Term 1 Week 10 | 29 March 2023
College News

Term One

Welcome to the end of a jam-packed first term!  For the first time since I have arrived here, we’ve had as close to an uninterrupted term as we could probably hope for.  It has been great to see students getting out and about on various excursions (like Bunnings, Art Gallery, Osprey House, Samford Village, Lone Pine, Kumbartcho, geographically relevant locations), heading off to camp, rehearsing for musicals, showcasing their musical talents, taking swimming lessons, competing at swimming carnivals, beholding a performance of Romeo and Juliet brought hither by an incursion, selling mildly romantic trinkets, singing beautifully, dancing majestically, mastering chess, participating at various NISSA competitions, running Cohort services at the church, eating pancakes and iceblocks, learning some Cyber Safety, code camping, book clubbing, NAPLANing, meeting buddies – and I’m sure that’s not yet an exhaustive list! (Many apologies to those I have missed).  Our teachers and staff have been creating some incredible opportunities for inquiry, learning, growth… and fun this term and we thank them for their dedication and hard work to supporting the learning journey of all our students.  A big thank you, too, this week to Gabby Collman, Jessica Schneider and other members of the PE team for their work organising and running the Cross Country event yesterday, along with our operational and support staff who are always moving, setting up, then packing away for our many events.  We will finish off the term by beginning our Parent Conferences on Wednesday (Junior) and Thursday (Middle & Senior) evenings, with another two dates at the beginning of Term Two.  If you have not yet booked in a time to meet with your child’s teacher, please do so if you are able.  Again, thanks to all our staff who work extra hard at this time of year to make these nights so successful.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.  I pray you have a safe and enjoyable break with family and friends.


Do you remember the Apostle Peter through the Lent and Easter stories?  He pops up at various times with a wide range of strong and forceful response to what happens around him;

“Never Lord, this (Jesus dying) shall never happen to you” Matt 16:22, “You shall never wash my feet” John 13:8, “Even if everyone runs away because of You, I will never run away!  Even if I have to die with You,” Matt 26:33, “I will never deny You!” Matt 26:35.  Peter even cuts off the ear of High Priest servant when Jesus is arrested – John 18:10.  This is a man it would seem who is outspoken, has strong convictions and is bold and courageous and yet after Jesus is arrested, he runs off, denies he ever knew Jesus, hides and locks himself up with his mates out of fear for his life.  He was full of bravado and bold words but when everything came tumbling down, it was all too much for Peter and in his fear and shame he ran and hid.  So much for his courage.

BUT, Following Jesus’ resurrection there is the wonderful story of forgiveness and restoration with Jesus where Peter learns first-hand about how much he is loved. (There is a great short video from Skit Guys and their take on this. Find a few minutes to watch this, it is good!

Jesus shows how much he loves Peter, that all is forgiven and then calls him to action — “Feed my sheep” John 21:17.

Jump ahead about 40 something days and Peter is standing in front of thousands of people in Jerusalem courageously sharing the gospel of Jesus at Pentecost. This frightened, ashamed and broken man is transformed into a man of *courage and strength. Through his own power? I think not. How did that turn out for him when he chose to go it alone? No, through the grace that Jesus offered and through the power of the Holy Spirit, Peter now has the courage to stand and be the man he was created to be. Finding one’s courage can be a difficult thing. But as for Peter, we don’t go into the fight alone. How good it is to know that God’s grace and Spirit can give us the strength and courage we need in the most difficult of circumstances.

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Tim 1:7

Courage is the strength of heart that enables people to stand up for their convictions to do the right thing, even when it is hard or fearful. It involves being firm of spirit despite the ups and downs of life and it means ‘having a go’ even when success is uncertain.”Life Long Qualities for Learners, LEA

Every blessing for the week ahead.

