Term 1 Week 10 |  31 March 2021
College News

Lockdown, Part 3

Reframing is important.  While a lockdown – called on the day, is definitely not the way we would like to finish or wind up a term, we are lucky to live in a country where our community is able to respond quickly and efficiently, where the impact of this pandemic has been relatively minimal and where we have continued to enjoy great freedoms when compared to many other nations.

I commend to you this opinion piece written by Clinical Psychologist, Andrew Fuller: Ask the kids about 2020 and you’ll hear three unexpected words: fun, good and happy. Further, we have great influence over our children’s responses to the lockdown; they will typically feed off our emotions and we have the capacity to reframe their thinking when they display doubt or concern.  It is important that our children feed off our positive and optimistic emotions, rather than us feeding off their emotions.

The decision to enter a three day lockdown at short notice is challenging, but we have risen to the challenge before.  While I am sure that we all hope it is only a short lockdown, if it happens to extend into the beginning of Term Two, we will be back into online learning at home in the model of 2020. Communication around this would happen more via SEQTA in the first instance (particularly for students in Years 7 – 12), but also through our FLEX@POP page on the College website. Thank you to all in our Prince of Peace Community for your ongoing support and cooperation as we continue to face these uncertain circumstances together.

SEQTA and Communication

We are now a term into our gradual implementation of SEQTA, and hopefully you have noticed we have been moving more of our communication, particularly in direct reference to your child, onto this platform.  Importantly, from Term Two this will become the primary method of communication about your child.  While we will still need to send occasional emails, along with other conduits of communication (like social media), staff will now solely use SEQTA Engage for day to day, written communication about students – meaning email will no longer be used.  If you have not yet activated your SEQTA Engage account, a further sign-up email will be sent out this week.  These emails have a one-use link in them for security and will also only be active for one week.  If you are having trouble setting up your account, please contact the front office and we will assist you.  Reports will also come out through this system, so it is important to get it connected.

Happy Easter

As we head into Easter and a time for reflecting on the gracious gift of life and forgiveness that is offered to us, I pray every blessing on your family and trust that you enjoy the time you are able to spend together as a family.


Simon Hughes
Head of College

Do You Like Change?

Jesus Christ never changes! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Change we are told is something that we can be certain about in life. If you stop to think about it in your own life have you seen regular change? Change in policies at work? Change in compliance for business or tax? Change in our society? Change of plans like our current lock down and changes to our Easter plans?

So in a world where change is certain, like it or not, we have to just get on with it. Yet isn’t there something about the things that are unchangeable that give us comfort? Then you have to ask what those things are, the things that do not change.

You might say your love for your family will never change and this is true but it can certainly be tested and challenged. You might say you have your health and that won’t change yet it can so quickly.

Jesus never changes. The writer of the book of Hebrews in the bible reminds us that in an ever changing world Jesus never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

When change in our life leaves us hurting, angry, annoyed, irritable, jealous or even just fed up we can be certain that Jesus is the same in every moment of our life.

Maybe you will find yourself disappointed over the coming days, weeks and even months. Disappointed that change has taken away your plan, your goal or even your dream and yet Jesus is the same.

For He says to you, ‘Come to me all of you who are weary, frustrated, angry, hurt, disappointed and heavy with carrying burdens of life and change and I will give you rest. Come to me and I will give you rest for your soul, your whole being. I will give you peace. I will forgive you, removing your guilt, shame and sin that you might be carrying.’

This offer never changes. Jesus offers Himself to you all the time. He invites you to rest in Him, even if just for a while. Jesus never changes. His love for you just as you are, never changes. His offer of forgiveness and peace never changes.

Even if you don’t feel that you deserve what Jesus offers, He never changes, He will give you peace, just ask Him, because He loves you and cares about you. You will always get the same loving, caring Jesus no matter what time of the day.

Blessings and peace to you always,

Pastor Mark Gierus
College Pastor

As we approach the anniversary of our 2020 lockdown as well as the annual flu season, it is still a requirement and expectation that students are kept at home if they are showing any symptoms of being unwell.

Whilst we understand this may cause an inconvenience, we appreciate your support and cooperation in keeping our community safe and healthy.

Junior Campus News

Positive Reflection

Well, it was not the finish we expected, nor was it the one we wanted, but it is the one that has happened. Term 1 2021, finished as it did in 2020, early and in somewhat unexpected circumstances. As I reflect on each of these terms (2020 and 2021), there are some significant differences in how they have been handled.

