Term 3 Week 6 | 17 August 2023
College News

Join us in Nurturing our Future — our 2023–2025 Strategic Directions

After a challenging few years for the world we are excited to launch our 2023-2025 Strategic Directions – Nurturing our Future – to the community of Prince of Peace Lutheran College.

This plan outlines our commitment to delivering an exceptional Christ-centred education for every student at Prince of Peace and provides a blueprint for how we will navigate the fast-changing educational landscape and global challenges upon us. In creating our strategic directions, we have identified three core objectives and a suite of key actions to support these objectives. These elements are the backbone of our operational focus along with our guiding vision, mission and values.

You may recall that the feedback for this plan was borne out of the wants and needs of our community: our families and staff and those that support our College. Therefore, we believe this is very much a community Strategic Plan and one that we hope you will partner with us in delivering.

To read more about our Strategic Plan’s key objectives and actions please click here.

We thank you for being a part of this project and hope that you may continue to support its implementation over the coming years.  If you have any queries or further feedback on our direction, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thank you to all our families who have come along over the past few weeks to support, celebrate and nurture their children through conversations, right from Prep to Year 12.  As we continue to progress towards a more contemporary approach to having our students engaged with their own learning journey in the Junior School, it was wonderful to hear so much positive feedback from parents, students and teachers about the format.   Having our students taking greater ownership of their learning – being responsible and accountable, is a powerful tool for their own learning.  A big thank you needs to go to our wonderful teachers for their time in preparing and running so many meetings to support our students’ learning, as well as quite a number of our operational staff who assist with setting up spaces, organising tea and coffee and dinners, packing up and helping in many other ways.

Our New Auditorium Space – Suggest a Name

Just a reminder to consider suggesting a possible name for our new space.  We want something that reflects the contemporary nature of how we anticipate the space will be used, and so the following question can be used as provocation:

How can this space become a place that fosters creativity, adaptability, spirituality, contemporary learning, wellbeing practices and community partnerships?

If you have any creative, sensible or clever thoughts or ideas about what might be a suitable title for this building, please use this link to make your suggestion.

Every blessing for the week ahead.

Simon Hughes
Head of College

Book Week Parade

Both the Junior and Middle & Senior Campus will be celebrating Book Week next Tuesday 22 August with a dress up day. This year’s theme is READ GROW INSPIRE.

Parents, Carers and special friends are welcome to attend the Junior Campus parade which will be held in The Shed, beginning at 8:45am. Purchase a coffee from the coffee van and enjoy the parade, which will then be followed by Book and Blanket on the oval. The Year 6 students have chosen their picture book and are looking forward to sharing these with the rest of the Junior Campus. Parents, if you are able to attend we encourage you to don your favourite Book Week costume too!

Bullying No Way Day / Orange Sky Presentation

Father’s Day Stall

Our Middle & Senior Campus stall will be held on Tuesday 22 August during first and second breaks.

Our Junior Campus stall will be running on Monday 28 (8:30am – 2:30pm) and Tuesday 29 August (8:30am – 12pm), in the last classroom in E block.

A wide range of wonderful items will be available priced from $1 – $15 with grandparent gifts also available.

As always we are on the lookout for volunteers to help on all days. Middle & Senior Campus volunteers from 8:30am – 2pm on 22 August. JC volunteers from 8:30am – 2:30pm on Monday 28 August and from 8:30am – 1pm on Tuesday 29 August. Volunteers can message Andrea Rhind on 0412 597 644 or Rebecca Hitchenson on 0418 193 030.

Our P&F team are also looking for baking donations, but since the stalls have to be run earlier this year, we need items with a longer shelf life (ie. cookies, fudge, lolly bags) but unfortunately not cupcakes, cakes, brownies or slices. Baked goods can be dropped off at the relevant Reception office on the morning of the stalls, and are required to be individually packaged with ingredients labelled.

If baking volunteers can also message Andrea or Rebecca that would be very helpful.


We have been invited to embrace and share the COURAGE found in Jesus!

The advice of “don’t be afraid” can be hard advice to follow! Having courage doesn’t mean you’re never afraid. If that were the case, none of us would be courageous. Behind every superhero there are days of training and preparing for the unknown, but even superheroes are still scared and freaked out about what could go wrong. We all have fears staring us in the face. But you don’t have to fear what you face when you know who you are trusting in.

