Term 4 Week 6 | 10 November 2022
College News

Do you like the rain? This year has certainly tested that for many Australians, and as we head quickly towards another very probable wet summer it’s likely to test many again.

For some, they love the rain, for others, not so much! Sometimes, it feels like the rain is getting in the way. Rain can get in the way of the comfort of a dry day, the comfort of nicely styled hair (so I’m told – not from recent, personal experience), dry shoes and pressed clothes. It can make outdoor activities difficult, not to mention occasionally dangerous and even heartbreaking when we consider the flooding our country is in the midst of.

How many of us look out the window on a rainy day and say, “What a great day!”? But, that’s exactly what God’s people in the Old Testament did. When you’re living in desert-like places, a rainy day is usually a good day, but even when we know we need rain to sustain and nourish us, at times the rain can feel endless!

In the Bible, rain is often used as a metaphor for blessing. The Bible talks about blessings raining down on us. Perhaps there’s a connection between the way we tend to respond to rain and the way we tend to respond to blessing.

God blesses us in surprising ways, and sometimes in ways that don’t always seem like blessings. He sends the rain of difficulty, not because he doesn’t love us, but because he does, and he’s calling us beyond ourselves to find new and deeper hope in him.

He sends the rain of an honest friend to confront us with the need for growth, because he wants to bless us with maturity. He sends the rain of failure, so that we’ll get our identity from him and not simply from our own achievements. He sends the rain of want, so that we’ll grow in faith and courage. All of these things are blessings of his love, but we tend to not see them as blessings. In fact, in the moments when we’re experiencing these things we can sometimes be tempted to question God’s love.

Yet, open the door to a five year old and you likely won’t get them back inside until they are soaked through.  Next time we are faced with a day of rain, try looking out your window and thanking God for the rain. May He give us the eyes to see the surprising blessings he’ll rain down on us because of His love for us.

(Adapted from a Devotion written by Paul David Tripp)

Every blessing for the week ahead.

Simon Hughes
Head of College

Junior Campus News

Christmas Community Challenge—Blessings Beyond Ourselves

As the 2022 school year ends, you can’t help but notice the Christmas decorations are appearing.  This year, it is our intention as a PoP community to look outwards to the needs of others.  Across the College during our devotion times we are learning about what it is like for others in different parts of the world.  We are using the Australian Lutheran World Service website and resources to develop empathy, and an understanding and compassion for people who are less fortunate.  But we don’t want to just listen and know facts, we want to do something to help.

We’ve challenged each year level to come up with an activity that will help raise money for Australian Lutheran World Service—Gifts of Grace.  And what a list of fun our teachers and students have planned.

How does it work?

  • To participate in each activity, students are asked to bring $1
  • It is not compulsory
  • Children might want to do only one or two activities depending on their interests
  • Activities start Monday 14 Nov and will be spread over two weeks
  • Each Year Level will then work together to decide which Gifts of Grace they want to purchase; a chicken farm, a drop loo, some irrigation equipment or there are so many other options

What might your child be interested in doing?

  • Prep: Guess the baby photos?
  • Year 1: Ice your own cupcake?  (Please note there are a few days allocated with different year levels.  Years Prep and Year 3 students start this one! We hope that we can make enough to avoid disappointment)
  • Year 2: Water Games
  • Year 3: Silly Sock Walk
  • Year 4: Are you smarter than a 4th Grader? Kahoot team challenge
  • Year 5: Buy and Sell – 50c stall
  • Year 6: Dodge Ball with the teachers

When is this all happening?

Gifts of Grace is a great way to bless someone who really needs it. For more information about Gifts of Grace and how it works, I encourage you to look at their website.

I know our community is wonderfully generous and has a heart for helping others who are less fortunate.

2023 Timetable on the Junior Campus

Last term, I mentioned in POPCORN that we were reviewing our timetable on the Junior Campus as part of the College timetable reviews. Changes like this are not done lightly and take time to research, with key considerations around the impact on students, their learning and wellbeing. Of course there are also staff working conditions to consider as well.  After much discussion, we believe we’ve made some purposeful changes for 2023.  The hours of school will not change, however beginning next year, what happens during the day will be a little different.

The most significant change will be with a longer learning session in the morning with the inclusion of a Munch and Crunch time.  Please view our new timetable with additional Information and some rationale behind the decision-making process.

Play times will be a little different too, with playing first and eating second at the first break. We hope that the children will be more productive and focused with their morning learning time, as well as settled when they return after the first break.

When comparing playtimes and eating times with other schools, we believe that the Munch and Crunch, eating and playtimes are comparable in time with many other schools who allocate between 60 to 75 minutes. A good balance of learning time and break time has been considered.

I know that it will take a little bit to get used to, as does any change.  Teachers will be talking with their classes about the change and helping children to adjust.

As we move forward in working through the new change, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Head of Campus – Junior

Tuckshop Reflection on 2021—our 3rd year of Tuckshop!

We started online ordering through the PoP website, Yay!  Having sticky labels printed for meal containers, a quick order count, and not having to handle coins, made it so much easier for us.

