Term 4 Week 4 |  26 October 2022
College News

We are into Year 12 exams this week and continue to keep our students in prayer and thought as they work through the culmination of hours, days, and years of learning and studying. Now that we are several days in, the ‘routine’ of an exam is starting to have some familiarity to many of them and we have been extremely proud of the way they have approached this time and conducted themselves. Their teachers have also done an incredible job in supporting students’ learning, also, as they have prepared for this time and we thank them for their dedication and commitment to our students. At the other end of the timeline, tonight marks the first Information Evening for our 2023 Prep students, as we welcome many new families into the Prince of Peace Community as they begin their education journey at school.

Multi-Purpose Hall, Take Two

Sometimes I sneak an article into a newsletter from a couple of years earlier, with a few tweaks – schools are very cyclic after all! However, that usually doesn’t work for specific or one-off events. Usually. But today – well, it does. 2 months ago we were at the point of beginning the construction of our Multi-Purpose Hall, then unfortunately things went very pear-shaped, very quickly, with a builder. That meant having to reset the tender process that we are required to carry out as part of the government grant. That’s now all occurred, we’ve appointed a new builder, and we are now back to this!

In just over a week [actually, beginning next Monday with building fences], our construction team for the Multi-Purpose Hall will appear on site on the Middle and Senior Campus, beginning the project that should take just under a year to complete. This will be a very exciting time for the College, but won’t come, of course, without some interruptions to the site over that time. Being the building that sits virtually in the centre of the site, it will mean that travel to the Music building or the oval may be via a longer path than usual, as some of the far end of the forecourt will need to be cut up and replaced to both tie in the correct levels and to also get services, like power, across to the new building. Almost all of the access by the construction company will be via Bunya Road and there should be little to no impact at all on the carpark or day to day access to the site. The Multi-Purpose Hall will have a staged area and capacity for around 500 people, depending on seating layouts and sizes. It also has a Drama room at ground level and, being built on a hill, a downstairs area where two additional general classroom spaces and accessible toilets will be built, as well as a further open undercroft space that will allow for future construction, or sheltered areas in the immediate future.

During the next fortnight while we have Year 12 exams running, that may create some short-lived, additional interruptions to daily life. This is all just part of building in a school context when the day-to-day can’t simply be switched off. It’s going to be very exciting to see this building slowly appearing from the ground over the next year. A ‘before’ photo is below- watch this space!

Every blessing for the week ahead.

Simon Hughes
Head of College

Junior Campus News

PoP Community Coming Together — P&F Fluoro Disco

The P&F Fluoro Disco was an amazing event on Friday night. The rain outside couldn’t dampen the dance moves and fun that was experienced. A huge thank you to the P&F for organising the event. The decorations and organisation was superb while DJ Steve kept us all moving. There were some amazing dance moves and it was hard to beat the energy of Mrs Stedman and Mrs Rees on the dance floor. Thank you also to the people who set up coffee, tea and snacks in the Green Room for people to chill and chat. It was such a great example of PoP community.

Please keep an eye out for the next community event—Community Christmas Carols on 26 November; this will be another opportunity to come together, sing and celebrate.

Together in 2023

There is no doubt the restrictions of COVID over the last few years, and the disruptions to our Prep carpark has interrupted the flow of community-building activities.  It is hard to believe that at the start of the 2022 school year, we were in COVID lockdown for the first two weeks of the school year!

Looking forward to 2023, I’m keen for more normal opportunities to build and develop community. So look out for:

  • “Meet and Greet”, the week before school starts. An opportunity to meet teachers and check out the classrooms
  • Parent information nights
  • Learning Expo—a time to join with your child to discover more about their learning

Library and Area 6

During 2021, the Year 6 cohort began visiting the Library and using the space to learn and work collaboratively using an expert teacher model. This model provides consistency and rigor in the Year 6 learning program, with each teacher taking the lead in different areas of the curriculum.  The Year 6 teaching group had been working this way for a number of years; jumping in and out of their classrooms.  In 2021, when there were no longer Library lessons, the space provided the ideal room for this to happen more seamlessly.

Thus in Term 3 2021, the decision was made that the Year 6 students would use the Library in a more permanent way and the Library would be relocated.  We have seen very positive results in student learning and wellbeing from this way of working.  We believe that this way of working, with emphasis on 21st Century skills and capabilities is crucial to student learning.