There’s this story in the Old Testament all about God inviting His people to enter the Promised Land. But it was scary, and a lot of obstacles stood in their way. When they got nervous, God would remind them not to be afraid because He was with them. In fact, after an important leader named Moses died, a younger leader named Joshua had to take over the mission and lead the people to the promised land. He was terrified! But God reminded Joshua several times that He was with him, and because of that, Joshua led the mission anyway. He did it afraid. But Joshua was not alone in his fears. God was with him.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. 1 Timothy 1:7

If we lived in the cave of our fears all the time, we would never try new things. We would never overcome our adversities. We would miss out on learning more about ourselves, others, and God. You don’t have to fear what you face when you know who you are trusting in. We have a Heavenly Father who sees us as a masterpiece. That sees YOU as a masterpiece. That you were brought into this world with a purpose. That you are not weak, or unlovable. He says you are strong and of so much worth, that you are worth dying for. The message of Jesus points us to an eternal hope, and our relationship within our Heavenly Father instils within us an almighty courage to boldly embrace and share His love.

Reilly Brown
College Chaplain

Kindy to Year 6 Arts and Culture Night

All Kindy to Year 6 families are invited to join us as we showcase the achievements of our Junior Campus students in the areas of The Arts, Music and Spanish on Thursday 7 September 2023. Be inspired by our visual displays, enjoy our live performances in music and dance, and immerse yourself in your child/ren’s learning. It is sure to be a wonderful community event.

Code Camp — Term 4

The Code Camp Team are excited to be back at Prince of Peace Lutheran College for Term 4, attendance can be booked HERE.

The dates and time for Term 4 sessions are as follows:

Class Type: Coding (Years 2-6)
Day: Tuesdays
Dates: 10 OCT to 28 NOV
Times: 3:00pm – 4:15pm

Junior Campus News

Grandparents and Special Friends Day – This Friday!

We are finalising our concert items, tweaking our classroom activities, ordering Morning Tea for our special guests and we are excited to be able to welcome Grandparents and Special Guests to the campus on Friday. Grandparents and special friends hold a special place in our hearts and lives. These relationships are rich, ladened with wisdom, emotional support and often heaped in unconditional love and fun that can’t be underestimated in building social and emotional connectedness and resilience in children.

The morning on the Junior Campus is usually busy and crowded.

  • Thank you to those who have provided an RSVP to help us with catering and organisation.
  • Follow staff directions so parking can be arranged safely on the oval.
  • Year 6 student leaders will be available at entry points to the campus to direct guests to classrooms or the performances in the chapel.
  • Morning tea will be provided for Grandparents and Special guests in The Shed.
  • Students will be encouraged to take their own morning tea and accompany guests during this time.
  • You may even like to use the photo booth that is being set up in The Shed and take a picture together.

In the past, some parents and carers have allowed children to leave school after the morning with their Grandparents and special guests.  We will have a staffed sign out table in The Shed at the morning tea area to facilitate this process.

Finally, to every Grandparent and Special friend that enriches the lives of another, we honour you for your time, your patience, your wisdom, your stories and your willingness to be connected to a child in our community.

We would like your feedback on Parent/Teacher/Student Conversations

The Junior Campus completed the scheduled Parent/Teacher/Student Conversations last week, with the Year 3 teachers and new staff to the Junior Campus completing their bookings. I know there are a few conversations still to be had as times didn’t work or illness caused interruptions but I want to thank everyone who engaged in these conversations.

Involving students as an integral part of the conversation with parents and teachers was a new initiative on the Junior Campus.  It was intended to place the student at the center of the learning, encourage self-reflection, communication skills and goal setting, increase motivation and empower young learners while strengthening the teacher-student-parent partnership.

So, how did his new initiative go? What went well, what could be improved, what impact did these conversations have on my child? What would we do differently after this first time? These are all valid questions to consider, and we would love to hear parental feedback. Our staff are considering these questions too as we continue to delve into Contemporary Education practices that positively impact student learning.

Please use this link to share feedback »

“I missed my time, or I just want to check something with my child’s teacher” — please know that you are always welcome to make a time to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss concerns or rebook a missed Parent/Teacher/Student Conversation.

Year 3 Camp

Thank you, POP community, for all you do.

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Head of Campus – Junior

It’s Cool to be Kind!

In the world we are living in today, kindness is more important than ever. It gives us more reason to spread the message of kindness to each other. There is always room to be kind, and guess what, it doesn’t cost a thing! It may be a simple small gesture that could mean the world to someone. It is also scientifically proven that showing kindness to others on a regular basis can improve one’s happiness and overall outlook on life.

