For many Prince of Peace Year 9 students, the two-week Mt Binga outdoor education experience is the highlight of their last year of Middle School.

Through a ‘back to basics’ lifestyle experience reliant on community effort, Mt Binga provides an opportunity for students to experience spiritual growth and expression.

One of our Year 9 students reflects on their recent Mt Binga experience:

In early June, I walked into the gate prepared to spend the next 12 days of my life here. Fully prepared to have an amazing time and push myself. Of course I have missed my family and pets, but there hasn’t been a single second that I have wanted to go home.

When I brought my two overloaded suitcase into the gate, I was not a Christian, I did not pray and say grace or go to church. When I brought my two overloaded suitcases, and my closed mindset, I was not prepared to change. Binga was not about to change me. To me, Binga was a school camp that had amazing activities in the middle of nowhere. I did not think Binga would change me, but it did. My personality may not have changed but inside, mentally and emotionally I have.

Each and every staff member has taught, showed and inspired me in a different way. Miss Malloy, she was inspiring, encouraging and made us try new things. Mr Alolah, showed me that there are people in the world who just keep giving and giving without asking for anything in return, just to see people happy. We should all aspire to be like that. Mrs Butler is the person that anyone can turn to, she was camp mum. Mr Taylor taught me that you do not have to be mean to be funny. Mr Ford showed and encouraged us to face our fears and to be grateful for what we have. Mr Webb showed us that some people have 1001 stories and that you can learn a lot from just listening.

Miss McDonald was the person who inspired me to become a Christian. She also showed me that who cares what people think, if you talk to cows, you talk to cows. Mr Bliss taught me that everything happens for a reason, you can either embrace it or hide from it. Also if something bad happens you can never stop aiming high. Finally Miss Myers, has taught me to love and cherish myself. Mercy, justice, humility are the three things I want to live my life by.

Now walking out of the gate with my two overloaded suitcases, my open mindset and my new-found Christianity, I can definitely say Binga has changed me. Changed me for the better and I will never forget this place or the people who made who I now am.

Mt Binga is part of Prince of Peace’s unique Year 9 Ubuntu program, which provides students with the opportunity to know, understand and value themselves and their peers. Through a range of activities combining the disciplines of Christian Studies and Health and Physical Education and the challenging Mt Binga outdoor experience, students prepare mentally and emotionally to tackle their senior schooling years.

Photos of some of our 2015 Year 9 students at Mt Binga can be viewed here.