The current Library now occupies three spaces that can be broadly called: Lower Primary borrowing, Upper Primary borrowing and Library Activities.  Unfortunately with all of the classroom flooding and subsequent remediation that needed to occur, two rooms were prioritised for classrooms.  While access to the whole library collection was limited during these times, we did manage to keep borrowing books and keep the library activities accessible for students. Our library is currently using two rooms for books, and next year when The Arts move back to their Arts space, Library Activities will be relocated.

The Tech Lab that is located in what we now call Area 6, is open for coding activities this term at different break times. Teachers are also able to bring their classes to the Tech Lab for Digital Technology lessons and access the equipment.

Libraries have a special place in the heart of a school; a place to be, that is out of the hustle and bustle of the soccer field, and where the reading of books encourages exploration of new worlds.  For some families, I know this decision is disappointing; please know, that while our library may not look as it did, its importance remains.

Tuckshop—Where to for 2023?

I could hear the community groan when the P&F announced that Tuckshop wouldn’t be continuing next year as so many of the main contributors have children moving on to Middle School. We have loved the work of Annette Jacobs and her merry crew, making, baking, assembling and preparing Tuckshop for the Junior Campus community.

As a College, we are open to many ideas moving forward. If you would like to volunteer, talk or offer suggestions, I would love to hear them. It is likely that we will be able to provide some special lunch days for the children at various points through the year. However if you have an idea, wish to volunteer etc, please send me a message via SEQTA or book a time to meet with me via Mrs Jenell Molkentin by phoning campus reception on 3872 5700. I am sure that as a community we will be able to work together to find some solutions for 2023.

World Teacher’s Day – Friday 28 October 2022

The work of our teachers and other staff at the College will be celebrated this week as part of World Teacher’s Day.  The expertise and care that our staff give to the students is seen in many ways.  I believe that our staff go above and beyond what is typically expected.  It takes a village to raise a child, build connections, grow academically, socially and emotionally.

A huge ‘SHOUT OUT’ to the wonderful people who work at PoP—whether that is in the Business Office, Reception, on the crossing, in the classrooms or looking after our facilities.  I am sure you will join me in saying thank you.

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Head of Campus – Junior

Words of Appreciation and Having an Attitude of Gratitude

This week, our Growing with Gratitude focus is Words of Appreciation. At Assembly, we shared with the students that gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. At our recent Open Morning, our guests spent some time sharing their gratitude with others and noticed a positive difference in the atmosphere of the room.

An attitude of gratitude means making the conscious habit of expressing appreciation on a regular basis for big and small things alike. We may be grateful for our relationships, health, business, material items, food in our cupboards, running water in our homes, and our overall sense of well-being. By showing others that you appreciate their efforts and being grateful can boost your positive emotion and set you up for an awesome day!

So Much to Do at PoP!

Something I am grateful for is the variety of break-time activities available to our students. These activity groups are one of the wonderful aspects of our Junior School Campus at PoP. You may have seen some of the activities in your class newsletters but here is a snapshot of photos depicting what is happing this term.

Below is a timetable of the activities on offer and where they are located, these activities are available to Prep to Year 6 students.

Break time activities run by our Year 6 students:

We also have the following clubs run by our staff:


Coreta Lennon
Deputy Head of Campus – Junior

How We Learn Through Inquiry – Questioning

Inquiry-based learning is an education approach that focuses on investigation and problem-solving. Inquiry-based learning is different from traditional approaches because it reverses the order of learning. Instead of presenting information, or ‘the answer’, up-front, teachers start with a range of scenarios, questions and problems for students to navigate.

One aspect of inquiry is that of questioning. Questioning involves wondering—asking more than telling, and activating deeper thinking in our learners. Students are more likely to take a deep approach to their learning when they are trying to answer questions or solve problems that they have come to regard as important, intriguing, or just beautiful. One of the great secrets to fostering deep learning is the ability to help students raise new kinds of questions that they will find fascinating. (Bain, 2012:4) At Prince of Peace, our project-based learning often starts with a ‘big’ question or idea to drive the students’ learning. These questions can be devised by teachers or created in conjunction with students. Some examples of these ‘big’ questions for this semester have been:

  • What do we do with our school waste to have a positive impact on our environment?
  • How do restaurants create an environment and business that people want to visit?
  • As local biologists, what can we do to protect endangered species in our area?
  • What was Little Red Riding Hood carrying in her basket?
  • How has family life and the place we live in changed over time?
  • What do the important places in our community tell us about life in the past and present?
  • Why is it important to preserve local, historical sites?