It can be as simple as paying it forward when you get your next takeaway cup of coffee, calling a loved one and checking-in, sending a care package, giving someone a smile, baking cookies for your neighbours, or simply offering your time to really listen to someone. Each one of these small acts of kindness can mean the world.

It is important that we reflect on this concept and during our National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence (Bullying No Way Day) we reminded  everyone in our community about the importance of being kind to one another.

The National Day of Action (NDA) Against Bullying and Violence

The National Day of Action (NDA) Against Bullying and Violence was held at our College on Thursday 17th August with the theme of Growing connections to help prevent bullying.

This theme supports research findings that strong school community connections and social skills are protective factors in the prevention of bullying and help enable positive, help-seeking behaviours in students. At our College, we know powerful partnerships and strong positive relationships are the key to getting along with each other in a Christian school community.

Trash Free Tuesday

Something we value at Prince of Peace is giving our students a voice. We teach our students about being good stewards of our world as God intended and we are blessed with students who take a proactive approach to this. I was approached by one of our Year 3 students, Laine Watson, who was concerned with what litter was doing to our environment. I asked her if she had a plan to tackle this and she put forward a proposal to Mrs Schmidt and myself to start by involving the Junior Campus in ‘Trash Free Tuesday’.

Laine has put a lot of time and effort into researching this and offering suggestions of competitions and prizes for the classes who are able to reduce the amount of litter produced from our lunches. We will begin ‘Trash Free Tuesday’ in Week 8, Tuesday 29th August. Let’s come together as a community to help our environment and support our students.


Coreta Lennon
Deputy Head of Campus – Junior

Global Academic Challenge Results

Last term several students from Years 4 and 6, along with more than 2000 students from 73 schools across Australia, competed in the Global Academic Challenge. This challenge is an initiative designed to stretch high-performing students by applying their skills and knowledge beyond the traditional curriculum.

The competition challenges students in Years 4, 6 and 8 in Mathematics, Reading and Science over three days. There is no barrier to entry and the Global Academic Challenge is open to any school keen to help students measure themselves against national and international performance benchmarks.

The Global Academic Challenge is based on ACER’s International Schools Assessment (ISA), a progressive achievement assessment used by schools in more than 70 countries to pinpoint student learning and target teaching to meet their needs. Twenty years of ISA administration has resulted in reliable international benchmarks and a longitudinal picture of student achievement trends, allowing participants in the Global Academic Challenge to compare their performance against a worldwide measure.

We are so proud of the results that our students achieved, with several distinctions and high distinctions in Reading and Mathematics. We would like to particularly acknowledge Amelie Cuicas who received a High Distinction with Honours in Science. This places her in the top 2% of students, Well done Amelie!


Camille Coote – Credit

Rosezen Johnston – Credit

Amelie Cuicas – Distinction

Isabella Simran – Distinction

Hannah McKinnon – High Distinction


Isabella Sirman – Credit

Rosezen Johnston – Credit

Miles Watson – Credit

Claire Franklin – Distinction

Amelie Cuicas – Distinction

Milli Garrihy – Distinction


Camille Coote – Credit

Isabella Sirman – Credit

Liam Darben – Credit

Claire Franklin – Credit

Amelie Cuicas – High Distinction with Honours

We would love to see students taking up this opportunity when it is offered again in 2024.

Happy learning!

Rebekah Bruyn
Learning Coach

Middle & Senior Campus News

Finding the potential in each person

Over the last fortnight we have come together in community in recognising the learning and growth of student academic and sporting achievement in Semester 1. We were delighted to be able to present Academic Awards and Records that were broken in our Athletics Carnival for 2023.

Through these award presentations it causes us all to reflect on the potential in each of us. God gives us all different talents, strengths and passions which come to life in personalised pathways.

We recognise students from Years 7 to 12 who have academic awards in the three levels of achievement – Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The different levels of academic awards are calculated through a grade point average. A grade point average is a number that represents the average of the grades of all the subjects that a student has studied in a semester.

Grade Points are created by converting a five-point letter scale to a five-point numerical scale. A grade point average of 5 reflects a student who has achieved an A grade result in all learning areas. The grade point averages for the College’s Academic Awards are; Gold – 4.7, Silver – 4.5 and Bronze – 4.

We congratulate the students below on their achievements.

