Term 4 Week 6 |  10 November 2021
College News

2022 Staffing

We are very pleased to announce that Mrs Coreta Lennon has been appointed as the new Deputy Head of Campus – Junior, commencing in 2022.  Coreta is currently the Head of Leadership and Development at Faith Lutheran College, Plainlands, and previous to that worked at Faith Lutheran College, Redlands across both their Junior and Senior campuses at various times during her 15 years there.  Coreta brings with her an array of experiences and knowledge from the various roles she has held in our sister Lutheran schools and we very much look forward to her arriving to begin her time here alongside Anne-Marie Schmidt and the Junior School team.

The Lutheran education system really is a large family in many ways, and as we welcome Coreta and Sarah Hoff-Zweck, amongst others, from other Lutheran schools around the country to join us at Prince of Peace next year, we also (sadly, for us) farewell and congratulate Kim Bonello on her appointment as the new Director of Staff at Pacific Lutheran College from 2022.  Currently on maternity leave, Kim has been a much-loved Year 12 Coordinator and Senior School Business Studies teacher for several years here and we wish her all the very best as she takes up her new role.


Simon Hughes
Head of College

Thanks to our Busy P&F

New posts have been installed beside the Junior Campus Shed that will soon house sails over the existing stage area, extending this space.  This is yet another initiative funded by our productive P&F team, who help to provide such a wonderful learning environment for our children.

In recent years, P&F efforts have helped to fund so many important school items. At the Junior Campus they have fully funded our agile furniture, Prep shade sails, the Redcat classroom hearing solutions and STAR reading program. Within the Senior Campus the P&F have funded air conditioning, the bus stand, music and science equipment.

Thanks so much for the time and effort that our P&F team generously offer to the College.  Our final P&F meeting for the year is on Wednesday 10 November, in the Junior Campus Library at 7.00pm, all are welcome to attend and we are always looking for additional support and ideas.

Scholastic Book Fair

Another P&F run event about to begin is the Scholastic Book Fair at the Junior Campus—which will run from Friday 12 to Thursday 18 November.

The fair will be set up in the Spanish Room and will feature a wide range of titles suitable for young children through to teens.

Book purchases can be made during 8:00-9:00am or 3:00-3:45pm on Monday 15, Tuesday 16 or Wednesday 17.

Whom do you serve?

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8

Do you ever struggle with being overwhelmed by trying to please everyone? You know those days or weeks you get when you feel everyone wants you to do something for them, not in your way but in their way. Then when you fall over yourself to try to please them it is never enough. Sound familiar?

As we head into the Christmas season. The expectations from those around are really ramping up. This often leaves us feeling devalued and helpless, overwhelmed and quite often unhappy, frustrated and alone.

This is not the life God intended for you to live.

You might think that God wants you to serve others and give your whole life for other people—and He does—but not in the way the world demands your time from you. You see, the world is filled with people with human hearts, and human hearts will seek self first. This is why there is so much pressure from others for us to please them. When Jesus meets us things start to change. Lives change, attitudes change, decisions change and communities change.

So instead of serving and pleasing others because they demand you to, you in Jesus only have one master to serve. That is Jesus Himself.

It is ok to have boundaries. To say to others I am sorry but I can’t do that for you in the perfect way you want. But when we seek to serve Jesus, He will show us His way to help and serve others.

Saint Paul’s words above are part of a letter he wrote to a church in Philippi. He encourages them to have integrity and to be in the ‘Jesus-space’ with all thoughts. This is so they can bless others in the community, to build them up not to sell them out.

So in Jesus be free. He died on the cross for you so your sins are forgiven and you are set free to serve. Not to be bound by demands of other people, but to be led by Jesus and His spirit to bless others in your words and actions.

This Christmas season ask Jesus to grow you and change you more and more to be a blessing to others, not a slave to them. Remember you don’t have to please others because they expect you to live a certain way, or for you to give or do certain things, be yourself in Jesus and serve Him as your only master and you will see the difference. In Jesus you will be free and you will no longer feel overwhelmed by the weight of what others expect you to do or be. Go in peace and serve the Lord.