Firstly, there was a sense of calm in our community about what this would mean and how we would handle it together. Collectively we swung into action, communicating with each other, notifying of absences or intentions to attend, and all along wishing each other a happy and safe holidays. We gathered our children and headed home, into lockdown.

As the children crossed the crossing on Monday afternoon, sweaty and exhausted from their Cross Country, they wished Mrs Cochrane and I a Happy Easter as they headed to the bus. They were happy, chatty, excited and calm. They had a sense of understanding of what was ahead and a more mature understanding that it would be okay.

Through our Social and Emotional Learning program, Growing with Gratitude, there is an element called, Positive Reflection. It can often be a tricky one to explain but it is so important. Positive Reflection is the practice of looking back at our progress to see how far we have come. It is an opportunity to celebrate our growth, development – our journey. Much like our students who have grown so much since Term 1, 2020.

They have grown in their understanding of the world around them, of living in a world with COVID, of dealing with sudden changes, of isolation and of time well spent with those we love. They should be congratulated for these things and more importantly we as parents should bring this growth to their attention.

So I encourage you to find a moment to share with your child/ren just how amazed you are by them. Explain to them the growth you have seen and help them understand that through the challenges we have faced they have truly overcome and learnt so much.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and restful Easter break. I pray that through it all, come what may, that we find some time to celebrate the immense, love of Christ in this world as we remember His death and resurrection.

Thinking of you all,

Katrina Valencia 
Head of Junior Campus

Senior Campus News

Celebrating Term 1

As we come to the end of Term 1, it is important that we celebrate our accomplishments. Unfortunately, we are sometimes so distracted by our busyness that we don’t stop to celebrate. Each day holds a moment worth celebrating and we thank God for the many blessings of Term 1.

Our students should be proud of what they have achieved in Term 1.

Here is a glimpse of what they have achieved:

  • Our first Year 9 Spanish class celebrating their learning with Tapas.
  • Our Year 8 Visual Art class creating enlarged 3D pop art pieces.
  • Senior Visual Art students had the opportunity to undertake a workshop with a major Australian artist at the Queensland Art Gallery, which they have applied to their assessments.
  • Our Year 8 Humanities have explored the Medieval World.
  • Our new WarHammer Gaming Club—every Saturday—thanks Mr Roberton.
  • The fabulous talent on display at the Soloists on Show concert (what a delight it was to share our talent with our parents again).
  • Being able to celebrate worship together as a campus for Ash Wednesday.
  • Flynn Bohan catching a fish—which means Mr Russell has to eat his hat.
  • The PoP community going to see Come from Away—thanks Mrs Brady.
  • Ubuntu Calling Ceremony on the forecourt as the sun was setting.
  • The new sports program for Yr 7, 8 and 9—outside facilitators enhancing the sports on offer and the range of activities on offer.
  • The embryonic beginning of Spectacular, Spectacular with students from across the College.
  • Our Year 12 students being able to enjoy their rites of passage.
  • Our Year 9 and 10 Geography students sitting the Australian Geography Competition and enjoying the challenge of working with maps – thanks Mr Mitchell
  • That we managed to squeeze the Year 3-12 Cross Country in despite the weather and the COVID lockdown, and see the support of the older students to our younger students and the opportunity for some outstanding results – thanks Ms Collman for organising.

May the promise of Easter fill you with renewed faith, hope and joy.  Wishing a blessed and safe holiday break.

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

Sports Score

Congratulations to our Cross Country Age Champions.

Junior Campus Sport

Addison Houslip performed exceptionally well at Qld Athletics (Club) State Championships over the weekend. She won her 1500m heat and finished 5th in the final with a time of 4:54 min. However it was an Under 14 event and Addison is 12 this year. She is currently the second fastest 12 year old in Queensland for the 1500m! And she now eagerly awaits competing at the Nationals in Sydney on 12-13 April.

Jacob Pfeiffer has been selected in the Northern District 10-12yrs Boys AFL Team to try out for Met North Region.

Darren Lawrance
Junior Campus PE and Sport

Senior Campus Sport

Winner of the Women’s Paul Pink Shield Player of the year is Ella Bunn. Congratulations Ella!

Georgia Hopwood (Yr 7) competed at the Little Athletics State Championships on the 19-21 of March. Georgia achieved some fantastic results throughout the carnival with a 2nd place in the 80m hurdles, a 5th in the 100m sprint and another 5th place in the 200m hurdles. Georgia has now been named to compete in the Coles Little Athletics National Challenge. Congratulations Georgia!