Semester 1 2023 Academic Awards Recipients

Year 7 – GOLD

Lilly-May Bohan
Olivia Christian
Maddison Currey
Thomas Forbes-Schutz
Georgia Gardner
Cohen Gibbs

Year 7 – Silver

Nina Langtry
Ada Mendoza
Holly Peall
Amelia Savaille
Emmett Watson

Year 7 – Bronze

Olivia Benett
Ava-Rose Bolger
Edward Burrows
Ishana Chandra
Charlotte Cook
Julia Cormack
Jasmin Dargaville
Matilde Di Mascio
Erin Doig
Finn Garrad
Phoebe Jones
Lachlan Larder
Izabella Lee
Ruby McCall
Abby McVeigh
Monte Morse
Aaliyah Reynolds
Eleanor Roberts
Rani Scott
Sofiya Shevchenko
Harrison Stepowski
Asha Steyn
Cameron Tull-Smith
Darcy Tune
Zeus Vincent
Sophie Williamson

Year 8 – GOLD

Marley Buchanan
Lucy Eldridge
Isabella Everitt
Claire Franklin
Christian Holland
Eloise Horsington
Isabel Howard-Taylor
Lucia Hughes
Amelie Lodge
Christian McKenzie-Fowle
Holly Neumann
Eva Shaw

Year 8 – Silver

Savannah Hughes
Joann Joby
Eva Johnson
Isla Pribilovic

Year 8 – Bronze

Caeden Bell
Talia Blowes
Samantha Buttenshaw
Malori Coronado
Jocelyn Fuge
Keeley Glentworth
Lorelai Gore
Sarah Gray
Indianna Horgan
Eli Johnson
Jade Lewis
Madeleine McDowall
Aurora Murfett
Tejpratap Nagpal
Poppy O’Neill
Zarah Parsons
Joshua Rowe
Austin Schmidt
Emma Searles
Declan Spain
Jeremy Tay
Li-Jiun Young
Hudson Zweck

Year 9 – GOLD

Pippy Bohan
Ava Downie
Freya Garrad
Max Phillips
Olivia Phillips
Connor Rhind
Hannah Selwood
Aleisha Sivyer

Year 9 – Silver

Emma Dixon
Cooper Haines
Hamish Nottle

Year 9 – Bronze

Georgia Bean
Brooke Eaglestone
Thomas Gilfillan
Aye Mi Htoo
Tyson Hulcombe
Emma Macdonald
Thea McIver
Tim Pingel
Asha Rich
Samuel Roche
Wyatt Russo
Holly Starr
Lachlan Wiseman

Year 10 – GOLD

Liam Bell
Hannes Forbes-Schutz
Sienna Gardner
Jacob Howard-Taylor
Bianca Rhind
Lara Savaille
Amelia Swift

Year 10 – Silver

Fairley Dart
Georgia East
Erin Scott
Aimee Wilson

Year 10 – Bronze

Ashleigh Bleckwehl
Jai Bressan
Keely Fraser
Sophie Glentworth
Rochelle Godinho
Rhys Griffin
Emma Labuschagne
Grace McGregor
Cal Meehan-Black
Elliot Schmidtchen
Chloe Selwood
Anuksha Sengupta
Mani Walduck
Zabelle Warriner-Banner

Year 11 – GOLD

Alana Bomgaars
Ryan Eaglestone
Jasmine Everitt
Lucinda Hocking

Year 11 – Silver

Freya Forbes-Schutz
Nathan Lilly
Amber Paul
Angus Sneddon
Abigail Tay

Year 11 – Bronze

Lucas Cantarella
Giaan Cook
Harrison Haines
Ellen Hamilton
Abbi Hewitt
Alexis Hulcombe
Mercedes McIver
Diezel Paget
Ryan Pustolla
Lachlan Robson
Charlotte Scott
Lewyn Turnell
Elijah Walsh

Year 12 – GOLD

Xavier Sivyer
Mikayla Swift
Phoebe Tobin

Year 12 – Silver

Sophi Armanno
Indiana Brown
Georgia Glentworth

Year 12 – Bronze

Keira Andretzke
Patrick Austin
Grace Doyle
Olivia Farrar
Jonas Forbes-Schutz
Natalie Gardso
Molly Nocher
Elke Sokimi

Records broken from Athletics Carnival 2023

We congratulate the following students for pursuing their passion in sports through athletics. We acknowledge that gaining this achievement comes from many hours of a rigorous training schedule, stamina from setbacks or personal challenge or injuries and support of parents.