Pastor Mark Gierus
College Pastor

Junior Campus News

Finish well!

As the 2021 school year draws to a close, with only 17 days to go, my encouragement to staff and students has been—finish well. This phrase was articulated to me as I concluded my time at Grace Primary, before starting at Prince of Peace, and it rings true in my ears each year—finish well!

So what does it mean to ‘finish well’?

It means to finish our school year and work with determination and effort, right to the last day.

It means to speak love, truth and respect to those around us, right to the last day.

It means to maintain our high standards of how we dress, speak and act, right to the last day.

It means to be patient with each other as we grow tired, right to the last day.

It means to understand that while some may be excited about the year ending, others may be anxious about a new one beginning, right to the last day.

And most importantly, it means we should shine God’s love into the lives of others, living out the grace and forgiveness he has shown to us, right to the last day.

Finish well.

With love, patience and understanding,

Katrina Valencia
Head of Junior Campus

PoP Choir Sings in Local Project

Earlier this year local composer Craig Allister Young visited the College to record our Junior Campus Choir, to be part of the music project “Come Sing with me”.

This beautiful song was written by Craig Allister Young and Donna Dyson and is based on Waltzing Matilda by Banjo Paterson.

Our choir comes in at around the 5min mark, we are so proud that they were asked to be a part of it.

Details regarding the performers are listed in the comments of the Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2L5W8ltCLk

Senior Campus News

The Jacarandas have bloomed and are a reminder that the year is ending. External exams are going well and Year 12 students have started to ring the bell to signal the end of their formal exams.  The next few weeks are jam packed with events as the year winds down, so I have listed the important ones here.


11 November – Remembrance Day Service at 8.20am (parents welcome)

15-18 November – Celebration Week

15 November – Year 12 Final Worship 8:20am (parents welcome)

16 November – Year 12 Assembly 8:20am (parents welcome)

18 November – Year 12 Valedictory

19 November – Year 12 Farewell Service

23 November – Year 7 – 11 Awards Ceremony 8:20 am (parents welcome)

29 November – Year 7 2022 Orientation Day

29 November – Year 9 Excursion

30 November – Year 9 Ubuntu Return Ceremony

1 December – Year 8 Gr8 Race

2 December – Year 7 Excursion

3 December – Year 7-9 Closing Worship

We are in the process of making plans for 2022. If you have any special requests that you would like to be considered in our decision making. Please email headofseniorcampus@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au.

Michelle Nisbet
Head of Senior Campus

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

Note that this Christmas musical is a free event. No need to book, please just show up. There will be approx. 300 chairs provided for each performance.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

Senior Campus Music News

Term 4 Christmas Cheer Project

Well our Term 4 Christmas Music Project is in full swing now. It is such a pleasure to hear this familiar music floating through the college. It brings with it such powerful memories.

As a musician one of my earliest memories of singing in a choir was a little piece of a tune that got stuck in my head when I was about 7. I kept singing it, ALL THE TIME and no one could work out what it was. Then, the following year, when the church choir I sang in started their Christmas music preparation, THERE IT WAS. It was the accompaniment to Sleepers Wake by Bach, which we must have sung the year before as well. The joy of this reconnection as a child was sublime. We all know the important power of Christmas memories.

Now, carols in November? Good music takes time to prepare, so as musicians we are always starting our Christmas planning about mid year and the music selection and rehearsal well before Christmas. Like good food, you can’t hurry these things. They need doing well, to appropriately honour the occasion.

Add to this the fact that this important part of the Christian year, Christmas Day itself, falls on the date arbitrarily selected by the early Roman Church in the middle of our summer break, that is not ideal for us to enjoy as a school community.

Consequently, without apology, we are celebrating Term 4 with joyous Christmas cheer and in the coming weeks we will record and share with you all our offerings.

4 weeks to go

No one is counting…

Stay tuned…

Linda Brady
Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


14 November

9am Worship

5pm Together@5

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

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