Term 3 Week 8 |  1 September 2021
College News

2022 Updates

It’s the first day of Spring, and in many ways we are starting to move quite quickly towards 2022.  One of the most exciting happenings in 2022 will be the return of a third Prep class and the addition of the fourth Year 7 class!  The long-term plan for the College has always been to become a three-stream (three classes) primary, four-stream secondary school.  The College has run three streams of Prep previously, and is already triple-streamed from Year 3 through to Year 6.  However, it will be our first cohort of Year 7 that reaches into the fourth class.

Of course, growth can often bring with it the challenge of ‘space’.  As the Junior Campus has previously had three Prep classes, there is a classroom right there in the Prep precinct ready to go.  The Senior Campus though, is still only part way through its construction to its completed size.  However, the College began the process of early-stage designing, applying for Government grants and District Church approval for the construction of a new building around two years ago.  This building, currently referred to as a ‘Multi-Purpose Space’, is now extremely close to receiving Moreton Bay Council planning approval and it is our hope that we should be underway with construction in the first half of 2022.  The building will have a large meeting area, capable of holding around 500 students in the right configuration.  While definitely not a Performing Arts Centre, it will contain a staged area, and be very capable of becoming our Chapel and assembly meeting space, running small performances much like we often hold in the Pavilion, as well has having three classrooms. It will be built at the end of the Forecourt, looking out towards the Oval and will be able to have a second and third stage added to it in future to cater for further growth.

MMG Survey

All families and staff would have received an invitation to an MMG survey late last week or early this week.  (Our Year 5 – Year 12 students will also be surveyed soon, with some time allocated for that at school).  Typically, the College would run a fairly detailed survey such as this every two years – that would have been last year before COVID made such things less of a priority.  However, we are now in the beginning stages of mapping out our next strategic documents and the time for a full-College review is perfect.  I really encourage everybody to find the time to please fill out the survey.  The more overall data we get, the more accurate the overall picture is and the more confidence we can have using it.  Thank you to those who have already completed the survey, we really appreciate your valuable time in doing so.


Simon Hughes
Head of College

Intention to Leave Notifications

To assist with our 2022 planning, if your child will not be attending the College in 2022, please notify us in writing before Tuesday 5 October 2021. In doing so, it will ensure that you meet your contractual obligations. Please contact your Head of Campus or Donna Cook, Community Development and Enrolments Manager, if you have any questions.

Notifications can be sent to dcook@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au or school@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Bookclub Issue 6 is due for both campuses (Prep – Year 9) on this coming Monday 6 September at 11am.

Junior Campus News

Temper Tantrums, Technology and Tweens

Parenting in the Digital Age can be incredibly challenging. The sheer pace with which technology platforms move and the multitude of devices a family can own can make parenting in the digital space feel completely overwhelming. Firstly I want you to know that you are NOT alone in this space. Our wonderful children will tell you…

  • ‘…but all my friends are allowed to stay up till 11pm.’
  • ‘They all have their phones in their room.’
  • ‘Seriously dad, you just lie about your age… EVERYONE has snapchat.’
  • And my personal favourite, ‘stop reading my texts, they are my private messages with my friends! Would you like me to read your text messages mum?”

I want you to know that you are NOT alone in this. Our children will tell us anything and everything when they feel they are trying to hold onto their individuality, their independence and their technology. They will be highly emotive, almost desperate at times, raising their voice, hurling insults, passive aggressive or shut down completely. It is in this moment that they need us more than ever.

They need us to be calm. They need us to be patient. They need us to help them bring their level 10 emotions back down to a 4. They need to be heard. They need us to listen. They need some space, and they need to know that when both parties, parents and child, go to their rooms to calm down that the discussion will still happen later. This is so important.

As a parent and educator I know these things:

  • This cycle will repeat itself over and over and over again.
  • Technology is here to stay and it is a big part of their lives.
  • Our children fear ‘missing out’ on life-altering information from their friends when they are not connected. For them this is a very real emotion! It seems irrational at times but in the moment it is very real for them.
  • Often our children are torn between believing that their parents couldn’t possibly understand what they are going through and wanting to ask the very same people, who they love most in the world, for help.

So what can we do to both understand their digital social world and support them to navigate it too?

  • Read a lot, do your research and confirm it with other sources too.
  • Talk a lot – to your support network, your trusted friends and your child.
  • Listen a lot – to their music on the way to school, to their joys and heartbreaks, to their problems.
  • Ask a lot – of questions to both understand your child and to learn from others.
  • Love a lot – constantly find ways to show and share your immense love with your child (a surprise snack on their desk at home, a note under their pillow or in their lunchbox, a squeeze of the shoulder and an awareness of when to enter the conversation and when to listen to the conversation.