Simon Hughes
Head of College


The Chaplain’s role is primarily to minister to students, staff and families of the College. This is achieved through both pastoral care and fostering the emotional and spiritual growth of students – both in individual and small group initiatives, supporting the Christian Studies programme, leading Chapel and worship services, partnering with the College Counsellor, and close support of teaching and other staff in their work with students also.

Introducing our College Chaplain, Reilly Brown

My name is Reilly Brown, and I am the College Chaplain at Prince of Peace!

I have had the joy of working with young people in the ministry contexts of school chaplaincy, outdoor education, in-school leadership training programs, group facilitation, pastoral counselling and local church planting. In these roles, I have enjoyed fostering a community culture that cultivates positive relationships, perpetuates a sense of belonging and involves the deep sharing of God’s grace and love, and the great purpose He has in place for us.

As College Chaplain, I am involved in creating and providing pathways for students and families to explore their questions of life and faith, enrich others with their unique gifts and generous service, excel at being themselves, and reach their God-given potential. I enjoy collaborating with the wonderful student leaders of the College, giving students a voice in mission and outreach, and empowering the next generation of leaders. I am deeply passionate in catering to the social, emotional and spiritual needs of young people, and work alongside college staff to best support both the student and their family.

I am based across both the Junior and Middle and Senior Campuses, and if you feel I can support your family and/or your child in any way, please do reach out to your child’s pastoral care or class teacher, or feel free to connect with me on Campus.

School Locker Annual Stocktake 

Please be aware that on Monday 17 April the annual stocktake of inventory will take place at School Locker North Lakes Superstore.

The store we will be closed on this day, and will reopen on Tuesday 18 April at 8.30am.

Junior Campus News

Positive Reflection – A time to Celebrate

It is hard to believe that Term 1, 2023 is nearly over – the time has flown. Our Social and Emotional Learning program, Growing with Gratitude, has an element called, Positive Reflection. It can often be a tricky one to explain but it is so important. Positive Reflection is the practice of looking back at our progress to see how far we have come. It is an opportunity to celebrate our growth, development – our journey.

We’ve had a fantastic term filled with exciting learning opportunities and events that have helped us grow in so many ways.  Campus events, sporting opportunities, excursions, incursions, new learning and adventures – to be honest, the pictures say more than words.

Change in Agile Digitial Strategy for Junior Campus in 2024

Last week I wrote to our Year 2 families alerting them to a change in The Agile Digitial Strategy from 2024. This is a portion of that communication.

At PoP we have long held a philosophy of providing a 21st century education for our students that includes digital literacy and embracing the ever-changing world of technology.  We believe that technology is an important enabler of global learning. It can facilitate deeper learning and further develop and enhance the ability of students to create, collaborate and curate with peers, teachers and the wider community. Developing students’ digital literacy is more important today than ever before. The foundation of our Agile Digital Strategy – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative builds student capacity in digital literacies. We have a well-established curriculum that empowers students to engage in a digital world and develop the necessary skills.

As with all initiatives, the College reviews the effectiveness of learning tools and evaluates our programs. We look to experts in the field, observe current best-practice trends in education, seek advice and work with our staff when considering changes to impact positively on student learning. As it is almost eight years since the implementation of our Agile Digital Learning Strategy, a review began last year to consider if BYOD, in the form of a laptop, was best meeting the learning needs of our students, or if there is something that would be more suitable to build and enhance learning.

Following the review, I am pleased to announce that in 2024 the Junior Campus will begin to move from laptops as the primary device to iPads only, beginning with students in Year 3, 2024. We believe this change will be particularly positive for student learning and further enhance and build digital literacy and skills of collaboration and creativity.

BYOD – iPad only for 2024 in Year 3

Please note this change will commence in Year 3 for 2024.  Other year levels will remain predominantly laptop based, although iPads will now be included for other students on the Junior Campus, if they choose, as part of the device specifications.

Further information about this change including specific device selection and specifications – keyboard, headphones, iPad set up and processes, app deployment and managements will be made available mid-year, along with a frequently asked questions Fact Sheet.

