Term 2 Week 6 | 22 May 2024
College News

Under Eights Day

Under Eights Day celebrates the importance of learning in the early years of a child’s life. This fun morning allows students from Kindy to Year 2 to share a morning of imagination, play, exploration and fun! The theme for this year is ‘Connecting to Culture through Play’ – focusing on the right of every child to play and celebrate diverse play traditions and experiences from different cultures.

In our 40th year of celebration and community, Prince of Peace students from Kindy to Year 2 participated in a range of activities including Indigenous Games and Art, Parachute, Obstacle Course, Scavenger Hunt, Bubbles, and Spray Bottle Painting, amongst other things.

Under Eights Day (officially, Under Eights Week) is an initiative of Early Childhood Australia, Queensland, who set out to create a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of the early years of a child’s life. The first eight years of development are crucial, as it is during this period of development that children build the foundations of their view of the world and themselves.

Children are born investigators, and this day aims to nurture their natural curiosity and playfulness. At Prince of Peace, we do that by providing various experiences and learning opportunities, which will ignite a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

It was such a blessing to the community to have so many parents come along and volunteer or support our young students across the wide range of activities laid out for them this morning.  Thank you to everybody who came along in any capacity, and thank you also to Coreta Lennon, Emma Mothersole and all the Junior Primary staff who made the morning such a wonderful success.

Auditorium Opening

Our College Auditorium and additional spaces have been a blessing to us since we took possession and quickly moved in back in October last year.  But, it was a privilege to be able to officially open the building last week and acknowledge the large team of people who were all involved in some way or another in moving the building from vision to fruition.  Despite some hectic traffic around Brisbane that impacted quite a number of our invited guests, we were honoured to have our students addressed by Ms Corrine McMillan, Assistant Minister for Education and Youth Justice as well as First Assistant Bishop, Rev Ben Hentschke.  Staff from LEQ and LEA, our local council and local state members, representatives from the architects, builders, Block Grant Authority, various consultants and our wider communities were also in attendance to celebrate the journey to this milestone.  Thank you to Karen Osborne, Alison Kelly and Sarah Hoff-Zweck for their invaluable work in making the morning such a delight.  We very much look forward to the ongoing and future uses the spaces allow for our students in their continued education and holistic growth and the College’s mission of sharing Christ’s grace and love with our community.

(Finally, for those of you who like coincidence – our cows escaped again that Friday!)

Absentees via SEQTA

As we are all aware, parents are required to inform the College of any known student absences before the commencement of school, or ahead of time if possible.  Typically, these have been sent through the College App — they come into the College as an email and are then manually entered into our system.  However, SEQTA has just updated the Engage app to allow absentee notifications directly into our system, which should make both the process for parents, and the College, quicker.  When it is activated, a new menu item (Absences) inside Engage will appear.  (Congratulations to the family who found and successfully used the system in the tiny, 10-minute window where we had it turned on for testing a few weeks ago!! Test successful!).

Every blessing for the week ahead.

Simon Hughes
Head of College

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Prince of Peace is participating in the 2024 Premier’s Reading Challenge from now until 23 August 2024. The challenge is not a competition but aims to improve literacy and encourage children to read widely for pleasure and learning.

Children and students from Prep to Year 9 who read the allocated number of books for their reading level and therefore complete the challenge will have their efforts recognised by receiving a certificate of achievement signed by the Premier.

  • Prep to Year 2—read or experience 20 books
  • Years 3 to 4—read 20 books
  • Years 5 to 9—read 15 books

Reading opens up a world of educational opportunities for young people and provides the foundation for lifelong learning.

Thank you Mother’s Day stall volunteers

Thank you to our bakers for their generous food donations: Maree Grindrod, Ainsley Hellen, Emma Schmalkuche, Karen Griffin, Carlyn Cooper (& Savannah), Amber Dean (& Alira).

