m still a little tired, catching up with people, messages, events, issues and projects that just keep rolling on in schools.  But my heart is full of gratitude for the experiences and time spent with family while I was away.

New experiences and travel are good for the soul in so many ways. I loved learning about different cultures, munching on European bread, seeing quirky statues, listening to stories from history and so much more.  Travel can push you outside your comfort zone and present unique challenges that build adaptability, resilience, and problem solving skills.  I admit, I’ve been stretched and hope that I’ve been challenged to further develop my sense of empathy, tolerance and appreciation for the richness of human diversity.

My time viewing the history relating to war was confronting, sobering and heartbreaking and a time of personal conviction to continue to work with and for people, to strive for understanding, inclusion, peace, forgiveness and diversity.

As I reflect on the past weeks and the weeks ahead, I’ve clarified my goals:

  • Be kind – the world is infinitely better with kind words, kind people and kind actions!
  • Appreciate – Diversity and difference brings new ideas, opportunity, creativity and different perspectives
  • Seek to grow – View problems and difficulties as opportunities for growth.
  • Express gratitude – to my family, to my friends, to people who work in patisseries, to teachers, to those I encounter each and every day.

Why Reflect?

These past weeks, students along with teacher support have been reflecting on themselves as learners as they have prepared for and engaged in Parent/Teacher/Student conversations.  Reflection and personal goals can be instrumental in understanding yourself better, providing direction, motivating you to persist, fostering continuous improvement and guiding toward better decision making in the learning journey.  Learning is a complex task and the ability to talk about it, articulate goals and reflect on success and areas for growth can positively impact academic growth.

By the time most people read this, the Parent/Teacher/Student conversations will be complete, but I encourage you to continue talking with your child about their learning goals and developing reflective practices.

Thank you

Finally, thank you to Mrs Lennon, Mrs Cochrane and Mrs Bruyn who ably filled in for me while I was absent. I will leave it to Mrs Lennon to write about the upcoming events in the rest of POPCORN.

It is great to be back at PoP!  I look forward to seeing many of you in the coming weeks as we gather for different community events.

Thank you, POP community, for all you do.

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Head of Campus – Junior

Junior Campus News


What a wonderful day we all had last Friday with our inaugural Spanish Day. A variety of costumes could be seen from all 21 Spanish speaking countries.

It was a day of fun, learning and an amazing cultural experience. A big thank you to our Spanish families who came and assisted with rotations on the day.

We are truly blessed to have such wonderful support in our community. We would also like to thank Mrs Arribas and the team for organising this magnificent day for our students.

We look forward to celebrating this cultural immersion again in 2024.

Welcome Back!

This week we welcome back Mrs Schmidt who returns from her Long Service Leave. We cannot wait to hear about all her adventures! I am sure that Mrs Schmidt will be sharing her stories with our PoP community over the coming weeks.

Thank you to Mrs Cochrane who took on the Acting Deputy Head of Campus role. She did a wonderful job and I know she is looking forward to being with her class again. Thank you also to Mrs Kate Bird for teaching 4CC in Mrs Cochrane’s absence.

We know the students have loved having you and we enjoyed having you back on campus.

Afternoon Pick Up

Just a reminder to please stay in your vehicles when in the drive-through to collect students from the Shed. If you wish to exit your vehicle, please park in the parking bays provided. This will allow for smooth flow of traffic and keep everyone safe.

You may have also noticed the bollards at the end of the middle crossing. This is to signal that this crossing does not continue to the Shed. Please use the crossing near Prep if you need to enter and exit the Shed area. If you are exiting the Kindy carpark, please ensure that you check both ways before driving into the main carpark.

A reminder that the Kindy carpark is only for families with children enrolled at the Kindy. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parent, Teacher, Student Conversations

Last Thursday, we held our first round of Parent, Teacher, Student Conversations where our students were able to showcase their learning and articulate areas for growth. This new format was well-received by parents, staff and students.


Coreta Lennon
Deputy Head of Campus – Junior

Bring Your Gold Coins for Junior Campus World Cookie Day

August 4 is World Cookie Day so we are celebrating it this year by… eating cookies!