COVID was still interfering in regular school and social life, however we were still able to run a total of 11 out of the planned 12 Tuckshops.  A snap lockdown in August due to the delta variant arriving in Australia meant our Tuckshop on 6 August was cancelled.  You might recall the EKKA was also cancelled at short notice.  But we managed to run our EKKA-themed Tuckshop with dagwood dogs, cheeseburgers, and strawberry splits later in the month.

We rolled out 122 beef nachos, 132 chicken schnitzel wraps, and 220 Rice Bubble heart slices (note to selves—never make that gooey sticky stuff on mass again!) for our Valentine tuckshop, the first one of the year.  And funnily enough, we rolled out 179 beef nachos and 122 chicken schnitzel wraps for our Christmas Tuckshop, our last for the year.  Our bakers and decorators worked overtime to make the very popular Christmas cookies again, 308!—our highest yet!

A big highlight was having Willy Wonka visit PoP in October!  Along with a couple of Oompa Loompas, we dished out Violet Beauregard’s sausage, mash and gravy; and a Wonka Box of assorted nibbles.  We loved doing this highly-themed Tuckshop (the national musical was being performed at that time as well), and we loved dressing up, having a real chocolate fountain, and had fun for all.  It wasn’t a visit to Wonka-Land without a few golden tickets as well; two lucky (random) people from each class had a Golden Ticket hidden with their order, which they could then redeem for a small prize.

As always, our core team of Tuckshop parents held strong, and with the much appreciated help of other parents on Tuckshop days, we had a very successful year.

Enjoy these pics from 2021!

Annette Jacobs
Tuckshop Convenor

Parents are able to access a $15 discount using the code ASEB15 (expires 31 Jan 2023)

Middle & Senior Campus News

New Director Roles

As we continue to grow as a community and reflect upon the services, programs, and support that we provide in developing the God-given potential of our young people, the College has appointed three Director roles that will guide Wellbeing, Teaching and Learning, Queensland Education Certificate and Daily Operations in the Middle and Senior Campus. These three Director roles replace the current single Deputy Head of Campus role. We believe that this will provide greater support and clarity for staff, students, and parents in providing a wholistic education where the spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing is nurtured.

The following staff have been appointed to these positions from the beginning of 2023:

Jonathan Klupp

Director of QCE & Daily Operations

Jonathan has served as Head of Christian Studies at Faith Lutheran College Redlands as well as Head of Mathematics and Deputy Head of Campus (Middle and Senior) at Prince of Peace Lutheran College. Jonathan has enjoyed forming sustained relationships over a long period of time in the Prince of Peace community and looks forward to continuing his service to students, parents, and staff in this role.

Jonathan has been passionate about the delivery of student centred learning opportunities that cater for personalised pathways. This was seen through the introduction of Maths Pathways. He has responded to the changing nature of the QCAA/QCE education certificate for our young people at Prince of Peace with vision, courage, and strength. He will focus his leadership skills in supporting students, staff, and families within the QCE pathways and daily operations of the Middle and Senior Campus. His knowledge and understanding of these areas of college life will continue to build the firm foundations of developing the God-given potential of our young people.

Melissa Graham

Director of Wellbeing & Behaviour Support

Melissa will commence at the College in January 2023 in the role as Director of Wellbeing and Behaviour Support, coming to us from serving in the role as Education Officer: Student Behaviour Support with Brisbane Catholic Education from 2013 until present. In that role, Melissa was responsible for writing and overseeing Student Behaviour Support policy and procedures, delivering Positive Behaviour for Learning, professional learning and promoting a Restorative Practices approach in over sixty Catholic Primary, Secondary and P-12 Colleges. Melissa has also fulfilled the role as Assistant Principal: Student Wellbeing at Seton Secondary College at Mt Gravatt East, Brisbane. Melissa has recently completed her post graduate studies in Master of Educational Leadership at ACU and established her own business called Breakthrough Bullying : breakthroughbullying.com.au

At the heart of Melissa’s call to be an educator is compassion. Melissa states that compassion is at the core of her heart when working with young people, staff, and families, to be an advocate for positive student behaviour for learning and life-giving student wellbeing approaches. She values respect as her way of ‘being and doing each day’ in her commitment, through the service of her hands and heart, to fulfill her God-given potential.

Wendy Bowen

Director of Teaching & Learning

Wendy will commence at the College in January 2023 in the role as Director of Teaching and Learning, coming to us from serving in the role as Director of Learning and Innovation at Concordia Lutheran College, Toowoomba from 2017 until present. During her time at Concordia College, she led the community through a time of change and innovation into contemporary learning through the implementation of the Visible Learning Framework, Year 10 Preferred Futures Project and the new QCAA/QCE pathways. Wendy has had extensive experience in International Schools in China teaching at Haileybury International School and has also fulfilled leadership roles in curriculum and pastoral care at Emmanuel Christian College in Hobart.