Also thank you to our lovely volunteers who gave their time to assist on the days: Michelle Faragher, Debbie Sneddon, Emma Watson, Blaise Webster, Emma Nicolls, Stephen Isles, Louise Jolly, Jen Lea, Robyn Smith, Lucy Gordon, Sharon Gordon, Anne Goddard, Susan Devin, Amie Butler, Manju Gosain, Divya Mehta, Marta Vinals, Julie Freeman and Jim Freeman. Special thanks to Emma Watson, who so creatively purchased and merchandised so many new additions for sale for the stall. Also to Michelle Faragher and Debbie Sneddon, who put in long hours to work at the stalls, over several days.

Andrea Rhind & Rebecca Hitchenson
Mother’s Day stall convener

Stewart McKenzie-Fowle t/a Conroys Accountants (Authorised representative number 1249646) is an authorised representative of SMSF Advisers Network Pty Ltd, Australian Financial Services Licence number 430062

We are taking orders now via this online order form.
Orders will close Sunday 2 June 6pm.

Winter Carnival News

Volunteers needed for Class Stalls and General Stalls

For many of our younger students, the Winter Carnival will be one of the highlights of their year.

To ensure we create the best carnival possible for them, we need additional volunteers to help with the following stalls.

Please visit our Volunteer page to select a stall and timeslot that you would like to help with »

Years 1/12, Year 8 & Year 9 Stalls have been reallocated or rebadged

Year 1/Year 12: Youth with a Mission have kindly offered to run a Face Painting activity for us at the Winter Carnival. Hence, the Year 1/ Year 12 Stall will now be a Body Art Stall, encompassing crazy hair, temporary tattoos, stick on earrings etc.

Year 8: To ensure we make the most of our volunteer hours, the decision has been made to roll the Year 8 Lucky Dip Stall into the Children’s Toys & 2nd hand Children’s Book stall. This will be manned by students on the day. Parents of Year 8 students wishing to volunteer on the day are invited to volunteer on any other stall on the day.

Year 9: Due to half the Year 9 cohort being at Mt Binga, the Year 9 Crazy Hair Stall has been rolled in the Year 1/Year 12 Body Art Stall.

Winter Carnival Second Hand Uniform Stall

We will be running a second hand Uniform Stall for all College Uniform items. If you would like to donate your old uniforms, please bring them to Reception on either campus by the end of term.

Donna Cook
2024 Winter Carnival Coordinator
Ph: 3872 5710   |   

Meet our Winter Carnival Partners

Unlock Your Child’s Potential with BillyLids Therapy

Introducing our third Winter Carnival Gold Sponsor —  BillyLids Therapy. Run by mums (including one of our PoP Mums) who understand the need to unlock the potential of every child, BillyLids Therapy specialises in Paediatric Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy for children under ten years old. Take advantage of their FREE Discovery Call to discuss your child’s needs by filling in the form on their website »

Speech Pathology Specialists

Empowering your child’s voice

With a deep understanding of children’s needs, BillyLids Therapy strives to help your child overcome any speech challenges they may face. Using a play-based approach to Speech Therapy, they’ll support your child’s speech development, boost their communication skills, and give them the confidence to express themselves confidently and clearly.

Occupational Therapist Specialists

Equipping your child for success

Our Occupational Therapists are passionate about guiding your child through every aspect of their daily life – from mastering the fine motor skills required for dressing themselves to honing their writing abilities, engaging in play, and fostering meaningful interactions with others. Their dedicated team firmly believe in tailoring personalised therapy plans to your child’s specific requirements. Their approach is based on taking their time to understand your child’s unique circumstances so they can craft a therapy program designed specifically to address their individual goals and aspirations.

Located in Newmarket, Brisbane and Nerang, Gold Coast.

Dream Financing – Finance Brokers and Accountants

Whether you’re looking for a new loan, a better loan, accounting advice, or seeking finance for a company vehicle, a personal car, or commercial machinery….whatever it is, Dream Financing can help. With over 30 years industry experience, our experienced staff, together with our extensive list of lender contacts, can help you secure the best loan for your family or your business.