Heidi Noon placed 1st in the 800m and 3rd in the 1500m. Great achievement Heidi!

Tom Hunter in Year 8 has been displaying some impressive performances in his first couple of Go Kart competitions this year.

Tom competed in a highly competitive KA4 competition at a Gympie club meet on 26 February.

He came away with “Driver of the Day,” out of a possible 115 karts. We are so proud of all your achievements.

Well done Tom!


Gabby Collman
Senior Campus Sports Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

Recorder Karate
The Year 4 students are on FIRE.  Recorder Karate is sweeping across the year level and it’s wonderful to see the students so involved and competitive.  Congratulations to Ivy Langdon who was the first student to achieve Black Belt!  There’s been a number of others this week who’ve risen to the challenge as well.  Once they’ve reached Black Belt, it would be wonderful to see them move to a woodwind instrument such as flute or saxophone perhaps.

Junior Band performance
Preps were invited to watch a performance by the Junior Band on Thursday lunch time.

The short concert introduced several instruments and their sounds.

Thanks to Mr Bowers and Mrs Rees for giving up their lunch time to work with the band.

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

Senior Campus Music News

Thanks to all of those who went to see Come From Away at QPAC with us. We had over 50 people from the broader school community sharing in an evening full of inspirational talent, and authentic Service Learning.

Preparation is well under way for our first ensemble concert in over a year. Put this date in your diary as it will be a great night with over 100 students performing in a variety of styles and genre. All of our new tutors will be there and several new ensembles will be presenting for the first time. Jazz, rock, classical, folk, pop… whatever your style, there will be a special performance for you! Plus you will be supporting the wonderful students who have dedicated so much time and love to the preparation of this material week after week.

Please ensure that you have organised your Music Uniforms so that you look as good as you sound!

Thank you to the students in the Senior Choir and Percussion Ensemble who are preparing to present to the school as a part of the Senior Campus ANZAC Commemoration Ceremony.

Stay tuned for more…

Linda Brady
Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates during the COVID lockdown.

Community News and Notices

2021 Next Step survey

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of all students who graduated Year 12 in 2020. The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life choices made by Queensland school completers in the year after they finish Year 12.

Between April and June, all our students who completed Year 12 last year can expect to receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. Please encourage them to take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey to their new address so they can participate.

Thank you for your support of the Next Step survey in 2021.

Further information on Next Step, including results from previous years, is available online at www.qld.gov.au/nextstep or on toll free telephone 1800 068 587.

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is located on the Junior Campus – park opposite reception and follow the signs to the shop under the Year 3 building.   We carry all items of Prince of Peace uniform for both Junior and Senior campus, including lunch bags, soccer socks, food technology aprons, Chess Club and Music uniforms.   The shop is open 7.30am to 9.30am Tuesdays and 2.00pm to 4.00pm Thursdays during term time.  Orders can be placed anytime from The School Locker Website with either home or school delivery (PICK UP option).  If you would like items delivered to your child’s class, please enter your child’s name and class in the second address line and items can be delivered to your child’s teacher.

In addition, The School Locker has a super-store located at 5-6 Burke Crescent, North Lakes, which is open 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 3.00pm Saturdays.  The School Locker aims to be a “one-stop shop” for school supplies – carrying all items of Prince of Peace uniform, plus school shoes, generic stationery, technology including Apple Tech Service department, instrumental, and sporting equipment.  We are happy to match prices with any Australian suppliers so please check out our range.

New Student Umbrellas:  We now have Shelta brand compact navy and black umbrellas—only $15.  We also have durable clear PVC raincoats with draw-cord hood, and two protected pockets either of which are a great  to keep in your child’s school bag.  We have size 6 to size 16—they come flat packed in a case and are only $19.95.  PoP Golf size umbrellas with logo are great for parents to have on standby in the car for showery pickup times and to keep cool while supporting children at sporting events – $26.

Winter items: Overcast days and wet weather can cool things down a bit.  Winter items are: formal pullovers and zip track jackets, long formal pants and track pants, and for junior girls navy tights—come in now before a cold spell and get your child fitted so they are prepared for cooler weather after the Easter break.

Everything labelled: Just a reminder that we have laundry markers in both black and white, and white iron-on name labels at the campus uniform shop.  Useful tip: for girls’ hair accessories, write their initials on the back so if lost they can be returned.

Second Hand: If you wish to buy or sell second hand uniforms, please visit our very active PoP Second Hand Uniform Buy & Sell Facebook group.

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