Wendy believes in building a collaborative culture and rich teacher practice and expertise through coaching, mentoring and reflective approach whereby students are at the heart of the decision-making process and the design of learning. Wendy is a passionate teacher of English Literature and Extension, Visual and Studio Arts and Religious Education. Wendy describes her Christian faith as integral to who she is and how she thinks and works with others, where every young person is deeply known and loved.

End of Year Rituals and Celebrations

We look forward to the many celebrations and rites of passage that will occur in our community over the coming weeks. Please find a reminder of these upcoming events:

The following Year 12 final Valedictory key events seek to recognise and celebrate each young person’s journey at Prince of Peace and the milestone they have reached in their graduation;

Year 12 Awards Assembly – Wednesday 16 November
This awards assembly will recognise student achievement and service to the community throughout their final year of schooling. Parents will be invited of those students receiving awards prior to the event.

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner – Thursday 17 November
The Valedictory Dinner is the graduation ritual where our Year 12 graduates will receive their graduation certificates. Reflections, prayers, and blessings will be given from staff, students, and parents. Key signature College awards will be presented on this evening.

Year 12 Farewell Service – Friday 18 November
This is the final farewell to Year 12 students and families which will occur in the College’s Pavilion and begins at 8:20am. We look forward to gathering together for this community celebration as we wish God’s richest blessing to our graduating class of Year 12s for 2022.


Year 7 to 11 Awards Assembly – Wednesday 23 November
On Wednesday 23 November a Year 7 to 11 Awards Assembly will occur from 8:20am-9:30am in the College’s Pavilion. This is where College Awards for Service, Academic, Cultural and Sporting will be presented.  This will be our final assembly for the year as we celebrate the growth of learning and service of our young people. Parents will be invited of those students, receiving awards prior to the event. 

Year 9 Ubuntu Ceremony – Tuesday 29 November
Parents are invited to the Year 9 Ubuntu which will be held at the College in the evening after the students and staff complete their final journey during the day. More details will be sent via direct message about times and venue.

Year 7 2023 Transition Day – Monday 28 November
On Monday 28 November new students and existing Year 6 Prince of Peace students will come to the Middle and Senior Campus. This is an important day for the new students to Prince of Peace in becoming familiar with the environment before next year. If you have any questions about this transition visit, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Chris Rackemann, Year 7 Coordinator at the College.

Sarah Hoff-Zweck
Head of Campus (Middle and Senior)

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Music and the Arts

Junior Campus Music News

Remembrance Day Service

The Upper Primary Choir will sing at the Remembrance Day Service on Friday.  Performance uniform is NOT required.

Community Christmas Carols

There is a combined Carols evening between our Church and College communities on Saturday 26 November.  The Junior Campus Choirs will be presenting several songs throughout the evening.  Further information to come.

Carols (Take 2) Saturday 3 December

The Junior Campus Choirs have been invited to perform a 20 minute bracket of songs and carols at the Hills District Christmas Carols in the Park on Saturday 3 December.

Although it’s the day after the College finishes, if you’re available it’s a lovely way to end the year and celebrate the season.

George Willmore Park, 52 Ferny Hills Way, Ferny Hills.

Choir performing at approx. 5:30pm (to be confirmed); solo performance by Mrs Cudney herself later in the evening.

Sherree Cudney
Junior Campus Music

Help Us Celebrate the Children

We are looking for ways to celebrate our students’ contributions to the community in The Arts—whether it be music (Instrumental or choral), visual art, dance, drama, speech, theatre or media arts.

Has your child received an award or participated in a local, national or even international competition? Are they involved in a show or performance coming up? Let us know and send relevant photos and details so we can celebrate them together.

Rebecca Rees
Primary Arts Specialist

Middle & Senior Campus Music News

Thank You

Thank you to all of you who completed the cultural endeavours form to let us know what you have been up to this year. WOW! What great reading that has been. Congratulations to all of you for your concerts, music exams, eisteddfods and other performances. How busy you have been, and what fantastic skills you are developing.

Remembrance Day is coming up. Rehearsals for choir ARE happening on Wednesdays at the beginning of the musical rehearsal. We prepared “In Flanders Fields” for our school service.

Plans are well on the way for the combined Christmas event with both the Middle / Senior and Junior Campus music ensembles, and the Prince of Peace Church. The date is the evening of Saturday 26 November. Please put this into your diaries and make sure to join us.

Shrek is going really well and I pay tribute to the energy and enthusiasm that the young people are bringing to rehearsals. Even at the end of a long day we all go home singing and laughing. What a great tribute to the people involved.

All Ensembles will continue to rehearse up to and including Week 8. There will be no rehearsals called in the final week for Years 7 – 9. If in doubt check your appointment reminders in SEQTA.

Stay Tuned!

Linda Brady
Middle & Senior Campus Curriculum Leader of Music and Coordinator of Extra-Curricular Music

Church News & Notices


Sunday 13 November

9am Worship

Youth@PoP — 3:30 to 5pm

5pm Together@5 

Please keep an eye on the Prince of Peace Church Facebook page for service updates.

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