To get you started, I have included some links to some fantastic blogs and websites which offer support, information and advice on this important topic.


Katrina Valencia 
Head of Junior Campus

Junior Campus Book Week Parade!

Enjoy our Book Week Photo Gallery of more than 300 photos in the MyPoP Parent Portal here >

Please use the normal password, if you are unsure of it please email us and we will provide it to you.

Senior Campus News

Year 12 Mock Exams

We wish our Year 12 students all the best for their Mock exams which start on Friday. These exams will provide the students with insight into the external exams which they will sit in October and November.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is a vital part of the educational program here at Prince of Peace.  We believe that the benefits to our students from being part of these experiences is significant.  After being delayed due to lockdown, we were thrilled to have Binga Group 2 able to attend Mt Binga Camp and embrace the challenges. This week, we also sent Year 8 off to Luther Heights Camp in Coolum.

We are also very excited to announce that the Year 9 Outdoor Education Experience has now been extended from three weeks to four weeks as of 2022. The Mt Binga experience is an opportunity for students to step outside of their comfort zone, and challenge themselves.  It is a chance to learn about the responsibilities to live in community and navigate the potential issues that come with that. Students engage in a “digital cleanse” and are provided with reflective opportunities that the busy pace of our current lives does not provide.  In moving from three weeks to four weeks, our students will be able to engage in a complete program rather than a cut down program. It has always been the College’s intention to have a four week program.

Anxiety Webinar

We are aware that the current uncertain times is causing some of our young people to feel anxious. Dr Justin Coulson, Psychologist, Author of 21 Days to a Happier Family (Harper Collins, 2016) and 9 Ways to a Resilient Child (Harper Collins, 2017) and founder of Happy Families, is presenting a webinar on 8 September which the College has arranged for our parent community to have access to.

Anxiety has become one of the leading causes of ill-health in our children. And it’s also affecting more parents than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated lockdowns have exacerbated what was already an accelerating problem.

Can we stop anxiety? Where is it coming from? Are our kids bubble-wrapped snowflakes that just need to “toughen up” and get over it? Or is there an approach to our children’s anxiety that can build them, encourage them, and give them hope?

  • Recognise anxiety in your child and know how best to respond when anxiety flares up
  • Become a supportive hope-giver to your child to empower him/her to be courageous in the face of anxious thoughts
  • Uncover the research-based #1 strength your child can develop to combat anxiety and develop remarkable resilience
  • Identify how your own anxieties could be affecting your child, and know how to manage them
  • Learn proven strategies to help both you and your child navigate and manage anxiety when things get stressful

Once you’ve participated in this webinar, you’ll have strategies that you can put into practice on the spot to help curb anxiety, build confidence, and restore resilience in your child. And if you struggle with anxiety yourself, you’ll be changed.

Register for the webinar WEDNESDAY 8 SEPTEMBER, 7.30pm AEST (Note – this is a live webinar, but a recording link will be available for 7 days after the event).

Stay Safe

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

Year 9 Academic Awards for Semester 1

Congratulations to the recipients of Academic Awards for Semester 1.

Academic Honours Award Year 9

Chloe Burns
Giaan Cook
Harrison Haines
Emma Henderson
Lucinda Hocking
Nate Kaden
Amber Paul
Elijah Walsh
Jemah Wiseman

Academic Excellence Award Year 9

Flynn Bohan
Alana Bomgaars
Tara Bowman
Lucas Cantarella
Ryan Eaglestone
Jasmine Everitt
Ella Forbes
Freya Forbes-Schutz
Ellen Hamilton
Alexis Hulcombe
Nathan Lilly
Mercedes McIver
Chloe Noon
Ryan Pustolla
Abigail Tay
Harry Valencia

Senior Campus Book Week Parade!

Enjoy our Book Week Photo Gallery of more than 300 photos in the MyPoP Parent Portal here >

Please use the normal password, if you are unsure of it please email us and we will provide it to you.

Year 8 Musical

‘The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents’ is taking shape nicely and it’s looking like an ‘amazing’ show! Students have shown enormous effort, teamwork and resilience in putting this show together. Please save the date: Cast B – Friday 10 September 6.30pm and Cast A – Saturday 11 September 6.30pm. Students will need to wear ‘blacks’ and have been asked to begin sourcing items for costumes by considering anything they already own, or please ask Ms Rachow, or Mrs Grimes if we have a suitable item.