No matter your circumstances, Dream Financing has the expertise, know-how, and industry contacts to find the best deal that works for you. Dream Financing has been helping Brisbane investors and business owners secure the best mortgage deal for their commercial property loan needs since 2002 in the following areas:

  • Home Loans
  • Commercial Property Loans
  • Investor Property Loans
  • Equipment Loans for the Self-Employed
  • Car Loans for the Self Employed
  • Cashflow Finance for the Self Employed
  • Refinancing
  • American Truck Finance

Visit our website for further information.

Montville Sky Suites

With captivating views of the Blackall Range to the Coast – Montville Sky Suites combines luxury and style in accommodation. Situated 88 kms from Brisbane or 55 kms from Noosa, Montville is the creative heart of the hinterland.

Exuding its unique romantic charm this quaint village is home to art galleries, boutique shopping and its own distinctive coffee culture.

Montville Sky Suites provides the perfect base while you take in the natural beauty, serenity and crisp mountain air.

Whether it’s a romantic escape or just time out to relax and unwind while enjoying the breathtaking views on offer we have accommodation options to suit. All within a stroll from the heart of Montville village itself!

Choose the Luxurious Spa Suite for that special romantic getaway and enjoy your own spa on a fully enclosed balcony.

Alternatively, choose the Panorama Suite combining a Luxury 2-Bed Suite with Kitchenette. Ideal for couples, multiple parties or a family getaway.

Both offer premium top-floor positions, eco-friendly fireplaces and stunning views to the ocean. For further information, visit montvilleskysuites.com.au.

Junior Campus News

New Area 6 Learning Area is Ready

After the unexpected Term 1 flooding, our College community has worked tirelessly to update the damaged buildings and prepare them for our Year 6 cohort.  We are pleased to announce that the new learning area for Year 6 is nearly ready, and staff are preparing for the move in the days before the Year 6 students head to camp.  These spaces in this block of classrooms, have been designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and independent learning using the same pedagogy that the Year 6 students have experienced previously. The timing of the move aims to reduce disruption to the Year 6 group and while the students are excitedly enjoying the chilly weather and various highlights of Canberra, staff will be putting the final touches in the new Area 6.

Resource Centre Relocation Happening Soon

Relocating the Year 6 students, allows for our Junior Campus Resource Centre to transition back to its original space on the campus.  This move will begin as soon as possible after we’ve moved the Year 6 students and should be complete in time for the beginning of Term 3.  We are anticipating that borrowing will be disrupted for some students for a little over a week.  Class teachers and Ms Burke will be reminding students about borrowing books to cover the expected disruption.

I know that many students are looking forward to the relocation of the Resource Centre as the hub of various activities; Lego building, games, reading, drawing, time in the tech lab, and some Year 6 Leadership groups will be readily available in the one location.

Once these two moves have occurred, we’ll look to relocate our Year 3 classes closer together.  Then finally, Mrs Arribas who has been travelling around the campus to deliver the Language – Spanish lessons, will settle into the Spanish room.

We thank our staff, students, and parents for their patience and support during these transitions.

Sickness around the College

People have noted the cooler weather of late and with it, the coming of the coughs, colds and runny noses season. In some classes there has been an increase in illness. Class teachers have been tireless in their student reminders as they encourage good hygiene.

  • Hand Washing: Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or for as long as the “Happy Birthday” song, especially after coughing, sneezing, or using the bathroom.
  • Cover Your Mouth: Always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of tissues immediately and wash your hands.
  • Stay Home if Unwell: If you or your child are experiencing symptoms of a cough or a vomiting bug, please stay home until fully recovered to prevent spreading the illness.

It was fabulous to see so many parents at the Under 8’s event on Tuesday.  I look forward to seeing many of you in and around the campus at events as we finish Term 2.

