How will students access the learning plan for their year level/class in a Lockdown?

  • According to the student timetables, teachers will assign work per lesson.
  • Student timetables serve as a guide – your teacher will be available at the timetabled time to support learning.
  • Teachers will assign work for subjects on SEQTA.
  • Via (for students) and (for parents) using the Courses tab – you will find the work the subject teachers have set for the day.
  • Other digital platforms will be used to supplement learning. Links will be provided as appropriate.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students will need to check in each day by 8.20am via a video link in Teams.
  • Check Courses in SEQTA according to your timetable – Follow instructions/links on SEQTA.
  • Monitor communication via Direct Message in SEQTA, School email, or Teams to check for information and feedback from teachers.
  • Complete daily check-ins.
  • Complete tasks with integrity and academic honesty, doing their best work.
  • Do their best to meet timelines, commitments, and due dates.
  • Communicate proactively with their teachers if they require additional support or are struggling with the work demands.
  • Ensure that all digital interactions are of an appropriate tone, text interactions on this platform should not contain emojis, abbreviations or relate to anything other than schoolwork.
  • Do not interfere with your fellow classmates work when working in collaborative spaces.
  • Not engage in unauthorised or inappropriate filming, recording or photographing of students or staff as this is strictly forbidden.

If you or your child are experiencing difficulties, what do you do?

  • If they are unable to make progress within a topic, they should seek clarification from their teacher via Direct Message in SEQTA or Teams message. Then move on to other study.
  • If students have any questions, they should message their subject teacher. Teachers will respond to any inquiries between 8.30am-4.00pm, within the 24 hour period.
  • Student are encouraged to reach out to their peers for assistance as appropriate.
  • Don’t expect instant responses from peers or teachers. They may be teaching other lessons, have other responsibilities or be answering questions from other students. Do not expect responses outside of normal school hours.