Thanks to the generous donation of Cookie Dough from our Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough fundraiser, we will be baking and selling cookies on the Junior Campus this Friday at First Break in the Green Room.

Cookies can be purchased for a gold coin donation.

All monies raised will go to Black Dog Institute to support children with mental health needs.

Thank you to our P&F and Year 6 students for running this event.

Aboriginal Hut Models

As part of their Humanities unit, class 4CC has been learning about Australia and in particular Indigenous studies, where they created these amazing models of Aboriginal shelters using natural materials.

Middle & Senior Campus News

In Week 3 of this term, we gathered in community to celebrate the beginning of our new Senior School Student Leaders journey for 2023/2024. We were blessed to be able to install our College Captains, Ministry & Outreach and House Captains with parents, fellow peers, staff, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church staff and members, and State Parliament members. The following is the message that I shared this worship service:

At Prince of Peace, we believe in four values that lead to living a great and fulfilled life. These are Hope, Courage, Service and Grace. As we live in a Christ centred community together, these values live within our hearts and minds and move us to take courageous steps in serving others and seeing hope in each other and our futures. We gather to give thanks to our Year 12 class of 2023 and student leaders for the way they have served their community.

Our College Captains and Ministry Captains for 2023-2024 wish to encourage our community to build an even more compassionate and connected community. This hope calls us to stop and think about how we live in community with each other and serve each other. It is adopting the attitude of welcoming the stranger and being a voice for those who might not feel they have one. It is moving beyond fulfilling our own desires and needs, but to give freely to others with no expectation in receiving anything in return. This is what we call Grace.

God has created us as unique individuals and gives us purpose and life, and our lives are enriched through the peers we have, the teachers who guide us and the parents that shape us. We are thankful to each Year 12 student who has led the student community of Prince of Peace and leaves a rich legacy in our community.

A special rite of passage that our Senior students collaborate on in their final year of education is selecting a theme for their year. The theme is about the aspirations that they have for themselves and the community that they lead and serve. The theme that our Year 11 students have chosen for 2023-2024 is; ‘Be the Light!’.

Below are words that Miles Chewe and Jasmine Everett shared with the community:

This year, the Year elevens have been discussing the values we see reflected within our cohort, and we came to the conclusion that our main values are respect, trust, compassion, and resilience. Our goal over the next eighteen months is to continue to be a grade that uplifts everyone, encourages each other to use our unique gifts to grow with one another, and ultimately demonstrate the love that Jesus demonstrated to us.

With this in mind, our cohort has selected both Matthew 5:16 and Romans 12:5 to create our theme for the next year. These two readings help us understand how even as a group of unique individuals we can still be one united body who demonstrate the values that Jesus does for us. ‘Be the light’ is the perfect motto to represent how we wish to shine our lights as the senior leaders of the College, and build a community where we can be humble, courageous, connected, and most importantly, become a stronger, and more united cohort. We hope that by living out this goal of being the light, we can leave a positive impact on the College as we enter into the next chapters of our lives.

We are grateful that we have young people who are spiritually sensitive, people conscious, and who are keen to lead and serve in the way of Jesus. We encourage everyone to support the aspirations that the Student Leaders for 2023-2024 and Year 11 students have for the students, staff, and parents of Prince of Peace.

We ask that you pray for them as they seek to understand their hopes for the future and that God watches over them and guides them in discovering their potential.

Middle and Senior Campus Conference Dates

  • Thursday 3 August from 3.30pm – bookings will close 3.30pm Wednesday 2 August
  • Wednesday 9 August from 3.30pm – bookings will close 3.30pm Tuesday 8 August

To coordinate the conferences we have employed an online booking system to assist parents in securing their preferred interview times. The procedure is as follows:

  • If you wish to see any of your child/ren’s teachers, you need to secure an appointment time using this system

Please visit the College website and select the Parent/Teacher Conference Bookings (SOBS) option on the MyPOP tab to make your booking/s. Alternately you can use this link » Note that if you have used this system previously, it will show the year level your child was in when you last made a booking. Please select their current year level from the drop down list.

Sarah Hoff-Zweck
Head of Campus – Middle and Senior

Following the 4Rs of PoP

With a focus on living out the four values of Grace, Service, Courage and Hope, Romans 12:2 tells us:

Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.