  • Year 3 to Year 6 Inter-House Athletics Carnival Friday 31 May
  • Kindy to Year 2 Athletics Day – Friday 7 June
  • Junior Campus Learning Expo and Arts Night – Thursday 13 June  3:30 PM onwards

Creating Will’s New Garden

Our Year 3KS classroom is enjoying a new outside green space that was generously provided by Bunnings at Stafford.

Earlier this year, Year 3 had to relocate classrooms due to flooding, and part of the move meant leaving behind a very special garden that the students had planted which was lovingly cared for by Will, one of the students.  Being able to take care of his garden greatly helped Will with some challenges he experiences, and allowed him to feel much more peaceful and calm during difficult times.

Mrs Stedman and Will decided that creating a new pot plant garden might be possible on the veranda outside their classroom.  Together they wrote a letter to Bunnings explaining a little bit about Will and why it would be so helpful to him to have a new garden to be responsible for.

Ren from Bunnings Stafford said she would be happy to help us, and earlier this week came to the College with her workmate Triss brought with her a whole selection of plants, pots, decorating paints, potting mix, seeds and a display stand, along with everything Will would need to look after his new garden.  This was all very generously donated by the store, and Ren and Triss even came and spent the afternoon with us preparing and helping to create our new green area.

We can’t wait to see it grow and for the plants to mature, and Will is so grateful to have a garden back to look after.

We thank Bunnings Stafford for their generosity, and also to parent helpers Vicki and Jo-Anne who also came along to help out.

Thank you PoP community for all you do.

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Head of Campus – Junior

It’s Cool to Be Kind

The Resilience Project (TRP) Parent Hub

This next presentation from The Resilience Project is all about Empathy and Kindness.

Empathy is our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of others to feel and see what they do. We practice  this through being kind and compassionate towards other people.

Brain imaging data shows that being kind to others registers in the brain as more like eating chocolate than like fulfilling an obligation to do what’s right (e.g., eating brussels sprouts!)

Research shows that practising empathy, such as performing acts of kindness, taps into our brain’s ‘mirror neurons’, builds compassion and our behaviour becomes more social and community-based.

View ‘Empathy’, Part 3 of the series here: https://theresilienceproject.com.au/2023-parent-carer-hub-inspire-hugh/

Here’s an activity to practice empathy and kindness:

  1. Reflect on someone in your life who could benefit from an act of kindness today.
    It could be a friend who would love some affirmation about their work, your pet who deserves an extra treat, or a family member who would love a phone call or text message.
  2. Make a plan for who you are going to give an act of kindness to, and what you are going to do.
  3. If you want to add accountability to your plan, share it with someone else and encourage them to do the same thing.
  4. Follow up with each other in a few days, to ask how it went!

Sources: Psychology Today, UC Berkeley, Greater Good Science

For mental health resources and support information, visit The Resilience Project’s Support Page.

Year 3 Cohort Service

On Sunday morning, our Year 3 students shared their message of Pentecost with our Prince of Peace Church congregation. It was a lovely morning of worship and fellowship with college and church families. We thank our Year 3 students and their teachers for sharing the message of Pentecost and the church congregation for welcoming us and providing a wonderful morning tea. We look forward to sharing more cohort services with the church throughout the year.


Year 4 Camp


Coreta Lennon
Deputy Head of Campus – Junior

How we learn through Inquiry – Play

Inquiry-based learning is an education approach that focuses on investigation and problem-solving. Inquiry-based learning is different from traditional approaches because it reverses the order of learning. Instead of presenting information, or ‘the answer’, up-front, teachers start with a range of scenarios, questions and problems for students to navigate.

At Prince of Peace inquiry is done through our project-based learning (PBL). In project-based learning, students develop “knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.” (Buck Institute for Education)

One aspect of inquiry is that of Play. Play is a vehicle for inquiry across all age groups – not just the early years. Play is a natural state of exploration for children. It allows them to follow their interests, ask questions, and experiment without fear of failure. This intrinsic motivation fuels the inquiry process, driving students to delve deeper into topics and seek new information.