For those families who have specific questions, we encourage you to use this Form link or contact us via SEQTA.

Thank you — Mrs McKinnon and Mrs Bird

After a very busy term, it is time to say a huge thank you to Mrs McKinnon and Mrs Bird who have been teaching our wonderful 1MB class.  Mrs. McKinnon will begin maternity leave and we wish her and her family all the best as she awaits the arrival of twins.  She will be faced with the new challenge and absolute blessing of four children under 5 years of age.

Mrs Bird who has worked alongside Mrs McKinnon for the term, will be taking some time to support her family but no doubt we will see her around PoP in the capacity of relief teaching.

I want to thank them both for the work they have done in the College, this term and in the past as they have been such a blessing to so many.

Blessed Easter

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and restful Easter break.

I pray that through it all, come what may, we find some time to celebrate the immense love of Christ in this world as we remember His death and resurrection.

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Head of Campus – Junior

Term 1 coming to a close

Term 1 has been an interesting and exciting term for all. Even though we went back to a ‘normal’ start, we hit the ground running. This term we have had information sessions, incursions, excursions, visitors and of course our wonderful learning. We can begin to understand how our students and staff are feeling tired as we approach the end.

As I reflect on this feeling of tiredness, I realise that this tiredness is a good tiredness. That yes, there have been challenges but wow haven’t our team (students and staff) done so well this term. We have still had the majority of our normal events, learning has continued, and kids have been getting involved. They are tired because they are a part of something great.

So, as we finish the term, I thank the staff that make this place tick, for their energy and filling in across various areas. I also thank the students for their youthful exuberance and the positivity they bring to our Junior Campus. We are all called in community, by God, to serve this school and the people in it and this term that has been more evident than ever.

Thank you all and enjoy a well-deserved and restful break. We hope you have a blessed Easter!

Cross Country @ Teralba Park


Coreta Lennon
Deputy Head of Campus – Junior


Prince of Peace is excited to launch their first eSports team in conjunction with FUSE Cup. Prince of Peace provides a range of co-curricular activities that reflect the passion and interests of students within our community. We know that gaming is a significant passion for many young people (note: the gender split is approximately 50%), however they do not have opportunities to develop this passion in a supported environment.

What separates eSports from social gaming is the focus on skill development within a targeted training and competition environment. Developing this mindset toward eSports provides the opportunity for our young people to develop their physical, mental and social skills. The additional code of conduct, expectations on behaviour and attitudes also provide a framework that develops the whole person and allows for the development of generalised skills.


The Federation of United Schools eSports (FUSE) Cup is a nationwide network of schools connected in providing young students with an opportunity to participate in a safe, supportive and structured international eSports competition while developing positive gaming behaviours and digital wellbeing. Their chosen games are age appropriate and do not include any violent content whatsoever. They believe the eSports in schools should avoid first person shooters.

The FUSE Cup international competition is delivered via Nintendo Switch consoles as they are easy to set up, require very little technical experience/knowledge, offer schools maximum value for investment and allows four players to play at once. Australia is divided up into regions within each state in which schools compete in a face-to-face battle against other neighbouring schools. These events are run each term to determine the regional finalists who then compete at a State Championship event.

What does eSport@PoP look like for 2023?

As we are taking our first steps into the world of eSports we are starting off small, with a view to expanding our team in the coming years. This year we are entering one team of four Year 5 and 6 students into the Mario Kart Deluxe 8 competition and another team later in the year into the Rocket League competition. Next year we will also compete in Just Dance.

Training will be run in Area 6 With Mrs Bruyn and Mr Church from 3-3:45, starting in Week 9 of this term. Training will be limited to 24 students and will be opened on an application basis. From this training group 6 students will be selected for the Mario Kart tournament and 6 for the Rocket League tournament. These teams will consist of 4 players and 2 reserves.