Writing Competition Winners

During Book Week the Senior Campus ran a writing competition, we had quite a number of highly creative and engaging pieces entered, thanks to those students who submitted an entry.  Below are the two winning short stories—congratulations Loki and Georgia.

The Crimson Kingdom

by Loki Mikulec

Bronem Kingdom – founded in the Pale era of the 4th epoch.
Founded by the Bacchus Royal, after the Niteron Empire was destroyed.
It is currently one of the largest nations in the southern part of the northern continent.

The sound of a book closing rang out in the silent palace library. Small, dusty hands held the book. The owner of those hands was currently wearing a grim expression, the kind you do not often see on someone between the ages of 14 and 16. The adolescent’s ice-blue eyes widened, his hands trembling as he clutched the book tightly. His body trembled too. Chaotic thoughts flashed through his mind. A whimper left his mouth before he quickly bit his lip. He remembered what his mother had said to him recently:

“A person of your standing shouldn’t show weakness, for if you show any sign of weakness, the many maggots of the populace will take advantage of you.”

His breathing grew heavy as he tried to calm his heart and mind. What he had learned was a serious matter; indeed, a matter of great importance. It is no wonder that he felt fear now. It was a subject that revealed a certain truth about this world. His perspectives were challenged and changed by disjointed images and memories.

He finally managed to calm his mind…though not permanently. The adolescent looked around at the scattered books on the floor. A crimson glow illuminated the disorganised books, a table, a chair, and himself. The adolescent looked in the direction from which this deep red hue came, and he was greeted by a large stained-glass window. Outside, a crimson moon hung in the night sky.

His expression turned bitter as he gazed at the moon. Blurred and incoherent memories made him think that the moon shouldn’t be the colour of blood. Pure and serene, the moon should have been white, bathing in an ethereal glow of that hue. All these years he hadn’t realised how wrong everything was, everything in this world. He’d spent his whole life in clueless ignorance. He didn’t register that his subconscious was communicating to him the falseness and familiarity of this world.

But it wasn’t his fault that he remained such a clueless adolescent that looked at the world with ignorant curiosity. Whose fault was it that he wasn’t able to piece together all these disjointed memories?

In this world there were strange and fantastic things, though it wasn’t generally known among the common masses. The lessons he’d recently received from his mother told him tales and stories about extraordinary people. Unique and special beings that were different; they were above the normal population and had the ability to wield and do things that ordinary people couldn’t. Those people were called Beyonders.

The information he had read in the book now began to make sense of it all, filling in the gaps of his mind as he truly understood the severity of his country’s history.

Minjerribah Calls

by Georgia East

The truth. The truth we don’t know. The truth is gone. We were all told a story, a story made up from a lie. This lie is the only thing to think about, to dream about and hope that there is more to it, that our families cared and fought. The lie, sadly, is the only thing keeping us alive. Every day is the hope, the hope for everyone, that our lives and the story we can tell will have more meaning than the sad story we currently hold.

We are said to be a ‘half breeds’, the ‘half breeds’ that were held and made between the love of two different races. We’re the ‘half breeds’, the less wanted, the things people stare and glare at – but we have a purpose. It’s the blood in our body, the DNA, the colour of our skin, that somehow makes our lives so much harder than others. But still if I ask, there’s no answer, just a look; a look that makes me think maybe there is no answer, that no one before has ever asked and had a response that could change our lives… forever.

My mother, my father, my people, are so far away, but I still hold them so close. The memory is chipped and carved out of my mind, not missing but lost. It’s lost somewhere, in the ground, in a chest, sealed with a lock… and no key. I hope I am more than what they’re trying to mould me into; to work for people. I want to be cared for like no human ever before –being cared for here wasn’t what I expected but at least a home filled with a decent family I can learn from. I am trained every day, to be an artifact, nothing of a person but a slave.

I remember the day they took me away from my parents; the way the world was when I was so very young. I am 14 now. Long ago, I remember waking up to the sound of the guuguubarra and watching the sun rise with my mother, whilst my father hunted with the other men of the tribe. Life was so simple. There was never a problem, never a struggle – except for that one day…the one day the big men came.

The constant yearning is my pain; I ache all over…in my arms, legs, chest, head, everywhere. Minjerribah calls me, not by my white man’s name, but by Kirra. At that moment I smile, it’s the first time I have in ages.