So how does play support an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning?

Play provides a safe space in which to experiment: Inquiry often involves trial and error. Play creates a low-stakes environment where students can test ideas, make mistakes, and learn from them. This fosters a growth mindset and encourages them to take risks and persevere through challenges in their investigations.

Play develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills: Through play, students encounter problems and obstacles they need to overcome. Whether it’s building a tower with blocks or figuring out how to complete a science experiment, they learn to analyse situations, strategise solutions, and adapt their approach as needed.

Play boosts collaboration and communication: Play naturally encourages interaction with others. Students collaborate, negotiate, and share ideas as they play. This builds strong communication skills and allows them to learn from different perspectives, enriching the inquiry process.

Play deepens understanding though active engagement: Play allows students to interact with concepts in a hands-on, experiential way. Building a model, reenacting a historical event, or role-playing scientific processes all solidify understanding and create a more lasting connection with the material being explored.

How does this look in the classroom?

In lower primary this could include:

  • Dramatic Play Areas: Themed areas like a grocery store, doctor’s office, or construction site. Students explore social dynamics, practice using vocabulary, and learn about different roles in society through pretend play.
  • Sensory Play: Provide materials like sand, water, play dough, and various textures. Children explore their senses, experiment with cause and effect, and develop fine motor skills through open-ended play.
  • Loose Parts Play: Offering a variety of open-ended materials like blocks, cardboard boxes, tubes, and natural elements. Students use their imaginations to build, create, and solve problems, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

In middle and upper primary this could include:

  • Science Experiments: Turning science lessons into playful investigations. Students design experiments to test hypotheses, build models, and make observations, fostering curiosity and critical thinking.
  • Building Challenges: Present a challenge with blocks or recycled materials. Students work collaboratively to design and build solutions, developing problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning, and communication.
  • Debates and Role-Playing: Present a controversial issue and have students take on different roles for a debate. This encourages research, critical analysis, and effective communication of ideas.
  • Project-Based Learning with Playful Elements: Incorporate game mechanics or playful activities into project-based learning.

Through play, students become active participants in their learning, turning the classroom into a joyful space for exploration and discovery.

Be playful 😊

Rebekah Bruyn
Learning Coach

Middle & Senior Campus News

Tailoring personalised careers pathways

At Prince of Peace, one of our strategic directions in creating a Future Focused Education is to review and refine our academic programmes and pedagogies. The College leadership and staff have been working closely with staff at Lutheran Education Queensland in this process. In doing so we have engaged with generational analysis to understand how we can tailor personalised career pathways that are based on the skills that Gen Alpha will need to thrive in the workplace.

Mark McCrindle is a social analyst and demographer whose passions lie in tracking social trends, communicating insights and generational analysis. Mark works with boards, committees, businesses, and educational providers. Mark has formed the term for the latest generation, Generation Alpha those born between 2010-2024. Below is an infographic to help us understand Generation Alpha.

When looking at the new jobs that will be created and the outgoing and incoming technology, it challenges us educators and parents to look at the times and technologies that shape us. It helps us to understand our children and young people, ourselves and how different we are. It compels us to bridge the gap rather than point out the gaps.

The Middle and Senior Campus Subject and Careers Expo

The Subject and Careers Expo seeks to share with our young people and families the pathways in Year 7-12 that hopes to prepare students to thrive in their future. We call this My PoP Pathway, where we are, adaptable and creative in tailoring young people’s strengths and passion to a personalised career pathway. This can include students studying a combination of these subjects and courses;

General and Extension Subjects, Applied Subjects, Short Courses, Vocational Education and Training courses (Certificate courses), University Subjects and School based traineeship and apprenticeships.

All of these subjects and courses can build towards an ATAR and QCE Pathway.