Students who want to be considered for the competitive team will need to commit to training each week and be available for the required competition days. Students who are successful in their application to the training team will need to sign a Prince of Peace eSport code of conduct along with the FUSE Cup player agreement. Any violation of these agreements may result in the expulsion of players from the team.

An application for the team has been sent home via SEQTA to parents. For any further information on this exciting opportunity please contact Rebekah Bruyn on SEQTA messages.

Happy learning!

Rebekah Bruyn
Learning Coach

Thanks PoP Maintenance Crew!

We are always so thankful to have the incredible maintenance team that works so hard keeping our College grounds looking beautiful and clean making them such a pleasure to work and learn in.

Mrs Williams would like to pass on her special appreciation to the team for acting so quickly after she asked if they could tidy and rearrange the area outside her 5KW classroom—and look how great it looks now! The kids love it, and it means they can extend their classroom space to outside. PoP Maintenance Crew…you’re the best — Mrs Williams and the 5KW Class.

Code Camp Term 2

Code Camp have booked Prince of Peace in again for Term 2 for those who missed out for this current term.  Code Camp will be running the same program as Term 1; please visit https://www.codecamp.com.au/poplc to enrol in Term 2.

Next semester Code Camp will return again in Term 3 for an all-new follow-up program.

Middle & Senior Campus News

Living in Community

In living in community with one another, it was wonderful to end the first term of 2023 in our Year 3 to 12 Cross Country. The sea of House colours and cheers of encouragement filled Terabla Park, as students ran the course in their age groups. It was a special time for us to come together as a College community – students, staff and parents – forming a sense of belonging.

Special memories are formed through this sporting event as siblings run together and Senior students run with younger students. It is in these races that we see the heart of service and empathy for others in our students. These courageous moments show the character and soul of the students who form the fabric of the Prince of Peace community.

Thank you to Gabby Collman and Jess Schneider for organising this sporting celebration and opportunity and to every teacher present on the day for their support. Thank you to parents who came to support their children and be a part of the community spirit.

Thank you also to parent volunteers who served on the BBQ and drinks stall with students from the musical team. The funds raised from this BBQ will be going towards the Shrek Musical which is on Friday 19 May to Saturday 20 May. Tickets are now on sale, and we encourage you to support the cultural talents of our students.

Parent Teacher Student Conversations

Thank you to our parents in making time in your busy schedules to meet with teachers at Parent Teacher Student Conversations on Thursday 30 March. There is still an opportunity to make bookings for Wednesday 19 April. We encourage you to make these connections with students being present at these times as the agency for change and improvement will be strengthend when all voices are shared.

NAPLAN Testing

Thank you to our Year 7 and 9 students, staff, and parents as we worked together through the NAPLAN testing period. These tests give us information about our students’ literacy and numeracy capabilities and is one piece of data that we have to compare with school-based assessment and internal testing.

These test results also guide teachers with development for literacy and numeracy programs and we look forward to mapping the longitudinal data to form targeted improvements and strategies in 2023 and beyond.

Easter Blessings

As we conclude Term 1 and enter the holiday break, may the hope, sacrifice and love of Christ transform your hearts and minds through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We invite families to join in Easter Services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on the Junior Campus.

May these words from an Easter blessing be with you;

May the glory and the promise of this joyous time of year bring peace, purpose, and hope to you and those you hold most dear.

And may Christ, Our Risen Saviour, always be there by your side to bless you most abundantly
and be your loving guide.


Sarah Hoff-Zweck
Head of Campus – Middle and Senior

Parent Coffee Catch-Ups

Earlier this month we had our first in a series of Parent Coffee Catch-Ups with the Middle and Senior Leadership Team. It was great for parents to meet with Melissa Graham, Wendy Bowen, Jonathan Klupp, Simon Hughes and Sarah Hoff-Zweck to explore the three strategic intentions for 2023 from Prince of Peace’s Teaching and Learning Framework—Positive Relationships, Life-Long Learning and Powerful Partnerships.