Congratulations to the students below who set new records in 2023.

100m Records

13 yrs boys – Finn Sorpassa 12.70sec
14 yrs girls – Gracie Wilkes 13.66sec
17 yrs girls – Ellen Hamilton 14.51sec
18 yrs boys – Mitch Gardiner 12.22sec
18 yrs girls – Grace Doyle 13.30sec

200m Records

13 yrs boys – Finn Sorpassa 26.44sec
14 yrs girls – Gracie Wilkes 28.44sec
18 yrs boys – Mitch Gardiner 26.00sec
18 yrs girls – Grace Doyle 27.22sec

800m Records

13 yrs boys (equaled record) – Finn Sorpassa 2min 23sec
14 yrs boys – Hannes Forbes-Schutz 2min 20 sec
15 yrs boys (equaled record) – Sebastian Diver 2min 29sec
18 yrs girls – Grace Doyle 2min 21sec

Javelin Records

14 yrs boys – Tyson Hulcombe 10.35m

Long Jump Records

13 yrs boys – Sam Draper 4.64m

18 yrs girls – Grace Doyle 4.53m

Closing reflections

I would also like to acknowledge all students in our community and congratulate you all in how you keep pursuing your personal excellence. May this hope be a reminder of how strong, capable and fantastic humans and children of God you all are:

May this hope inspire our students to form new goals for Semester 2 and feel a sense of accomplishment and meaning in their life here with us at Prince of Peace. It is our hope we find the potential in each person in our interactions with each other and how we view each other as a unique and special creation of God.

Every blessing for the week ahead,

Sarah Hoff-Zweck
Head of Campus – Middle and Senior

Working together

So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you. Deuteronomy 31:6

Interacting with the young people in our care on the Middle & Senior Campus, we can see signs of them wanting to ‘go it alone’ when there is a problem to solve or internalising their thoughts and feelings, rather than seem weak by seeking help or support, especially from an adult.  As educators we understand the developing young brain and how important it is to provide safe learning environments for students to foster positive relationships at school with peers, teachers, and staff.

As parents we must be courageous to advocate for our children, recognising when they need help and support.  However, working together in powerful partnerships with our College staff will achieve the best possible outcomes.  Learning is optimised when all the significant adults in any student’s life work together to encourage and support them. This includes challenging times when our students make mistakes and have to take responsibility for their actions and words.  It takes great courage to allow your child to face up to their mistakes and make things right rather than excusing, failing to recognise or blaming others. We pray to be strong and have courage in God who will support and guide us to nurture the God-given potential of each of our students.

We look forward to welcoming our Grandparents and Special Friends to the Middle Senior Campus on Friday 18 August to continue to grow the powerful partnerships within our College community.

Be responsible with mobile phones around the campus

In July, Queensland Minister for Education, The Honourable Grace Grace announced that mobile phones will be away for the day in all Queensland State schools in 2024. This is a welcomed announcement that falls into line with all other States across Australia.

Child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg has been quoted saying: “Restricting phones in Secondary schools is critical to cut distraction, deal with rising cyberbullying and help students catch up academically after months of isolation.” Dr Carr-Gregg headed the State government review in 2018 to make the decision to ban mobile phones in NSW in 2020.

The rule on the Middle & Senior Campus since Week 2, Term 1 this year is mobile phones in lockers from 8.20am until 3.05pm.  The reason why we have this rule is because mobile phones hinder student’s learning at school.  Mobile phones are a constant distraction away from the core business of education and cause students to have ongoing self-regulation and self-management issues.  There are exceptions for mobile phones being used and some of our classes embrace this technology to enhance learning on occassions.

Students who have difficulty with self-management and have unlimited access to their mobile phone outside of school, will struggle to follow this rule at school.  If a student is found with their mobile phone in class or at break times, it is confiscated immediately and returned to the student at the end of the day.  Some students will experience having to hand their phone into Student Reception each morning and collecting it in the afternoon for a set number of days, to help them learn to self-manage.  When parents support the school with this response, we send a powerful partnership message to our students that we all want to work together to create a responsible, respectful community of learners.

Peace to you,

Melissa Graham
Director of Wellbeing – Middle & Senior Campus

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Australian Rope Skipping Championships

Special acknowledgement for Joel Ng who attended the Australian Rope Skipping Championships last term.

Joel said he it was his first time experiencing the competition, he had some much fun and he also finished with various personal achievements, Bronze for the Masters Overall.