“Kathleen”! He yells and the moment disappears. He doesn’t look quite pleased, none of them do around here. I walk outside to be led to the church where all of the other kids like me go. I don’t remember church when I was younger, we just laughed and played and ate – the simple life. I sit down next to a boy, just a bit older than me, and he too doesn’t look too pleased. We listen to a man who talks about life, and its purpose – I think about mine…and there it is again; I hear Minjerribah; it calls me.

I want to run away, the urge is pulling me away from the white man camp, closer to Minjerribah. When we left church, we were called into groups, depending on age and gender. We learn new things all the time, none of which I would consider hard. Sometimes I like to think about what I’d be doing now if I was at home, laughing with my mum, telling stories to my cousins; and then I’m back in the real world. My name gets called, I walk up close to a girl that doesn’t look excited, which isn’t exactly surprising. It hurts me every day, to see people just like me being treated like this.

With the rhythm of the Earth, Minjerribah calls. It calls in the sound of the birds and the whooshing sound of the gum trees, in the running of the river and in the quiet of night.

In the quiet of night, Minjerribah calls me home. I leave Kathleen in the pile of clothes I step out of. I walk out into the night as Kirra

Some will say I went walkabout, but I will say I went home… to my land, to my people, to Minjerribah.

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Arana Touch Football – Round 1

PoP Junior Campus has entered five teams in the 11-week Arana Touch spring season. The first games were played last Wednesday evening at Wests-Mitchelton Junior Rugby League Fields. The results reflect our strong and continuing improvement in this fun sport!

  • 12yrs Boys PoPenhuyzen and 10yrs Girls PoP Plovers had good wins
  • 8yrs Mixed PoP Rabbitohs and 10yrs Boys PoPasaurus drew their games
  • 8yrs Mixed PoP Storm performed very well to go down narrowly to last year’s grand finalists.

A few players’ spots are still available. Two spots for 8yrs and Under boys, one spot for 8yrs and Under boys, one spot for 9-10yrs girl and three or four spots for 11-12yrs boys. Please contact Mr Darren Lawrance via SEQTA direct message or email.

A huge thanks to our coaches – Ella Forbes, Ngara Christison, Adam Christison, Brad Watts and Matt Church – for making the big commitment this season.

Darren Lawrance
Junior Campus PE and Sport

Senior Campus Sport

Queensland Cross Country Representatives

Congratulations to Mattias and Jonas Forbes-Schutz who have been selected in the Queensland Cross Country Merit Squad this year!

The national event, to be held in Adelaide, will hopefully occur sometime later this year.

Best of luck boys!

Gabby Collman
Senior Campus Sports Coordinator

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

4 Benefits of Music Education

1. Music teaches teamwork
2. Music improves coordination
3. Music encourages hard work and determination
4. Music is an outlet for creativity and a source of stress release.

There are many more benefits of learning Music and an instrument, but I’ll start with these four. Instant gratification is the ‘norm’ for our society—everybody wants it NOW. I believe learning an instrument encourages children to slow down, take their time and with a little determination, reap the benefits of their hard work.


Rehearsals are back in session! Yay.
There will be an Arts Night in Week 3 of Term 4. Details to come.

Choir Christmas Musical

Auditions have been held and rehearsals will soon commence for the Choir Christmas Musical “The Perfect Gift”. Put Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 November in your diaries for this heart-warming event.

Music Room Concerts

Instrumental concerts will be held early next term. Tutors will email details asap.

Classroom Music

Year 4, your STEAM instrument assignment is due Week 10.

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

Senior Campus Music News


Wednesday 15 September 6.30pm

Thank you all for your patience. As of this week all of our ensembles are resuming in their normal time slots. We are still wearing masks at all times, and socially distancing but teaching of all instruments and voice has now resumed with suitable conditions in place.

Please put the date of our Gala Celebration in your calendar. This will be our biggest music event of the year with all of our ensembles, several soloists and representation of music from the Junior Campus as well, performing music which is the culmination of the year’s work. We will be treated to some real gems. All students in the Senior Campus music program are expected to be present and to bring their family and friends. We are working in the Pavillion on the Senior Campus which being out of doors should enable full access. The concert is FREE, but if there were tickets it would be a SELL OUT, so don’t MISS OUT!

Remember to make sure that you have your music uniform clean and ready. Remember not to wear white socks! More information for the performers will be out shortly.

Thanks as always for your support and stay tuned for more fun!

Linda Brady
Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices

Worship 5 September

9am Worship

5PM Together@5

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

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