There are two additional times that we are now offering for Coffee Catch-Up sessions for parents:

  • Thursday 30 March 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • Wednesday 19 April 5:30-6:30pm

Please RSVP to Sue Noon and advise which session date you wish to attend.

Careers @ PoP

Want to become a swim teacher?

Since COVID, swimming and swimming instructors have depleted. Hence a group that I have been working with “Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance” has been fortunate to acquire government funding to make sure that these statistics are turned around.

There is a funded course for students 16 years or over. Times have not yet been finalised, this will be dependent on numbers.

On completion of the course you will be able to source work as an Swim Instructor.

Please download this brochure for more information, or send an email to admin@aqia.org.au with your expression of interest—please also let me know of your interest on JGrosas@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au.


Mrs Julie Grosas
Careers and VET Leader

Sports Score

Junior Campus Sport

Weather stole the show for our KINDY – YEAR 2 FUN RUN last week, but with joy we announce a NEW DATE for K-2 FUN RUN Term 2, Week 1, Wednesday 19 April. We look forward to seeing you there to help cheer on our little runners!

Congratulations to all participants at the Year 3–12 Cross Country Carnival yesterday. What an action packed day for students to be involved and showcase their endurance and grit to cross the finish line. TOP 6, 10–12 Year Olds qualify to compete at North District Cross Country Term 2, Week 2, Friday 28 April at Teralba Park. TOP 6,  9–12 Year Olds qualify to compete at NISSA Cross Country Term 2, Week 5, Monday 15 May at the Lakes College. Information to be sent out via SEQTA early Term 2.

Well done to all Year 4-6 students in their chosen NISSA Gala Day teams – mixed results across the board but smiles were left on all faces after a great day of competition last Friday. Thank you to our wonderful coaches for your guidance and all of our parent supporters.

Special acknowledgment to Leo Watts, recently selected in the 10-11 Yr Old North District Rugby League team. Well done Leo and we wish you all the best in your performance at Regionals next term!

Brisbane Roar Active Program will be returning to PoP in Term 2, cater to all levels and abilities, boys and girls aged 5-12 years old, with emphasis on improving players skills across various fun technical sessions and games. Details available now!

School holidays are almost here! Discover more than 100 FREE and low-cost activities across Moreton Bay to keep your kids happy and active these school holidays!  There are a range of sport, recreation and wellness activities for children and teenagers aged 3-17 years including:

🎯 Archery, Circus Skills and Self-Defence

🤸 Trampolining, Parkour and Gymnastics

🛹 Skateboard, Scooter and BMX clinics

🌲 Nature Walks and Environmental Adventures

🎶 Break Dancing, Drumming and Hip Hop Dancing

🎾 Come and Try Hockey, Softball and Tennis

🌊 Surfing, Stand Up Paddling and Kayaking

Active Holidays runs from 3 to 16 April 📅

HURRY! Spots are limited, so make sure you book your child in for some school holiday fun ASAP! 

Jessica Schneider
Junior Campus PE Teacher & Sport Coordinator

Middle & Senior Campus Sport

NISSA — Futsal, Netball, Volleyball

If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with me via SEQTA message.

Gabby Collman
Sports Coordinator
HPE, Science and Mathematics Teacher

Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

Classroom Music

Recorders have been a huge hit with the Year 4s.  Almost all students have already achieved their White belt.  Some have pushed themselves to learn new notes and achieved up to Blue Belt.

Year 6 students have been travelling around the world listening to and learning a variety of folk songs from various countries.  They have learnt to sing and play these songs on xylophone, boomwhackers and recorders.

They are improvising, creating and playing

  • rhythm patterns
  • melodies
  • new verses
  • accompaniments for songs

Choirs – Term 2

I will be on Long Service Leave for the first four weeks of Term 2.  NO rehearsal for Upper Primary Choir (Years 4-6) during this time.  Lower Primary Choir will continue with the assistance of Mrs. Rees (who will be teaching some of my classes while I am on leave) and Mrs. Arribas.