Congratulations on your efforts Joel!

NISSA Athletics

The NISSA Athletics in Week 4 set the stage for a spectacular showcase of athletic prowess and camaraderie. Our school’s athletes, filled with determination and pride, stepped onto the track and field, embodying the essence of teamwork and excellence finishing 2nd place overall. The North District Athletics Carnival unfolded over two glorious days of sunshine, last week. Representing our school, our athletes pushed their limits, setting personal bests and inspiring all with their tenacity. Special mentions must go to Rosezen J, Hannah M & Lachlan all placing 1st overall in their age group in the Tetra Multi Events. Congratulations to those 13 PoP students qualifying in 1st – 6th positions, 1st-4th into the North District Team with 5th & 6th as shadows. Best wishes and may your dedication and hard work lead you to more remarkable success in competition next week!

Jessica Schneider
Junior Campus PE Teacher & Sport Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Middle & Senior Campus Music News

PoP Gala Celebration of Music

TONIGHT — Thursday 17 August in the Chapel on the Junior Campus starting at 6pm.


At the Gala we will farewell our Year 12 students and thank them for their years of service:

Cooper Brett: 101 Special

Laura Horsington: Vocalese and Choir

Christiaan Labuschagne: Choir

Mia Parry-Close: Concert Band

Mikayla Swift: String Ensemble

Asher Waverley-Smith: Percussion Ensemble

This year we have so many of them and the space they leave will be sorely felt by the younger students. It will be a pleasure to have a moment to listen to these students sing and play in our ensembles for the last time. The Gala is a 90’s DRESS UP occasion. There are prizes for the best dressed and also for the best dressed FAMILY! Have fun. Get in the mood and rock up on your high waisted denim and bold tees.

We will also be sending off our Year 9 students who will go to Binga for a month. We will welcome them back in Term 4 where our focus will be moving into our new performance space, looking forward to the coming Christmas season and also celebrating our “Best Of 2023”.

Stay tuned!

Linda Brady
Middle & Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


Sunday 6 August

9am Worship

5pm Together@5

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

Job Opportunity – Pastoral Wellbeing Worker

Applications for the role of Pastoral Wellbeing Worker are invited.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church’s vision is to be an oasis of wellbeing connection for young and the old, the seen and unseen. The Pastoral Wellbeing Worker is to grow and lead the wellbeing of Prince of Peace Church through connections between multi-generational groups and individuals found in our Church, College, and community.

This ministry role will have two core areas:

  • Youth and Young Adult Connector – Lead and organise effective youth and young adult programs and empower congregational members to be wellbeing connection points to those youth & young adults.
  • Discipleship Groups and Events Connector– Lead and organize effective intergenerational connection groups that foster spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

The successful candidate will:

  • Be a practicing Christian who supports a Lutheran understanding of the Gospel.
  • Have a passionate pastoral heart for people of all generations.
  • Is well-organised and proactive.
  • Is a team player.

Ideally commencing in late 2023, the Pastoral Wellbeing Worker reports directly to the congregational pastor, Pastor Nick Mullen.    Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is in Everton Park, in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

A competitive, flexible salary package will be negotiated based on the capability of the successful candidate, and will be based on the Social, SHADS Award.

Interested applicants should first contact the Pastor Nick Mullen at nmullen@princeofpeace.org.au to discuss their application and receive a copy of the Job Description.

Applications for this position close COB Monday 18th September 2023.

Prince of Peace is committed the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, and as part of the application process will undertake rigorous screening, including referee checks, criminal record checks and working with children checks, where applicable.

Community News and Notices

LCAQD Christmas Card Art Competition for Students

Students are invited to design a Christmas card that can be sent by Bishop Mark Vainikka to all the congregations, aged care facilities and schools of the Queensland District.

  • The cards can be in relation to any aspect of Christmas.  A religious theme would be preferred, but not a pre-requisite.
  • The closing date for submission of entries is Friday 8 September 2023. 
  • All entries should be sent to:Bronagh Quinn
    EA to Bishop Mark Vainikka
    Level 3, 24 McDougall Street
    Milton, QLD 4064
  • Entries can also be scanned and sent to quinn@qld.lca.org.au
  • Please ensure that each picture has the artist’s first name, first initial of surname, age, class and school on the reverse of the picture.
  • The Christmas card that tells the best story, as chosen by the District Office and the Bishop will be used as the Bishop’s Christmas card 2023.  It will be printed and sent out across the Queensland District and beyond!

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