The beginning of a new term is a good time to reflect on your child’s learning journey and make plans and goals for his or her next steps. One way of boosting motivation and determination to do better is by helping your child develop a ‘growth mindset’.

A growth mindset helps students to understand that intelligence can be developed. Instead of worrying about how smart they are or aren’t, it shifts the student’s focus to improvement. Research shows that students with a growth mindset show greater motivation in school and achieve better results. A growth mindset can also offer other benefits for many children, including increased confidence and less anxiety.

When students say or think ‘this is too hard’, the language of a growth mindset says ‘this may take some time’. A growth mindset approach to ‘I give up!’ could be ‘I’ll try some strategies that I’ve learned’.

When your child is completing their homework tasks this term, you can support them by encouraging them to develop and adopt a growth mindset, and help them to learn to enjoy the wonderful journey that is education.