Rehearsals for Upper Primary choir will recommence in Week 5.

Does Music Education REALLY matter?

YES!  And here are some reasons why according to the Musicplayonline website.

  1. Music helps ease student anxiety and improves confidence and self esteem
  2. People have been connecting and communicating with music for thousands of years. Music helps children develop social skills
  3. Learning to read music and learning to read words stimulates the same part of the brain
  4. Students who study music and the arts learn how to think creatively and use “out of the box” thinking to problem solve in unique ways.

Should you have any questions about the instrumental, choral or classroom music program on the Junior Campus, please don not hesitate to contact me.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

Middle & Senior Campus Music News

Soloists on Show

Our Soloists on Show recital on Wednesday night last was an absolute joy,  featuring some of the best of our individual performers. Congratulations to all who performed. The standards were delightfully high.  

Rhythms Riffs and Refrains

Preparation is well under way for our first ensemble concert in over a year, Rhythms Riffs and Refrains will be held on Wednesday 7 June 6 – 8pm in the Senior Campus Forecourt. Put this date in your diary as it will be a great night out with over 100 students performing in a variety of styles and genre. All of our tutors and ensembles will be represented. Jazz, Rock, Classical, Folk, Pop… whatever your style, there will be a special performance for you! Plus you will be supporting the wonderful students who have dedicated so much time and love to the preparation of this material week after week.

Please ensure that you have organised your Music Uniforms so that you look as good as you sound! Please note that long pants and socks are a part of the music uniform and take care that these are done correctly. When you are on stage you do not want attention drawn to anything but the wonderful music.


SHREK the MUSICAL! Is in full swing. With only five weeks left next term it is important that you remember that rehearsals are Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and attendance at these is critical. So many of our school community have invested so much talent and time here. It is really exciting watching it all come together. Ticket sales are OPEN and they will sell out quickly so don’t delay!  Tickets can be purchased here » 

Special Note

The new Brass and Woodwind tutor Sharon Nobs started last week. She is great with the students. Please note that 101 Special and Concert Band ARE rehearsing this week even though it is Cross Country. They will rehearse in week 1 Term 2 but miss week 2 because it is ANZAC Day.

String Ensemble will rehearse MONDAY on the first day back. This is important because they will also be playing at our ANZAC Service on the Monday of Week 2. All other rehearsals will run as normal with appointments in SEQTA. Please accept these. Thank you

Let’s get started and make some music!

Linda Brady
Middle & Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


Sunday 2 April

9am Worship

Youth@PoP — 3:30 to 5pm

5pm Together@5 

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

First Communion

Our First Communion class invites parents to share in their child’s journey as they learn more about holy communion, and prepare to receive this special meal for the first time.  First communion will be taking place on 2 April. More info can be found at princeofpeace.org.au/firstcommunion


Our youth faith formation journey aka confirmation. Our aim is to help young people grasp the concepts and language that enables them to process their faith and trust in God in a post church world. GROW occurs within worship at Together@5 fortnightly during the school terms. More info can be found at princeofpeace.org.au/grow

Community News and Notices

2023 Convention of Synod Art Competition

Calling all artists and aspiring artists!

The Lutheran Lay People’s League in conjunction with the Lutheran Church of Australia Qld District will be hosting an art competition at this year’s 2023 Convention of Synod. The Lutheran Lay People’s League will be sponsoring the LCAQD Synod Art Competition with the aim to inspire and celebrate creativity in the Queensland District.

Entrants must consider the Synod theme ‘Called according to God’s purpose’ (Romans 8:28) as part of their submission. There is a selection of age group categories for entrants with cash prizes for each, so that a diverse range of category winning artworks can be displayed during the 2023 Convention of Synod.

For more information please download this PDF »

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