At times in life, we can find it difficult to forge our own path, be our own person, think and act independently.

It may seem easier to follow the group, let others make decisions for you and act passively rather than get involved.

Following the 4Rs of PoP College, requires us to show respect, behave responsibly, build positive relationships, and seek restoration with each other to make things right.

The National Day of Action (NDA) Against Bullying and Violence

The National Day of Action (NDA) Against Bullying and Violence is being held on Friday 18 August with the theme of Growing connections to help prevent bullying.

This theme supports research findings that strong school community connections and social skills are protective factors in the prevention of bullying and help enable positive, help-seeking behaviours in students. At our College we know powerful partnerships and strong positive relationships are the key to getting along with each other in a Christian school community.

Orange Sky Australia

We have made a partnership with Orange Sky Australia to support people in need in Brisbane who are experiencing homelessness.  Our Student Leadership Council (SLC) are organising an awareness and fundraising event to coincide with the NDA on the Middle and Senior Campus on Thursday 17th August.  Students are encouraged to wear orange clothing or accessories for a gold coin donation, food for sale and our talented musicians will be busking for donations.  PC classes will be unpacking these two significant social justice topics in the next couple of weeks. We all have an opportunity to take part in addressing the issues of bullying and homelessness, by changing our behaviour, for the better of each other, allowing God to transform us into the compassionate connected community we strive to be.

Peace to you,

Melissa Graham
Director of Wellbeing – Middle & Senior Campus

Careers @ PoP

It is QTAC Time Again

QTAC will be opening up applications as of 8.30am on the 1 August 2023. What this will mean for Year 12 students:

  1. Open your ATAR account (ATAR Registration). By creating this account, you will be able to able to access your ATAR on the release date in December.
  2. Create an account for application. You can use the same log in information that you used for your ATAR account.

Note: Remember to use a personal email, as school emails may not be active after you leave.

LUI is also required. Please see me if this is needed.

Below is what you need to look for on qtac.edu.au

Getting in early can not only take the pressure off later, but can also provide early offer opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

If you have any questions, please send me a direct message and I can get back to you when I can.

Julie Grosas
Careers and VET Leader

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Queensland Hockey Under-13 Boys State Championships

Special acknowledgement also for Patrick Falk, who recently played in the Queensland Hockey Under-13 Boys State Championships in Cairns.

Competition was tough and the skill level was high, but Patrick took it in his stride to play to the best of his ability and rightfully so was awarded with the Rising Star award at the end of the tournament.

Well done Patrick!

NISSA Gala Day Teams

Well done to our Year 4 – Year 6 NISSA AFL, netball, and soccer Gala Day teams! Your outstanding efforts and determination have brought us great results, some undefeated teams, and we couldn’t be prouder. The word on the street from our wonderful coaches is that your commitment to teamwork and sportsmanship is truly commendable.

We are excited and proud to extend our warmest wishes to our NISSA and District Athletics team as they gear up for the upcoming competitions. May their dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship shine brightly as they represent our school on the field. We believe in your abilities and know you will make us proud. Good luck and give it your all! NISSA Athletics: Thursday 3rd August 12:30pm-4:20pm at Langdon Park 256 Oxley Ave, Margate. District Athletics: Thursday 10th & Friday 11th August 8:00am-2:30pm (students attend competition days only) at Bowden Park 30 Dartnell St, Geebung.

Reminder to parents and caregivers, District Athletics trial fee payment and consent forms are due into the school front office this Friday 4th August. Any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs Schneider.

Jessica Schneider
Junior Campus PE Teacher & Sport Coordinator

Middle & Senior Campus Sport

Middle and Senior School Track and Field Carnival 2023

Congratulations to Jonas, Freya, Hannes and Thomas Forbes-Schutz who participated in the Queensland Cross Country Championships in Toogoolawah this past weekend.

All students ran well, with Jonas and Hannes likely to make the QLD team, with a 9th and 11th place respectively. Both boys also achieved a silver medal in the teams event. Well done all!

NISSA website

Just a reminder that our NISSA website has changed for this season.