Questioning in teaching and learning sessions is one of the most important aspects of mastering knowledge. Students’ interest in and engagement with their learning are fostered by questioning, and their capacity for critical and creative thought can be nurtured.​ Modelling questioning and encouraging curiosity develops children’s confidence in their own ability to ask meaningful questions and share their responses.

Questioning doesn’t stop at school! So how can you encourage your child’s innate curiosity and questioning about the world around them?

  • Take the time to answer – If a child sees that you’re interested in answering their questions, and that you’re taking the time to do so, they’ll feel like what they have to say is important and adds value to your relationship.
  • Applaud their curiosity – Make sure that your child understands there is no such thing as a silly or ‘wrong’ question to ask, no matter how difficult some of them might seem to answer at the time.
  • Ask them questions – By answering their questions with a question, you’ll be pushing them closer to formulating their own answers and understanding things on their own.
  • Make it fun – Turning questioning into a game and a fun activity will also show your child that formulating questions and looking for answers can be fun and exciting, instead of intimidating.

Question away!

Rebekah Bruyn
Learning Coach

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Middle & Senior Campus News

A Lutheran Way of Living

Each year in Lutheran Schools we recognise Reformation Day on 31 October. This is a significant date in the life of the Lutheran Church and Schools, as it is the day that Martin Luther stood up for what he believed to be true and shared his ideas with the world. Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the doors of Wittenberg Castle—that begun the Reformation period where the Lutheran Church was born.

I imagine this moment now, in our social media landscape, of Martin Luther tweeting his 95 theses on Twitter and it goes viral! It all starts with one person sharing their transformation in thinking, and living through the word of God in the bible. Ephesians 2:8 speaks of the concept of grace that is one of the dimensions for a Lutheran way of living—For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.

From these scriptures, Martin Luther said, to be convinced in our hearts that we have the forgiveness of sins and peace with God by grace alone is the hardest thing. These words reveal to us the grappling that Martin Luther lived with in his life to go deeper; and in doing so a reformation started. Martin Luther’s courage to live an authentic life can be an inspiration to us all as educators and parents.

So what does this mean for the young people in our care?

It means that our students will graduate from Prince of Peace Lutheran College experiencing grace through the interactions and experiences that their teachers, support staff and leaders co-create with them.

It means that grace will transform our students’ hearts and minds to be grace to others. Through this they will be inspired to live an authentic life of meaning and service to others, using the God-given gifts they have been blessed with.

Australian Lutheran World Service — Gifts of Grace

One way that we will express this grace to others at Christmas time is by inviting students, staff, and parents to become involved with ALWS’s Gifts of Grace. Students heard from Michael Stoltz, Chairperson of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, and new CEO of ALWS in worship of the work that ALWS is doing around the world. Michael was installed into his new leadership role by the National Bishop of the Lutheran Church, Paul Smith and ALWS Board Members on Sunday 23 October.

We pray for Michael as he responds to the call to serve his brothers and sisters in Christ through the work of Australian Lutheran World Service. We will share more about the year-level based fundraisers that will occur over the coming week that will make a difference to real people across the world at Christmas.

Find out more about ALWS Gift of Grace 2022 appeal »

World Teachers’ Day on Friday 28 October 2022

We are grateful to Martin Luther for his love and quest for learning that inspired a theological revolution over 500 years, that sees Lutheran learning communities still thriving today. We are grateful to every teacher, support staff and leader who has responded to the call to serve at Prince of Peace Lutheran College, who each make such a difference each day in the life of the young people in their care.

We are grateful to the parents, guardians and grandparents in our community who entrust us in this journey and appreciate the work of our staff. Each of our staff members co-create the community that Prince of Peace is—from teaching to support staff. We thank you for making our staff feel special this week in celebrating World Teachers Day.

May the transformation of God’s grace and love in your life continue to inspire you to; Act justly, Love mercy and Walk humbly; Micah 6:8.

Sarah Hoff-Zweck
Head of Campus (Middle and Senior)

Careers @ PoP

Year 12 update

As the Year 12’s start their external exams, it is only natural for these students to start getting very worried about what life after PoP is going to look like.

