Farewell Speech by Mrs Amanda Langdon

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Mrs Schmidt for inviting me back today so I can say goodbye to everyone.

I have loved my time as a teacher at Prince of Peace over the past 23 years. Serving this special community has always been really important for me and I have been blessed immensely over the years. I have made so many wonderful friends and have taught the best students over the years and gotten to know so many families.

I worked out that I have taught over 600 students in my time at Prince of Peace. That’s a lot of names to remember and a lot of report cards to write! I have also seen a lot of changes in my time at the school. When I started in 2000 we had one class of every grade except grade 1 which had two classes. I regularly had 30 students and even 31-32 some years. We had no Prep classes or prep classrooms back then.

The current office block and reception area used to be a huge garden with a footpath that connected both sides of the school. Mrs Stedman’s classroom was the reception, principal’s office, business office, IT office and the staffroom and the photocopy room all in one! We only had a small staff then.

I was here when they built the Year 1 buildings, the Prep buildings, the current Year 2 buildings and the year 5 and 6 classrooms. I’ve worked in every block in the school and moved classrooms many times! I’ve worked with the best teams of teachers and made lifelong friends.

With so much change over the years, there were a few things that never changed. God has always held Prince of Peace tightly in his hand and his love for this school is solid, steadfast and mighty. He has called you ALL to be in this place and he is working through you each and every day. Never forget that he loves you, you are precious and you are created perfectly in his likeness. That means you are all pretty awesome! Something else that never changed through the years was the way students and families cared for each other and were there for each other. Pop does community and belonging so well!

Finally, POP is blessed to have some of the most amazing teachers in the world! They have the biggest hearts and truly love you kids. Their passion for learning and teaching makes them all inspirational. They are also just a really fun bunch of people!

I am going to miss you all. I have loved serving this community and feel privileged that I could work in a place where all teachers have such a heart for Jesus.

I want to leave you with my favourite Bible verse. It is a very famous verse as it is for everyone- today, tomorrow and into the future.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God bless you all today, tomorrow, always.  Amanda.