We can’t wait to welcome existing and prospective students and families from Years 3 to 12 on Tuesday 28 May to our 2025 Subject and Careers Expo where our staff, leaders and external partners from the following organisations will be present:

  • QUT (Queensland University of Technology)
  • ACU (Australian Catholic University)
  • UQ (University of Queensland), UniSC (University of Sunshine Coast-Moreton), Whitehouse Institute of Design, Busy at Work (Apprenticeship Centre/Alternate pathways), Queensland School of Film and Television, TAFE – (VET in schools and post school options), Torrens University and QTAC

We thank you for continuing to partner with us as we unlock the God given potential of our young people that leads to a life full of courage, hope, grace, and service.

Sarah Hoff-Zweck
Head of Campus – Middle and Senior

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Enjoy these highlights and photos from last Friday’s NISSA Cross Country event! Our school showed up in full force, joining in the spirited competition alongside other NISSA schools. Kudos to all our junior runners for their incredible determination and stamina. Let’s give a round of applause to our top achievers: Asha S (2nd), Charlie B (1st), Aaron C (3rd), and Laura L (1st). Their outstanding performances, as well as our other finishing 27 talented runners helped us secure the 1st for the Percentage Cup and clinch 3rd overall.

Upcoming Carnivals, Year 3 – Year 6 Athletics Carnival – Week 7, Friday 31 May, 9am-3pm and the Kindy – Year 2 Sports Day – Week 8, Friday 7 June, 9:30am-12pm. Please read the information sent home to families via SEQTA last week. Any parents or caregivers available to help anytime on either of these carnival days, would be very much appreciated. Please make contact with Jess Schneider via SEQTA.

Jessica Schneider
Junior Campus PE Teacher & Sport Coordinator

Middle & Senior Campus Sport

Middle and Senior School NISSA Cross Country

On Friday 10 May, PoP hosted the NISSA Cross Country Carnival at Teralba Park. This was the first time the carnival had been run for the Middle and Senior School (the primary school have been competing in the carnival for a few years now). It was also the first time that we have run the carnival from the other end of the park so was a good opportunity to test out the new 1km, 2km and 3km tracks.

Our students performed exceptionally well on the day, with PoP taking out 3rd place in the overall shield and winning the Percentage Cup. It was a phenomenal effort particularly considering our athletes hadn’t had the chance to participate in our Inter-House Carnival this year due to poor weather.

NISSA Cross Country Team:

Avril Roberts, Zoe Searles, Ella Jackson, Tom Cormack , Charlie Gilfillan, Georgia Gardner, Alyah Viegas, Elizabeth Gooch , Maddy Currey, Julia Cormack, Ellie Surrey, Thomas Forbes-Schutz, Nate Taylor, Nate McIntyre, Zeke Diver, William Courtney-Pringle, Julius Oberhardt, Armaan Narayan, Emmett Watson, Charlotte Cook, Sophia Valencia-Revatta, Aaliyah Reynolds, Thi Boyle , Phoebe Jones, Dane Weatherall, Tristian Oberhardt, Monte Morse, Emily Frost, Sienna Jones, Nakylah Reynolds, Hannes Forbes-Schutz, Cooper Haines, Tyson Hulcombe, Josh Derham, Zach Diver, Connor Redford-Bell, Cody Byrne, Aye Mi Htoo, Sam Roche, Harvey Turnell, Connor Rhind, Freya Forbes-Schutz, Ellen Hamilton, Amber Paul, Riley Townsend, Dylan Turley, Lewyn Turnell, Harrison Haines, Aaron Jones and Aidan Gardso.

