Tuckshop FAQs

  • Is there a cut-off time for ordering online?
    The cut-off time is 6:00am on the Wednesday before Tuckshop day. After this, you will be unable to place an order for the upcoming tuckshop.
  • Which year levels can order?
    Prep to Year 6 students and staff.
  • Can I order using my smartphone?
    Yes, either via the College website, or via the College App under the Links section.
  • Is the payment process secure?
     Yes, your credit card details are transferred to a secure third party payment processing platform using a secure connection (HTTPS).  Your credit card details are not stored on our website.
  • Can I pay for multiple student orders at once?
    No, each student order needs to be entered and paid for separately. Just as you would write up a separate bag for each child, you need to place an order online for each child.
  • Can I make a comment on the order online?
    Yes there is a comment section under each food item for any remarks (e.g. allergies, food intolerance).
  • Can I alter an order?
    No, once an order is placed and paid for it is considered finalised, orders cannot be changed with tuckshop volunteers directly. You can place an additional order for the student and they will receive both on tuckshop day.
  • Can I cancel an order?
    Yes, however it is not recommended. You can cancel orders up until the ‘cut-off’ time for that specific tuckshop, however costs incurred will be deducted. The refunded amount will be the total paid less fees incurred by the College (1.7% of total transaction and 30c per transaction). Refunds will only be made directly back to the parent’s account/card that they were paid from. Please contact accounts@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au and provide your receipt number, student name and class.
  • How will my child get their order as I won’t be supplying a paper bag now?
    Please don’t give this a second thought! The Tuckshop convenor will be providing orders in suitable packaging.
  • Can I pay over the phone?
    No, payments must be made online at the time of ordering as it is an electronic process.
  • Can I pay at reception?
    No, payments must be made online at the time of ordering as it is an electronic process
  • Can I pay with cash?
    No, payments must be made online at the time of ordering as it is an electronic process.
  • What if I have trouble ordering online?
    If you have technical difficulties ordering online please contact Matt Noon mnoon@princeofpeace.qld.edu.au before the order cut off time (7:00am on the Wednesday prior to tuckshop day).
  • What if my child doesn’t receive their tuckshop order on the day?
    If your child doesn’t receive their order, please email Annette Jacobs, Tuckshop Convenor Extraordinaire at aajacobs1122@gmail.com and provide your child’s name and receipt number. She will then do a cross check against the orders distributed and be in touch.
  • Why has Tuckshop moved to online ordering?
    Online ordering means families can order anywhere, anytime for 7 days, the system is cashless and tuckshop reporting is electronic and streamlined.
  • What are the charges and fees involved in online ordering?
    There are no fees or charges added to your purchase from PoP. All fees and charges are carried by the College, unless orders are cancelled, in which case the cost will be on-charged to the parent (1.7% of the total order plus 30c per transaction).