As the external exams finish for themselves, parents can encourage students to either help them create a resume that can be used for job applications; or if they haven’t already, assist them on collating their university choices for a QTAC application.

QCAA has also contacted the College this past week letting us know that there are many students that haven’t accessed their learning portal on the QCAA website for some time or not at all.  Access to this portal allows students to access all of their results. This will be helpful when all of their results are released of their external exams. Please ask your child/ren to check if they have access to this, and if not please see me or Mrs Noon to gain access.


Mrs Julie Grosas
Careers and VET Leader

Sports Score

Middle & Senior Campus Sport

Queensland School Sport Track and Field Championships 2022

The QLD Championships were held on the 13-16 October at the Queensland State Athletics Centre at Nathan, Brisbane. The College had a number of our students in attendance, with some really outstanding results achieved!

Chloe Noon and Freya Forbes-Schutz both competed in the 2000m steeplechase, with Chloe coming in 6th position and Freya in 12th. Chloe also participated in the 3000m, finishing in 7th position. Jonas Forbes-Schutz competed in the 3000m as well, coming home in 8th. Hannes Forbes-Schutz competed in the 1500m, coming in 6th position in his heat. Both Grace Doyle and Heidi Noon competed in the 800m, with Grace claiming 2nd and Heidi 4th. Heidi also competed in the 1500m, finishing with a 5th—a wonderful achievement for Heidi in her final year of school Track and Field competition.

Addison Houslip won bronze in the 800m and gold in the 1500m, making her the State Champion for 2022! This will mean that Addison has been invited to four national competitions this year, an absolutely phenomenal effort!

Well done all.

Gabby Collman
Sports Coordinator
HPE, Science and Mathematics Teacher

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

Carols—26 November

There is a combined carols evening between our Church and School communities on Saturday 26 November.  The Junior Campus Choirs will be presenting several songs throughout the evening.  Further information to come.

Carols (take 2)—2 December

The Junior Campus Choirs have been invited to perform a 20 minute bracket of songs and carols at the ‘Hills District Christmas Carols in the Park’ on Saturday 2 December, George Willmore Park, 52 Ferny Hills Way, Ferny Hills.

Even though it’s the day after the College finishes, if you’re available it’s a lovely way to end the year and celebrate the season.

Choir performing at approx. 5:30pm (to be confirmed); solo performance by Mrs Cudney herself later in the evening.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

The Arts @ Junior Campus

Arts Night

Congratulations to all students and teachers involved in last night’s Upper Primary “Arts Night”.   A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the evening a success.

Help Us Celebrate the Children

We are looking for ways to celebrate our students’ contributions to the community in The Arts—whether it be music (Instrumental or choral), visual art, dance, drama, speech, theatre or media arts.

Has your child received an award or participated in a local, national or even international competition? Are they involved in a show or performance coming up? Let us know and send relevant photos and details so we can celebrate them together.

Rebecca Rees
Primary Arts Specialist

Middle & Senior Campus Music News

Music News

There is great progress on the Middle and Senior Campus with the musical SHREK, we have so many amazing singers out there that we where not aware of. The rehearsals are an absolute hoot with Mrs Rachow and I often in stitches. What a great show with such great people. I love our community.

If you are a Junior Campus family, please be patient, your turn will come, you will be invited to audition at the beginning of 2023 and we have saved some wonderful roles for you. We are also looking for a dance chorus, so if you have some dance skills and you would like to be involved, we will want to hear from you.

If you are on the Middle and Senior Campus, rehearsals for both drama and music are taking place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons between 3.15pm and 5.15pm. Please try not to miss anything. It is a full show and we spend a long time planning so that everyone has something to do for the entire time. If you are missing, know that we are missing you.

Remember that Remembrance Day is coming up and I will run the relevant music at the start of our Musical rehearsals. If the full musical commitment was not for you, you can still come along for your weekly sing.

Plans are well on their way for the Combined Christmas Event with music ensembles from the Middle / Senior Campus, the Junior Campus, and the Prince of Peace Church. The date is the evening of Saturday 26 November—please put this into your diaries.

All Ensembles will continue to rehearse up to and including Week 8; there will be no rehearsals called in the final week for Years 7 – 9. If in doubt check your appointment reminders in SEQTA.

Stay Tuned!

Linda Brady
Middle & Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


Sunday 30 October

9am Worship

Youth@PoP — 3:30 to 5pm

5pm Together@5 

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

Community News and Notices

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