Special mention to Freya Forbes-Schutz who took out the Open Girls race. Other top 10 performances included:

  • Avril Roberts 4th
  • Tom Cormack 5th
  • Georgia Gardner 8th
  • Thomas Forbes-Schutz 3rd
  • Will Courtney-Pringle 10th
  • Monte Morse 10th
  • Sienna Jones 4th
  • Hannes Forbes-Schutz 3rd
  • Aye-Mi Htoo 6th
  • Connor Rhind 7th
  • Harvey Turnell 9th
  • Sam Roche 10th
  • Ellen Hamiton 8th
  • Amber Paul 9th
  • Dylan Turley 4th
  • Aidan Gardso 9th
  • Harrison Haines 10th

A huge thank you to a number of our Middle and Senior School leaders who volunteered to assist on the day. Without your support the carnival would not have been able to run as smoothly as it did.

Aurora Murfett, Mariska Adams, Lilia Dare-Williams, Will Govan, Jasmine Everitt, Ryan Eaglestone, Campbell Muir, Miles Chewe, Lucy Hocking, Toby Kenyon, Alana Bomgaars, Alexis Hulcombe, Lachlan Robson and Oscar Jones.

And finally a special thanks to our staff; Jess Schneider, Norm Russell, Ned Dyer, Richard Stevens, Suz Stainforth, Katrina Voss, Abi Morse and Matt Church.

Met North Cross Country

PoP had 7 participants in the Met North Cross Country Carnival held on Tuesday 21st May at St Paul’s School.

All athletes performed well, with some PB’s recorded.

Well done to Avril Roberts, Zoe Searles, Georgia Gardner, Thomas Forbes-Schutz, Hannes Forbes-Schutz, Freya Forbes-Schutz and Dylan Turley.

Special mention to Thomas and Freya who both achieved 9th place in their respective races and to Hannes who came in 6th and has qualified for the Met North team to compete at the State Championships in July! Well done to all!

If you require any more information, please contact myself via SEQTA or the Middle & Senior Campus via email receptionsc@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au

Gabrielle Collman
Middle & Senior Campus Teacher – Sports Coordinator

Music and the Arts

The Arts @ Junior Campus

Sophie to Take Centre Stage with The Brisbane City Youth Ballet!

We are thrilled to share some wonderful news about Year 6 student, Sophie ! Sophie has recently been accepted into the prestigious Brisbane City Youth Ballet for their upcoming season of Alice in Wonderland.

Sophie will be part of the Junior Company and will showcase her talents mid-year at the renowned Brisbane Powerhouse.

This is an incredible achievement and a testament to Sophie’s dedication and hard work.

Last April Sophie was also in a group of featured tap dancers, playing a chimney sweep, in the Brisbane Junior Theatre’s performance of Mary Poppins.

Congratulations Sophie on this amazing accomplishment!

We’re so proud to have such talented students among us, and we can’t wait to see Sophie shine on stage.

Rechelle Sevillano
Classroom Teacher – The Arts

Middle & Senior Campus Music News

Gala Celebration of Music 40th Anniversary Concert

Super excited to present our Gala this week. Hopefully you are coming! It will be short and sweet. Only 9 acts but wow some great music choices and amazing playing. Don’t forget to dress up!

Thursday 23 May 6 – 8pm @ Middle & Senior Campus Auditorium!

Also  coming up later in the term is our Battle of the Bands. Now in its second year, the heats are the last day of this term. The music department is absolutely running hot at the moment with all of the Ensemble and Band preparation. What a great school to be in with so much music happening.

We have a few changes this term with our tutors. At the end of term we will farewell Jenny Howlett who has been our longest standing tutor. She has been teaching singing here since before my time and many of you will know her or her work from Shrek The Musical or our Soloists On Show Concerts. It is with sadness that we let her go and we wish her well in her endeavours in the future.

Also some new tutors starting in the next few weeks. If you have put in a form for private tuition stand by to hear from them for your first lessons. It is great to have such expertise available for our students.

Let’s get started and make some music!

Linda Brady
Middle & Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Let’s get started and make some music!

Linda Brady
Middle & Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


Sunday 26 May:

9am Worship

Sunday 2 June:

9am Worship

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

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