This new platform is hopefully a little more user friendly than the one that was used in Term 1.

This will show all draws and results tables for each sport/year level. Please use this link to the new platform.

Gabrielle Collman
Middle & Senior Campus Teacher – Sports Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

Classroom Music

Choirs for Grandparents & Special Friends Day – Friday 18 August

Both choirs on the Junior Campus will be performing a few items for our guests.  They are to wear their choir uniform (Music shirt, long black dress-pants and black shoes) and bring their normal Friday uniform to change into after the performance. Please ensure everything is labelled.

Gala Celebration of Music on Show – Thursday 17 August

The Upper Primary (Year 4-6) has been invited to join the celebration on this evening.  Further information to come so please keep your eye on SEQTA.

Arts & Culture Night – Thursday 7 September

Our celebration of all things Cultural will be held in the shed.  Commencing at 5:30pm, there will be performances from Junior Campus Choirs, Dance Ensemble, Spanish and Arts displays.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Further information will be sent via SEQTA.

Instrumental Music Solo Night – Tuesday 8 August

 An evening of performance from our instrumental students.  Tutors will send out invitations in the next few days.  If you would like your child to perform, please send me a message and I will add them.  Concert will start at 6pm in the CHAPEL.

Classroom Music

Year 6 are studying the world of Film music this term, with particular reference to John Williams. Year 5 are “Space Invaders” and looking at several pieces from Holst’s “The Planets”.  Later this term Year 4 will begin their STEAM challenge of making a musical instrument with household items.

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

Middle & Senior Campus Music News

PoP Gala Celebration of Music

This fancy dress Music event will be held on Thursday 17 August at 6pm in the Chapel on the Junior Campus.

And the theme is 90s!

17 August is also Anti-Bullying Day on the Middle and Senior Campus and we will be visited by some representatives from Orange Sky Australia. Orange Sky operate free mobile laundries and showers for people doing it tough on the street. Our students will be running fundraising for Orange Sky during the day and at our Gala Concert there will be opportunity for a voluntary donation to this amazing cause. If you have not heard of their work check out their website.

At the Gala, we will also be honouring all of our wonderful Year 12 students who have given so much to the program during their time at Prince of Peace. Then we will wish them well as they move into studying for Exam block. We will also be farewelling our Year 9 students who will go to camp the next week. The end of Term 3 is always a strange time for Ensembles without the Year 12s or Year 9s. This may impact some rehearsals more than others so stay alert to changes on SEQTA.

Speaking of honouring, it is with great pleasure that I share the following AMEB Exam Results:

Emma Tyson completed her Grade 2 Violin Repertoire Exam and was awarded an A (Honours).

Mikayla Swift completed her Grade 8 Piano Comprehensive Solo Exam and was awarded an A (Honours).

AMEB or indeed any Examination program is an excellent way to ensure progress in technical proficiency and in producing the detailed nuances of a polished final performance. It is very hard to be disciplined to do this without the pressure of a specific end point. Such outstanding results as these students have produced is a real credit to their personal discipline and motivation. Congratulations from all of us!

Stay tuned!

Linda Brady
Middle & Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


Sunday 6 August

9am Worship

5pm Together@5

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

Community News and Notices

Lutheran Youth of Queensland Events

More information can be found at lyq.org.au

LCAQD Christmas Card Art Competition for Students

Students are invited to design a Christmas card that can be sent by Bishop Mark Vainikka to all the congregations, aged care facilities and schools of the Queensland District.

  • The cards can be in relation to any aspect of Christmas.  A religious theme would be preferred, but not a pre-requisite.
  • The closing date for submission of entries is Friday 8 September 2023. 
  • All entries should be sent to:Bronagh Quinn
    EA to Bishop Mark Vainikka
    Level 3, 24 McDougall Street
    Milton, QLD 4064
  • Entries can also be scanned and sent to quinn@qld.lca.org.au
  • Please ensure that each picture has the artist’s first name, first initial of surname, age, class and school on the reverse of the picture.
  • The Christmas card that tells the best story, as chosen by the District Office and the Bishop will be used as the Bishop’s Christmas card 2023.  It will be printed and sent out across the Queensland District and beyond!

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